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VINE VOICEon 2 October 2003
WWE: Best Of Confidential Vol 1 is a rare treat for UK WWE fans, as Confidential is the only WWE show that isn't broadcasted on Sky TV. This is somewhat surprising, as this new "behind the scenes" show is one of the most informative and interesting WWE shows around.
This first volume recaps the best moments from the series. Hosted by Mean Gene Okerland, some of the topics up for discussion include the demise of WCW (which, of course, WWE take great pride in discussing), The Monday Night War, the history of the WCW World Title, Steve Austin's controversial walk-out in June 2002 and the infamous "Montreal Double-Cross".
As well as all this, there's also a tribute to the late British Bulldog (with comments from fellow WWE Superstars), a visit to an Olympic Centre with Kurt Angle and a look at the career of the legendary Superfly Jimmy Snuka. We also get personal with two WWE Superstars in particular: William Regal, as he shows us his exotic pets and Trish Stratus, as she takes us for a tour around her beautiful home. We also learn about "The Orton Family Tree", and see the resemblance young Randy Orton bares to his grandfather (Bob Orton Sr) and his father (Bob Orton Jr), both in appearance and in-ring ability.
The WCW topics are particulary interesting, as we get to hear from the man who ran the operation during it's "glory days", Eric Bischoff (incidentally, "Easy E's" WWE debut as Raw General Manager is also touched upon), and also from the wrestlers who worked under him (Chris Jericho, Hulk Hogan, The Big Show etc). However, I still felt that the segments which discussed WCW's rise and fall were very WWE-biased, as they gave the impression that Bischoff was largely responsible for their demise (Vince Russo's reign of terror isn't brought up once). Also, Vince McMaho STILL doesn't admit that WCW were creatively superior from 1996-1998.
The extras are worth savouring, particulary The British Bulldog's Summerslam 92' IC Title clash with Bret Hart (which was Bulldog's greatest match ever). The controversial Bret Hart/Shawn Michaels match from Survivor Series 97' is also included, as well as the final official WCW World Title Match between Booker T and Scott Steiner, and Superfly VS Ray Stevens (odd choice, as his Cage Match with Don Murocco was more memorable).
Even though this is meant to be "The Best Of Confidential", it's strange to see pointless segments like Bradshaw playing basketball against Linda Miles (aka Shaniqua) and Rikishi dancing with his kids (the "Samoan Family Tree" is an interesting piece, though). Surely there was more exciting material available than this.
However, Confidential is still the most informative, thought-provoking WWE DVDs yet, and I am really looking forward to Volume 2. Now, if only Sky would pick it up....
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on 9 April 2003
The show is hosted by Mean Gene and for ages us UK fans have been waiting to get our hands on this brilliant footage. Let me just say, it was worth it. By far the best WWE DVD and Video in a long time. Tributes to Superfly, Bulldog and The Brain are covered and then there is the truth of what Good Ol` side mouth has to say about Steve Austin.
Who killed WCW? They attempt to answer that. But if you are a WCW fan there is a lot of WCW footage on here. The DVD version boasts the steiner vs booker t match from the final nitro. Other extras on the DVD include the double cross match between bret hart and shawn 'no longer HBK' michaels.
For those who want to delve into wrestlers lives and houses there is a lot of that. Trish, Booker and William Regal are all covered. The history of the WCW title is also covered which has now been renamed the World 'HHH' Championship in WWE, since Tripper has held it for months and now plans on weddding Steph McMahon.
Moving along, there is the story of Bischoff joining the WWE and how he got there and why. And for you Randy Orton fans, it profiles him 2. Plus tons more, almost too much to mention!
I mean if you are a wrestling fan, or even take a mild interest in it then buy this product! UK fans and US fans alike need this superb WWE dvd/vdeo to survive. O Its True! Its Dam True!
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on 5 September 2011
This dvd feature the best of WWE's confidential features, these were short behind the scenes style segments that would allow people to see into things that were going on in the WWE. The Confidential features shown are:

-Eric Bischoff joing the WWE, this is discussed by people in the WWE, with them talking about the history between Eric and Vince and why people thought that this would never happen.

-People from inside the WWE talking about when Stone Cold walked out on the WWE because he didn't agree with the direction the company was being run, this is explained but Stone Cold's side of the story is left out unfortunately.

-Kurt Angle returning to where he trained for the olympics, during this Kurt says he is thinking of going again but doesn't know if he will or not because it's been so long since he trained there.

-Bradshaw and Big Show play a game of basketball for some reason...

-Davey Boy Smith is talked about, this was filmed after his death so people tak about how good he was and how they remember him.

-Jimmy Snuka is profiled, they briefly talk about his life and wrestling style.

-Bobby Heenan is profiled and talked about, everyone talks about what a great character he is/was.

-DX invading WCW is shown and talked about by everyone involved.

-The demise of WCW is talked about, they discuss how and why it ended and when it started to go downhill.

-The WCW Heavyweight championship is profiled, they talk about it's history and important people who held it.

-William Regal talks about how he likes to keep reptiles and shows us them.

-Trish Stratus show's us round her house for some reason

-The three generations of Orton are talked about, talking about how they got into wrestling and what they did.

-Rikishi talks about the samoan family tree and what all his family members means to him.

-A 107 year old wrestling fan is talked about who is a huge fan of The Rock.

-Booker T meets an american footballer because they both do a hand gesture...

-The Montreal Screwjob is talked about, this is probably the best segment in the main feature, they explain what happened and this is the first time Shawn Michaels publically admitted that he knew about the screwjob beforehand.

Those are all the features shown in the main part of the dvd, it's hosted by Gene Okerlund and runs about an hour and 50 minutes.

The disk also has for Bonus matches. They are.

Jimmy Snuka vs Ray Stevens (Madison Square Garden - 28/12/82)- This match was pretty dull, it was slow and Snuka only used punches and headbutts as offence. The match doesn't even get a decisive ending. This match isn't really worth watching unless you're a big Jimmy Snuka fan.

Bret Hart vs British Bulldog (WWE Intercontinental Championship Summerslam - 29/08/92) - This is a good change from the last match as it's great. It was the main event of Summerslam but for the Intercontinental championship, which I don't think had ever happened before, it was in front of Bulldog's home country. It was a really good match between two great wrestlers, one of the best matches in Bulldog's career.

Bret Hart vs Shawn Michaels (WWE Championship Survivor Series - 09/11/97) - This is the infamous screwjob match. You can tell something is happening right from the beginning with both men being filmed from backstage before they made their entrances. his was less like their usual matches, more of an all out brawl, there is a ten minute brawl between the two that goes through the crowd and around the arena before the match even starts, once it starts it is a pretty good match, not as good as some of their previous matches, but that was understandable since Shawn's mind was on the ending and everything that would happen because of it. After the match Shawn is quickly removed from the arena for his own safety.

Scott Steiner vs Booker T (World Heavyweight Championship vs US Heavyweight Championship WCW Nitro - 26/03/01) - This was the last ever title match on WCW Nitro as WWE had just bought WCW, the match was short but good.

Overall this dvd is good if you like behind the scenes stuff, I probably wouldn't watch most of it again but the main reason I bought it was for the Bret Hart/Shawn Michaels match, and since I got it really cheap it was worth it as that match is a huge part of wrestling history, and a pretty good match. If you see it for cheap(Amazon's prices for it seem pretty reasonable) I would recommend it.
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