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4.6 out of 5 stars275
4.6 out of 5 stars
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on 15 February 2013
At last, the unreleased, much talked about original ending to Little Shop of Horrors is available for the first time in full colour and sound quality as part of the full movie! This ending was hated by test audiences on the film's release for a few reasons (which I won't mention here for spoiler reasons). However, I firmly believe that this original 20 minute ending is far superior to the theatrical ending most of us have been seeing over the years. The media book itself is beautifully presented and has some wonderful pictures and the special features are a lovely bonus. You get the choice to watch either version of the movie through the menu. I thoroughly recommmend this to Little Shop of Horrors fans, and indeed, to fans of musicals in general! It's superb!
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Just to be clear, I am reviewing the Region Free Director's Cut blu ray. I was wary of buying this at first because I wasn't sure if the theatrical cut was included, but in the end I chanced it. It does include the theatrical version, as well as some excellent extras and the wonderful director's cut. I won't go into too much detail about the story - if you are looking at this you probably have seen the theatrical version before and to say too much about the director's cut would spoil it. But as one who loved the 'happy ending' version, I have to say I really enjoyed the version as originally scripted just as much. And it is a crying shame that the special effects finale has been unseen for so long. I cannot praise this blu ray highly enough, in fact. The picture quality is superb, the sound excellent, and the extras genuinely entertaining. And it definitely works without the slightest hitch on a British blu ray player, so if you had any worries about that, put them from your mind and buy this- you won't regret it.
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VINE VOICEon 29 January 2014
Fans of Fraggle Rock and Sesame Street will see a very familiar creative streak and aesthetic in this wild, eccentric 1986 sci-fi/musical/horror. Though very different from his previous films The Dark Crystal and Labyrinth, Frank Oz (when not voicing Kermit or planting cellophane bags of Angel Dust on Dan Aykroyd) does seem right at home and the perfect choice to direct this movie of a giant hungry plant gone mad.

Nerdy florist Seymore Krelborn (Rick Moranis) encourages his boss to display a bizarre new plant, the Audrey II, in the shop window in order to entice more customers into their failing business. The plan works, and as Audrey II grows larger so does their fame. But Audrey demands to be fed, and blood and human meat are at the top of the preferred menu, as so, in a sort-of botanist version of Hellraiser Seymore arranges to keep Audrey II fed with people who deserve to die.

Little does he know that Audrey II actually has plans for world domination and is merely using him as a naive puppet. Many musical numbers and cameos later (from John Candy, Bill Murray, and Steve Martin) the film forks into two different endings, depending on what version your watching. The theatrical cut, which I never really liked, gives us a happy ending that was shot merely to appease a fickle test audience (insert groans and rolling eyes here) while the extended ending of Frank Oz's director's cut is more epic, darker, crazier, and feels like a more natural homage to creature features of the 1950s such as Godzilla or Creature from the Black Lagoon. I can't believe this ending was ditched and not seen for over 25 years.

Little Shop of Horrors deserves and enduring popularity and if you watch it I insist on the director's cut.

The Blu-ray sports a lovely 1.78:1 1080p picture with DTS HD-MA sound. A commentary is included, which branches according to what ending the viewer chooses. A 10-minute retrospective documentary on the DC ending, and a vintage documentary are also on there, along with an outtake reel and two trailers. The Digibook is very nice and contains much more text than is usual for these packages, as well as an insert from Oz himself detailing the DC a little bit more.
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on 4 January 2004
Entertaining horror/comedy/musical directed by Frank Oz starring Rick Moranis (Ghostbusters) as Seymour Krelborn, an orphan who lives and works in a florist shop run by Mr Mushnik (Vincent Gardenia). Seymour dosen't have much going for him apart for his love of exotic plants and his secret love for shop assistant Audrey (Ellen Greene). One day he is sold a strange and interesting plant by a chinese man, after a total eclipse. Taking it back to the shop, he finds that the only way to make it grow is if he feeds it drops of blood! Soon the plant, named Audrey II, is growing and talking (!) and demanding more blood. Flesh, human blood. Seymour finds himself in a dilemna - should he give the plant what it wants and make all his dreams come true?
If you don't take it too seriously, which lets face it you can't, then its a very enjoyable, laugh out loud film. Some wonderful effects and brilliant casting including Steve Martin as Audrey's sado-masichist dentist boyfriend (just don't watch him work if you are afraid of the dentist!), John Candy as weird Wink Wilkinson the DJ and Bill Murray as a dental patient who just loves pain.
Some nice song and dance numbers will have you tapping your feet and put a smile on your face.
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Roger Corman first gave us the black and white film The Little Shop of Horrors which was written by Charles Griffith (who also wrote the screen play of A Bucket of Blood) and although that is a good film to watch most people are really aware of this tale through this film and the stage musical.

This is the original theatrical cut which did have the last part altered as the original ending didn’t go down that particularly well with test audiences, so if you ever saw this at the cinema back in 1986 then this is the version you saw.

When Seymour Krelborn comes across a strange plant that resembles a Venus Flytrap he purchases it, but little does he know where it came from, or what it likes to feed on. Naming the plant Audrey II as he finds out what it needs to flourish and grow, so do certain problems start to arise. Whilst the plant is drawing customers into Mushnik’s Flower Shop Seymour is secretly in love with the original Audrey, also an employee at the same shop.

With some great guest stars (Steve Martin is memorable as Audrey’s dentist boyfriend, and Bill Murray as one of his patients) this is always a fun film to watch, and has lots of songs that if you are like me and have seen this many times, you can join in with. Audrey II has the vocal talents of Levi Stubbs, who was the lead singer of The Four Tops, and there is an appearance of Bertice Reading, who at one time lived near me when I was growing up.

In all this is a fun comedy horror that you will end up singing and laughing along with. There are some extras on this, such as a making of featurette, outtakes and deleted scenes, commentary and so on. This also does have subtitles. This film is one of those that I always keep to give me a lift when I am feeling a bit down, as it is so enjoyable.
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on 9 October 2012
One of my all time favourite films was already reasonably covered by the dvd release. This Blu ray however, is outstanding. Alternate versions of some other movies don't always warrant the hype especially alternate endings (alien resurrection comes to mind) but this is a full blown alternative in top quality picture and sound, not just a tacked on bad quality addition. I didn't realise how much was originally shot and then excised. (some 20 odd minutes)

In fairness the effects although impressive have that 80's touch but as the whole production is very "in studio" that doesn't matter one jot.

The studio wanted a more upbeating ending after bad preview screenings, hence the original ending and the whole tone does seem to shift. However,this version brought an early small tear to my eye before some big smiles at the extent of the restored footage.

The previously mentioned outtakes are ported over from the dvd but have a few funny moments.

And it IS region free so us region 2 only users get to see it too.

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on 15 December 2013
I did not know that a alternate version of this movie existed. As soon as it came through the door I put it on. I was not disappointed. You now know where the majority of the budget was spent. effects are great! Totally fantastic! As it is the ending that they use in the stage version. Totally recommend this to any little shop fans. This is however only available on blu ray...but plays on all blu rays. Five Stars!
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This 50's-style musical/comedy/satire is sure to put a smile on your face and have you rockin' to the tunes. Rick Moranis stars as Seymour, a clumsy, nerdy florist who secretly pines for his ditzy co-worker, Audrey. Seymour gets a mysterious plant that amazingly brings him fame and fortune, but it grows at an alarming rate, and it drinks... blood. What is Seymour to do?
Rick Moranis gives his best performance to date as the quintessential loser who melts your heart. He has that puppy dog face and over-sized glasses, and a lot of talent. In the film's funniest scene, Steve Martin plays everybody's nightmare: a sadistic dentist (with Bill Murray as his too-willing patient). There are a lot of fun, bouncy songs, plenty of laughs, and some touching moments, too. Heartily recommended.
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on 7 September 2003
If ever a film deserved accolades for bringing a successful Broadway musical to screen,it's Litttle Shop Of Horrors. It deserves it more so than other film adaptations like West Side Story, as it brings something entirely new into the experience. It's definetly a hilarious film, and every song is instantly unforgettable.
This DVD also includes a good 40 minutes + of bonus material that is quite intereting and funny to watch. There's also a commentary by the Director Frank Oz, which is very informative and pleasant. And another excellent feature is to watch the film, so that only the songs get played without the sounds of the film.
It's nice but if you've got the films soundtrack, it's rather pointless.
If you love musicals or just love comedies, this is a film you can't go wrong with.
Bill Murrays performance alone should warrant it's purchase.
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on 21 January 2001
If you haven't seen this film, you haven't lived!! This is one of those films that you can watch repeatedly and not get bored of it, and with a soundtrack that'll have you reaching for the hairbrush and waking up the neighbours. The main attraction is Audrey II, the 'mean green mother from outerspace'(voiced by Levi Stubbs), and with fantastic actors including Rick Moranis as the nerdy Seymour and Steve Martin as the sadistic dentist Orin it's not a film to be missed!
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