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4.6 out of 5 stars108
4.6 out of 5 stars
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on 27 June 2006
This game is one of the main reasons why people buy a Gamecube, and I can see why! Pretty much all the well known Big N characters are available to select, each with their own strengths and weaknesses.
For example...
Bowser is slow and heavy, but his attacks can be strong and can be difficult to throw out the arena
Pikachu is very quick and good attack damage but his small frame can make him get thrown out of the arena quite easily

Good choice of battle grounds/arenas as well, and enough weapons to keep the battle interesting.
Loads of game modes as well, including Adventure, training, Melee, Mission, etc and with up to 4 players to battle with, it'll be a fun game to play for hours

Overall, a great game that must be included in your Gamecube library! Even until Brawl comes out, you still need to get this if you have the Wii as well!
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on 22 May 2006
This game is the most surprising i've ever played, I didnt buy another game for neary 2 years.

Fast paced fighting action with 31 weapons ranging from Bob-ombs to Pokeballs to the Metal Box,

there are millions of features and extra touches that i still come across now,

At first this game seems daunting (especially against a veteran) but soon you'll be pounding Giga Bowser and the Crazy Hand, with a bit of practice.

My most played multiplayer ever, recording everyones name and stats.

Loads of unlockable characters and levels, trophies to collect, and game modes that make this a must! (Home-Run Contest anyone?)

And amazing title music that will leave u chanting for your next game

Power time - 601.56 hours

Vs play match total - 2961

Kos - 4718
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on 4 September 2005
I got this on the day of release (not the Player's Choice one though), and I think it has my highest time for any of my GC games.
If you've played the N64 game, this will be instantly recognisable, and basically the same but improved on in all areas.
If you haven't then it's very simple to get into.
Each character has the same controls for regular attacks- they all use directions with the A button, and you can do A+direction to perform a Smash Attack, which is more powerful and can be held to charge up power. Also each character has special attacks on B which are different depending on the character- eg. Pikachu has electric attacks and Mario has firballs etc. You also get thows, shield and the new ability to dodge. It's all very simple, but surprisingly deep. There are no multi button combo's to remember or anything like that, so beginners stand a better chance.
There are lots of items to make matches a bit more exciting, which you can adjust to your taste. All of them are recognisable to Nintendo fans- fire flowers, red shells, bob-ombs, pokeballs etc.
The arenas are also recognisable with their music- my favourite is Samus' level with the raising lava.
In the game you don't have a health bar, you have a percentage which raises as you get hit, the higher the percent the further you fly when you get hit. If you are hit out of the arena then you are instantly brought back to the arena, and after the time limit the scores are counted.
There are other modes to play, you can have health if you want, or lives, collect the most coins, style points etc.
The game can be played with up to 4 players on screen (more cpu characters on certain modes), or even a tournament for up to 64, but single player is surprisingly complete. There are several modes to play- the main game is a battle through levels to the final boss, or there is an adventure mode with 2d style platform levels. There is still the break the target mode where there are targets you have to destroy in an arena and you have to work out how to destroy all of them, and a sandbag game where you have to hit the sandbag as far as possible. There are other modes too, and also ones you can unlock.
The game has lots of secrets to unlock, modes, levels, characters, also there are nearly 300 trophies to find- these can be found in levels or earned for doing specific tasks. They are like figurines of Nintendo characters that you can read about and look at in detail.
There is a lot of extra detail to the game too- you get awards after a fight for your style, which add to your points, but also there are extra things that you wouldn't get naturally like using only Mario items for example. There are lots of stats that save, like favourite character etc. And you can even name your character so you can see it when you are playing.
This is my favourite game on GameCube and I reccommend it to anyone who enjoys Nintendo's games, as there is something for everyone here, and it is surprisingly tough.
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on 12 August 2002
I'll keep this one brief as there are plenty of reviews. I hate beat-em-ups so this game was my wife's choice. Now she won't play against me because I've played it to much and keep beating her!
Plenty of blasts from the past in the form of the characters and trophies (which keep things fun... to nick a phrase "Gotta get em all"... or something similar).
A great muti-player game and it's much better than I thought it would be in one player mode. Like all games it's a subjective thing but I'd definitely recommend this one to all Nintendo fans who want to see their pixelated heroes (Bowser) smash their most hated characters (Princess Peach) once and for all.
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on 18 September 2006
A very fun game, however the camera is hard to get used to. It zooms right out, which is sometimes hard to play with. But the characters and levels are really fun. You can play as a handful of the best characters from Nintendo history, as well as unlocking a lot more in hidden places.

There are also quite a few extras. You can play in an adventure mode, as well as collecting trophies of nearly all the Nintendo characters.

Overall, this game is really great, and it is well worth buying.
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on 13 July 2006
Sounds rubbish doesn't it? Some famous Nintendo characters punching and kicking each other... But no, it is pure quality. It offers enjoyment forever! It is a game you can play by yourself or with a bunch of mates, no matter what, it is still really fun!

I have owned this game for nearly 3 years, and i still pick up the old Gamecube controller to have a bit of top notch cartoon-crunching awesome melee mayhem fun! (basically... if you don't own it... get it!)
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on 24 March 2007
This is easily the best game on the console with a multiplayer mode.
For those of you who don't know this game involes Nintendo characters beating each other up in 18 locations based on Nintendo games (simple isn't it?), However instead of hitting them until they run out of heath, you have to hit them off the stage to K.O. them. This simple formula adds up to an amazing experiance. With 3 mojor single player modes( there are others, see below),Adventure, Classic and All-Star (unlockable), each with 5 levels of difficulty (not to mention over 50 Event Matches where you have to acheve certain aims) this game has unprecidented replay value.
Better still is the Vs. mode, this is where the fun goes into overdrive. You will be suprised at how addictive this can be. I have been playing this for more than 5 years and am not bored with it! You can play with friends [Extra controllers required] or CPUs which have 9 difficulty levels to ease you into the game, or provide more of a challenge. Also fun are the Special Melees which add extra elements, based on items, to the game like the Giant, Metal or Invisable melees and some give new pespectives like Fixed Camera, Single-button mode or Slow-motion melee (There is so much to unlock it is unreal: Single player modes, characters, even more stages, almost 300 trophies and more.)
Loads of records are kept including from the Stadium mode which is Target test (hit all the targets as fast as you can) Home-rum contest(hit a sand bag as far as you can (higher damage means greater distance) and Multi-man Melee (how many Wire-frame people can you K.O. in a set time OR how long will it take you to K.O. an amount of them)
Buy this game! you will not regret it! (Also, look out for Super Smash Bros. Brawl, it promices to be the best game this year. With online play! Can't wait!) In conclusion you must, must buy this game, I have never met anybody who has played it and did not enjoy it. Ever.
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VINE VOICEon 29 December 2002
To be frank, this a Nintendo fan's dream come true. Heck, I would have given it six stars if I could have. Everything about this game is pure magic; the sleek handling, the array of characters and attacks, the frightening speeds at which it moves, the Xbox-beating graphics and the unbeleivably brilliant orchestrations of classic Nintendo music.
All your favourite Nintendo (and dare I say videogames in general) characters are united by the will to do one thing; to beat the living pants out of each other across the plethora of gorgeous and magical Nintendo worlds. All the levels are there: Icicle Mountain, Yoshi's Island, Princess Peach's Castle, on top of The Great Fox and even inside on of the classic LCD Game and Watch toys.
There is so much to unlock as well as just playing the game for leisure; even more lovingly recreated Nintendo levels and characters as well as hundreds of trophies digitally engrained in the images of just about every videogame character past, present and future. In fact, in this way it basically doubles up as an extensive video games museum, and there's also a lot you can learn about the history of Nintendo while also releiving a lot of childhood memories.
So yes, it's a fighting game, a thereby dismissed by adults (my parents) as another brainless beat-em-up, but Super Smash Brothers is much more than that. It requires a mix of expert timing, skill and initiative that will satisfy even the most demanding gamer.
I've had this game since the day it came out on May 24th 2002(I waited months for it to get here from Japan and America, as had many Nintendo fans) but boy was it worth it! I've clocked up 4600 hours by myself since then (that doesnt't include how long my brother and sisters have played it) and thats between going to work and school so that just goes to show just how addictive and how much replay value there is here even when tottally completed.
As I said, its a Nintendo fan's dream, and only Ninty with its huge array of unique characters and expert programming could have pulled this off. This is an absolutley unmissable, no excuses must-have game that should (no, must) be a part of your gaming collection. Even if you're an air-head Xbox fan even you don't have an excuse not to like this game. This is one of the essential titles for the Gamecube or indeed any of the other consoles, so if you haven't tried it, you don't know what you're missing. Get it now!
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on 18 December 2002
After owning the original Super Smash Brothers on the N64 for years, I was right at home with this game.
Containing some of Nintendo's most popular, and best characters, such as Mario, Donky Kong, Link and Pikachu you can fight it out against the computer in the adventure or classic modes, or in the VS mode. Or you can get some friends around and have a huge four way battle with them, with each of you as your favourite Nintendo character.
The single player may get a bit tedious after you've played it for a while, but it's worthwhile in doing because it will unlock you new, and more powerful characters to use against your friends, and maybe your enemies.
A testament to how great this game is. I had one of my friends at my house the day after I bought my GameCube, which wasn't too long ago, and after playing Super Smash Bros. Melee, and this game along he is now selling his PS2 with all the games just to buy a GameCube along with this great game. If that doesn't display how a once almost PS2 fanboy can be broken down by this game, what does?
Nintendo have always had genius in their games, and it's displayed here extremely well. The controls are perfect, except maybe the Z button as grab, (but that's just my preference of I don't like where they positioned the Z button, although it is in easy reach with every other button) and every button is used perfectly in this game, which makes the pad a pleasure to hold because the game feels great when done right.
A superb game by Nintendo, and I can hardly say a bad word about it. If you enjoy fighting games, and you enjoy Nintendo games, you should enjoy this.
Those that played the original will also enjoy this game.
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on 20 July 2006
this game is quite simply THE game which stands out from the growing number of gamecube games. a 2D fighting game which is kinda comparible to Tekken may not appeal to everyone, but, unless you are terrified of pummeling some classic nintendo charachters, buy this one, if you want to cream Falco as Young Link or even beat Link as Ganondorf (did i spell it right?). it is insanely long with always something to do. buy it quickly, you will love it!!!
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