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3.6 out of 5 stars52
3.6 out of 5 stars
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on 16 June 2008
A wonderful machine, especially for the price. After having used the Magimix 1.1Ltr ice cream machine; the type you have to pre-freeze and having fantastic results, I decided to go for this one for a couple of reasons. The first being that you do not have to pre-freeze; the machine is always ready. The second being that you do not have to make space in your freezer for the bowl. Yes, it does get a bit noisy when the mix starts to thicken but it isn't for long. It is a small price to pay for delicious, fresh ice cream with no preservatives, colouring, flavouring or any other e-numbers. The build quality I feel is quite substantial and have had no problems with parts breaking or jamming. Using the removable bucket makes the machine a doddle to clean, which I would recommend whichever machine you use. As far as storing in a cupboard, there is no reason why this cannot be done. The machine has to settle for 12 hours after it has been inverted and thrown around during transit; just lifting it in and out of a cupboard would not require it to settle but it is quite weighty.
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on 11 November 2011
I've had one for several years and it does make good ice cream but the major failing in the design is the way the motor just keeps going even when the ice cream is too stiff to turn. This was a minor irritation until the paddle broke. The replacement is a new design which makes the entire motor housing jump off the machine and spew ice cream all over the place. I leave the thing unattended and come back to find half my ice cream melting all over the counter with the motor writhing away like it's demented.
If I was buying a machine now I'd go for the cuisineart which I believe is cheaper and does have a motor cut out. It seems such a basic thing I do wonder why the idiots who designed this thing missed it.
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on 3 August 2005
I bought this product because I love ice cream and wanted to experiment with my own recipes. I do not have much spare freezer space and so wanted a machine that has its' own freezer unit.
The deciding factor in my purchase was price, this machine being less expensive than its' main rival.
The ice cream which is produced is consistently good, with a smooth texture and excellent flavour, ( being able to control the ingredients means you can use the freshest and best quality).
The main drawback to an ice cream machine with its own freezer unit is that it takes up work space in the kitchen. These machines need to settle for 12 hours after transit and it is not recommended to move them in and out of cupboards once in situ. However you can make ice cream on a whim as no pre freezing of bowls is needed and the machine is readily available.
I use the removable container for making the ice cream. This makes cleaning easier although it slightly reduces the quantity which can be made. It necessitates the use of either salt water or alcohol between container and machine so I tend to keep a small amount of gin which I re-use and top up.
The time needed to freeze the ice cream varies according to ingredients and I have found it can be as little as 20 minutes. The longest was 40 minutes for a non-dairy recipe.
These machines are pricey and therefore you probably need to have a lover of ice cream in the house to justify the purchase. However, the ice cream produced is better than shop bought. I even rate it better than the premium ice creams which are availble. The variety which can be produced is limited only by your imagination.
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on 11 July 2005
brilliant...went halves with a friend to buy this and have used it two or three times a week since it's great, for making 'spur of the moment' ice cream or sorbet...simple to use and easy to clean and wonderful not to have to store any parts in the freezer, especially if you're short of room. The ice cream it makes is of a fabuloous texture and in only twenty minutes you're eating your dreams...keep a jug of sugar syrup ready made in the fridge so you can make sorbets straight from picking the fruit..Mmmmmm.... If youre looking for an ice cream book to go with it, then I recommend Caroline Liddell's 'Ices' fancy photographs, but a wealth of recipes and a wonderful history and technology section...
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on 16 September 2010
The problem with this machine is that the part which does all the work, the paddle, is fitted into the lid. Both are plastic and flimsy. The machine does not switch itself off so you have to baby-sit it, otherwise when the mixture stiffens, the whole lid and paddle force themselves out of the machine and if you're not around to catch them, they will fall out and break. (Significant that the site selling Magimix spares is currently out of stock of the lid, I imagine because it often breaks). If you're buying for the first time I recommend you choose a machine with the paddle inside the bowl. Although it does make very good ice cream relatively quickly compared to other machines having to sit near it for 20 - 30 minutes (the paddle sometimes leaps out for no reason earlier in the cycle) is very impractical.
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on 30 July 2011
I have had my Gelatochef 2200 for one week and am very disappointed with it.
I have never had an ice cream maker so didn't know what to expect.
It did make a passable nectarine sherbet, but rather lumpy.
I find it VERY difficult to separate the mixing paddle from it's motor especially when its full of ice cream.
Cleaning it is no problem.
The instruction leaflet that comes with the machine is not very clear and the recipes vague.
It is vey difficult to see inside the machine as you are only meant to half fill the mixing bucket.
The opening where you pour the mixture into the machine is surprisingly small (especially as one of the selling points is the large aperture).
This gets very messy. So far, not good.
I could have have bought an awful lot of Haagen Daz with the money I've spent on this.
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on 8 January 2008
I am not clear why some reviews are not very favourable for this machine.
I have had this machine for about 3 months now and it works very well.
It makes excellent professional quality ice cream.
Its easy to clean, I use the removable bucket as its easier to clean.
In fact I purchased another bucket + paddle + spindle so that I could keep the production line going!
If you read the instructions and follow some simple hygene rules you will have no problems with this machine.
You could argue the paddle motor is perhaps not as robust as it should be, but then again this is a domestic rated machine.
If you need to be using an ice cream machine every day then go and get a professional rated machine that can stand the rigours of daily use.
I suspect this machine is not actually made by Magimix but is badge engineered for them.
But still a good machine and Magimix have a good support system in the UK.
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on 5 July 2004
One of the keys to good ice-cream making is keeping the equipment perfectly clean, but this machine has just too many corners and niches around the bowl to be perfectly confident that this can be achieved. The machine should not be inverted (not easy anyway, given its weight), so this makes getting the bowl itself clean doubly difficult. Thirty minutes per batch is a little optimistic - it is more like forty-five, even with chilled ingredients.
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on 28 December 2005
This makes a great quantity of fantastic tasting Ice Cream. The removable bowl is easy to clean and the machine doesn't take up much space. It takes longer than normal to actually make, however I think this is either due to the temperature of the liquid as it enters the machine or that we haven't made it thick enough yet. The ice cream tastes brilliant, the kids are asking us to make even more, and I'm thinking of buying my own heard of cows to keeps us supplied with enough milk and cream. If you're debating whether to get one, go for it - it's great.
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on 30 April 2007
I have just returned this machine having had an entirely frustrating experience trying to use it. Having previously had a magimix model where you put the bowl in the freezer which I used successfully for years I was looking forward to upgrading to an integrated freezer-model and doing away with the hassale of pre-freezing. I was disappointed to see the same small plastic spindle was part of this much more expensive machine. In the end after attempting to make 4 batches of ice-cream I returned it. Each time the ice-cream began to thicken the motor which turns the paddle (via the spindle) detached itself from the bowl and began running backwards! None of the parts seemed particuarly robust. The result very lumpy, part-made ice-cream. The reviews of the Gaggia machine seem much better and don't point to anything seriously wrong with that machine so I will probably invest in that.
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