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4.9 out of 5 stars72
4.9 out of 5 stars
Format: Toy|Change
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on 10 February 2005
Now here's a weird little game. It's German in origina for one thing, where games are really for the whole family and this is no exception.
Bohnanza provides with a single sheet of rules and a big stack of top quality cards, most of which have cartoony pictures of Beans on the front, and a gold coin on the back. The handful of other cards in there are fields, which you can use to grow more beans on.
The idea of play is as follows. the players are bean farmers, looking to plant fields of beans and sell those beans to make money. Dead simple eh? Well, yes and no.
Each farmer has two fields, and in each field you only get to plant one type of bean at a time. You play cards from your hand into the fields in the order they are dealt, so you can't always maximise your profits.
You get round this by trading cards in your hands for bean cards from other players. Once you have the beans, they go into your field. You can 'harvest' (remove) the beans from a field at any time for the value they are worth (The more beans of a single type, the more they're worth).
Of course, if all beans were equal, it would be dull. Therefore, some beans are worth more than others, but these are rarer and often harder to make full sets of.
It might sound a little weird but after a once round the table people tend to settle into this game and after a second round the spirit of trading and profit-mongering takes hold.
This is a top game which I can't recommend enough. As easy to get to grips with as Uno, as much card swapping as Pit and as expandable as any game you've likely ever played (There are a lot of add on packs available) Bohnanza is a family gem which will also cater to beer N pizza playing.
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on 28 June 2008
We've recently bought this game and the whole family love it and can't stop playing it. It's so clever. Takes a few minutes to get your head around the rules but then it's easy, yet interesting. We can't believe a game played just with cards can be so good, but you have to use strategy and cunning in deciding what to trade and when to harvest, with a bit of luck too from the cards you pick up. Although it states 12+ my sons are 8 and 10 and both play with no problem, though they are keen and 'experienced' games players. In fact I can't beat them yet! We love this sort of game that the whole family, kids and adults can play on equal terms, but which has skill and not just luck to it. Our other favourite is Carcassone, but Bohnanza is great for the summer as it's just a big pack of cards, so very portable for playing outside and on trips. Although it seems expensive for a card game it is well worth it for the concept behind it nad the fun value.
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on 11 August 2015
This game is a real treat and differs from many other games because of the trading and 'donation' aspect, which makes the gameplay more fluid and engaging as you can participate in the trades even when it is not your go.

The game features a very large deck of good quality bean cards: these are divided into different bean types (cocoa beans, chilli beans, red beans, &c.) and there are a varying amount of each bean type, which makes some rarer, and therefore more valuable, than others. The cards also, cleverly, double as money: on the back of each card is printed a coin and so when your beans are harvested you retain the appropriate number of cards to use as coins. The use of cards as money does away with the need for any other scoring or monetary chits.

Gameplay involves planting cards from your hand (which you cannot rearrange) into two or three bean fields face up in front of you. You have two fields to begin with but you can buy a third with the coins you make from harvesting your beans. A bean field can only have one type of bean in it and the more of you have the more coins you get once they are harvested. On each turn you have to plant the first card from your hand and optionally the second. There is then a phase where you draw cards from the deck and trade these, and the other cards from your hand, with the other players. The drawn cards and the traded cards have to be planted immediately so this is the only way to get the cards in your hand into the sequence you want for planting. Finally you draw three more cards and put them at the back of your hand.

You can harvest your beans at any time and if you have beans you must plant and no empty fields then you have to harvest an existing field prematurely, sometimes for no coins at all.

The gameplay is pretty simple but it's a lot of fun trading (or purposely not trading) your cards to make a profit.
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on 23 September 2005
i absolutely adore this game. It may sound a bit cheesy and naff to begin with, i thought it would be stupid, but it's sooooooo fun. It is a bit expensive, but i think it's worth it.
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on 7 August 2013
My partners sister introduced us to "the bean game" at Christmas, and we have been hooked ever since. It's a great two player game but also allows for a bigger group to play as well, and the rules adapt the game to suit the number of players. This can be a tiny bit confusing to start off with but it's really easy once you get the hang of it, and as you get faster it becomes even more intense and addictive.

It's basically a glorified card game, as there's no board, it's all cards, however this is the most fun I have had playing a card game since I first played UNO as a child.

Absolutely brilliant game and I have already played it with friends who have since ordered it because its just so much fun! I would recommend this game one hundred times over.
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on 7 November 2011
A game of chance and negotiation skill, this is excellent fun. You have to have your wits about you but it's very rewarding. Basically you 'grow' and 'harvest' beans to sell and earn money for doing it. But you need to trade with your opponents to get the cards you want in order to multiply your yield and have the best chance of winning! I know no other game like it, well worth the money. And if you have already got it, buy Carcassonne from the same publisher too!
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on 28 August 2010
Bohnanza has rightly been called the best card game in the world about bean farming. Like all great family games it has simple rules which create a lot of interaction and much more strategy than is obvious.

At first glance it is a simple meld-making card game in which you maximise your profit by collecting sets of the most valuable cards. Some key mechanics make this a very difficult task, though.

First, you absolutely must play a card per turn, or as many as four, in the order they were drawn. With limited space to play into -- two fields at first, and a third can be bought -- this constantly frustrates your ability to create the best melds.

Second, the way around this is to trade or give away the cards you don't want. These can be taken from your hand out of order. This allows you to get rid of bad cards and bring forwards the cards you need. Since everyone must plant the cards they have accepted, a strong trading dynamic is created, which causes constant interaction between all the players.

Naturally everyone keeps a careful eye on what beans people have got in their fields, and everyone's gradually growing pile of gold, so they won't necessarily trade the beans you want without getting an advantage.

This brings us to the third mechanic. The gold coins you collect for selling your beans are the cards themselves flipped over. Thus for each meld you make, a number of cards are taken out of the game. For example, a meld of four Coffee is worth one gold, so you keep one card and three go back into the discard pile for the next shuffle.

As the game proceeds through three rounds the deck grows smaller, and the odds of different beans coming up change based on what the players are planting and selling. Between this, the large number of cards in the game, and the variation of card types used depending on the number of players, it becomes difficult to count cards as you do in a conventional card game like Canasta.

The package is completed by the fun bean characters on each card, which make the face up cards easily recogniseable from across the table.

It is portable, sets up quickly, takes the same space as any other card game, and plays as quickly or slowly as you want to go depending on how you trade.

The name Bohnanza comes from the German "Bohne" meaning bean. It is a German design.
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on 22 August 2012
If you are looking for a fun, interactive, easy-to-learn card game, look no further- Bohnanza is just for you. Bohnanza is a simple trading card game that involves basic negotiation and strategy, and is appropriate for children on up. I actually enjoy playing this game with young adults and adults.

There is an interesting aspect that is inherently discovered throughout one's strategy during game play: doing what is best for you and/or helping others. Sometimes both can be accomplished by trading or giving bean cards to another player, but other times you are forced to decide which is more beneficial to you both at the present and for the future. Remember that if you spurn another player and refuse or reject a trade, they can always do the same to you. Conversely, if you help another player and show kindness to them, they will most likely be nice to you and give more generously when you need help. Simply put: it is a game that reinforces the well-known mantra, "What goes around, comes around."
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on 20 April 2014
Who would have thought that a game about being a bean farmer could be so compelling?

From the country that brought you "Settlers of Cataan", we have a game where you are dealt a hand of beans and have to make the most money planting them. The complication is, you only have a couple of fields, have to deal with your cards in the order you receive them and each field has to have a single class of bean in it. So, you have to trade with your rivals to get rid of beans you don't want and get more of the ones you do. The winner is the one who earns the most money once the deck runs out the second or third time (depending on the number of players).

A quick and easy game, with some strategy, but good for killing half an hour. (If you get into it, there are also a couple of expansions, "King Bean" and "Beanaparte", which add new rules and complications).
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on 3 December 2010
Some friends introduced this game to me after dinner yesterday. It sounded hard when they explained it, but once you start playing it you pick it up really quickly. A mix of strategic and non for all tastes, really absorbing and lots of fun. I am hooked!
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