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4.1 out of 5 stars
4.1 out of 5 stars
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on 31 January 2007
I bought this game because it was produced by the makers of the excellent "Hitman 2 - Silent Assassin", in which the graphics and physics were great, and the gameplay varied and with superb replay value. "Freedom Fighters" provides all these things, although in a very different format of game. In the alternative history of the game, the Soviet Union won the race to create the Hydrogen bomb, and communism subsequently spread to Europe, much of the Middle East, Central America and finally Mexico. You play as Christopher Stone, a New York plumber who is thrown into the forefront of the underground resistance movement, after the Soviets invade the United States.

The game incorporates two new and brilliant features. The first is the use of a central command centre in the sewer system from which campaigns are coordinated. In practice this means that in order to achieve a goal or capture a building or vital piece of infrastructure, you may need to fight for and win back up to 3 separate areas of the city. From the sewers, you can decide which area is the most important strategically, and attack that first. Any decision you make will affect the battles you face in every area.

For example, imagine a theoretical mission: if you capture area 1 where helicoptor support is based, you can battle for areas 2 and 3 free of helicoptor attack, but the fight for the area 1 will be especially fierce because you have yet to cut the troop flow to the area by destroying a strategic bridge, which lies in area 2. Or perhaps by attacking area 3 first you can capture some better equipment which will help in the battles for the other areas, but you will have to do so under heavy helicoptor AND ground attack from areas 1 and 2. Its really difficult to decide where to go first, but the fighting in the streets of New York is excellent, and you will have great fun whatever you decide.

The other new feature is the recruit and command system, which allows you to recruit resistance fighters and command them in battle. The number of fighters available to you is determined by your charisma level, which rises as you complete missions and do other good deeds like giving your medpacks to wounded civilians. The control system for your squad is very simple and extremely effective, with only 3 basic commands, which can be issued to all fighters or any individual.

As for the basic qualities of the game, it scores well on almost every front. The enemy troops are intelligent and well-trained, and you need to think about your plan of attack carefully. The game sounds great - the epic, orchestral music, gunfire, shouted orders and screams of wounded soldiers all combine to immerse you very quickly into the environments, which are extremely detailed and visually pleasing. I found the controls very intuitive to use, and I liked the way game teaches the basic mechanics of play - the very first level sees you trying to escape as the invasion unfolds around you, and you learn the basics without even realising it - very clever. The biggest problem with this game is the length, I felt it was too short. However, it is very intense, and the multi area approach means that there is excellent replay potential. The story is probably a bit simple and unrealistic too, but never enough to bother you.

Overall this is an excellent and highly recommended game. Its great fun, strategically challenging and genuinely innovative.
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on 23 April 2004
This game is a normal command a squard, action based rpg with some goodpossibilities. I must say i found the progression of the main character agood add-on to the main story of the Soviet's invading the USA.
Once you reach a certain point in your charisma rating you can add anothermember to your squard. However, not always a good idea.
Is it just me or did the AI seem a bit off, my team members would juststand there getting shot at whilst i was busy mowing down the enemy withan AK.
Good game, very good music (very atmospheric) very enjoyable and will bebuying the sequal.
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on 4 October 2007
Freedom Fighters is a well-paced, challenging yet easy to pickup team-based shooter from the creators of the Hitman franschise. The premise is typical video game ludicrosy but still welcoming and different; the soviets have invaded the U.S.A and begun taking over major cities. You are a small time plumber who, no surprises, begins to lead resistance groups on missions through out the neighbourhoods your home city of New York. Against this far-fetched backdrop, the game is executed very effectively and succeeds on all its offerings. The main element that immediately impressed was the easy to use interface. You command a group of rebel fighters (who increase in numbers as the game progresses) with 'aim and click' 1-key orders for individuals or hold the command key to order all your fighters. This system works swiftly and doesn't obstruct the action-packed gameplay.

The graphics feel highly reminiscient of Hitman 2 and although may not have the "wow" factor of current next-gen shooters, Freedom Fighter's visuals are effective enough to immerse you in the game world: its graphics hold fairly strong even today. The game world spans firefights, assaults, hit & run missions, cover and destroy objectives in streets, parks, across railways, over rooftops and inside buildings in hallyways & corridors. The levels are challenging enough to try your own minor strategies: you don't need to finish one particular level but, for example, acquire resources from one level, travel through sewer networks to another local level and use those resources to your advantage. The gameplay is non-linear and allows for many possibilites. It provides you with two/ three levels to work through or play through them individually - an option that hasn't been done well, or much at all, in many other games. The audio is sharp but not outstanding. The music is feels original with contemporary as well as cinematic overtones by superb game musician Jesper Kyd, who also produced excellent music for the Hitman games.

Gameplay is highly exciting as you really feel like a ragtag freedom fighter scratching at the apparently impregnable soviet forces. Many details such as great voice-acting, plot-twists and entertaining characters reinforce this alternative history game world. The enemy A.I is challenging but the squad commanding is what truly shines in Freedom Fighters: use your fighters well as they can provide you cover, distaction whilst you complete the main mission or defend key areas in a level. The sheer amount of Russian enemies you kill is reminiscient of "run & gun" shooters, but there is no excessive blood or gore and the action is kept focused rather than mindlessly annihilating everything in sight. I played PC version and the controls worked like typical FPS games but I don't know of how the console versions perform. The only minor negative point are that the game is fairly short but its great fun while it lasts and one you may play more than once but using different strategies. There are no patches required for the game and I didn't experience any crashes or lockups. Overall, I'd recommend Freedom Fighters to all shooter fans looking for a distinctly different flavour of gameplay as well as new gamers who are put off or bored by the myriad of fantasy/ sci-fi/ WW2 based games out there.
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on 24 October 2003
I can never understand why people reviewing games so easily hand out scores of five, this game is average in my opinion and worthy of three starts and no more. Its basically a arcade shoot em up with a little dose of strategy, the graphics are similar to hitman 2 but aren't quite as Sharpe. I found the control system and camera angles a little annoying as they don't flow as nicely as say Splinter cell does, you also don't have direct control of zooming in and out of your character, the game does it for you which is frustrating in my opinion.
Basically to sum up this game is for arcade action fans that like direct action all the time, if you are a more mature person looking for a combat/strategy mix I would probably wait for hidden and dangerous 2, as that will probably be more realistic and in-depth than this game.
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on 2 October 2003
EA Games can produce some classic games - just look at Medal Of Honour, but they can also produce some bummers.
This game falls somewhere between. I managed to play through the whole game o­n it's third hardest setting (there are o­nly 4) in under 10 hours.
I can't grumble at the gameplay - I was suprised to like it as a First Person perspective in usually my favourite, this game is totally in the third person. Even the aiming stays in the third person. But this does not detract from the gaming experience, it makes it a little easier, thats all (you can see what is round a corner without poking your head out).
The levels need to be played in a certain order (if you want to stand a good chance of succeeding) if not then you face the wrath of the Hind Gunship. The choice of the order is upto you, the player and you learn by your mistakes.
The levels are pretty linear - you are loosely guided to a specific point but you cannot deviate much from the path layed out - you need to go down this street and that alley before you can hoist the flag or whatever goal you have. There are a suprising amount of rooms to explore though and this makes the game even more of a challenege as snipers have a nasty habit of shooting you in the back if you miss the room they are in.
The graphics are great and even o­n my lower end system I was able to runeverything o­n high at 1024 x 768 without much of a problem. o­nly o­n the last level did I notice a drop in frame rates.
During the game you get to control an increasing number of Freedom Fighters and you can give them very basic orders:-
Scout/Attack Target
Defend (they will man machine guns)
Re-group (also calls them back when they disapear off chasing bad guys)
They all have different weapons such as Shotguns, AK's and SMG's but no stat points to worryabout.
I found the AK the best weapon and tended to use that - the machine gun that appears towards the end is good but there is never enough ammo for it to collect.
The enemy get tougher as the game progresses - to the point of being silly. The guy that has the ammo for the machine gun is dressed in somekind of plate armor and is a swine to kill, use plenty of nades and this does detract from the game somewhat.
I guess that my o­nly real gripe with Freedom Fighters is the lack of a multiplayer game. This really does make the game short lived and without that or any mods I can see this being played a couple of times then the boredom factor will delete it from my HD and it will sit o­n my shelf.
All in all a good effort with a few minor short comings and I am pleased that I bought it.
I give it 4 stars.
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on 1 November 2003
I thought this was a good game, the alternative history story line is excellent, i like the idea of controling a squad of men and this makes the game interesting.
The missions are quite linear and can get boring, you always have to hoist the stars and stripes at the end.
But on the whole it's a good game
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on 7 December 2003
I have noticed that recent games seem to be getting shorter and shorter and therfor lasting you about 30mins
THIS IS AN EXCEPTION, it is a very playable long lasting game, which you could play more than once... not sure I agree with the title of this game, and the fact it is kinda being used as propoganda against the russians, but if you were wondering about wther or not to get it.. do
You start of as a plumber when the Russians invade NY and you are thrown into a Rebel movement against the russians... through time more and more people join the movement and you can control them, through blowing things up:D and healing injured civilians you gain Charisma, for every 100 Charisma you gain you can control one more Fighter... is absoloutley brilliant and, I think, very realistic
The absence of Multi-player is a shame but does not take away the brilliance of Single Player
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on 4 October 2003
I officially love this game. Since 3 am this morning (now 6 am)i have been enjoying the amazing gameplay, nice graphics, smooth menus and clever videos. It has a brilliant plot (the soviets taking over USA) and is set in new york where you become a freedom fighter. I was especially suprised to see that it could pronounce my characters name. It wasn't a set name, i typed it in and during the videos it actually said it. Im not sure if this is common nowadays but i had never heard this happen before.
For anyone who enjoys first person shooters this is heaven and for people who aren't so much into the action, there is a awesome plot behind it. Also i didnt realise how huge this game was. I have done the first two levels i think and theres still loads left.
The only downpoint i have about this game is that it is so addictive that ive stayed up all night. Would highly recommend it.
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on 30 September 2003
A fantastic 3rd person startagy/shooter, which lets you control Christopher Stone, a lowly plumber that has been sucked into an ensuing war. Set in an alternative future where the russians won the cold war, you become a "freedom fighter", using guerilla tactics to outwit and gun down the invading russians. Using a new "charisma" system, you get to recruit other fighters and attack the enemy. You get the chance to tell your troops what to do, wether to defend, attack, or to follow you into battle. It's a nice mixture of all-out shooting action, and a level of stratagy to out-wit the enemy.
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on 4 October 2005
Bought this game many mothns back. In a nutshell this is something like an arcade game embossed with 3dgraphics(but the graphics aren't sharper as you would expect). Its a bit difficult to give orders to your team and the controls doesn't always match together. at times it can be fun but the overall control and view of the player(3rd person) and the game story is average.I dont think its something you can play for days and many months to come!
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