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5.0 out of 5 stars How to review a masterpiece like this?, 19 Aug. 2007
This review is from: Conan the Barbarian (Original Score) (Audio CD)
I have heard many soundtracks in my time, i have heard many classical pieces.... but never in my life have i heard something so majestic, gut-wrenching, beautiful and chivalric in my entire life.

I am a fan of fantasy/action movies, and i have of course seen the film with arnie many many times, as to this day i believe it beats ANY of these big budget green screen blockbusters (with its arms tied behind its back) The movie was great, but i like to look upon it more like a musical, there is not THAT much dialogue throughout the film... it flows like a musical epic, and throughout the film the score simply captured my heart and imagination, in ways no other music has. As vivid as the movie is on-screen (and underrated classic in my view) the music compliments it perfectly, it is like the two co-exist in a perfect symbiosis and each without the other would not be as complete.

As true as this is, i was amazed when i listened to the soundtrack for the first time... even without the vivd imagery of the movie its just as powerful (if not moreso).... your imagination can run wild, you soar through an array of emotions,.... and some parts are so beautiful its almost painful to listen.

This really is one of the best pieces of music ever written (some will laugh at this statement, but i do not care).... I own 400 cds, and this is the best i own, i cant go through a week without listening to it in its entirety...

An underrated classic, a benchmark from which ALL fantasy scores nowadays steal.... you can hear it in every fantasy score in hollywood these days.... yet it goes unthanked, and for the most part, un-noticed.

I must confess i am a fan of vaious types of metal, folk, power, black, death (no im not joking), thrash, viking etc.... but this really is something that no musical barriers and bias can ignore... this cd, is mastery.

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5.0 out of 5 stars Simply Awesome, 17 Jan. 2013
This review is from: Conan the Barbarian (Audio CD)
Conan The Barbarian is one of my fave films, and one of the main reasons is the wonderful Basil Poledouris score, possibly my fave score ever. I've
waited so long for this musical masterpiece in its complete glory. I had the original 12 track soundtrack LP on vinyl (French and US versions!); I have
the Milan CD versions both old and new releases (the old CD has even started to become blotchy as a lot of the old Milan ones did); I have the Varese
Sarabande version with 4 extra tracks & some extended cues and even the recent Nic Raine & the Prague Philharmonic Orchestra release, which was a
fairly good effort. And a bootleg somewhere. But this release is the one i've been waiting for; the original soundtrack with all the missing cues. I'd
read originally the the score had never been released complete before because the master tapes had gone missing, and searches that had been carried
out sine the 1990's had failed to find them - then, after the composers death, they surfaced ... and here we are. The release covers 3CD's, and the
first two cover the entire score and even features some wonderful extra bonus tracks such as first versions of some of the main cues, and even two diff
versions of the hauntingly beautiful "Orphans Of Doom" track. The 3rd CD is a re-release of the orignal 12 track album, and features a bonus track
which is the Prologue/Anvil Of Crom with the Mako narration at the start. The set comes in a nice quad CD jewel case, and features excellent artwork
from the film, and a 46 page glossy colour booklet with pics, track listings, descriptions of each track and its place in the film, a John Milius
introduction and a short bio of Basil Poledouris himself. Track Listings for the first two CD's as follows:

Disc 1 (Time: 56m:52s)
01 - Prologue/Anvil Of Crom (3:39)
02 - Riddle Of Steel/Riders Of Doom (5:40)
03 - Gift Of Fury (3:51)
04 - Column Of Sadness/Wheel Of Pain (4:10)
05 - Pit Fights (2:40)
06 - Discipline Of Steel/Freedom Council (1:38)
07 - Atlantean Sword (4:01)
08 - Warm Welcome (2:06)
09 - Wolf Witch (3:10)
10 - Theology/Civilization (3:14)
11 - Street Of Deviants (0:29)
12 - Hopefuls at the Tower of Set (2:22)
13 - The Tower Of Set (5:38)
14 - The Snake/Infidels (2:01)
15 - The Tavern (1:14)
16 - Wifeing (Love Theme) (2:11)
17 - Indulgence/Mettle (1:15)
18 - The Hall of King Osric (1:23)
19 - The Leaving/The Search (5:58)

Disc 2 - Soundtrack (Time: 52m:04s)
01 - The Mountain Of Power Procession (3:22)
02 - Capture (0:52)
03 - Tree Of Woe/Recovery (5:46)
04 - Warpaint (1:01)
05 - The Kitchen/The Orgy (6:30)
06 - The Defilers (5:16)
07 - Funeral Pyre (4:32)
08 - Battle Of The Mounds Part I (4:52)
09 - Battle Of The Mounds Part II (2:16)
10 - Battle Of The Mounds Part III (Revised)/Night of Doom (5:36)
11 - Head Chop (0:57)
12 - Orphans Of Doom/The Awakening (5:33)
13 - Conan The King/End Titles (5:28)

Disc 2 - Extra Tracks (Time: 26m:41s)
14 - Prologue (First Version) (0:46)
15 - Anvil Of Crom (First Version) (2:31)
16 - The Tower Of Set Part I (First Version) (3:46)
17 - Battle Of The Mounds Part II (2:16)
18 - Battle Of The Mounds Part III (First Version) (3:03)
19 - Orphans Of Doom (Orchestra & Solo Voice) (1:22)
20 - Orphans Of Doom (Chorus & Harp)/The Awakening (First Version) (6:45)
21 - "Las Cantigas De Santa Maria" (The Tower Of Set Snake theme) (6:05)

Sound quality is superb. As far as track accuracy goes, if I had one gripe it would be the Defilers track, which is an edit of the End Titles theme/the
Anvil Of Crom/the End Titles theme; in the film, the Anvil Of Crom does not run all the way thru, in this release it does. But regardless, its an
awesome package, and if you are a big fan of this score like i am, this is the version to own. Its been released by Intrada, Cat No MAF 7123, and it
also seems to be on a limited run, so much so i had to order mine from Amazon US thru Screen Archives Entertainment for around $33 (plus about $6
postage) as there were no UK outlets. And as a final note, i've uploaded some pictures also.
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5.0 out of 5 stars The Greatest Movie score of All time., 20 Oct. 2008
Howard Watson (Margate,England) - See all my reviews
This review is from: Conan the Barbarian (Original Score) (Audio CD)
I first saw "Conan the barbarian" at a cinema in September 1982,and to say I was "blown away" would be an under-statement.
I loved the movie right from the first frame,and although it is a powerful action movie with stunning cinematography,and possibly the most fitting role Arnold Schwarzenegger ever had,it is this remarkable movie score that really sets it apart from any other film.
I remember buying this soundtrack from a shop in Covent Garden in London a month after I first saw the film,and I was seriously excited about my purchase of this score on a twelve-inch vinyl LP.
Twenty-six years later and listening to it now on CD,I love it just as much as I did all those years ago.
At the Academy awards in 1983 there was no mention of "Conan the barbarian" and indeed this fine soundtrack was sadly over-looked,what a total and complete travesty.E.T. the Extra-terrestrial won the Oscar for best movie score.As good as it not a patch on this rich orchestral masterpiece.
If you don't already own this remarkable masterwork,then please,I emplore you BUY IT TODAY!I can only thank the late Basil Poledouris for composing
such a wonderful work.
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5.0 out of 5 stars A fantasy classic, 16 Sept. 2005
This review is from: Conan the Barbarian (Original Score) (Audio CD)
This is probably Poledouris' best known work and for good reason: it's a masterpiece. In the movie, the opening act (tracks 1-4) is driven completely by his epic music and tell the story without the aid of dialogue. As well the perfectly barbaric drums, I believe Poledouris used an outrageously large horn section for the Conan theme giving it a uniquely primal sound quality. 'Riders of Doom' gives us the opera that the story and style demanded and has been used in trailer after trailer since. The achingly sad and atmospheric 'Gift of Fury' sends a shudder down the spine and the act is rounded off with the rhythmically driven 'Wheel of Pain' as Conan grows before our ears. As if this isn't enough, Poledouris' treats us with the addictive 'Orgy' and fantastic themes for Valeria and Subotai. The influence of Rosza's Ben-Hur is obvious in Poledouris' themes and fanfares and his sheer energy is breathtaking. Aside from lacking 'Conan's Crucifixion' and a more complete 'Battle of the Mounds' this release is more than satisfying and should definitely be in your CD collection.
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5.0 out of 5 stars PERHAPS THE BEST OST ...EVER!!!, 14 Jun. 2008
Adam Jackson (Stoke On Trent , England) - See all my reviews
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
This review is from: Conan the Barbarian (Original Score) (Audio CD)
Powerful, moving & heavy - 3 adjectives that don't even begin to do this justice!
One of the finest OST's ever composed (certainly my favourite) and the only ones even close are perhaps the Lord Of The Rings, Gladiator & The Revenge Of The Sith CDs.
It's damned good Classical/Symphonic/Orchestral music whatever the purists and snobs will say.
The film is a dark, violent, adult fantasy film & the score reflects this. The likes of The Anvil Of Crom & Riddle Of Steel/Riders Of Doom are stirring, warlike pieces right up there with Holst's epic Mars, while The Search & The Orgy will take the mind back to a mythical age of long forgotten lands! The Orgy is really a more bombastic take on Bolero, only
more ominous & ancient in feel. Atlantean Sword mesmerises with an almost ambient feel. Every piece is amazing, and the sum of the parts is a perfect score literally!
It's really heavy in places, percussion, MASSIVE choirs, huge brass & strings, easily as heavy as Wagner!
It's a fitting tribute to it's composer, the late Basil Poledouris, and must have influenced the likes of Howard Shore, Michael Kamen & Hans Zimmer. If you like Lord Of The Rings, particularly the 'Mordor' themes, this will blow you away! I'd also recommend the fully orchestral, Scorched Earth Orchestra Plays Metallica's Master Of Puppets CD. Not in Conan's league but some similiar musical themes. Indeed, Conan The Barbarian OST should have crossover appeal to Metal/Rock fans, especially if they dig the Metallica S&M project.
One slight negative, this isn't 100% complete - for example, there's some really good music at the climactic battle (when Conan slays Rexor) that is absent - You can get a fuller OST BUT only if you are willing to pay silly money (like £70!!) for it, and it will probably be second hand. Be assured though, all the main themes are here in their entirety and I forecast little in the way of any dissapointment.

Must go, I need to hunt down the Excalibur OST....
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5.0 out of 5 stars The Definitive Album..., 6 Mar. 2013
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
This review is from: Conan the Barbarian (Audio CD)
This is the album that everyone who loves the original Conan score by Basil Poledouris must own! I am not a collecter per se, but have purchased three previous versions of this score due to the unsated hunger in wanting to listen to previously unreleased tracks from this masterpiece...
At long last, master tapes thought of as long lost were discovered, and this Intrada 'enthusiasts' album was made.
This 3 CD album includes the missing gladiator pit fights track, music from the tavern scenes... and 'Las Cantigas De Santa Maria', the fiddle tune from Rexor's Tower and the snake pit. It even includes a few interesting alternative versions of tracks like the 'Anvil of Crom' and 'Orphans of Doom'.
I must admit to not having listened to the third CD yet as I know it too well! If only they had included the live recordings from the Úbeda Film Music Festival concert instead....
With both the original Milan and Varese Sarabande albums now hard to come by too, this represents the best CD-based presentation of the original orchestral recordings of the best fantasy film score ever made to date... and probably for all time.
It's expensive, but well worth it!
Basil Poledouris composed many great pieces of work in his, sadly, prematurely shortened, lifetime... but he was (and now always will be) best known for his score to Conan the Barbarian. And that's a good thing.
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5.0 out of 5 stars Astounding, 6 Sept. 2008
Ian Armer (Lancashire, United Kingdom) - See all my reviews
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
This review is from: Conan the Barbarian (Original Score) (Audio CD)
I've been aware of the popularity for the 'Conan' score for quite a while, but have always been wary of purchasing a copy for fear of being, frankly, let down by all the hype. How wrong I was! 'Conan' is thunderous, muscular, passionate, romantic and EPIC! There's very little that I can add to the other spot on reviews here except, possibly, if in doubt BUY IT ANYWAY!

This Milan release is the slightly shorter version than the Varese Sarabande issue, but for the price you truly cannot go wrong. Forty-nine minutes of sheer excellence with guaranteed 'heavy rotation' value!
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5.0 out of 5 stars Crushes Other Soundtracks, 27 May 2008
J. Patching "panzer-attack" (Cardiff, UK) - See all my reviews
This review is from: Conan the Barbarian (Original Score) (Audio CD)
Don't let any prejudices that may arise by the thought of arnie in a furry loin cloth put you off this piece of music - this really is one of the best soundtracks ever made. Unlike a lot of soundtracks it loses nothing in being disassociated with the film it's designed to illustrate - it's a piece of music you can easily listen to and add your own pictures to the evocative soundscape. The music has a certain primordial, prehistoric quality to it (I think helped by the generous use of drums and horns) but is extrememly varied in tone. I love it and would recommend it to anyone.
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5.0 out of 5 stars A pure musical delight!, 8 Jun. 2007
Maciej "Darth Maciek" (Darth Maciek is out there...) - See all my reviews
This review is from: Conan the Barbarian (Original Score) (Audio CD)
Who would ever imagine that a film starring a muscular macho colossus hardly able to speak could also contain one of the best and most moving musical soundtracks in the history? Well, it is actually true.

This CD is full of treasures: "Anvil of Crom", "Riders of Doom", "Wheel of Pain", "Battle of the mounds" are of course GRANDIOSE, but I must confess that my favourites are in fact the less known "Orgy" and especially the MARVELOUS "Theology/Civilization".

By making this music Basil Poledouris achieved his masterpiece and greatly contributed to the success of the movie. So, what are you waiting for? Go get it! This is the kind of music that makes heroes cry, God smile - and "Governators" being elected.
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5.0 out of 5 stars Quick Reviews!, 12 Nov. 2009
This review is from: Conan the Barbarian (Original Score) (Audio CD)
This review is for the Special Edition Soundtrack
I've always felt that the greatest travesty in the history of the Oscars is the fact that this did not win Best Soundtrack; it wasn't even nominated. If you ever needed proof that the whole ceremony is a shambles then surely that is it. Better than ET, better than Star Wars, Conan The Barbarian is the greatest movie soundtrack of all time. While others like the two I've already mentioned may have a superior or more memorable stand alone theme, Conan is consistently brilliant. Each track stands as a wonderful piece on its own while taken as a whole it is epic and flowing, telling a hundred stories without words. While each piece evokes images and moments from the film they go further and open one's own imagination; like the best music, the best albums, you can drift away into a world of your own making very easily after a few seconds of this. Massively influential on every fantasy and action movie soundtrack since it is rousing, thumping, tender and emotional, written with every last ounce of love and skill from an artist at his peak, and played sublimely. This should be on every music fan's shelf.

`Anvil Of Crom' opens the score with ominous, loud drums and horns, foretelling a great battle and sounding like ten thousand horsemen galloping forwards. As it is the first track it wants to tell the entire story of the course of it's two and a half minutes. The middle section is a rousing, emotional violin piece giving the listener visions of glory and wonder. The track builds up again towards the end with further brass blasts and percussion before ending suddenly.

`Riddle Of Steel/Riders Of Doom' begins in a quiet, mystical fashion and immediately those who have seen the film will remember the young Conan watching his father and hearing about the riddle of steel which would go on to shape his life. This doesn't last long though as the peace is broken by marauding warriors, introduced by steadily growing horns, timpani and monk like chanting. The melodies here are as good as any song you could imagine, every section of the orchestra used to perfection, all melding together as one. The pace picks up to signify the fury and confusion of the attack before launching into a final two minutes of charging, brutal, beautiful music. We can see the battle raging on, the good guys struggling to overcome their enemy, and the introduction of several motifs which will recur throughout the entire score.

`Gift Of Fury' starts with a slow, downbeat marching rhythm before the mournful, cult like chanting begins. Given that the first 20 or 30 minutes of the film has little or no dialogue the music needs to powerful enough and noticeable enough to carry the plot itself, here we notice the change from Conan's tough but innocent childhood into one of slavery and revenge. The last minute of the track is quite bewitching, hinting at the wizardry and mystical powers of Thulsa Doom and how even his gaze was enough to lead people to their deaths.

`Wheel Of Pain' is the track which accompanies another major turning point in Conan's life- from boyhood to manhood. The famous scene in the movie is of Conan and a bunch of other children and men pushing a giant wheel in a desert for reasons unknown. Seasons change, months pass, and one by one the prisoners fall by the wayside. Months turn into years and soon Conan is the only one left; he looks up at the camera and we see what he has become. This track follows the scene flawlessly, beginning with the creaks of the turning wheel, the steady rhythm growing to signify his change.

`Atlantean Sword' is another mystical, eastern styled track, beginning softly with unusual instruments building and fading to give the impression of uncertainty and discovery. It may be one of the less memorable tracks on the score but is still expertly constructed. For such an epic score, subtle, more quiet tracks like this give a different edge to the more violent parts. The soothing violins recall Conan's childlike wonder and his memories of what his father taught him.

`Theology' is full of eastern charm, with thoughts of dripping jewels and opulence as well as some semblance of peace and belonging. The track is in two pieces, the same music played slow then fast. This signifies both the glory of what Conan and his gang have achieved along with the knowledge that it is not real- that their real reason in life is to be nomadic, constantly on some adventure. The melody here is one of the most upbeat in the film, fast, fun, and youthful and free of the warlike percussion of other tracks.

`Wifeing' on the other hand is quite a somber theme, potentially hinting at coming tragedies, possibly portraying how serious the love between Conan and Valeria was felt. The track flows and soars with an epic string section, the high notes aimed at your most sensitive emotional nerves, and the gentle inclusion of the harp in the final melody is tenderness amongst chaos.

`The Leaving/ The Search' continues the quiet middle part of the soundtrack as Conan has temporarily forgotten his thoughts of revenge and massacre, taken over by wealth, friendship, and love. The familiar, soft love theme repeats here on both string and flute style instruments. This theme peaks before descending back to the tragic love them on horn. This merges into The Search, another emotionally charged softer piece which sees Conan remember his mission. The sad strings show that Conan's friends want him to stay safe and wealthy as they are rather than going on a suicide mission, but that they will follow him regardless into hell and back. For the final minute the speed shifts and the trumpets sound as if they are being blown in announcement of something, hinting at a clue in Conan's quest.

`Mountain Of Power Procession' accompanies one of the both disturbing and funniest scenes in the movie. Disturbing in that we see the hundreds of snake cult followers dressed in a hippy style following their master blindly, funny in the way Conan earns his disguise. The music sounds like a march, the drums hit in a steady rhythm and each section having a turn at the main melody one after the other. Like many tracks here the final minute offers something different, breaking off into a separate piece.

`The Tree Of Woe' is quite a hypnotic piece and evokes memories of movies set in deserts with mirages, snakes, and a dry and barren landscape. There are sounds and instruments and themes used in this track which do not appear anywhere else in the score, showing this is a situation unlike any Conan has face before. Of course we know that Subotai finds and rescues Conan, echoed by the sudden change in theme which returns to the friendship of Theology. This in turn breaks back into the tragic love theme as Valeria realizes the pain of seeing your loved one in agony is almost as bad as what they are experiencing.

`Recovery' echoes Valeria's strongest scene in the film. The love scene is played in a more tender, less tragic sounding way as she proclaims her love for Conan to the Gods, challenging them if they dare take him from her. Rather than the intense monk chants we get choral female voices singing in the background to signify a different kind of strength. This is the next turning point in both the film and soundtrack as Conan realizes that steel may not be strong enough to overcome every enemy, and the pace of the music picks up as we race towards conclusion.

`The Kitchen/The Orgy' is one of the most famous scenes and tracks from the movie. It begins as Conan's gang stealthily infiltrates Doom's lair. The music has a brooding subtlety, the chanting voices are both more quiet but more pronounced than before, taking a greater role than the instruments. This fades into the orgy theme, one which mirrors the opulence of `Theology' but takes it to extreme levels. We see people gorging themselves on each other, intoxicated, blinded by worship and false power. This may be the most catchy theme in the score, deliberately so to signify how tempting and addictive it is to be part of Doom's following. There is also an addictive nature to the slaughter which occurs, a bloodlust which always inevitably leads to tragedy.

`Funeral Pyre' is the final turning point in the movie. Conan has been too focused on personal revenge and on the riddle that he has lost what was closest to him. The tragic love theme returns here, sounding more lonely than ever with just a single instrument. The realization for Conan has come too late and this is the moment which will haunt him for the rest of his days. The tone shifts from sadness to agony to rage as the entire orchestra comes crashing in. Much of the pain here comes from the smaller characters in this scene, just as much of the emotion comes from the addition of lesser noticed instruments in smaller parts. As the orchestra fades we know that Conan has accepted what has happened and knows exactly what must be done.

`Battle Of The Mounds' is one of the most famous pieces of film music ever, yet not many know precisely what it is. To clarify, it is frequently used as a trailer for other movies such as Gladiator and often mistaken for being in a different movie or even computer game. The track sounds like it is a standard for war films, for battle scenes but it is never more appropriate than the scene it was written for. All the emotional from previous scenes and tracks builds up as the enemy charges towards Conan and Subotai, the two stand as one against many, and the music rises to it's most epic. It recalls the opening themes as Conan's life comes full circle, once again encountering his enemy though this time he is able to fight.

`Death Of Rexor' is a softer theme for the one on one battle between Conan and Rexor. For the first time both the male and female voices collide and there is a sense of nobility. The female voices may be that of Valeria who returns to Conan's recue in spirit form and spurs him on to victory. The battle is won and Conan can return King Osric's daughter, but he isn't finished yet with Doom. We know that Conan will be King at some point, but this is underplayed in the music the mirror his reluctance at such a notion. Some of the lesser melodies here sound almost like what would come later in Robocop (many parts of Conan The Destroyer are very similar to parts of Robocop).

`Orphans Of Doom/ The Awakening' is the final track, a beautiful harp and voice led piece in which Conan speaks to Doom's orphans now leaderless and without direction. The spell over them has been broken, but when they were enchanted they had a purpose. They may now have freedom, but they have nothing to do with it. Similarly Conan is now free from his memory and vengeance for Doom but now has little to live for. With Valeria gone and purpose of his life up to this point completed, he is as lost as the children. The sad music echoes this loneliness but it shifts towards a more hopeful, uplifting tone at the end; Conan has discovered the riddle and can choose to be a king over many, or to continue travelling to some new purpose. He has seen magic and believes there is a chance Valeria can return. The climax builds with horns and strings, bells and drums and we understand that Conan's adventures will continue.

Whatever your thoughts of the film are, whether you have seen it or not, this is still a great soundtrack. Taken by itself it is theatrical, operatic, epic and tales a tale of its own. Taken with the film and it raises what most see as a cheesy, silly Arnie film to levels which many claim it doesn't deserve to reach. True fans of the film all agree that while the movie itself is superb, it wouldn't have anywhere near the impact it does have if it did not have this music. Each track fills each scene with underlying emotions, completes the gaps in the dialogue, speaks things that are unspoken in the script. It is a benchmark for all cinematic scores, not just for this genre- the love, the research, and the skill on show is sadly lacking in most movies before and after with only a few exceptions creating something monumental; this is exceptional; this is monumental.
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