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4.3 out of 5 stars28
4.3 out of 5 stars
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on 31 October 2010
This Steve Coogan effort from 1995 features six stand-alone episodes featuring mainly new characters plus the odd old face, all set in the town of Ottle at different phases of its life. So lets review the episodes seperately:

1) Get Calf - featuring the further adventures of Coogan's original character Paul Calf (not to mention Pauline Calf) as he turns informer on the Parry brothers to spare himself jail and ends up on the run from the vengeful criminals upon their release. Its a wonderful episode, with great support from John Thomson as fat Bob, and its really funny. And George Costigan (Bob in the film Rita, Sue And Bob Too) plays Barry Parry's character so well.

2) Dearth Of A Salesman - This character is a bolshy full of himself salesman called Gareth Cheeseman, attending a sales convention hoping to plug his product and ingratiate himself with some of the industry big-wigs. Again, another wonderful episode and the Cheesman character is like some kind of Alan Partridge on steroids. I wish he'd done a few more episodes with this chararcter.

3) Handyman For All Seasons - Coogan goes back in time to the 50's or 60's (not sure which) where he plays quirky but meticulous handyman Ernest Moss, a pillar of the Ottle community, unaware its the target of land developers, wanting to rebuild the town for a richer clientel, and perceiving Moss as someone who will fight to oppose this, try to undermine his reputation and standing in the town. Although its not in the same vein comedy wise as the previous two episodes, its very well crafted and I thouroughly enjoyed it.

4) Thursday Night Fever - Mike Crystal, an average club singer, has trouble with the seedy and weird boss of his club (played by the wonderful Graham Fellows AKA John Shuttleworth) and seems destined to have his career slowly sink into the mire til he creates a brash alter ego, Clint Stallone (LOL!), who he uses as his manager to get him better deals from the club. I think this is a great episode, although its Shuttleworth's character that steals the show for me.

5) Natural Born Quizzers - Coogan and long time Patric Marber play two unhinged men still dressing up as nerdy schoolboys who are interred at a mental institution til they escape and plan to recreate their greatest failure - a TV quiz competition they lost whilst at school - with the original opponents and host, but with one change - they plan to win. Its an intelligent comedy, and a few Coogan regulars make appearences, but the episode falls a little flat in my eyes.

6) The Curator - Coogan plays Tim Fleck, a museum curator, intent on making his museum the best, by fair means or foul. The weakest episode in the set IMO, and not one i enjoyed much.

Still, its a great set as whole, with only one or two real duff episodes out of the six. But the first two are worth the price alone. Its also cool how each episode features a cameo by Coogan as a character from one of the episodes, for instance, Get Calf has Ernest Moss and Gareth Cheesman making a brief appearances. Love it.
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on 12 November 2003
Coogans Run is a fantastic series which had me laughing out loud when it was broadcast. The best episode of the 6 here is Dearth of a Salesman. Gareth Cheeseman is perhaps the funniest character Steve Coogan has ever played. You can tell that a lot of Alan Patridge's later characteristics were based on him (When this was broadcast Alan Partidge had still only been seen as a chat show host!). Fantastic!
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on 29 August 2006
This is a great series that has aged very well. It shows just how diverse Coogan is, certainly not a one trick pony. The episodes are diverse and in the main all very funny. Favourite picks would be Get Calf - Paul Calf in a less aggressive role than the usual stand-up, more the waster with a funny plot. Natural Born Quizzers, great cast, good writing and acting about a pair obsessed with a quiz show. But my pick is Gareth Cheeseman - the partridge-esque salesman. Absolutely brilliant, everything from the car he drives down to the suit he wears (that crops up in a different episode!), great from start to finish. Many of the characters crop up in the different episodes, which just goes to show how cleverly thought up the series was, and how neat Coogan manages to switch from character to character. Highly recommended.
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on 2 July 2013
Very funny!! Steve Coogan at his best(in my opinion that is!) My favourite episode in Coogan's Run is'' Get Calf.''
Fans of Steve Coogan will not be disappointed in purchasing this DVD. An absolute must! Steve Coogan is one of my top
favourite comedians. Undoubtedly deserves the 5 star rating!!
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on 20 November 2011
massive coogan fan and for £3.97 well worth getting for the gareth cheeseman dearth of a salesman, which is pure genius and every bit as funny as partridge! the brilliant get calf episode is also coogan at his best. the other 4 even though they funny don't reach the same heights but still as i said before worth buying for the first 2 episodes alone
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on 17 January 2004
I remember being quite disappointed by this when I first saw it as a young teen. Having been continually taken to the brink of a heart attack form the non-stop comedy cavalcade that was Knowing Me Knowing You, I was expecting another out and out laugh-riot from the great-man Steve Coogan. Instead, we get a series that attempts something different with every show, going from the straight ahead comedy of Paul Calf to the almost Ealing subtlety of Earnest Moss, and then the more problematic attempts at something darker with both Natural Born Quizzers and The Curator respectively.
Coogan is on fine form throughout, popping up two or three times per episode in various guises, whilst giving each character their own individuality and identity. This is what Peter Kay did to greater effect with channel four’s That Peter Kay Thing, but greater only because Kay’s sights were not set as high as Coogan’s are here. What Coogan IS attempting is pretty intelligent stuff, with overlapping storylines and characters, all of which exist in the fictional northern town of Ottle. The first episode takes on the continuation of the Paul and Pauline Calf saga that began with the excellent Paul Calf video diary, in which we see Paul a little older, though non the wiser, trying to escape a series of hoods by hiding out with a rather dubious religious sect.
Episode two is another standout, featuring a great script from Father Ted writers Graham Lineham and Arthur Mathews, in which Coogan takes on the role of self-obsessed business exec Gareth Cheeseman, who has to spend the weekend at the most disastrous business conference of his life. These first two episodes are the strongest in terms of pure comedy, which is after all what we are here for. From this point on the ideas become more elaborate, with the Handyman for all Seasons episode being shot in black and white, whilst the fourth episode sees all-round entertainer Mike Crystal experiment with altar-ego Clint Stallone, much to the pleasure of his beleaguered wife. This brings us to the aforementioned darker episodes, the rather poor Quizzers, and the somewhat successful Curator.
Quizzer’s is given a shot in the arm from Partridge stalwarts Rebecca Front and Patrick Marber, though the characters featured never reach beyond the realm of annoying caricature. Marber pops up in a different guise for the Curator, acting as principal writer and director with a story of murder and revenge. The character here is stronger, though the more darker elements of the plot detract from the overall comedy value... making this funnier than the majority, but nowhere near as strong as episodes one and two. On the DVD we get a running commentary from the producer and director, which gives us some technical information and some general anecdotes about what went into the series, but rarely goes beyond backslapping praise for Coogan and the writers.
The lack of involvement from the great man himself is also a sad factor, something that could be said about almost all of these Coogan reissues. With Coogan’s Run we have what will always be one of his most problematic efforts... he tired something different and for the most part it worked. Though unlike other characters such as Partridge, Calf and Tony Ferrino, this is decidedly a little more hit and miss. If you are a Coogan devotee, then this is something worth exploring, though for the casual fan there is nothing here that you can’t find elsewhere. Three Stars.
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on 11 February 2013
Coogans run is a really funny BBC tv show.I totally recomend it to anyone over 15 because it is very great .Steve coogan (The day today,knowing me knowing you with with Alan Partridge)presents a great show.I would not show it to anyone under 15 because of swearing.
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on 29 November 2012
Really wanted to get a copy having seen these on TV years ago. Coogan is a genius - Ithink you love or hate him - these are brilliant.
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on 11 July 2012
This |DVD is simply a must have for any Steve Coogan fan, or any fan of dark comedy in general.
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on 26 August 2014
Steve Coogan fans must buy this now. Great episodes, each a different character played by Coogan, and boy is he fantastic.

Some are hilarious, some amusing and others more of an entertaining drama. I guess these are best described as a collection of short films.
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