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4.3 out of 5 stars21
4.3 out of 5 stars
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on 26 September 2003
It took a while for me to really pronounce her name to begin with so it's not a good start to be perfectly honest!!!
Nevertheless, Stacie Orrico is a fabulous, fabulous singer and has put together a classy array of R'n'B tinged pop songs that stray from the norm. There are some fizling basslines, some strikingly cool beats and some more poppy elements that i REALLY WOULD NOT have attributed to an artist who was deemed to be "a Christian act"
Not so, she does mention her faith in a few songs but the moral-faith testing song "Instead" would not be considered "Bible-bashing" but instead is thought-provoking and is a very good song in its own right. Probably one of my faves on this album in fact.
Stuck and More To Life are easily the best songs on the album but a lot of the songs don't go too far away from this quality. Certainly, she can sing and holds the whole album together with a mighty range but why only four songs?
Not every song is gonna be good. There are a couple of weaker songs on the album that kinda drift into the next without much difference so basically there is a slight amount of repetition in the album.
But it's a nice, striking poppy album from the 16-year-old and it's likely to get her more recognition, since Stuck was such a sleeper hit and More To Life is going to follow ino the charts. Well it better do anyway!!!
And altogether now: It's OR-REE-CO :)
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on 19 September 2003
Okay, first off I have to respectfully disagree with the other two reviews posted. I feel as though the entire album is phenomenal...the best one I have, and I have approximately 200. Stacie has such an excess of talent for a 17 year old, and she has her head on straight. She sings of her devotion to God and her friends in nearly every track, so to say these songs lack depth...give them another listen. My favorite tracks are "Stuck", "More To Life", "Instead", "Strong Enough", and "Maybe I Won't Look Back". Stacie has a very refreshing voice, and I suggest this album to EVERYONE. It has allowed me, personally, to reflect on my life and analyze my behavior as an individual. Music that can do that for it's listeners...that's the true definition of success. I would give Stacie more than 5 stars if it were possible.
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on 26 October 2003
I bought this album simply because I wanted some new music, and I was incredibly fond of Stuck. I do love the feeling of buying an album without expectations, and really really enjoying it. I had never heard of Stacie before, but I was impressed by the names of the producers listed on the album - always been a fan of Dallas Austin.
The album is a great mix of the uptempo, and the slow sweet ballads. Most of the songs are catchy, radio friendly, several could be singles. In particular, besides the first 2 singles, I recommend people to have a listen to 'Security' and 'Hesitation' which are catchy as hell.
Fans of the slow ballads will enjoy Strong Enough and 'I Promise' written by the omnipresent Diane Warren.
Not every song is good, as is the case with many albums, and I think the album kinda runs out of steam on the track 'Tight' which seemed a bit pointless to me.
But fans of commercial pop- R&B will enjoy this album a great deal.
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on 15 November 2005
This album is a treat..(one of my best ever buys)! It caters to different musical taste like r'n'b, rock and pop. Each song holds its own and represents the great artist stacie is.
If you like to sing along this album is for u, the album is extremely catchy and will have you pushing the rewind button all day long.
It's got great up-beat songs like 'bounce back', 'Hesitation' and 'I could be the one', that you can bounce to, and also has beautiful ballands that can bring a tear to your eye (i.e. I 'Promise', 'Strong Enough' and 'That's What Love About'.
If you know good music then you should definately get this album!
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on 5 May 2004
This album is so easily one of the best I have, and that's saying a lot!
I love this CD. Normally I don't like this style, but it's funky and some of the songs are to die for! I always loved Stuck and I Could Be The One, but I used to dislike (There's Gotta Be) More To Life until I got a CD with it on, which was when I fell in love with it!
My other favourite song is Instead, which is a cool song which tells you what it's like to be different, or what it MIGHT be like. We could all live in each other's shoes, she says, which is a wonderful theme for a song and one I hadn't encountered until then.
In all, this CD is a wonderful buy and you will NOT dislike it. I am TELLING you, you WILL like it!
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on 20 September 2004
I was fortunate to come across this young lady by mistake when visiting New York. There was many artists performing that day, but when a tiny, sweet little blot in the distance opened her mouth and belted out one of her tunes from a previous album i was immediately hooked. The song itself was sung beautifully and even though live, was better than many artists with all the help they can get. A natural talent, who doesnt dissapoint in this album with her beautiful, pure voice. Her songs may not appeal to everyone due to their nature, but the voice that carries them is truly sensational.
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on 23 January 2015
Back in the summer of 2003 whilst flicking between the various music channels, the sounds of two young female artists caught my ears with the first song I'd heard from either. One was Amy Studt with "Misfit", the other was Stacie Orrico and "Stuck". Impressed enough with "Misfit" to try an album, I bought Amy Studt's "False Smiles" and was so disappointed with it, I never gave Stacie Orrico's self titled album a thought. Soon after, both seemingly dropped off the musical radar and I forgot about them.

Earlier this year, I heard the first single from Orrico's second album "Beautiful Awakening" and, whilst not terribly impressed, it did remind me of her existence. This is turn made me think of how good "Stuck" had sounded and made me wonder if I hadn't perhaps dismissed her too hastily those years before. After all, the cream does rise to the top and with Orrico managing a second album, which Studt hasn't up to this point; maybe a sign that she was, in fact, the better of the two.

Whilst there's nothing especially brilliant about the album, although some of the tracks are pretty good examples of the pop and R 'n' B genres, this certainly isn't a bad album, either. It's fairly average in length, at 12 tracks and 43 minutes, but certainly no less than average at any stage, with some real stand out tracks.

Orrico is definitely worth a chance, especially if you're into pop-R 'n' B. If you're a fan of the likes of Jamelia, Beyonce and Destiny's Child, as well as some of Christina Aguilera's earlier songs, you're likely to find something you'll enjoy here; possibly not the whole album, but enough to make it worth buying.

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on 4 October 2003
I have only just discovered that Stacie is only just 16, and I must say that for such a tender age he voice simply shines through. She is an extemely talented, beautiful young women.
The best songs by a mile are 'stuck' and 'more to life'. A few other songs howevever, still of a good standard slightly dissapionted me. 'stuck' and 'more to life' have some kind of originality and depth to them, whereas some of the others came across, typical teeny bopping RnB tracks.
If you like Briteny Spears or Mya then you should really admire all the songs on Stacie Orrico's new album. But if your like me then you will appreciate the ones with a bit more 'star quality'.
Nevertheless, even though i am unaware of the age group, Stacie's music appeals to, I'm sure, speaking on behalf of the other teenage girls throughout the U.K she will 'light up the lives' of many with her stunning work.
I wish Stacie Orrico the best of luck in the future and I hope her talent continues to shine throughout the U.K. She will go far !
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on 3 November 2003
THis is certainly the best album of 2003. This girl has so much talent. Her first single ("Stuck") was a HUGE HIT, internationally and her new single, "More To Life" is shaping up to be one as well. Those 2 singles should inspire people to buy this album all across the world, if they don't her next singles will, "I Promise" and "Instead".
Here are my ratings:
Stuck - 10/10, best song of ALL TIME !!!
More To ...The hell with it, they're al1 10/10 !!!
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on 4 January 2004
I must say, after listening to just her first release (Stuck) i was hooked on Stacie's voice - it's amazing! For such a young girl, this album is a work of art! Poppy, catchy, something you listen to when you're in either a really good and dancy mood, or when you want something sentimenal. An album for all moods! The best songs on the album are: Security, Instead, Hesitation, Strong Enough, Tight...the list goes on!
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