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4.4 out of 5 stars113
4.4 out of 5 stars
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on 4 December 2001
To date I have seen many zombie flicks, but until I watched Romero's trilogy I had seen nothing.
Night was very experimental in my mind. Dawn was a fantastic adventure of the mind and cultural values.
However, in Day, you really get an overwhelming sense of remoteness and desperation. Everyone is pulling in different directions.
The missle silo makes for great eeriness and sound effects.
The film is well acted throughout and every time I watch it I can't help rewind the bit where Steel asks the electrician to "lay of the booze for a while" The response is spot on.
Joe Pilato plays a very convincing and domineering Captain Rhodes who you love [for his attitude towards the zombies] and hate [due to his self destruct and volatile nature].
I would suggest watching the triology in order to gain the most from it. You will not be dissapointed. George does zombie films like no other. ...... and if you read this Mr.R please make another ??????
A final point > Tom Savini worth special mention for his special fx input. A true god - always wondered why I loved The Burning so much !
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on 4 January 2006
simply and purely, this is a great zombie film, filled with skin wripping horror aswel as a real plot. it has everything and more a zombie film should have. i have seen old horror films that are not good and hav tried to do too much, but this is classic that has is it, i strongly recommend the purchase of it as it is a must have for any zombie living horror film viewer.
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on 27 March 2012
The best of the original trilogy,quite simply
whilst the original was a low budget classic
the second was a a higher budget film with some acting flaws(and horrible music)
this ,however, brings it all together.
Months or years after the outbreak ,a team of scientists are holed up
in an abandoned missle complex trying to find a cure.
There's been no contact with the outside for a long time
and the soldiers that guard them and get them their undead specimens are all showing signs of PTSD.
After another fruitless attempt to find survivors ,our heros return to find the chief military officer has passed away and his unstable second ,Captain Rhodes, is in his place.He quickly makes his presence felt threatening to shoot people for minor infractions and he makes it clear that he expects results soon from the scientists or he will get on the chopper and leave the eggheads behind...
jo pilato plays the insane, belligerent captain rhodes with real gusto and is quite simply the best thing about the film.
its great and tragic to watch yet again that in the romero-verse the monsters aren't the real problem ,its the humans inability to get along that causes all the trouble.
A true classic and romero's finest hour
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on 29 January 2004
The conclusion to Romero's classic trilogy is a sadly misunderstood film. Following on from the social commentary of Night and consumer satire of Dawn, this is one of the very few science fiction films to consider Darwinism and its potential consequences for the human race. The so-called "wordy" bits only emphasise the quality. It's also jet-black hilarious and features Tom Savini's jaw-dropping splatter effects. An absolute must have.
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on 20 March 2010
definately the darkest of the dead films and I find it the most creepy by a mile. I love the first 2 also but favour this because of the darker tone. This was made in the classic latex effects era (1985) and a lot of the gore will probably still look good in 20 years, at least until someone finds a way to make CGI look vaguely realistic. I feel that picking your favourite dead movie is quite subjective but for those who like their horror uncomfortable and shorter on light moments this is a winner.
I must mention it does contain one of my favourite acting performances of all time by Joe Pilato. Joe takes 'bad' acting to a whole new level that it actually becomes genius. His performance totally works in conveying a pretty intimidating character who is also hilarious. A classic performance.
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on 21 February 2012
I originally had this on VHS and the dvd brought some detail. Not yet seen the Bluray... so purely my view of the film.
An uneasy watch? Too bleak?
Goddammit this the end of the world - what do you want? Blood....
Sorry- lost it there for a minute.
Film - This is horror at its very best. Gore and a over the top maniacal performance normally mean disaster. Here they add to it.
The ensemble cast increase- and dissipate, sympathies with the living individuals, and the feeling grows that zombies might become the only future.
This dystopia plays out initially as a doctors/civillians/army versus the zombies cartoon. Check the Key ingredients: Dr Frankenstein- a throw away characature? By the book commanding officer -in out of his depth? (but this is a captain not 4*general), Self interest and betrayal in the complex lead females life, a programmable zombie?... then it gets darker and darker.
The final scenes are gut-wrenching (literally and quite often). This is a film to experience. Like the previous films, once you are in its very difficult to get off the ride.
Critics? I hope Bub chokes on them...
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on 16 June 2011
I have had a wierd fascination with Zombies since I first saw this film round a friend's house at 13 years old - it scared the hell out of me then and still gives me the occasional nightmare now.

Although I love the grisly gore in the film, the real credit must go to the actors. I cannot think of a single bad performance in this film. If George A Romero can get performances like that out of actors being paid probably far less than the standard Hollywood paycheck of the day, then who knows what the guy could do. Riccles is a fantasticly crazy character, Steel looks desperately trying to maintain his sanity but is losing it and Captain Rhodes is just brilliantly unsympathetic - you hate the guy yet he really is trying to keep things in line. Sarah should have got an Oscar for her performance in this film and the others put in performances worthy of best supporting oscar by far. Great movie. Disturbing, distressing, exciting to watch and a necessary reflection on humans if the norms of society were removed.
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on 20 April 2014
I encountered a problem with this disc which turned out to be the result of a faulty pressing. I returned the disc to the seller as per their instructions but am yet to receive my refund.
I was able, during the troubleshooting process, to create a watchable copy (now deleted) of the main feature, so can offer this brief review:
The picture quality is fantastic. I was torn between this and the Anchor Bay BR release, mainly because the Shout! Factory release has a distinctly warmer colour tone, but I'm glad I chose this one. The colour tone makes the characters look naturally tanned, whilst the gore gains a great deal more impact because of the more visceral colour of the blood. The image detail is fantastic throughout.
Unfortunately, the audio has a small flaw: sibilance seems exaggerated and can cause "s" sounds to be overly sharp and to squash other sounds. It doesn't distract from the film as a whole, however.
Definitely recommended to fans and newcomers alike.
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on 10 January 2004
When I was about 8 years old I stayed up late to watch a movie one night, it was "Dawn of the Dead" it scared my to death I couldn't sleep for a month. when I got little older I tried despertly to find this movie I never new the title so I ended up watching hordes of rubbish zombie movies, one good thing I was introduced to the "Evil Dead" movies. Then it finaly came back on tv and I taped it. I saw "Night of the Living Dead" later but I never felt it was as good as Dawn. I felt that even though I luved low budget horror and zombies that their wasn't anyother good zombie movies I even was confused into seeing the "Return of the Living Deads" convinced that they were sequals, I lost hope in another movie like Dawn but then someone told me their was another Living dead movie from Romero "Day of the Dead" I saw this and wasn't dissapointed it's gory dark and not stupid it feels like Dawn of the Dead 2.
Dawn OTD No.1 zombie movie ever made,
Day OTD No.2 zmem,
Night OTLD No.3 zmem!!
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on 10 February 2003
The third installment of this trilogy of films by director George A. Romero, has a much more darker and desperate feel to it than its predecessors. Set in an underground facility created to investigate the now widespread problem of zombies, the research team assigned to this task encounter nothing but contempt from the soldiers protecting them. Mainly due to their sense of isolation at being the only survivors in the immediate area. It is the friction created by these two very separate groups of people and the situation that they find themselves in, which makes the movie so enduring and entertaining despite its age. The token mad scientist thrown in to provide the films more horrific moments doesn't help matters, though his training of the zombie "bub" is very interesting to say the least. My only criticism about this movie is the weak ending but, the post apocalyptic storyline is so atmospheric you won't really care.
The level of gore in this is amazing with the effects creators almost having a "candyland" experience with what they could achieve within the budget. Watch out for the opening sequences soundbite used in the song M1A1 by the gorillaz, as although this is classic cinema and should be taken with a pinch of salt, the soundtrack is cringingly 80's esque.
All in all, it is a worthy ending for this highly entertaining series of films, a must see movie for all fans of the genre.
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