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4.6 out of 5 stars113
4.6 out of 5 stars
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on 18 May 2003
I thought the incredibly buggy GTA3 on PC was pretty good, but this... well, I didn't expect much from it. How could I be so wrong?
Don't expect a huge departure from the previous game in terms of gameplay if you've played GTA3 before, but if you haven't played it then invest your money into this instead. The graphics issues have totally dissapeared, so it runs smooth as silk, the city is bigger and the detail within it is just so much more... High above planes pass over leaving trails, more hilarious antics occur within the population, trees bend in hurricane winds... too much to mention. The draw distance is just unbelievable...
Plus, there's just so much to do! You get the opportunity to drive around in bikes and fly this time around, which is excellent, although if you want to enjoy it further I'd suggest you buy a joypad. Especially to fly the helicopters - on a keyboard its just far too complicated and you will be screaming in frustration as you crash for the nth time.
If GTA:VC was a word in the dictionary, it would be "fun". Pure and simple.
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on 31 July 2003
Brilliant game with masses of variation - so much to do it's unbelievable...
The missions in this game are well and varied, from sniper rifle assasinations to bomb-laden r/c helicopters attacking buildings, to getaway's all in here.
However, the rare times when you get bored with a difficult mission and go off to cause carnage are the real fun bits - wheelying motorbikes at top speed along the runway of the airport (and weaving through a landing Jumbo's wheels) is awesome...especially while hanging off the side of your bike chewing passer-bys up with your Uzi...
The police are very stupid (so, the AI could be arguably described as realistic!), gang members will chase and return fire if you shoot at them, cute women in bikinis run away crying if you pull them off their scooters and there's nothing more satisfying than jumping on the bonnet of a Ferrari and blowing the driver's head off with a Magnum through the windscreen...
Then, when you start earning serious money, you can buy venues. Strip joints (complete with lap dancers), nightclubs (complete with bad '80s style rollerblade dancers), helipads (with FLYABLE helicopters!), boat yards (with driveable boats), all can be bought with the money earned by your dirty work. And there are so many more hidden missions to complete it's they managed to get such a huge, interesting game into such a small box mystifies me...
If your PC will handle it (mine does, no probs, and mine's hardly top-of-the-range) then you really need to buy this game. The money you'll spend on it will be totally reimbursed by the money saved due to the complete death of your social life...
Best PC game ever...ever...ever...
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on 11 September 2005
Grand Theft Auto: Vice City is a brilliant follow up to the legendary Grand Theft Auto 3, which stole several weeks of my life when it was released.
Vice City is fundamentally very similar to GTA3, and certainly all the best elements remain. For a start, you are as free to roam as ever - simply carjack a nice ride, find a gun, and go on a rampage. Or have a drive around the city, and see some of the sights, visit a strip club, jump in a boat, helicopter or motorcycle and just look for all the opportunities for bad behaviour that the game has to offer. The graphics are similar if somewhat refined, and the game has the same look as GTA3, although there is more variety and detail in the buildings, vehicles and scenery. As before, the city is full of vunerable pedestrians, simply crying out to be robbed or run over, and they come in a greater number of shapes, sizes, and dress than ever before, and have more to say for themselves.
As far as missions go, Vice City boasts a far greater number of them, and they take in a great variety of locations, use a large number of the approximately 100 vehicles in the game, and are at times much more involved than in GTA3. There are many more people to work for, too, although the basic progression through the game remains, with areas of the map, and new employers becoming available as you make a name for yourself and complete certain missions. Overall, there are just more things to discover in Vice City, and this is where it really wins out over it's predecessor - there are more weapons, vehicles, buildings to explore, interesting characters, story missions, side missions, and things to do between missions, and they are all spread over a larger and more varied city. The most effective new feature of the game is the property aspect - there are now about 15 properties to buy around the city - some act as safehouses or places to store vehicles, and some are businesses that will generate regular income after you have completed key missions. They add to the sense that you are coming up in the world as the game unfolds.
The atmosphere of the game is better too - the soundtrack is superb, featuring many of the biggest hits of the eighties, and loads of other classics, played on 10 radio stations that can be listened to in almost every vehicle. The dialogue is much more varied, and better voiced, and the sound effects are convincing, with gunfire and collisions improved from GTA3. Different areas of Vice City have much more distinct character, and this creates the impression of a real bustling city. It is possible to become immersed in the game world much more easily than in GTA3.
In terms of innovation, Vice City has little to offer over Grand Theft Auto 3, but somehow it manages to create a more convincing experience - more to do, more to see, and crucially more fun than ever. For fans of the GTA series, prepare for the best yet. For those new to these classic games, this is a perfect place to start.
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VINE VOICEon 9 July 2004
It has always been hard to categorise the Grand Theft Auto series, and Vice City adds even more to the mix of gameplay, with driving cars, trucks, motorcycles, boats, helicopters, planes and even golf carts all on offer. You can even run around on foot if you like.
Rockstar have made an effort at a plot in this game, with missions loosely linked together and a pretty stellar bunch of voice actors, but it's the varied missions that make the game. They are as solid as ever, with assassinations, bank jobs, gun running, drug deals and all sorts of other nefarious deals on offer.
The graphics are not the greatest, but the sheer scale of them and the amount going on is jaw-dropping, especially when flying over the city. Music and general sound is superb, with the 80s setting dredging up all kinds of memories for those of us who grew up in that era.
The PC version benefits from better control than the PS2, with the mouse controlling your gun sight when on foot. A gamepad is highly recommended for driving and especially flying, which takes a little getting used to but works well. You can also import your own MP3s to use as background music and even create skins for your character - good luck with that one!
If you're a GTA fan, this is a must buy. If not, buy it and be prepared to be hooked. There is so much to do in this game, you can choose your path through the game and often solutions to problems are only limited by your own initiative. Enjoy!
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Another year, another classic instalment in the Grant Theft Auto series. Once again, we PC owners have been forced to wait six months for our own version of the game, and once again it has been worth it. Better graphics, better sound, more features and generally a better all-round gaming experience await those patient enough not to have rushed out to buy a PS2. GTA Vice City is set fifteen years before GTA3, taking place in Vice City, Florida. Vice City is twice the size of Liberty and you can explore most of it from the very start of the game. The biggest difference to GTA3 is that the game storyline is rather longer and there are more features. You can own businesses, get multiple properties to save your game at, and undertake more bonus missions. As well as moonlighting as a policeman, ambulance driver or cabbie, you can now also take part in street races, demolition derbies, Evil Knevil-style motorbike stunts and NASCAR-style racing. You can also deliver pizzas, ride motorbikes and helicopters and, if sufficiently psycopathic, hijack a military helicopter and dispense your own brand of justice to the people of Vice City through the mediums of chaingun and rocket launcher. Although it lacks the subway and monorail of Liberty, Vice City feels a lot more alive. The waterways are a lot busier and there's more going on in the skies as well. The police are more digiligent than in Liberty and, if feeling in a good mood, you can help them bring down criminals yourself. Special mention must go to the excellent radio stations and the genuine 1980s in-game music ("Hey! Wasn't this the theme tune to Miami Vice?"), as well as some in-jokes for GTA3 veterens. The game has its faults, the most notable of which is that your character is a total nutcase with no redeeming features whatsover, and some may argue that last year's Mafia remains superior, due to its in-depth characterisation and intriguing moral stance, but for sheer, unrelenting fun, there is no beating Vice City. Show this version to your PS2-owning friends and watch them go away crying in shame. Brilliant.
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on 21 August 2003
GTA3 was good. Bit drab perhaps, but good. Vice City just blows you away and puts everything in the shade. It's the same basic concept as GTA3, same sort of weapons, same sort of cars, etc but where Vice really hits the nail on the head is the variety and the freedom to do, well pretty much anything.
You don't feel pressured into doing missions every minute or two. If you want to take a jaunt down to Pole Position (strip club) just go. If you want to take a boat trip, just go. If you want to steal an Apache (well, it's supposed to be anyway) from the army base, well...don't. (The army WILL shoot you)
Vice had a lot of hype to live up to for the PC - is it as good as the PS2 version? No, it's better. The graphics are more refined, you can actually see what you're doing - unlike the 100 mph grapics on the PS2. The fact you can effectively build your own radio station makes this a really customisable game and a real fun one to play. The 1980's was a really good period to set it in, and the music and 'location' the game is set in makes this a real little gem not to be missed
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on 22 February 2004
When I entered a shop to buy this game, I was not very convinced. However, it turned out to be a sizzling game, the best game I've ever played. You are completely free to do whatever you want to do, the background story is realistic, and the missions you need to do are interesting. For people who don't know what i'm talking about, you need to complete missions for several people, to return money to Sonny, a guy who lent you that money time ago. If you (amazingly) get bored of the available missions, you can steal a cab, a police car, a firemen car, an ambulance or a pizza-man's bike and do their job instead of them (good for earning easy money). Also, you can enter car races all along the coast of Vice City, or enter the Hyman Memorial Stadium, and enter three different events.
When we come to talk about the length of the game, I personally played this game for 2 months and was still stuck in the first island (the other 4 islands are closed until you pass some missions). Therefore, this game is gonna give however plays it more than 5 months of leisure. Furthermore, you can play the game more than five times without getting bored of it, it is absolutely fantastic.
The main problem of this game are the graphics, which, alhough they are not very important, should be a bit better. It also becomes a problem when you hear someone talk, but, as character do not open their mouths when they talk, you don't know who is talking.
Freedom:20/10. Absolutely amazing, the game should be called "Do whatever you want in Vice City", because thats what you do: whatever you want
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on 27 April 2003
Once I bought this game I was amazed at how much better it was than GTA3, and how the city is bigger too. There are so many new and exiting things in vice city, I don't know where too start. Well for one thing when you earn money for the jobs you do, you get to buy an assortment of different things such as companies, weapons, clubs, homes. The weapons are better too, you get such things as:-
- Meat Cleavers
- Knives
- Chainsaws
- Miniguns etc.
The vehicles also are better with motorbikes, helicopters and better graphics on the cars.
There are a few glitches as there is on any game but this game makes them unnoticeable with the brilliant game-play and superb graphics.
Also with the PC version rather than the PS2 version you can modify, and download cars to add to the game and change player skins aswell.
Overall this is an absolutely brilliant game, no questions asked unless you don't like the crime theme and the gore.
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on 22 February 2004
Finally, the latest game in the Grand Theft Auto series is on the PC. Having played all of the previous games I was disappointed that I had to wait so long after GTA3 for Vice City, however some things can’t be rushed and thankfully Rockstar games seem to agree.
In Vice City you play Tommy Vercetti, a man who is not shy to indulging in a bit of crime. Having spent 15 years in Liberty City jail he has been sent to Vice City to head up a new section of the Mob. Things don’t go too well though as during the first deal he loses millions and the coke which he was meant to collect. Now, with his boss on his tail he has to recover the money and get some revenge.
Vice City starts off similar to GTA3, you have your hideout, where you can save the game and various points around the city you have to get to get a job. What the job is depends on the client and those crazy people at Rockstar who think these things up.
In Vice City they have made things a little harder from the off. For example it does not take too long before you’re into gun fights and end up blowing things up. A good example is a mission where you demolish a building, and it’s no tiny one either. Using a remote control helicopter you have to plant 4 time bombs in certain places in the building to help it collapse. Once you have done that, the building explodes, collapses and the mission is over.
Missions do vary a lot and amongst the hard one you can pick up some very easy ones that help your rank and allow you to advance a little further in the game.
The layout of Vice City is a little like GTA3. You have various islands, which make up the city, but you only have access to one. The great thing about Vice City is that the other islands can be unlocked very early in the game, allowing you to explore the whole city at your leisure.
Now, the game is very similar to GTA3, the concept remains the same and everything you can do is almost the same. I say almost because they have added in some things that I think every fan of GTA3 wanted. Namely Motorbikes and Helicopters.
Yes, it has been a while but they have got round to adding bikes back in for the first time since the first game. Now you can steal a bike by punching the other driver off and charge down the roads weaving in and out of the cars. The best thing about the bikes is that you can now explore the city at speed. Whereas before you had to get out of your car to look behind buildings or down side streets, now you simply jump on a bike and ride down there. It’s definitely a great addition, but not the best!
The best bit is the helicopters. They are one available once you unlock the second large island but they do make it easy to move about the city and if you’re not bothered about the missions but just want to explore for a while you can see everything on offer. The controls do take a little getting used to but once mastered you’ll be able to go literally anywhere.
The graphics in Vice City are very different from GTA3. The main reason is that the game is set in 1986 in a coastal city where there are massive beaches and the weather is hot. To reflect this, the majority of the cars look and handle differently. Also the clothes you wear are more 80’s and Hawaiian than before.
The cars have been improved over the GTA3 versions with regards to the damage they can take and the general look. An example is that you can take a baseball bat out and practically smash the car to bits, also you get glint off the sun on the windows and edges. The wheels can also be punctured, usually by spike strips thrown into the road by the police during a chase but also by simply by hitting a wall or curb at the wrong angle!
Every aspect of the game engine has been improved, people now walk in groups, wait for buses and fight amongst themselves without you even joining in. More weapons are also available. Many of them you cant carry at the same time but the variation does make it better. You can pickup a knuckle-duster, golf club, cleaver, sword, chainsaw and a number of guns, all of which cause mayhem when let rip in the middle of a group of people.
One area, which didn’t really bother me in GTA3, was the ability to buy buildings or houses. Sure now I have seen it I think it’s a great idea but at the time it was not something I thought of. What I am talking about is a new feature in Vice City that allows you to buy certain buildings or parts of a building. You start off in a small flat near the beach but throughout the game you can actually put your money to use. Outside some of the buildings are little spinning blue or green icons. If you walk over them you are given some information about buying that building, which includes the price. If you want you can buy clubs, apartments and even a luxury condo.
The radio in Vice City has also been overhauled. The music really matches the location and some of the voices will definitely be recognisable from GTA3. You get nice mellow music, some rock n roll and the songs are all real. Yes, Vice City is fully licenced! (Thanks for ponting out this stupid mistake Seth)
Overall Vice City is the best. Better than GTA3 in almost every area. Loading times are down, it now takes less time to access different areas of the city and even get into the game and there are more hidden packages and vigilante missions to complete. If you loved GTA3 you’ll definitely love Vice City! Rockstar have definitely improved GTA3 and I’m in no doubt that the next GTA game will be even better. All of the additions are well worth the asking price!
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on 4 March 2005
This Rockstar North game was, and still is one of the best PlayStation 2 game ever created.
"Vice city, a huge urban sprawl stretching from the beach to the swamps and glitz to the ghetto, a town brimming with delights and degradation"
Vice city, is of course, based on Miami, and this game has inspired the Grand Theft Auto series to expand, with San Andreas already out, and another GTA being created as you read this.
The freedom you get in this game is mainly, what made it so popular, the range of vehicles you can drive/pilot, also the amount of firearms and other weapons (with amazingly different types to try out on random civilians from Aks and uzis to screwdrivers and hammers), and finally the amount of properties you can purchase all add up to make this perfect 10 out of 10 game what it is.
You get hours of fun also from the missions set for Tommy Vercetti, the main character you control, which is all part of a brilliant storyline, the missions range from dropping off a women at a strip club, to destroying a building with a toy helicopter, also many missions included killing many people.
Vice City is huge for a video game, even if San Andreas is six times as big, and there is a noticeable difference in the islands. The first island, which includes Ocean Beach, Vice point, Washington Beach and Leaf Links, is the tourist island, including many hotels, night clubs, strip clubs, shops, etc, it even has a mall, and a golf course! Prawn Island has a film studio which you can purchase, Starfish Island is a rich island, with many mansions, and the last island, has an army base, airport, docks, a tatty Cuban gangster area called Little Haiti (which looks a bit like where your first home is in San Andreas), but north of Haiti lays downtown, with many skyscrapers, and a unattractive beach, but downtown also has the Hyman Memorial Stadium, the place where there is many races, and a dirt track.
The cars on offer, range from saloons, to sport cars, to super cars, jeeps, home-use trucks and SUVs, vans, service vehicles, limos, but a new instalment to the GTA world is motorbikes, including the legend called a PCJ-600 (based on a Ducati apparently, this bike is so popular it returns in San Andreas) and a Sanchez (a dirt bike), and a freeway and angel (both based on Harley-Davidson bikes). There are also two planes including a sea skimmer (a plane that can land on the sea) and many types helicopters, with range from normal helicopters to Army helicopters, here are a few:
Maverick/Police Maverick (both are normal looking helicopters, the only change with the police version is the paint job)
News Maverick (which handles very differently to the other
Sea Sparrow (which comes with a machine gun attached)
Hunter (apache helicopter, with twin rocket launchers, and a Minigun.
All of these vehicles come with a brilliant collection of soundtracks from the 80's, these are put into groups, and put onto a radio, including rock (VROCK), pop (FLASH FM) etc. These radio stations don't just play songs, but are also the main way that rockstar used to input great jokes.
All in all this game is of exceptional quality, and will keep you entertained for hours, another classic from Rockstar.
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