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3.0 out of 5 stars A technically awful but easy game,good for new gamers, 20 Oct 2003
By A Customer
This review is from: Charlie's Angels (GameCube) (Video Game)
If you're new to video gaming in general then this is the ideal game to practice on, the levels are very short and there is an arrow pointing to where you should go next and you basically use two buttons to fight enemys. Technically this game is very sub standard and does a disgrace to the movie franchise. The in game graphics and character models are awful, not even good enough for the N64 never mind the Gamecube. The plot is described in the cut scenes but you don't have to worry about this as the game is just a scrolling beat em up. The cut scenes have the best graphics out of the whole game and they are quite fun to watch. Despite being voiced by the stars of the movies the Angels do sound quite lacklustre in the cut scenes, projecting little enthusiam for their task ahead. In game when the Angels are fighting they make the exact same rather weird grunts every time they are hit which can become irritating.
Despite this though the game is a good time filler and is fun to play when you just want a bit of mindless beat em up gaming.
Overall this is an extremely poor game which the developers should well be ashamed of as they have made very little effort to produce a good game.Only buy it if you've never played videogames before or want a game to fill in the breaks between more difficult concentrated gaming.
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3.0 out of 5 stars Charlie's Angels For Nintendo Gamecube, 6 Sep 2003
This review is from: Charlie's Angels (GameCube) (Video Game)
The following review is split into 5 different sections.Each is out of 10 making a total of 50 then rounding the result to the nearest ten then converting that into a result out of 5 stars.I hope this review will help you into making the right decision on whether buying "Charlie's Angels" for the Nintendo Gamecube or not.If this review is helpful then please say so buy clicking on the "Was this review helpful to you" link. Thankyou.
Section 1:Gameplay
The conversion from the big screen to the small screen works well for most games but with platform game "Charlie's Angels" you may feel slighty cheated.The repetive controlls leave a lot to be desired.The graphics may be just above average but the gameplay is entertaining and once a mission is completed you do feel a sense of acheviement,which works well as this has you sort of addicted and wanting to carry on and completing the game. There is a difficulty selection aswell which helps you in deciding what mode is for you and what type of gamer you are.The selections are:
Easy - for younger gamers (above 7 though,as the certificate is 7+).Though despite being able to choose your difficulty level it really is the same formula.Enemy's appear from nowhere, beat them up etc.The way you control a different angel for different parts of the missions. For example ; you're playing as Dylan then suddenly you come to a door with flames guarding it.You'll then appear as Alex or Natalie who'll try to put the flames out by triggering something.You can change angels in certain missions meaning you could leave a harder part of the mission till last.Enemy's you face may hold a weapon such as a spanner or a kitchen knife.They may hurdle them at you if you can dodge them you can use them pressing the A button to pick them up.They might evben hurdle boxes at you aswell and if you can dodge them they might hit another enemy which is an advantage.There are boxes throughout the game which contain muffins , american fries and hearts which will replenish your health.The plot to the game is completly different to many other games out. The Angels'arch enemy the "Thin" man (as in the 2 feature films) has stolen most of the worlds most important monuments (The Statue Of Liberty , Stone Henge etc.).A highly difficult task but as in this crazy game world where 3 ass kicking female spys rule over the crime problem - it's possible!
Cameron Diaz , Drew Barrymore and Lucy Liu lend their voices for their characters who are ; Dylan (Drew), Alex (Lucy)and Natalie (Cameron).Bernie Mac was said to be to busy to lend his to the character Bosley.
Section 2:Graphics
For an 128 bit console (GameCube) the graphics are disappointing. The angels seem to bounce along the screen whilst your enemys (beach babes,musclar men in tight fit swim suits and mnany other including poshly or gayly dressed will young like characters and builders.Inside buildings the graphiocs are not bad but generally they are pretty poor(except for the cut scenes.Much more work could have been done in this area.
Section 3:Music
Annoying,Annoying and definately irritating.A rocky version of the Charlie's Angels theme is played mostly throughout or then it is a sneaky beat.Plainly the original Charlie's Angels theme would have done nicely , but of course we must modernise everything.
Section 4:Controlls
The controlling within the game is repetitive and tedious.You will have to stop every 5 minutes to wriggle your thumbs about.The constant tapping of buttons Y and X becomes highly tedious, leaving L and R unwanted.Y is punch while X is Kick.After completing the first mission you learn a new technique which is helpful for later in the game.
Section 5:Extras/Options
Luckily it only takes 4 memory card blocks and you can have up to 5 different games.Suprisingly youu can view the end sequance even before completing the game!The cut scenes in between missions you have completed are also availible to see.One of the best options is the fact that you can choose your level of difficulty.Either Easy, Normal or Difficult depending on what type of gamer you are.
Final Verdict:Good solid gaming from a brainless concept meaning fun that won't last.Worth buying, but only at the cheapest price availible.The graphics are average meaning hardcore graphic gamers will wanna avoid this.Gamers who like solid fun and are not to bothered about visuals will like this,as it isn't an indepth game such as other Gamecube titles as "The Legend Of Zelda:The Wind Waker" or "Super Mario Sunshine".
Overall Total:31/50.
Rounded to Nearest Ten - 30
Definitive Total:3/5
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