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4.7 out of 5 stars129
4.7 out of 5 stars
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on 17 January 2008
There was a time when Elisabeth Shue was going to be 'the next big thing' and watching this film you truly believed it too.

The lovely Elisabeth holds the film together with her pure energy and 'like-ability factor'. As seventeen year old babysitter Christine - almost a baby herself - she manages to experience a series of mishaps, scrapes, run-ins and (yes) adventures in the course of one long evening, when she reluctantly agrees to pick up her runaway friend from the downtown bus depot (Brenda - hilarious bit part in this film - who adds some really funny moments whilst stranded at the depot ?! ).

The children who tag along for the ride are lovely out-of-town naive characters who each contribute something to the value of the plot.

This is one of my favourite films - it seems to catch a certain nostalgia about films made in that period - it doesn't take itself too seriously - it cracks on at a decent pace - it's funny, camp and has an innocence that captivates the audience.

A fab little film. Great for entertaining the teens, mums, dads and family of a weekend. Just a shame Elisabeth never did make it into the 'shues' of the likes of Julia Roberts or Nicole Kidman.
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on 16 August 2012
Read any one of the reviews here for a summary of the film itself. It's a great film and I agree with everyone here....and, it's because I agree with them that I decided to buy this blu-ray once I knew it was region free.
I ordered mine direct from and I've just finished watching it. It's been about seven years since I last watched this film, and I'm very pleased to say that I still enjoyed every minute of it.
But, this is a review of the blu-ray and I have to be honest - it's NOT as good as I'd hoped it would be.'s a lot better than the reviews on would have you believe. I'm really glad I didn't read any of the reviews on there; because if I had I may have re-thought my decision to buy this. Yes, there is some grain - especially on some of the indoor and night scenes; and, yes, there are a couple of moments when I did think "that doesn't look very good". However, all of this is outweighed by the rest of the film which looks great. The opening sequence as Chris dances around her bedroom to 'Then He Kissed Me' is a joy to behold in high def; having always looked pretty bad on DVD.
Personally, I think this is well worth the upgrade to blu; but ONLY if you really love the film. There are no real extras to speak of (despite the 25th Anniversary tag) with only a bunch of trailers present. But, the upgrade to a DTS soundtrack makes up for that in my opinion.
I certainly won't hesitate to buy more of Disney/Touchstone back catalogue releases as they come out (coming soon are Hocus Pocus and Beaches; both of which I will be buying!).
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on 20 August 2007
I'm actually reviewing this R1 American DVD, which appears to have a longer running time than the R2 UK one(maybe the BBFC cut some portions of dialogue and scenes to make it a more acceptable 12 rated film?). And also, this one it seems is in it's original aspect ratio of 1.85:1.

Anyway, this is a fun adventure film that is quite entertaining to watch. What starts as a typical babysitting job to look after the Andersons' daughter(Sara) and teen son(Brad, who quite fancies Chris) turns into something else when Chris is called by her friend Brenda who's run away from home and wants Chris to pick her up so she can stay with her.

Of course, things don't run smoothly and the group, stuck with the teen boy's friend(Daryl) who insists on joining them on their journey in the car, find themselves in a number of various situations and some revelations along the way.

I remember watching this late at night on BBC1(titled in the listings as 'A Night On The Town') and really enjoying it so I had to get the DVD so I could see it again. It does get a little silly at times but I think that's part of it's charm.

The DVD has no extras that I've seen just the film and some recommendations as what you may also wish to see if you liked this.

Overall, a pleasing and enjoyable family film 7/10.
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on 23 June 2004
this film brings back lots of memories as a child, i probably watched it over 100 times and it was my favourite film by far! As a kid watching the film, you wish you were there on the adventure, brilliant, brilliant film
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on 14 August 2010
The avalanche of goofball comedies in the 80s left me rather cold, but this tremendous piece of entertainment from director Chris Columbus is a movie I can watch again and again and still enjoy with a pang of nostalgia.

Simple plot - teenage girl gets stood up so relucantly agrees to babysit two younger kids in the suburbs. Babysitters friend calls, begging to be rescued from the city centre, so off they drive, only to suffer a puncture on the freeway... This is the start of a wonderful series of set pieces culminating in a tremendous climax at the very function the kids' parents are attending.

There are many highlights but scene in the jazz bar is both hilarious and ingenious as the kids perform the "Babysitting Blues". The showdown on the tube train is also superb - shockingly this is sometimes cut from the TV version as it contains a swearword!

Despite its age, the film holds up well and remains a terrific watch. Elisabeth Shue is fantastic throughout.

If you missed this one first time round, get it get it get it!
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on 14 January 2012
This film is Magical.

The adventures these kids got into was almost surreal - I watch this film almost incredulously every time - each scene is just perfect even in standalone but together they become a sum greater than their parts. It wouldn't be fair to mention the scrapes they get into but amazing they certainly are!

It was made during the era dare I say where innocence still showed. Those days are long gone but films like this are a wonderful reminder.

A perfect family film, but with some mild references to sex you might either a) cringe in embarrassment or b) just smile dumbly when watching with the kids! Myself I just burst out laughing. This is one funny light comedy.
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on 5 September 2012
Elisabeth Shue is a brilliant actress who does not receive the recognition she deserves from Hollywood. However, in the 1987' teen classic "Adventures in Babysitting" her character receives more attention than she would like.
She plays Chris Parker, a high-school senior who is getting ready for a night out with her boyfriend. At the last minute, her boyfriend decides to cancel the date and Chris has nothing better to do in her evening, but babysitting the Andersons' children while their parents have a night out in the Chicago city centre.
That's the beginning of a very eventful night. The Andersons' kids, Sarah and Brad are a handful and together with Brad's best friend, the sexual maniac Darryl. Chris sees herself in a difficult situation when she has to drive into town to rescue a friend who is stuck in the bus station with no money and no where to go. She has no alternative but takes the kids with her to what would be a quick drive to town and back home, if it wasn't for a flat tire on the highway that changes what was supposed to be a small transgression into a run for their lives.
The film is fast-paced and full of humorous moments. One of the best scenes is when Chris and the kids, while running away from gangsters, ended up on the stage of a blues club with Albert Collins; "Nobody leaves the stage without singing the blues." This scene alone does a lot for the film.
The film is guaranteed fun. It has the kind of action that we hardly see in the films being produced in the recent years.
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on 25 June 2005
This is a movie that you can watch hundreds of times.
It's about a girl names Chris who agrees to babysitting for her neighbours kids when her boyfriend says he cn't make it to their date.
The chaos starts when Chris' friend Brenda calls asking to get picked up from the city bus station. Chris then has to take the kids into the city. You join them as they escape theifs sing in a jazz bar get in a ganster fight and crash a university party.
The movie is so funny i laugh my pants off no matter how many times I see it!!! Buy it now!!!!!
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on 19 June 2013
Funny dialogue, engaging characters, a chance to sing the blues and a Thor obsessed little girl.

The baby sitter of the title has to save her short sighted (in more ways than one) friend. Circumstances, and a little blackmail, mean she has to bring along her young charge and the girls older brother, as well as the brothers friend.
Their car breaks down, is damaged on route to being repaired and an unplanned trip to a criminal hideout (thanks to a charming rogue car thief) leads to their lives being endangered and a spontaneous blues performance.
Several adventures later, including being caught in the middle of a gang fight (one of the movies few weak scenes) the erstwhile heroes manage to rescue distressed damsel, recover car from 'Thors' garage and get home safely before the parents get back.
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on 14 March 2006
Adventures In Babysitting (for some reason re-titled A Night On The Town for its release around Europe) is an enduringly silly comedy directed by Chris Columbus before he went on to direct the blockbuster Home Alone (1990).
The delightful Elizabeth Shue puts in an engaging performance as likeable student Chris Parker who after being stood up one night by her slimy, two-timing lover, finds herself babysitting for her parents friends, the Andersons whilst they attend a business function deep in the heart of the city. Chris is initially meant to be babysitting Sara Anderson (Maia Brewton) but Sara's older brother Brad (Keith Coogan) who is totally besotted with Chris decides to invite his best friend Daryl (Anthony Rapp) over to pursue his desires for Chris.
Not long into the night Chris receives a telephone call from her best friend Brenda (Penolpe Ann Miller) who is in complete distress after having run away from home on the spur of the moment and finding herself stranded in a downtown bus station thats running rife with all sorts of crazy and psychotic characters. In a hasty bid to rescue Brenda from the perils of the city Chris takes along Sara, Brad and Daryl into the city.
Whilst on the motorway their car breaks down and find themselves taking a lift from a total stranger and before long find themselves inadvertently hitching a lift with a notorious car theif who works for, to say the least, a group of unscrupulous and shady business men.
After making a dramatic escape from these gangster types the gang find themeselves plunged into a series of hair-raising adventures. Most amusingly they find themselves unwittingly on stage in an all-black blues bar where they are forced to deliver their own song. This scene is one of the highlights of the film as they hilariously perform their own song, Babysitting Blues.
After fleeing from the late-night blues bar they eventually find themselves aboard a subway train where two rival street gangs armed with blades burst onto the compartment they are sitting in for a showdown with one another which leaves Chris and the kids understandbly terrified. However, the way they managae to plumb their way out of this situation is actually highly amusing.
Towards the end of the film Sara disappears sneakily and ends up being chased by the gangsters which leads her to run into the building her parents are at where they are attending a business function (what a co-incidence but then this was the 1980's after all). The wayward Sara nearly plunges to her death as she crawls out atop the skyscraper her parents are in but predictably all ends well of course and the film closes on a feel-good note with Chris and the kids having bonded by this time after their hair-raising adventures in the city.
Yes Adventures In Babysitting is just crazy, plain silly and totally unbeleavable from the word go but view this film in the right context intended and this makes for highly entertaining and always fun viewing with sharp direction courtesy of Chris Columbus and an above average screenplay from David Smithy.
In one of her earliest film roles, Elizabeth Shue shines to perfection as Chris Parker whilst a somewhat goofball of a cute kid Maia Brewton hilariously manages to hijack a vast majority of the scenes she's in as cheeky but loveable Sara Anderson.
Keith Coogan puts in a straight-foward performance as niaeve and lovestruck Brad Anderson whilst more amusing in contrast is his best friend Daryl, played impeccably by Anthony Rapp.
Penelope Ann Miller delivers a fabulous cameo as Brenda. Some of the situations Brenda finds herself in are, to say the least, quite hilarious. One particular scene that makes for significant comic value is when short-sighted Brenda has her glasses stolen when she falls asleep for a few moments in the dingey, run-down bus station. Wandering around the bus station in a daze she sees what she mistakenluy thinks is a cute white kitten. She enthusiastically picks up the little furry abnimal only to have it pointed out to her that she is infact holding a giant, sewage rat. That priceless look on her face and the ear-piercing scream she lets rip when she realises this is just side-splitting and impeccably timed.
Released in 1987, Adventures In Babysitting enjoyed some success at the box office though time seems to have eclipsed its achievements, probably as Chris Columbus went on to make the far more famous Home Alone which mereley catapulted his career into bigger things. The film is patchy but overly enjoyable and certainly a recommended comedy to lovers of the 80's genre. Defintley worth a look (and is personally an old favourite of mine having first obtained this on VHS when I was 11 years old back in 1990 so it's nice to have this again in the remastered DVD edition)!
Ian Phillips
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