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3.7 out of 5 stars60
3.7 out of 5 stars
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on 9 December 2004
If you have played the new RollerCoaster Tycoon 3 then you will find that ideas have been taken from this game.
This game was released in 1999 and in my opinion I thought the graphics were fantastic, others don't seem to agree. This game has 3D-graphics and they are truly good, 3D acceleration had only just really been brought in to graphics!!! I disagree with other reviewers and I think the gameplay is fast, I only have a 500 MHZ processor and in todays standards thats terrible but back then it was super-fast!!! Minumum processor speed for this game is only 200 MHZ do I don't know how it is slow on anybodys computer!
This game was rivals with the original RollerCoaster Tycoon which was released that same year, in graphics this game beat it but not in all of the gameplay. Gameplay as I have said is fast but you only get 4 parks, apposed to 20 or so. But each park in this game is unique and I think thats really cool. There is:
Lost Kingdom
Halloween World - My favourite!!!
Space Zone
The first parks are unlocked for you, Lost Kingdom and Halloween World, but you have to get 3 keys to unlock Wonderland and 5 for Space Zone (Please Note: 3 golden tickets=1 key).
You can ride the rides!! That is the idea Frontier took when making RTC3!!! In ways the graphics are similar too.
I don't really like the Sold-out-sales stock because I think the cover is rubbish and every time you want to play the game the installer pops-up even when it is installed!
1 year later in 2000 Theme Park Inc was released, the sequel to Theme Park World and the last in designer series of Bullfrog's games and their last game ever for PC. Sadly EA shut Bullfrog down mid-time 2004! This is why you MUST buy this game.
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on 8 July 2010
I played this game back when I was little and although I remember enjoying it, I never really could understand it fully. So, I decided to change that and go back and see if the game lives up to it's memories. In a way it does.

Plot: To build a great looking theme park or four.

Gameplay: You can build within four different theme parks each with a different setting. There is a Halloween World, Dinosaur World, Garden World and a Space World. The first two you can access and begin building straight away but with the other two, you have to unlock them by winning golden keys.

You get these golden keys by accomplishing certain thing within your park and receiving a golden ticket. To win the golden tickets, you need to achieve things such as having a certain level of customer happiness, a certain amount of people in your park at one time, making a certain profit amount and well really there's loads of ways you can achieve getting a golden ticket. You then need three of these golden tickets to purchase one golden key however golden tickets can also be used to purchase special rides that you otherwise wouldn't have access to.

Graphics: I suppose they are very dated nowadays and I'm going to be a bit biased seeing I enjoyed the game so much as a child but I still found the theme park running enjoyable to watch.

Lifespan: It took me around 17 hours to unlock everything so it's a decent enough size and there is always the option to start all over again and do it differently or with the option of being able to wander around your park like a member of public, you could spent a good few hours simply enjoying what you've created.

Overall: I still enjoyed playing it now as much I did as I was younger. It's a little simpler then I remember it but that just comes with age. It doesn't have the micro-management of other sim games but I find that only makes it more accessible.

One word of advice when buying this game is be prepared to download some patches off the internet to get it running. I bought an XP version for my XP computer and I still needed to patch it due to the constant crashing to desktop and freeze ups I kept receiving. I personally think it's still worth all that hassle though I can understand why others may be less forgiving.
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on 11 October 2011
This is a great game! I played this 10 years ago as a child and was obsessed by it - in the sanest possible way!
I was worried that it would not run on my Windows 7 laptop, as I had problems a few years back with Windows XP but it has worked!
I didn't have to download any extra patches nor did I have to use those provided on the disc.
If you want to play this game, go for it, it has worked on my system - it may well work on yours.
Happy gaming.
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on 31 May 2003
Theme Park World is a game of fantasy theme parks. You make rides like dino bounce( bouncy castle but on a dinosaur). It is fun collecting golden keys to open new parks for attracting lots of visitors or completing a challenge. This game has got quite good graphics for its age. You have to make sure you get mechanics and guards on duty to protect your shops and repair rides.
The ability to ride your own rides once you've made them and make your own rollar Coasters with loop the loops, this is a very enjoyable thing to do. You also have to manage the parks's finnaces, taking out loans for new rides and controlling the ticket prices.
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on 18 May 2004
Theme park world had me playing over and over again,I played this game for over 4 hours on the day I got it!!
I think this game is worth the 4.99 that I brought I for, any higher I wouldnt have got it! WHY? The reason is whenever i try to go into full stimulation mode, it just crashes onto my desktop,and my computer was just updated to XP a few weeks ago! so if you you are considering buying theme park world, please do if you REALLY REALLY REALLY want it, otherwise spend your dosh on something that wont crash!!
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on 4 August 2003
After having played the orignal themepark, I have to say that this is a much better upgrade. The graphics are better for a start, the controls easier to master, and it doesn't take to much effort to make the little guys in the park happy. Also, there is a clearer goal in this one, rather than 'lets build a park' in the old one (although i think you were supposed to put one in each country???). There aim is to build a park in each of the 4 zones (there is a 5th hidden one), by collecting gold tickets and keys etc. This is a bit of a drag, but it gives you something to aim for.

Downside however is that the manual is on the disk given. This means you need to read it on the computer before you start playing, which is annoying as you don't have it through the gameplay (unless you want to print it off or have another computer at your side). This is only minor though, as the game is easy to pick up.
All in all, this is a damn good bargain. The game is fun to play, and if you enjoy controlling and building things, then buy this!
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on 25 August 2013
I played this game on my console in the 90's and loved it, a friend recently piqued my interest again when on a trip down memory lane.

Despite my fears that this wouldn't install or run on my Windows 7 64 bit system, in fact the game installed first time with no problems, I just put the disk into my DVD drive and let it run, no compatibility problems, no changing admin rights or faffing around. I then installed the version 2.0 patch straight after and ran the game, it runs fine with no problems at all.

Obviously the graphics are very outdated but considering it's and old game and one I used to love playing way back when, I can put up with that easily.

For the price, it's well worth getting for the hours of fun you can have playing the game.
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on 18 February 2013
I chose to buy this game as I'd played it before. However my version was an older (win95/98) version so I was taking a bit of a risk buying this one, praying it would work on my windows 7 PC and I wasn't disappointed. It worked perfectly and I can play and enjoy the game I spent countless hours on in my childhood. Perfect game for all ages and great for both adults and kids to enjoy as well. The only downside it brings is that there is only 4 parks in which to build up and run, however despite that, it still provides enough incentives to spend lots of time on it. I'm hoping one day they bring out an expansion pack or more parks in a patch which would make it even more fun. Finally it's very cheap considering the amount of playtime you get from it! Definitely a bargain.
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on 9 June 2003
Ok. So you want to bye theme park world. you have made the right choice. because:
The cartoons are fun even though the black blob (the thing that tells you what to do) is annoying.
The different islands are challenging but worth while, it keeps you going for ages.
There are two different options arcade, which is a one off park, or full simulation, which is the full game.
And of course the fun part where you can go on the rides you have built.
overall i think this is a great game and deffinetly worth considering, especailly with this price tag!!!!
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on 1 May 2013
This game for me goes down as a classic, along with Worms, C&C Red Alert, Pharoah, The Sims (original)

It's fun to build fantasy theme parks with bizarre rides. One of my favourite aspects is building your own rollercoaster then riding it. When you get to grips with this you make your customers very happy and they are fun to ride yourself.

Things such as researching new rides & attractions, hiring the right amount of staff and controlling your spending helps to complete each park to unlock the others. This is one of the deeper aspects of the games which make this and the graphics for the age of the game very good.

I wouldn't have to think twice about buying this.
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