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4.6 out of 5 stars470
4.6 out of 5 stars
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on 11 May 2003
It's very rare that I find an album which leaves me completely bowled over on first listen, but Evanescence's "Fallen" is one such release. From the punkish rock of "Going Under" to the gothic-inspired "Whisper", this album never hits a bad note. Evanescence were promoted as a Christian band during their early days and those origins are clear on tracks like "Tourniquet", but don't let that put you off; "Fallen" is a great collection of songs seemingly influenced by almast every genre of music - rock, nu-metal, gothic, classical, punk and even a hint of pop.
Vocalist Amy Lee has one of those voices that only comes along once in a while; haunting, beautiful and melodic. She manages to make every track her own, but really excels on the two ballads "My Immortal" and "Hello". Backed with little more than a piano she is able to demonstrate her full vocal dexterity, and sent shivers down my spine in the process. Meanwhile, on "Bring Me To Life" she is the perfect antithesis to guest singer Paul McCoy's (lead singer of 12 stones, another fantastic group) gravelly, rough voice.
The music itself is no less wonderful. Guitars, drums, keyboards, synthesisers and even violins work in harmony to create highly atmospheric pieces like "Haunted" and "Imaginary". Basically Evanescence are the perfect musical combination; everything comes together in order to make eleven stand-out tracks that will often leave you awestruck.
Some reviewers have compared the group to Linkin Park, but look beyond that and you'll find that Evanescence are so much more. This album will be staying in my CD player for a long, long time...
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on 28 November 2006
remember back in 2003 when 'bring me to life' was never off the radio but you still loved it well this album will take you back to that time. Every song on this album is great and is relistenable. From strong rock to melodic tunes this has it all. In hindsight, listening to their new effort 'the open door' you realise how great this album is. it has a pace and a drive 'the open door' doesn't have. the song are different from each other so you want to keep listening you never know what the next track will be like.

i would recommend this to anyone. i got this in 2003 and it has been a firm favourite in my CD player ever since
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on 16 March 2003
Yep, like pretty much everyone else, I saw Daredevil and my ears pricked up when Evanescence appeared on the soundtrack. How could they not? Those two songs are a standout and probably the best things on it. I initially thought of Tori Amos when the piano opened both songs, and then thought Amy Lee's voice sounded quite like Beth Gibbons, particularly on "My Immortal".
I worried that perhaps "Bring Me To Life" and "My Immortal" were going to be the best tracks on Fallen too and the rest would be a disappointment, but I got a pleasant surprise!
I'm not going to do a track-by-track breakdown, partly because it's too difficult. Every song is so great, the music rocks without being too stodgy or cumbersome, Amy Lee's voice has great range, power, warmth, and beauty. The lyrics are brilliant and precise, with some you'll want to use as screen savers or personal mottos ("Don't want your hand this time, I'll save myself" -- "How can you see into my eyes like open doors?" -- "And if you have to leave, I wish that you would just leave because your presence still lingers here, and it won't leave me alone" -- "I linger in the doorway or alarm clock screaming monsters calling my name" -- "Hello, I'm your mind giving you someone to talk to" -- "Don't try to fix me, I'm not broken" -- "I know you hear me, I can taste it in your tears" -- "I know I can stop the pain if I will it all away... if I will it all away...".
I like the album for many reasons, especially the little contradictions, like how it sounds new and youthful and optimistic, and yet gothic and dark in places. In a world of male singers with screeching guitar riffs in the background, it's totally refreshing to hear a beautiful female voice soaring over and through it. Somehow it just feels right!
I love the grand touches, that turn what might otherwise be a nice but unremarkable song into something epic. It happens everywhere, noticeably for me in "Imaginary". Choirs, orchestras, strings... Oh yes! It leaves you begging for more, and you can see why their music lends itself so well to being used in a movie score.
The first six tracks grab attention immediately, but the remaining five grow on you very quickly, particularly "Hello" and "Whisper" for me. Incidentally, "Hello" has one of those checking-to-see-you're-not-dead moments, where the vocals put a shiver all the way through you like a blade and seem to pierce the heart while it's at it. You'll know what I mean when you hear it ~ the hairs on the back of your neck will definitely stand up!
I bought this CD for myself, and had to get two more for my friends! They love it as much as I do.
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on 18 May 2003
Onh my God! I bought this album three days ago after hearing Bring me to Life on the radio and was blown away as soon as I put it in the CD player in the car, in fact it's been transferred to the CD player in the office, the car and the house. About the only time it hasn't been on is when I've been sleeping :)
So what can I say? This isn't my usual musical bag but there's just something about Amy Lee's voice that makes me tingle every time I hear it. I'd like to say that there's at least one filler track on this disc but I can't - every one is a gem, were I forced to choose then at the moment I'd have to count "Everybody's Fool" and "My Immortal" as my favourites but it seems to change whenever I listen to the disc. The nu-metal bass line, Amy Lee's haunting vocals, classical strings and power guitar riffs combine to make this a serious contender for a top spot in my CD collection for years to come. How the hell Evanescence haven't had a major record label snap them up before now is anyone's guess - all I can say is thank God for Daredevil :)
Buy this album, buy it now, you will *not* be sorry.
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on 20 November 2006
Evanescence's debut studio album `Fallen' opens with the aggressive rock track `Going Under'. This song's pure determination is driven by Lee's emotion combined with chugging guitar riffs. This powerful opener leads into debut single `Bring Me to Life'. A delicate piano intro creates a solemn atmosphere which ultimately gets torn apart by the band's trademark gothic intensity. Paul McCoy's contribution gives this song a nu metal flavour. To contrast this explosive start are the ballads of the record. The despairing `My Immortal' captivates via Lee's haunting voice interplaying with a sorrowful piano melody. The piano is also prominent in `Hello', a chilling portrayal of a child's mind which unsettles as Lee solemnly delivers a beautiful vocal performance. The two heavier tracks on Fallen are the anguished centerpiece `Tourniquet' which soars to a more spiritual level and the imposing `Haunted' with Moody's superb guitar work overlapping an eerie choir. In `Everybody's Fool' a different underlying theme is conveyed. Lee attacks the celebrities we idolise today by venting anger through her art. The Millennium Choir adds gothic depth to her message.

Evanescence eventually slips into a dream world of paper flowers and candy clouds in the enchanting `Imaginary'. Wonderful lyrics linger over a hopeful melody resulting in a pleasant escape from the surrounding darkness. This escapism doesn't last long however as lost love and obsession consume in the heavy, passionate `Taking Over Me'.

The album begins to close with the poignant `My Last Breath' where Lee declares acceptance of death. Following this acceptance, a grand finale occurs in the cataclysmic `Whisper'. As Fallen fades away with haunting Latin vocals, take a deep breath and reflect on this emotional masterpiece. A+
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on 15 May 2003
I was getting tired of contemporary music – it all seemed so desperately shallow and lacking in too many departments to list. referring to ‘nu’ metal/rock in particular: the habit of mixing half assed rapping/dj’ing with half assed musical talent was more than tedious.
I heard the single ‘bring me to life’ on cable and thought it was pretty good, only the occasional presence of the talking rap phenomenon put me off, but it’s a guest appearance and short lived on the album. I liked it, and seeing as the album was /very/ reasonably priced (music companies take note – this is the kind of price where downloading becomes more of a hassle than purchasing… got that?) I though it had to be worth a try.
I am listing to it now, and I am really glad I shelled out the few quid it cost. Its pretty amazing stuff, it must be a breath of fresh air for younger metal fans out there.
I wont bother running into a long diatribe about each track suffice to say that: there is plenty of haunting vocal (Amy Lee is outstanding imho). /Lots/ of head rocking power chord usage... hey, any one can do that – sure but these guys also pull out decent guitar solos and the majority of the riffs (although some are samey, but tell me - what band isn’t?) are well constructed and hold your attention. The balance and use of synths and sampling is also just right – it’s there, it adds an edge, every so often it makes you go ‘ooh, that was good’ but it does not take over. Some choral arrangement (from the Millennium choir LA no less) adds depth and keeps things interesting on more than one track.
So apart from the obvious musical talent these folk have what else stands out about this for me – i think this has the capacity to appeal on different levels; nu metal/rock fans should lap it up, older NWOBHM fans, and prog rock fans alike should find the standard of musicality justly compelling (after all I like it ;-) ) and its probably ‘dark’ enough to fall on the fringes of goth.
What ever the genera this is genuinely really good stuff – I hope they keep it up this will be on my play list for a long time to come :-)
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on 9 March 2003
I heard evanescence for the first time on the radio and became instantly addicted to the band, or more specifically, the voice of the lead singer. Amy Lee, the lead vocalist, has one of the most angelic, beautiful voices I have honestly ever heard in my life- I almost wish she had auditioned for American Idol since she would clearly outperform any of the people who are currently on the show and probably get more publicity than evanescence is getting at the moment. Anyways, the CD 'Fallen' is amazing- I was surprised at myself at first because it is so different from what I usually listen to (classic rock- pink floyd, led zeppelin, beatles, etc.) I had never really heard anything worth listening to on modern rock radio stations until I heard 'bring me to life' for the first time. The band shows incredible versatility in their music- some songs have a heavier rock edge with more instrumentals and guitar and others are softer with piano as the only instrument accompanying vocals. Overall the band generates a sound that is unique and unbelievable, and the lead singers voice is like nothing I'd ever heard. The song 'bring me to life' has gotten the most airplay on the radio due to its catchy and nearly perfect combination of incredible vocals and heavier instrumentals, however the album has many other great tracks- 'My Immortal', 'Going Under,' 'Everybodys Fool,' and 'Hello' to name a few that stood out in my opinion, but honestly there is not one track that stands out as being that much worse than any other. And also, most people would most likely be relieved to find that there is only one song on the cd that leans toward the 'christian rock' genre, a direction which the band fortunately decided not to take. I highly recommend this cd to anyone- regardless of what you listen to, you should check this out, however, there are websites where you can listen to the tracks before you buy the cd- like so you might want to do that just to make sure. Otherwise just buy it, honestly the best 11 bucks I've spent in a while.
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on 10 August 2005
Okay, I know I'm strange, but not only has this album been a favourite of mine for several years, but I found it great study music while I was in college. I can still put it on and just listen for a couple hours while I read or work on a project, occasionally listening closely to some of the lyrics (as I am doing now). In all this time the songs have grown familiar, but not old. Rather they are like old friends that I frequently want to visit.
I appreciate that nearly every word on the CD is understandable. I like this genre of music, but dislike those artists that feel the need to unintelligibly scream nearly every word. Sure there were a couple places I wasn't sure until I looked up lyrics on-line--but that would be true with almost anything.
Really it is hard to describe the tracks, except to say that they're different, but all good. No Amy Lee's voice doesn't sound radically different in each track, but you can find something different about each, be it the message, the tone, or just the beat. The collection works together to snythesize one coherent whole. Yes, a bit dark, but more enjoyable than depressing.
I never heard any of these songs overplayed on the radio, so any saturation is due to my own choice of playing the CD--and I've not reached that point yet. If you haven't checked this group out then give them a chance, especially if you enjoy the samples Amazon provides to listen.
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on 16 October 2005
After watching Daredevil, I immediatly looked at the track listings for the soundtrack. I found that the two best tracks from this album were by Evanescence. These are 'Bring Me To Life' and 'My Immortal'. These songs are both top quality and persuaded me to buy the album.
I was not disapointed. This album produces a variety of different styles of music. Ranging from the slow and moving 'My Immortal' and 'Hello' to the just as impressive rock style songs such as 'Bring Me to Life', 'Going Under' and 'Everybodys Fool'.
Although some of the their songs may seem to be quite 'heavy' to some people, it is not just mindless noise, like some bands produce. The lyrics produced are profoundly meaningful and are superbly brought to life by Amy Lee (the lead singer). These lyrics make you think.
I don't like to give any album 5 stars as I always seem to find a fault in the album, a weak track or some lyrics which don't make any sense and sound stupid. But, I couldn't find any problem with this album. This album is one of the few that I have ever bought that, which, while I listen to it I do not have to hit the skip button. Each song is different to the last and each song seems better than the previous one (which is difficult as I have the cd on repeat).
I would recommend this album to everybody and would be shocked if you didn't agree with me.
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on 4 June 2003
I heard of Evanescence through a friend and just on the merit of 'Bring me to Life' I bought the album. It is fantastic! The thing that makes their music so heart-rending and totally addictive is their sincerity. They obviously live their music and every single word is really meant. So many teen-angst and boy bands strive to do the same thing but fail because they don't mean what they're singing. Evanescence really mean it and this is what sets them well apart from the competition.
The songs are all so different it is hard to classify them as any particular genre of rock music but tracks like Whisper, Bring Me to Life and Going Under really bring it home that that's where their roots lie. My Immortal and Hello define the clear talent of Amy Lee and the vocals soar above beautiful piano melodies throughout the album. Personally my favourite track is 'Haunted' but 'My Last Breath' and 'Whisper' come close seconds and the album is so diverse that everyone I know has a different favourite.
All I can say is that this is the best CD in my collection and I can't stop listening to it.
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