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4.7 out of 5 stars35
4.7 out of 5 stars
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on 11 December 2003
This is one of the best games I've ever played. I don't have any online facilities so I play on 1 player mode but it is still a kick-ass game. You actually find yourself peering around the screen to get a better viewpoint of the enemy because the graphics and headset get you totally absorbed into the game. Using the headset makes the game much more real. You feel a bit of a plonker wearing it if your mates are around but it really adds to the game to be fed information that only you can hear from the HQ. Working as a two or 4 man team, it's also great having to rely on the others to cover you. Postioning them at the correct place to best cover you can often make the difference between completing a level or getting killed. It is more expensive than other games, but comes with a headset also. It is one of those games that even though you have completed a level, it's fun to go back and try completing it taking a different route and using different tactics and weapons. Sniper rifle is also superb! Definately a 5 star buy!
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on 7 November 2003
So, it's finally here!... the future of console gaming - interaction with other players via online connectivity.
Socom has, since day one of its conception, had carry the burden of the being called the above and a lot more. Sony had better get it right if this was going to be a quiet revolution.
Happily, and with much relief on the faces on the Sony execs!, Socom is perhaps the biggest and best game to be released in years.
The game revolves around a four man crack navy US seal team - the player taking the lead whilst controlling the rest of the team via the joypad or through a USB connected headset - this is where it really starts getting fun!!!!!.
Commands such as "Bravo lead to Delta". (Bravo being the call sign of your backup team), or Attack to Charlie, means that you have at your disposal the ability to work as a team - or not, if you feeling a bit gung-ho!.
The game is set over 12 locations/levels, and the AI of the enemy is very good and will leave you with sweaty palms everytime as your trigger finger remains constantly itchy.
But what about the online capabilities?? - i hear you cry.
Once again, Sony have delivered well.
The idea being, once connected using a network adaptor and broadband connection, you go online to a server. Once on the server there are a number of game rooms or "lobbys".
Simply choose the lobby and either join a game or create one of your own and wait for other player to join.
Run around as either a seal (goodie!) or a terrorist (you guessed it -baddie!) and you can speak to your team mates via the headset.
So you can choose to storm a barge, or sneak up on a bad guy and pop a cap in the proverbial!, or even clear an area as a team with a methodical approach.
Oh, and dont worry if you die!, you'll be able to talk to your other dead colleagues about tactics, (or anything!!) , in readiness for the next game.
All in all a superb game, will keep you going for hours and hours.
You could lose a lot of sleep playing this so don's say i didn't want you!!!!!.
Oh and did mention Socom II due out in March 2004????!!!!
But that's another review, perhaps?..............
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on 24 June 2003
I have been testing the UK release of SOCOM since March, and have to say that it is a fantastic game online, though less so offline.
Rather than talk about the offline (single player) mode, I'm going to concentrate on the online game.
Setting up your network adapter and settings is a doddle if you are with one of the big networks. (BT, NTL etc). Once you are in it's just as easy to find a game.
The basic gameplay is very simple. There are 2 teams of up to 8 players each, the SEALS and the terrorists. You go around the map and either kill all the other team, or complete another objective.
There are 3 game 'types' depending on the map you play on. On all maps, if one team are all killed, the round is over. Suppression (last team standing wins), Hostage rescue, and Plant the bomb in the other teams base.
You use the headset to communicate with your team mates and it is a truely great gaming experience.
There is so much more, but I'm trying to keep it compact. I would recommend this to anyone who intends to buy a network adapter and plans to play online, but would suggest playing a demo before buying for the single player only.
By the way, if you do buy and go online, look out for people with [PL] before their names. We are a clan called the Phoenix Legion and we're a friendly bunch!
See you online!
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on 24 April 2004
I got Socom 2 half-heartedly as i had already bought the first one, andtry as i might i couldn't get into it. The missions were tedious, and toolong and hard for the designers not to have included a mid-mission save,the enemies were annoying as they would frequently stand still under myfire, and my character kept standing up after I made him crouch. Butessentially it wasn't any fun. Socom 2 is a much more enjoyableexperience. There are twelve single-player levels divided equally betweenalbania, brazil, north africa and russia. The mission content is far morerealistic than other games. As much fun as rainbow six three is, I don'tthink many governments would send in four soldiers to deactivate a bomb inthe middle of a carnival. You have to move quietly, take out soldiersstealthily and capture enemy leaders, as well as blowing stuff up andrescuing hostages. For some this may sound worringly familiar of the firstgame. But the stealth is far more enjoyable as stealth kills don't triggeralarms or call other enemies over anymore. And if you want you can shootyour way through in this game, but believe me you'll want to go for thestealthy approach. The weapon selection is not widely expanded but theterrorists get some interesting new guns, which you may find picking up onmissions. You get to work with other special forces in certain situations,like the one-liner spitting russian spetznaz ("I have sent him to hisancestors"), and the seal thrashing SAS. The missions are just the rightsize, and will not require you to miss your lunch carefully completingthem anymore, even though a mid-mission save function is still lacking.What's good is that each mission offers something different and will haveyou coming back time after time to tighten your play and unlock lots ofextras. The online is still superb, with some funky new game modes and asa bonus has all the old socom 1 maps, so you can finally trade your oldcopy away. All in all after operation flashpoint this is probably my besttactical realistic shooter, with much more grit and substance than the tomclancy games and some refreshingly realistic, yet always specialforces-style missions.
Graphics 9/10
Sound 10/10
Gameplay 8/10
Single p. 8/10
Multi p. 9/10
Total lifespan 9/10
Special forces atmosphere 10/10
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on 1 July 2003
Just buy it ok.
Need more than that? Ok, let me tell you why you'll like it first. Well, actually let me just say that this game nearly ruined my relationship, I am part of the Beta Test Team that got this game a couple of months before the general public. During that time I spent every spare moment online on the game. I even had to go out and buy myself a new home cinema kit just so I could tell from which direction I was being shot at. In the end my girlfriend gave me an ultimatum, it was her or the game... I'm still deciding.
I think the two best parts of this game for me are the reward you get from well planned teamwork and the design of the levels. I don't think there's a single one that I don't enjoy playing even if I am completely rubbish at certain ones.
Now, why you might not like it. I personally don't care about these points but they are common complaints. The most common complaint I think I've heard is that you can't use a keyboard and mouse, you have to use the joysticks. If this were a PC game then for that reason alone it probably wouldn't sell. However, all PC's have keyboards so you get to choose whether you want to use keyboard and mouse or joystick. PS2's don't generally have keyboards, so in my mind by not allowing anyone to use them means that we're all playing on a level playing field.
There are other minor complaints but they are really down to individual preferences rather than major issues. Check out the forum on and you'll find plenty of topics.
Oh, and the single player offline game is not bad either!
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on 17 June 2003
Finally - a game that is worth my money.
After taking the horribly repetative and very dull Silent Hill 3 back in total disgust i picked up SOCOM US Navy Seals instead.
What a difference!
SOCOM is a great technical achievement for both Sony and Zipper (the developers).
Well - the first time your hear one of your squad members answer you through the supplied headset is one of those great gaming moments that induce a huge silly grin!!
Expect other game designers to rip-off this very cool in-game device very soon.
Graphics are good too. Not jaw-dropping or anything - but easily good enough to not be an issue.
I prefere truely great gameplay to amazingly pretty graphics anyway!! Too many games look amazing yet play at best averagely. SOCOM is not one of them.
I have a feeling SOCOM 2 - which is out later in the year - will look even better - which will be the 'Cherry' on a very substantial cake!!
Gameplay is impressive - though its not an easy game - so be prepared for a few hours getting used to the controls/commands. Its well worth it though - and you will be issuing voice commands to "Bravo" team - without even thinking about it - before you know it !!
This game was developed with the help of the real US Navy Seals - which explains why the game can be so tough - this is as real as it gets and just running in and blasting everything in sight will not work.
Thankfully - this is a very real US Navy Seal simulator !! Very cool indeed!!
The 12 missions have a great variety and get much harder after about the 4th level. Theres no proper 'training' mode though - which is the games only over-sight as far as i'm concerned.
Sound in the game is handled very well - with all the usual SFX being in place - along with some very 'action movie' type soundtrack music along the way!!
Very rousing in the heat of battle believe me!
So - if you like a game to challenge you and you want more than just a 'run and gun' FPS (which i hate) then pick-up SOCOM. Its just superb and - whilst not as ground breaking as Splinter Cell - is easily my second favorite game this year (after Splinter Cell).
The fact that i have only played the single player mode shows that SOCOM is also really great value - as by all accounts the online mode is far superior to the single player mode - with much bigger maps and hugely impressive levels.
Wow!! Cant wait.
Well done Sony - keep it up.
PS Speaking of Online modes - i cant wait for Resident Evil Online later in the year. Should rock!!
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on 23 January 2004
If you want to maintain a normal life with a girlfriend, hobbies, and free time, then this is not the game to get.
In single player mode it is OK, but did not grab my attention as other games have.
But once connected to a network adaptor, and online, the game becomes far more addictive. The addition of the headset which enables communication between you and your team-mates adds to the overal enjoyment of the game.
Definitely a must have game when bought with the network adaptor.
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on 15 August 2003
I've had this game about 2 weeks now an i'm hooked, it is by far the best game on the PS2 at the moment. The thing that will draw most is the on line function (play upto 16 other players). Even if u have no ADSL or any other broardband for that matter, all is not lost as it's a cracking 1 player game. The headset is really clever can't understand y it's taken so long for a game like this to come out. at first it is just a bit of fun, then it becomes really addictive. The missions vary form snow levels to dense jungle terrain. There are 12 levels all in all, and u would be very lucky if u can manage to do any without gettin killed a few times first. Loads of kick ass guns rangeing from silenced hand guns to all out i'm gonna get ya assault rifles, amaizing sniper rifles. Superb scenery, graphics, story and game play. This game is a must!
SOCOM II is soon to follow to keep us all on our toes.
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on 17 June 2003
I bought socom a few days ago from amazon and already i am impressed. As a single player game this is a feast but online this will be the banquet! I've got raven shield for the pc where bossing your collegues around is great fun, but on this game the AI is more advanced, on raven shield they either did the mission for you or if you put on a higer difficulty setting, you felt as though you were alone. On socom the skill of your team mates feels right, it doesn't make you feel as though you are rubbish or king of the game, but makes you feel like a collegue, which is the aim of the game.
There wasn't as many weapons as raven shield, like i'd hoped, put plenty to lead you men in to battle with varied plans and equiptment.
Untill i get the online function for my ps2 the headset sits on my wardrobe, but untill then, Yeeeeaaaahaaaa!
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on 9 July 2003
this game is a good game and is selling itself on the fact that you can connect to the internet, this i have not tried yet but the game is still great fun to play alone.
i did find the controls difficult as i used the default setup at first which i consider far more difficult than games such as 'clancy's ghost recon or splinter cell', but once you get past that the game is very playable.
the headset interface becomes less of a novelty after a while and more necessary - i don't know why this hasn't been used before but it is very welcome now, it also plugs straight into your pc without any software drivers to install saving you a couple of quid.
in all, after the controls are mastered, the game becomes a lot of fun or a serious test - whichever you are looking for, the internet aspect offers a lot more longevity which will keep you playing far longer than most games would - even though i haven't finished this game yet - i'm looking forward to the next.
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