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4.7 out of 5 stars
4.7 out of 5 stars
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on 17 June 2003
I rushed out to get this game as soon as I heard. When I got home I started right away and I was impressed right from the start. The USB headset required no set up what so ever, just plug it in and play. The game does not need to be "Trained" to know your voice pattern or accent.
The graphics are what you would expect from a game of this type. They aren't Metal gear solid 2 but due to the size of the environments (considerably larger than MGS2) they are toned down a bit but they are still sharp and high quality.
The gameplay is spot on also. Unlike Conflict: desert storm, you dont need to spray the area with bullets to hit an enemy. And of course; head shots kill instantly whereas body shots and limb shots are a lot less likely to bring an enemy down.
As for team control, you have a large amount of orders at your disposal and some are even headset-only (Such as "Team clear shed" on level 2, can be used but isnt in the menus). Some are level-specific where you can call in some helicopter support.
The AI can be rather erratic at times. One time your team may be nailing every enemy in an area, and other times they may be getting killed by 1 enemy stood 5ft away. Generally though it isnt a problem.
This is a solid game. Even without multiplayer, the single player game can hold its own and is well worth the price itself. BUY THIS NOW!!!!
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VINE VOICEon 1 July 2003
SOCOM: U.S Navy seals is definently the best PS2 game to come out this year.(But probably only until True Crime and CTA4 come out.) It's the 1st PS2 game released for online gaming so U can play Ur friends on broadband internet. But, don't worry if Ur unable to use broadband, there's still a 1 player mode.
Stealth and teamwork is the aim of the game in this one, so don't expect the all out attack and carnage like Medel of Honour: Frontline provided. The head set gives U the oppurtunity to give out vocal options to ur team, NOTE: Read the manual so Ur team can understand U. One of the most unique and original options in the game is the option for U to decide what weapons and armour each teammate uses, and what role they'll be playing.
The gameplay and graphics are awesome! It's right up they're with the likes of MSG: 2 and Splinter cell.
The only dissapointment I'd say in the co-use of the pad and headset. But U should't let that get U down. This is a unique and original game that will set new standards in video gaming.
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on 8 November 2003
Where to start? The offline play is amazing. The stealth element has been readily incorporated into the game and the results are excellent. The action is smooth and flowing and the stealth gives you time to think and breath between the action.
The graphics are top notch and the voice command is a great thought. It gets you more into the game and its feeling. You feel in control.
The online element is also excellent. Getting online is simple and once online joining a game is fast and easy. All 3 modes are fun, especially escort, and trying to keep your wits about you to stay alive is fun and challenging. This is truly a great game.
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on 2 June 2004
A great game, and i expect every one would agree with me there. But to really make the most of this game you need to be the owner of a network adapter so you can be online. These are sold for about £25 and then you just plug in your broadband connection and there you go. You have Socom online. Do be aware through some ISP's give you a broadband modem with no ethernet port. You need a ethernet port to plug in your connection to the network adapter. if you dont have one of these modems you can buy a router that allows you to split your broadband between a USB port for your computer and a ethernet port for your PS2 these retail for about £30. I have loved this game so much, but now socom 2 is out.
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on 18 December 2008
There's a lot of fun to be had initially, speaking to team mates and dropping bad guys in the dark, but then I got to the Thailand kidnap and it all went pear-shaped. Long mission. No checkpoints. Mess up just the tiniest bit and go right back to the start. I wouldn't mind too much if it looked amazing, but it's just 'dark jungle stuff'. Boring.

I've never understood who games like this are aimed at - people with no life whatsoever? People who are happy to reply the same bits over and over? Stupid game. Though I hear the sequels are better.
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on 27 February 2011
I bought this mainly for the headset because I have the other two Socom games. It sure makes a difference to all the games to play with the headset, giving much more realism to the game-play. Now there are more powerful consoles out there, it may seem a bit old hat to have a fairly flimsy and plasticky ( is there such a word?) head set but when this first came out for the PS2, it must have been revolutionary. It's not only a head set to listen with, it has limited voice recognition too! Top marks to the game programmers and publishers.
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on 27 June 2003
This is a must have game, not only for PS2 owners, but for anyone who ever lifted a joypad or used a mouse! Ive played many Online games, Counterstrike kept me at my PC for hours on end, and i thought that nothing would ever prize me away from my PC.
Wrong, I purchased this game and now I cant stop playing it, SOCOM is the BEST online game ive ever played, the single player mode is enthrawling too. The game just keeps you playing, as you tactically make plans to slaughter your enemies!
Get It!
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on 3 June 2003
Iv got the american version of this game so it maybe different. Anyway this going is astonishing the graphics are some of the best iv seen yet on PS2 when i played th matrix i thought that was good but this is amazing 12 amazing action packed levels for single player. But something ingeneous about this game is the head set that comes with it you can contact other players when your playing across the internet and strategically plan what your going to do buy it trust me its a good one
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on 14 November 2013
Son who is 17 love this game and plays regular. Love the interaction especially and the graphics are really good for Playstation 2.
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on 30 March 2004
ok ok, so you get a cool headset with the game but thats just a selling point it does get hard to remember the commands at frist and you hesitate and then your dead. Now i would compare this game largly to conflict desert storm because its just like it. O ne small problem for me is that i cant control the other guys myself, i have to do so by the commands. the AI is not good for such a stealth game since they always give you away. wen you get to the 9th level it gets hard. on the 10th level going about it stealthily is the best way sincea helicopter comes in 15mins but comes quiker when you raise the alarm. this brings me on to the Ai again, i very nearly did the level, i had beaten the helicopter to the extraction point (nearly) i was under a bridge where i was meant to go, two of my men were gunned down but the other was following along with the extractee iwas meant to protect but suddenly he stopped for no reason ot far in front of me not under cover and guess what, he gets killed. and now i cant seem to repeat those circumstances. but then you have online play which is good but most people dont have broadband or an adaptor because they want to stick to the PC for online-y-ness. take away the online play and waht do you get, something tahts not that good. also i would like to point out that there is about 12 difficulty levels which to me is pretty stupid. a game i wouldnt bother about.
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