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4.8 out of 5 stars
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on 7 October 2004
I was already a Cold veteran well over a year ago when i got YOTS, and i bought it on May 21st, its release date. Having experienced the fairy-tale nightmare insanity of 1997's self-titled debut and the raw, aching progression of 2000's 13 Ways... i was interested to see where this would lead. Initially i wasn't massively impressed, but another listen revealed a unique, personal record laden with sadness and cries for help from a God who seems to have turned away (his girlfriend and sister got cancer before it was written) Having said this, it's a pretty universal album to listen to, from the opening power rock anthem 'Remedy' to the masterpiece 'Cure My Tragedy' through to Kurt Cobain/Layne Staley tribute 'The Day Seattle Died' and closing track 'Black Sunday' ('Cure My Tragedy' again but a bit less life-affirming. Yes, i know it closes with 'Kill The Music Industry' but personally, i think that track's rubbish). It's a lot more poppy than Cold or 13 Ways ever were, but that's not necessarily a bad thing.
If grunge is dead, then YOTS was its last gasp. Buy it, buy it, buy it.
And DO keep the CD player on at the end of Track 13 until it reaches 16:09 :)
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on 14 February 2004
Cold are one of very few rock groups who can provide music that will grab you by the neck and say that this is the group of the century!
Cold are a cross between Staind and the astounding voice of Nickelback, Chad Kroeger.
The album "Year Of The Spider", is a thrill of non-stop rock from Track 1, "Remedy", all the way to Track 13, "Kill The Music Industry".
One of the most outstanding tracks on the album is "Wasted Years", a very emotion-grabbing song; whatever condition you are in, this song will ALWAYS lighten your mood!
Cold started 15 sucessful years ago in sunny Florida, where lead singer Scooter Ward put his astonishingly powerful vocals towards Sam McCandless's extraordinary drumming to produce some-what, the best band ever to be seen on this planet.
"Year Of The Spider" sold over 100,000 copies in its first few days in the major record shops, which shows just how much they have improved since their last two albums : "13 Way's To Bleed On Stage" and the self-titled classic "Cold".
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on 17 April 2006
When I first heard this album via the Amazon snippets, I thought "not bad". The album cover gave the impression that this was some sort of death metal band and so I was at first hesitant. Then some time later I downloaded 'Remedy'. Pretty good, I thought. Let's buy the album. So that I did. That decision was the best one I have ever made as this is my favourite album of all time, bar none. So to be top of a 200+ rock album pile means that this is indeed something special.

As is usually the case, the dark times of the lead-singer/songwriter Scooter Ward has produced an album full of tracks with emotion and deep-felt feeling. There is not one filler on the album. The mix of songs as they flow from one to the next is amongst the best you will ever hear.

For the songs themselves, my personal favourites are 'Black Sunday', 'Wasted Years', 'Remedy', 'Cure My Tragedy' and 'Change Your World', though it is tempting to list them all here as there isn't much to divide them. Unlike the follow up album 'A Different Kind of Pain', each song sounds different to the other and each tells a different story and as such, you will find something to love about each and every one.

Song by song breakdown (10s are reserved for the creme-de-la-creme of musical heights :) )

1. REMEDY (9/10) - Heaviest song on the album (along with Kill The Music Industry). Fantastic riff that gets stuck in your head plays throughout, chilled out verses and a stomping chorus add up to a brilliant opening song.

2. SUFFOCATE (8/10) - The female vocals in this song add an extra dimension to the Cold sound. Slower than the previous song, its a perfect song for thinking about somebody you don't like!

3. CURE MY TRAGEDY (A LETTER TO GOD) (10/10) - Unbelievably emotionally-charged song that will get straight at your heart. 2003's version of the power ballads of old. Scooter Ward wrote this song about his sister who was fighting cancer at the time of writing. Listening to the words brings tears to the eyes.

4. STUPID GIRL (9/10) - This is a good rocking song which will have you singing along in no time!

5. DON'T BELONG (8/10) - "Woooaahhh-ooohh-oooh! And I DONT BELONG!" Fantastic up-tempo track, which whilst not as good as the two that envelope it, is still brilliant.

6. WASTED YEARS (10/10) - My favourite on the album and one of my favourite songs of all time. A beautiful acoustic number that is like a kindred brother to 'Cure My Tragedy'. Look out for the acoustic guitar solo in the middle. Ahhhh...

7. WHATEVER YOU BECAME (8/10) - After the out-of-this-world 'Wasted Years' this song becomes an easy to forget number, but don't as it's a hidden gem! It ups the tempo nicely leading us into...

8. SAD HAPPY (9/10) - To my knowledge, it's based on the true story of a fan who wrote to Scooter Ward and confided to him of her ordeal at the hand of a rapist. Another heart felt song with an emotional chorus that is simply brilliant.

9. RAIN SONG (9/10) - I'm almost running out of things to say, but this is another track written in the same emotional mould as all the rest and is fantastic.

10. THE DAY SEATTLE DIED (9/10) - Cool intro. Song about the death of Kurt Cobain and one that really benefits from listening to the lyrics. A definite grower.

11. CHANGE THE WORLD (10/10) - An uptempo track with a bit more angst than the others. Once again, great verses, great chorus.

12. BLACK SUNDAY (10/10) - Woah, Scooter's writing capabilities don't end there as he belts out another in the ballad category. Right up there with Wasted Years and Cure My Tragedy in the greatness charts.

13. KILL THE MUSIC INDUSTRY (7/10) - Worst song on the album, but with so much brilliance, how could it compete? Heavier than most, with a noble message about the stagnant music industry that should be applauded.

[14]. GONE AWAY (9/10) - Hidden track that appears 19 mins into the end song. Slow acoustic song that is brilliant - just a shame they bunged it out of sight as it's hard to get to!

With their brand of catchy choruses and emotionally-charged songs, Cold have written THE rock album of the Noughties. Everything you want from a rock band is here. I cannot fathom why Staind (label brothers and fellow Fred Durst-prodiges) are bigger than these guys and receive far more attention. Cold are ten times the band that Staind are. They are what Staind SHOULD and COULD be if they were consistent enough (and I like Staind). If you like the sound of the songs on offer here, i tell you to go out and buy the album. You won't regret it!
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on 29 June 2003
I first heard the song "Remedy" by Cold when it was used as the theme to WWE Backlash in April. I thought it was a really catchy song, but that it would be a dismal one hit wonder. Then about a month later, I came across Cold's album in a high street record store, and for some inexplicable reason, I bought it on impulse.
And what can I say? The album is great. While not a fan of generic nu-metal, this is by far the best generic nu-metal I've ever heard. Far better than Linkin Park or any of the other crud. Just listen to the preview track "Remedy" and then tell me you don't want this album. The rest of it is of the exact same quality.
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on 25 May 2003
This is a great album, I bought it not knowing who Cold were, all I had listened to was the "Remedy" song that they used in WWE, which I thought was great, so I decided to give the album a try...
I found Cold as a cross between Creed and Saliva, if you like either of those bands, I reccomend you buy this album! "Remedy" is a great track, but isn't the best track on the album. Songs like "Stupid Girl" and "Whatever you Became" are both fantastic.
The songs on the album are all quite similar, but in a good way. Overall, Year of the Spider is a great album and took me by surprise, I'd reccomend it to any Rock fan.
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on 17 November 2003
To be honest I had never heard of Cold until I heard "Stupid Girl" on the radio during my summer vacation in the US. Although I didn't find the song particularly extraordinary, I just had to get the album "Year of the spider" and all I can say is it was one of the best decisions I have taken! There is much more to the album than just "Stupid Girl" and although I can see why "Stupid Girl" has become a radio-hit in the US, I find it unfortunate that people do not seem to know many of the other songs on the album. This album is full of energy and emotion, full of pain and truth and it seems like the whole album is one single confession, a way for Scooter to deal with the problems and relationships in his life. In almost every line of the songs you can find a piece of Scooter's soul, a piece of his life and if you listen closely, e.g. on "Wasted Years", it almost sounds like he is confessing and apologising for having "messed up". But this is not all! Of course the beautiful words give you real chills but there is more to it: the really catchy melodies, the great guitar riffs and a beautiful and almost haunting, creepy voice. It almost seems like this album has got it all - a must have for fans and non-fans - not as heavy as previous albums but just as dark and beautiful. Get this one and the previous two and let Scooter take you on a beautiful ride of love, pain and reality. Best songs: "Black Sunday", "Gone away" (hidden track", "Wasted Years", "Don't belong", "Cure my tragedy"...they are all good! Something for every mood, where "Remedy" is guaranteed to blow you away, "Cure my tragedy" might leave you crying after all! Try it and buy it!
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on 19 May 2003
After buying both previous COLD albums, although in reverse order, i have been eagerly awaiting the release of this cd for three years, and it is better than i could have hoped. Scooter Wards lyrics are so much more meaningfull than that of any other band around at the moment.
Year of the Spiders sound is somewhere inbetween that of their self-titled debut and 13 ways to bleed on stage. The mellow sections from 13 ways are still there but mixed with a lot more raw emotion as on their debut, although the final product is a lot more polished.
Remedy - Theme tune for a recent WWE event, has a lot of energy. A good song to open the cd with. 9/10

Suffocate - A bit different to most COLD songs as it has a womans voice, a decent song. 8/10
Cure my Tradgedy - Scooter really lets his emotions out in this song, "make the world a stage for me then i hope that you can hear me scream". 8/10
Stupid Girl - The first single, and rightly so. From the start when the crunching guitars kick in to the vocals with Rivers Cuomo of Weezer supplying the backing, this song rules. 10/10
Dont Belong - A good song, nothing more, nothing less. 8/10
Wasted Years - A much slower paced and mellow song compared to the proceding five, but it works. A very touching song. 9/10
Whatever you Became - Quite fast paced, but still not that heavy. Dosent really stand out like someothers do though. 8/10
Sad Happy - One of the best songs on the album in my view. Quite mellow with an outstanding chorus. Buy the album just for this song. 10/10
Rain Song - The pace picks up as the song moves on, and it turns from average song to a very good one over the three and a half minutes. 9/10
The day Seattle died - A great song with an uplifting and high tempo chorus. Also has a piano solo. 9/10
Change the World - Similar to the previous song, with similar results. 9/10
Black Sunday - Continuing the brilliant end to the album, although not as fast or heavy as the previous two, just as good. 9/10
Kill the Music Industry - This song gives the impression its going to be intense even before it starts, with gunshots heard, and it lives up to this. Has haunting partswhen it sound as though it is kids shouting "Kill the f***ing music industry" in places. 10/10
Gone Away - About 16 minutes into track 13, with the song long over COLD's contibution to the Tough Enough 2 cd starts. It is completley different to the rest of the album so i understand why it is a hidden track although it is just as good as any of the other13 tracks. 10/10
This album is not necessarily better than 13 ways, its different, but inkeeping with COLD's trademark sound and meaningfull lyrics. I recomend you by both albums, and if you enjoy them enough try to find their debut.
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on 15 May 2003
Ok, to start off, I'd just like to say that I'm a BIG Cold fan. I've been listening to them since the time that Fred Durst heard them and signed them.
Ever since hearing a demo of 'Goodbye Cruel World' from their self-titled debut album, I was hooked. The only other band I'm this devoted to is Incubus. But that's irrelevant.
This album, 'Year of the Spider' is a class act from start to finish. I've heard a lot of music lately, and been unimpressed (Linkin Park's Meteora is one instance), but, unlike Linkin Park, Cold have progressed their musical talents.
From the first track, Remedy, the roots of Cold's music is plain to see. Straight-ahead, driving guitar riffs from Kelly Hayes and Terry Balsamo, pounding drums from Sam McCandless, and head-rattling bass lines from Jeremy Marshall. The years of touring have made them tighter and better than ever, and it's plain to see.
Scooter Ward's lyrics in the past have always been dark and edgy, and still are (to an extent). But recent developments in his life have left a tinge of sorrowful meaning in his lyrics, and with the addition of producer Howard Benson (P.O.D.) his voice soars through the music, leaving you drained of emotions.
Tracks like 'Cure My Tragedy' and 'Wasted Years' leave the hairs on your arms and neck standing on end with the evident pain that Scooter is feeling.
Harmonious, dark, tragic...all the things you've come to expect from Cold.
Only this time, it's better than you would believe.
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VINE VOICEon 16 March 2005
"Year Of The Spider" was the first Cold album that I bought and the first album that got me hooked on their unorthodox, but very enjoyable type of music.
The first song I ever heard performed by this band was "Remedy", as it was used as the theme tune for WWE Backlash 2003. I really liked this song, but wasn't so sure about committing myself to the album. However, later in the year during WWE Unforgiven 2003, "Suffocate" was used as the theme song for the Test/Scott Steiner/Stacy Keibler video package. I then decided to get the whole album.
I have to say that I wasn't disappointed. "Year Of The Spider" isn't just a "2-track" album. While "Remedy" and "Suffocate" are probably the strongest of all, the remaining tracks are very powerful and will play over and over in your head for days.
You also don't have to be a fan of the other albums to enjoy this (for example, this was my introduction to Cold). While the heavy and depressing overtones remain, Cold's music now seems to flow more freely and keeps to a beat. The metamorphous that began with "13 Ways To Bleed On Stage" now seems to be complete here.
Simply put, this is one of the best "non-mainstream" albums out there (it's a crime that Cold haven't been given the chance to break out in the UK), that features more than one style of music.
With "Year Of The Spider", Cold have achieved a rare victory: They've adapted their style to fit a new audience, without alienating their existing fans.
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on 30 June 2005
In fact, this is a great album that I recently bought and is the first of Cold's albums I have ever bought. The best songs, in my expert opinion are tracks one, two and Five. These are remedy, suffocate and don't belong, and are excellent. I bought this album not expecting what to hear, pecause all I had heard previously to buying this CD was suffocate on Unforgiven 2003 and I had also heard 'With my mind' which is on the classic video game psi ops. All in all it is a good album from a band I wasn't expecting to rank so highly, and trust me, I am a very harsh marker, especially against digusting rap and hideous hippedy hop bands. If there is one thing I would change about this album it is the stupid silence at the end of 'Kill the music industry' which made me want to vomit in a plague ridden festering rage. This enraged me as I would't put it on my MP3 player because it took up so much room for just a single song (about 20 mega bytes). Apart from that little rant, this is a phenomenally great CD, especially when you consider all the other ridiculous crap in the world.
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