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4.2 out of 5 stars41
4.2 out of 5 stars
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on 3 October 2004
Been looking for a decent 3rd person action/adventure/puzzle solving type game for ages. I had tried Thief 2 a while back but found it frustrating and too dark. However, trying this new one I found the blackness has been replaced with dimness. And with some really nice lighting effects thanks to Dx9 and my Radeon 9800 card the game looks fabulous. These enhanced visuals open the game more than it`s prequals for me. Whereas I struggled with Thief 2 I have found this game a joy to play. The 3rd person view in particular makes for far better gameplay as the added peripheral vision is crucial as you plan your moves. At last a decent 3rd person game for PC with proper quicksaves etc!!! It is not overly linear nor is it overly confusing as the little maps and objective lists keep you on track with what to do and where to go. There are side quests along the way and some nice character development.
One the downside there are glitches. The AI at times fails as adverseries often end up dancing with walls etc. Lighting anomalies shine through walls sometimes. But these are minor quibbles. Also at times it`s so obvious that a person I`m supposedly sneaking past unsees would be able to see me easily and I`m left thinking they are blind or something! But that`s just a quirk of the gameplay.
All in all this is a fantastic game. Nice to play a game that isn`t frought with gun toting action around every corner. You need to think. And that`s good. However it isn`t really difficult. If you`re not overly keen on stealth levels in games don`t be put off. They are rarely exercised correctly in other games. This game is all about stealth. But it does it well. It works. It`s not a simple case of finding the invisible path to your objective.
Highly recommended if you liked Tomb Raider, Splinter Cell, The Myst series and other great games that require more than just dexterity from the player.
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on 9 July 2004
There will always be negative opinions about any game released. The truth is that opinion is subjective, not objective, and that every person is 'to their own', as it were.
So, I will give you my opinion.
Thief III was always going to have a hard time: the controversial decision to develop cross-platform with XBox. Bringing in new features such as third person perspectives, arrow trails and loot glint were seen by Thief purists as populist additions to make the Xbox title sell well. The high-level graphics processing requires an advanced video card, and no earlier Windows than XP is officially supported (although I have heard that 98SE can run the game).
However, in my opinion, without going into too much detail, Thief III rises above and beyond these petty 'issues' and provides a game that, whilst some might argue is not as good as the original two games (which I do urge you to play - there are so cheap these days, and have a huge number of Fan Missions released for free), is still far and above the arduous collection of mainstream, thoughtless shelf-fillers that are released all too frequently.
The gameplay is deep, immersive and fun for a change, with some real chance of hilarity in your encounters with guards. However, the game, in a certain very profound level which anyone who has played the game will know, has a shockingly scary, creepy atmosphere which outdoes many 'survival horror' games on the market.
The story is a direct continuation of the story of the first two games, but told in a way which allows it to stand alone as well, for the new initiate into the Thief series.
What I will advise, is that if you like your Doom-clones or other fast action genres more than you like the satisfaction of waiting, watching, planning and then perfectly executing a knockout or a subtle sneak-by, then perhaps this is not the game for you.
Plus, this is the first game, in my experience, where every object in the game world has true physics and casts a real, dynamic shadow - something that can dramatically affect gameplay as the player is encouraged to create his own shadows, or manipulate objects (douse torches, move crates), to create the perfect sneaking route, avoiding the guards (and other, numerous foes from three main factions, plus the ubiquitous undead - the Keepers, Pagans and Hammerites).
Bottom line - I enjoy the little touches greatly - a guard muttering about the 'torches keep going out!', or the stupid guard/clever guard conversations which are so well written: 'Don't worry, if a zombie gets you, I'll cut off your leg, or whatever you're meant to do.'
'No, you taffer, you're only meant to do that if the zombie gets your leg - what's the point otherwise?'
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on 11 August 2005
i am a fan of the other thiefs but the 3rd person option makes this experience better than before, the game itself isnt that origional, the themes crop up in the previous games but this is still a gripping ride. i havent completed it yet but as a bit of a wimp i had to have company when completing certain zombie infested levels,-their breathing gives me the creeps. its great how you have fences in each area of town who sell different items, but it means a lot of scooting round trying to find elusive elemental arrows as each fence sells a different type. overall, a slick game, and the only drawback being the time it takes to load each zone, you need a fast computer.
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on 25 October 2014
Not as good as the original two games IMO, but still a very good game. However, the level "The shalebridge Cradle" is, IMO, one of the finest computer game levels ever. worth getting for that alone.
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on 2 March 2005
For all of you happy(?) modders out there, the editor for Thief-Deadly Shadows is now available, all 300+ megs of it. Bliss.
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on 10 June 2008
This game deserves to be bought for a mere few pounds. The game is fun, the graphics are good even by today's high standards. It is a mystery as to why this game does not get more recognition.
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on 15 March 2007
after playing thief:gold a few years ago i jumped at the opportunity to play a modern sequel. I was not disappointed and i found thief deadly shadows an excellent acquisition. As all games there are good and bad points. On the plus side graphics are outstanding and gameplay is..for the most part very fluid. Playability strikes a high note. There are several levels of difficulty and let no-one say they have completed the game until they have played and completed each level on every difficulty. Add to this the special loot tasks and additional tasks that are acquired through listening to the townsfolk playability is of a decent standard.
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on 27 January 2015
Good price good game
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on 16 August 2004
After months of anticipation and a burning desire to own this new thief, i finaly got it. Only problem was when i installed it it would'nt let me play it. (Advice) if you are thinking of buying this game, and you only have a Geforce 2 or under do not buy, update your graphics card to geforce 4, preferably a 4600) You see the game needs pixel shading which alot of the older graphics cards do not have. Anyway after spending an extra 100 pounds in order to play, you can see where the pixel shading goes. The graphics are so crisp you will wonder whether you are playing a game at all. After playing and completing the last 2 titles of thief, this game just bowls them over with outstanding game play. after completing the first mission which in turn is also the tutorial, you are free to roam the streets in darkness. Going into houses stealing from anyone who takes your fancy. unfortunately this does not apply to every single house, and only some will let you enter and pillage what you want. As for the missions they are apart from visualy amazing, also layered very nicely, there is always more than one way to complete it and there is almost always different things to do in oder to complete it. as from it pre decessors thief 3 is much more demanding and will take much more time to finish. The A.I. is greatly enhanced the slightest noise will send them searching for you in the shadows. The brilliant first/third person perspectives are a knoch out, im never sure which one to choose from either way the game play is fantastic. If in first person you are able to look down and see your entire body, in third person you have the delights of seeing garret twirl his dagger around his fingers, and even down to the minor details of blinking at regular intervals. This game is so overwhelmingly graphical and a pleasure to play that you wont want to put it down.
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on 9 August 2004
HAving played the original Theif games, I have found this to be a great modern update to the series.
There is everything the original games had plus some nice new touches and improved graphics and sound.
The plot is intricate and new city areas are constantly opening up to keep the gameplay fresh. One of the most impressive things for me is how the game remains exciting and appealing as the hours roll by. Despite always doing much the same thing, the game keeps you interested. There are periods that are really dark and moody and others that are grab it and scarper fun.
It seems to me somehow more immersing than the Splinter Cell sneakers. I absolutely loved those games but Theif is a subtlely different game. You can't mantle and jump and climb like in SC (the jumping in Thief is terribly sticky and awkward) but there are so many cool things you can do with your thief tools instead.
Great fun. :) Solidly recommended.
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