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on 9 July 2003
....I'm sure some other fans will wish to disagree, but here was a golden opportunity to include several 12" mixes (originals and ltd originals) as well as Japanese only LP material. In some ways it has succeeded, but the opening tracklisting error (it states and timelists Murder Mix, but it's the commoner Performance Mix, unforgivable Sony) doesn't bode well. It's great to have Lover Come Back 12" (why didn't they list it, rather than the timing which hints at it?) and I'd Do Anything 12" but Turn Around is not a remix, but the orig LP mix. Also some of the track ordering is not flattering - for instance BDSGoodbye (LP mix, why not one of the US or Powerful Club 12" rarities?) sounds really tinny when followed by the pumping (but excellent) I Paralyze. A little more thought, eg chronological order, would have improved this double set no end. In summary, if you're buying one then this is better value for money, but it's been slightly sloppily put together in places, and this doesn't reflect the care and pride Pete and Steve clearly put into their releases when they have overall control. However it is a great summary of their music, particularly for those who haven't been able to get the Japanese albums, so is still fairly essential for die-hard fans!
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on 14 February 2003
Well, in the current anodyne climate of the british pop music indusrty comes this timely reminder of all that is great about pop music and pop stars - the legendary Pete Burns and his band Dead Or Alive return with their fifth UK album (though there have been notable omissions from the uk charts whilst DOA continued on a massive wave of popularity abroad - albums such as 'rip it up', 'Fan the flame part one', 'nukleopatra', and 2000's 'fragile' were not released in the uk sadly).
Dead Or Alive began life in the late 1970's, and 'Evolution' covers much of the last 20 years of their career, seamlessly melding the classics 'brand new lover', 'something in my house', 'that's the way (i like it)', and of course the perfectly formed eternal pop song 'you spin me round (like a record)' in it's original stomping form, and the soon to be massive all over again 2003 remix! with some modern classics, perhaps unfamiliar to the UK music scene - 'hit and run lover', 'isn't it a pity', and 'sex drive' are all fantastic examples of a pop band doing what it does best - crafting swirling, bursting with energy 3 minute masterpieces.
A Dead Or Alive record is a non stop erotic cabaret, a booming thunderclap from the heavens, dripping with saucy lyrics, and resplendent in the gravity defying, earth shattering vocals of Pete Burns.
On the evidence of this fantastic collection, it is easy to see why after a 13 year exile from the british music scene, sony were so quick to sign up this band 23 years into their long and glittering career, and 2003 will surely see a renaissance of the band with more character, personality, and charm than anything currently squeezing into the charts.
For anyone who has found themselves spinning on the dancefloor at a wedding, down the youth club disco, or in the uber-clubs of the capitals. This is the perfect introduction to a band who are going to be very big all over again - starting with the release of this greatest hits package, preceeded by the single 'you spin me round 2003' and soon to be followed by a dvd project and a whole new album of brand new Dead Or Alive material!!!
Welcome back Pete Burns & Dead Or Alive - how did we get by without you all these years !!!
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on 15 August 2003
This was long overdue! It is a tragedy that DOA are so often dismissed as 80's has-beens when in fact they never stopped developing and incorporating new, innovative technology into their music. Now they are back with EVOLUTION, a compilation of hits and personal favourites spanning 2 decades that proves once and for all that DOA have far more talent and substance than they are usually credited with.
EVOLUTION offers all the obvious hits (You Spin Me Round, That's The Way I Like It, My Heart Goes Bang, Lover Come Back To Me, In Too Deep, Hooked On Love and the divine Something In My House - some in their original format and some re-recorded and/or re-mixed) and they sound as fresh and exciting as they did the first time round. But it is the songs taken from the albums Nukleopatra (1995) and Fragile (2000) that really prove that DOA are as relevant today as they ever were. They are shockingly good - fast, energetic, tongue-in-cheek, totally contemporary yet unmistakeably DOA.
Among these songs, I Paralyze and Nukleopatra stand out as the strongest and edgiest ones. The hard, pounding techno music (reminiscent of Leftfield) perfectly complements Pete Burns' powerful voice and the result is the most exciting dance music since Open Up. Sex Drive, International Thing, Hit & Run Lover, Rebel Rebel and Your Sweetness Is Your Weakness are classic DOA-style electro pop hymns while Isn't It A Pity is dripping with irony and has Pete Burns' electronically distorted voice lamenting over voice samples and minimalist, Kraftwerk-like sound arrangements that he is "not the prettiest girl in the world".
To cut a long story short, this 2 CD compilation is worth every penny and a must not only for DOA fans but for everybody who enjoys good dance/pop music. Best of all, as the name suggests EVOLUTION is not a tombstone (or it would be called HISTORY) and we can look forward to brand new and no doubt equally exciting material in the future.
Pete and Steve, thank you for years of fun and inspiration. Welcome back!
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on 7 July 2003
An excellent sony release of their biggest hits, this release with 2 cds includes two 12" inch remixes of You spin me round like a record (Murder Mix) and My heart goes Bang (Get me to doctor) which are some very cool tracks from back the eighties where Dead or alive was a big selling band. But on this double CD you will also find some of their new materal, which until now only has been released in Japan an the US.
This is a must have for all Dead or Alive fans on the Globe...
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on 19 May 2003
This should have been so good. All of Dead Or Alive's best records on CD at last. But instead of a collection of the 7" singles you mostly get the 12" remixes instead.
The original version of You Spin Me Round (Like A Record) that sold millions of copies on vinyl is not even here. It's replaced by the Murder Mix, the Alternative Metro Mix and Mark Moore's Mix but surely we all want the one we danced to a thousand times? Well I do.
Dead Or Alive made some of the best three minute pop songs of the 80s. Unfortunately, sometimes these were stretched into six or seven minute remixes and outstayed their welcome, such as the one of Brand New Lover here.
The same goes for a pedestrian My Heart Goes Bang and Hooked On Love. I thought I'd remembered it all wrong but then I got my seven inches out (!) and I was right. The single mixes were faster and better.
There's an unnecessary 2000 remix of a once perfect Something In My House but Turn Around And Count To Ten survives the 2003 remix and still shines.
Happily, In Too Deep is unblemished and intact but on the whole this is a CD spoilt by someone trying far too hard and I suspect it's not Pete Burns.
The CD itself is beautifully packaged with some wonderful photographs. It's just such a shame that this is not the best of Dead Or Alive that it should have been. The post-1990 stuff is not really worth including and many of the great songs are ruined by remixes. My heart goes OHHH!
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on 19 May 2003
:: E V O L U T I O N ::
Evolution, Dead Or Alive's greatest hits album, is released today (19 May).
Apart from the superb 'You Spin Me Round', DOA had a number of other hits, including Lover Come Back To Me, Something In My House, Brand New Lover, In Too Deep and various others.
After their initial success in the UK, DOA found phenomenal success in Japan - and it was here that there last couple of albums ('Fan The Flame part 1', 'Nukleopatra', 'Fragile') were released to spectacular success and numerous awards.
EVOLUTION covers the work of DOA from the early days of the 'Sophisticated Boom Boom' and 'Youthquake' albums, right through 'Mad, Bad and Dangerous To Know' and 'Nude' and into the present.
EVOLUTION is available in two editions.
The regular edition contains 18 tracks, including remixes of 'Lover Come Back To Me' and 'Turn Around And Count To Ten', as well as the Metro remix of 'You Spin Me Round'.
The Limited Edition comes in digibook format, with two CD's, incredible photos of Pete Burns and extensive liner notes and a total of 28 tracks, including the 12" Performance Mix of the original version of You Spin Me Round. This version of EVOLUTION is a real collectors piece - get it quick!
Overall, this is a spectacular collection, released in a very well-designed and impressively packaged sleeve. DOA fans will love it, and people who may not normally buy a DOA album will be surprised at just how many excellent songs this band have released.
The EVOLUTION has begun.
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on 22 June 2003
Pete Burns shouldn't be here. His self obsessed, corny, clashy tunes had Dead or Alive dropped by Epic in the UK in 1990. Yet the man just wouldn't roll over and die. Huge success in Japan and Australia continued, while at home in England Burns was still an outcast.
Finally, having survived the test of time, Epic in an amazing climb-down have surrendered this superb compliation of mind blowing tunes, some of them all-time classics, some that only the die hard fans will recognise from the wilderness years.
The album has it all. Timeless floor-fillers, remixed favourites, Japanese released foot stompers, even some of the pre Stock Aitken and Waterman releases, strangely Siouxsie-esque in style.
The strange thing about Dead or Alive is that it is trashy and you know you should hate it. These are not love songs. These are anthems for anyone who has been driven crazy by love and wanted to make an ex lover suffer, or been hopelessley and mindlessley in lust.
After all life isn't always one long Celine Dion ballad. Thanks Pete, Welcome Back xx
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on 4 August 2003
All the way for Pete Burns of Dead or Alive Band.
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