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4.4 out of 5 stars34
4.4 out of 5 stars
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on 2 April 2003
Please,please me..? Yeah,yeah,yeah !! And you can please,please yourself immeasurably by buying this superb DVD archive of Sir Paul's sell-out 2002 US tour.
I can't remember the last time I enjoyed a music concert so much and I would consider this essential viewing and listening,not just for die-hard Beatles and "Macca" fans,but for anyone who is up for entertainment on a grand and damn near overwhelming fashion.
The indefatigable McCartney took to the road again at the age of 60 and with a cracking quartet of young musicians (love that "percussion power-house" of a drummer that is Abe Laboriel,JR.) belts out some fabulous new incarnations of Beatles and Wings classics.The set-list is astonishing when you simply read it through in black and white and fills you with renewed awe and appreciation of the great man's astounding legacy of lyrics.In fact,trying to isolate "highlights" from the concert is a futile exercise because there is not a dull moment throughout,and in nearly 3 hours of footage,that's an awful lot of moments ! If you were to twist my arm,though I would rave about the surging dynamism of "Back in the USSR,"Can't buy me love","Maybe I'm amazed","Band on the Run" and "Live and let Die".On the other more contemplative side of the coin we get intensely moving versions of "Here,there and everywhere","Something","My Love","Let it be" and the really touching tribute to John Lennon,"Here today".Also,there is a magical performance of "Blackbird" - a good candidate for my favourite song of all time- where Paul seizes his courage in both hands and sings it just to the accompaniment of his own acoustic guitar.Here,and throughout he is in fabulous voice and if that's what a vegetarian diet can do for a body,then pass me the spinach and squash !
The atmosphere of the concert is electric and as one used to the reactions of rather more reserved British audiences,I really found it delightful the way the American fans lost all their inhibitions and collectively sang,cried and danced themselves silly all the way through ! Fantastic to see that it wasn't just rows and rows of baby-boomers down there and that teenagers,children and near babes-in-arms made up a goodly proportion of the capacity crowds.Utterly sweet and charming it was to see a little girl of about 7 years old clapping along (and smiling from ear to ear !) to "All my loving".That song may have been written 40 years ago now,but that wee lassie provided ample and concrete proof that it's appeal is absolutely timeless and each generation that comes along will simply rediscover the immortal and intrinsic qualities of such songs for themselves.
I really enjoyed the back stage and behind the scenes clips that were interspersed between the songs and it gave me some great insights on exactly how such a mammoth undertaking as this tour can be transported from city to city with consummate professionalism and minimal loss of life and limb ! Great too to learn a little more about Heather Mills,who has done so much to bring Paul up and out of the deep,dark night of mourning for Linda.She seems like a really feisty North of England lass and if you were not aware that she had suffered an amputated leg after a horrific road accident,then you could never,ever tell,because she moves (and still looks) like the fashion model she once was.
One annoying thing about these clips though was the "unfinished" story of the young lady who was an evident "Macca-maniac".She tells us that she had just lost her job and had come down to the concert venue,even though she couldn't afford the price of admission.No doubt appearing on her idol's DVD is some considerable recompense in the end but we are never told if someone took pity on her and she actually got into the auditorium.I really and sincerely hope she did and if anyone out there can tell me the outcome,then I'd be most grateful,because the suspense is killing me !
As I type this review Sir Paul is currently taking Europe by storm with his "Back in the World" tour and I can't wait until he comes home to the UK so I can be a part of this tremendous experience in reality.In the meantime,all you folks out there can revel in the glorious "virtual reality" of this magical chronicle where one of the greatest musical figures of our time takes his big,booming,Beatle's heart and wheel-like,joyfully rolls it across and to America.
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on 21 May 2005
This is McCartney at his best. He performs not only his greatest hits but includes many surprises. Having turned 60 he is not bouncing around the stage but he rocks like only McCartney can. The sound is crystal clear and the DVD has been very well produced - you feel like you are in the audience right at the front. His band is fresh, enthusiastic and extremely capable. McCartney has created a real strong bond and understanding with his musicians and you can see him looking in admiration several times. Watch out for the very poignant The Long And Winding Road where his emotions seem to get the better of him - only possible if he appreciated the contribution of his entire crew.
There is also a very interesting 'sub plot' showing the workings of a huge tour, and also showing McCartney in the build up to his concerts. I, personally, loved the soundcheck recordings, every one a gem. Overall a fabulous DVD that captures the music precisely, and makes you feel like you are part of the audience (in very good company, incidentally, with Jack Nicholson, Michael Douglas and many other celebs).
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on 2 April 2003
Paul McCartney's American tour has been a sensational success and when watching this DVD its easy to understand why. This is a highly impressive performance. And it is the next best thing to seeing the man on stage. The sounds fantastic, the performances tight, but wait theres somethign wrong, I'm sure I've heard these performances before... oh yeah 10 years ago on his last world tour. Thats where the problems with this otherwise excellent dvd lie, the fact that the material has been done to death. Likes of Lady Madonna, Let It Be, Hey Jude, Long And Winding Road, Coming up etc have all been done on each tour and every time he appears live. It wouldn't be so bad but he never changes the arrangements or the solos. However where this DVD beats the CD is the invlusion of the soundcheck songs and rehearsals which are usually excellent and very well performed, showing us mccartney's undoubtable talent. The new tour band are extremely tight as well, the muscians are undoubtably excellent, they fit with McCartney's style very very well. The road movie is excellent, showing the behind the scenes, however they show that the man when offstage can be really annoying and irritating. All in all I would advise buying this DVD only if your a completeist or you've not seen or heard sir Paul Live. You won't be disappointed.
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on 12 June 2003
If you were one of the lucky ones like me and saw Paul at Earls Court back in April, this is a must buy souvenir of the show.
It was a fantastic concert and this DVD captures most of it well.
Only two things spoil this DVD for me and these are, far too many little clips with the fans getting in way of the music and fairly poor video quality.
In this age of digital media why has Macca allowed a grainy sub-standard piece of video to be released?
I know that the golden Beatle oldies that he plays are 30+ years old, but why has he seemingly used video equipment from the same era also, I don't know?!!
One other reviewer mentioned that it could be a problem with NTSC to PAL conversion, but I tried an NTSC copy out in my player and sadly there is no improvement in the picture quality department.
But don't let that deter you diehard fans out there from buying this DVD, I still love to watch it!
However, it's not the sort disc that you want to show off the capabilites of a DVD player to people who don't own a machine of their own yet.
If you do, people will decide to hang on to their VHS's!
It is very much of a case of 7 and a 1/2 out of ten and could do better sort of a thing.
Come on Macca, I know you can do better than this?
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on 28 March 2003
Though the CD blesses you with a 32-page booklet, when you open the DVD you are graced with just the DVD disc. Popping it into the drive gives you 'play concert film' (all of 'set list' in sequence), special features with the set list of tracks, sound checks (3 tracks) and behind the scenes (5 tracks). There are 29 tracks in the set list and 3 bonus tracks. The mix is either Dolby Stereo, D5.1 or DTS 3/2 and is presented as a concert in surround, with reverb, ambience and audience applause in rear channels. OK so far.
Where the DVD is let down is in the video quality (Region 2 PAL version reviewed). This looks to be a poor job of standards conversion to PAL from the NTSC original, which probably is the cause for the MPEG encoder giving artefacts reminiscent of low data rate cable TV. A quick check of the bit stream rate shows no problems - the encoder simply has been given a hard time by the standards conversion artefacts. Enough of the techy-speak.
Though let down by the video quality - and by the way this is 4:3 aspect ratio for all you owners of widescreen sets! - this show demonstrates just what a remarkable performer and powerful song-writer McCartney is/was. His popularity is apparent from the audience generating a dynamic almost party atmosphere that is seriously contagious. Look carefully and you'll see what looks like Jack Nicholson, Michael Douglas, one of the Beach Boys, John Cusack, and a few other wrinklies in the audience. This looks to be one of those rare series of concerts that was unmissable and makes you wish you'd been there. This DVD really rocks for everyone from the zimmer-brigade to family audiences and does not disappoint on the audio front.
Priced low, this will sell well for Beatles and McCartney fans but will disappoint the video nerds and those wanting a souvenir booklet. 5* for music 4* for performance and 2* for video quality. 4* overall.
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on 24 April 2003
If, like most people, you are a fan of Paul McCartney and The Beatles this DVD is for you.
This is not your typical concert DVD. It also has footage in between songs of Paul meeting his fans, on the road, in his jet and even jamming with some chimps!
During the concert he pays tribute to his current wife, Heather, his first wife Linda and his friends John Lennon and George Harrison. Some of the crowd shots are excellent and you can see what it means to some of the fans to hear Paul playing these famous songs. One guy is in tears! One of the members of Paul's band says that you can see people getting younger when they hear the first few bars of one of the classic Beatles tunes.
This is a must have DVD for all music fans - buy it today!!
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on 22 May 2003
One word sums up my feelings about this DVD – WOW!!
I have been a fan of Paul and The Beatles since I was 8 years old and couldn’t wait to get my hands on this live DVD.
The show is simply outstanding from start to finish. About 2/3 of the concert comprises Beatles tracks, the rest being made up of Wings and solo material. Paul’s voice sounds amazing and his band are incredible (Rusty Anderson you rock!), by far the best live band I’ve ever heard him perform with in his solo career.
One of the most electrifying performances on the DVD is Live & Let Die, which has me jumping around my living room every time I listen to it. Maybe I’m Amazed, Band on the Run and Let Me Roll It are also fantastic and almost make the original versions sound bland by comparison (sorry Paul!). As far as Beatles tracks go, they all sound great – Lady Madonna and Back in the USSR are my favourites.
Paul also performes a number of songs solo, on acoustic guitar, including tributes to John Lennon (Here Today) and George Harrison (Something). Emotional stuff.
The DVD includes lots of backstage footage, including sound check performances and brief interviews with the band.
If you’re a fan of Paul, The Beatles, Wings or just love live music, thenyou’ll love this.
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on 14 December 2011
A great concert film of Paul McCartneys 2002 Back in The U.S. concert tour. The film is a mixture of substantial concert footage and the celebrity audience at the Los Angeles show. The rest of the film consists of Fan's and also McCartney going about his daily life either rehearsing for the gig or travelling to and from the concert locations.

The film is quite intriguing as this was filmed while he was with Heather Mill's so their is a lot of interaction between the two of them which is very cringeworthy given what has happened since.

The music is amazing, McCartney's band are a perfect compliment for him and the setlist is a good variety of his career up to that point.

Any fan of The Beatles or McCartney should own this and if nothing else the music will make you smile no matter how you feel on the inside.
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on 29 September 2003
No doubting that Macca's in great voice and backed by an exceptional band. This is especially worth seeing for those who saw him on his recent tour, it'll bring back a lot of good memories.
Removing a star, not because of the crowd shots which I don't object to but the pointless bits of filler that cuts in between songs.
When Mccartney open's his mouth these days your likely to cringe, its usually to remind people that he's a down to earth bloke because of his Liverpool roots. I sometimes find behind the scenes banter of interest but this is an excuse to gain some air time for his wife.
Anyway I'm still a fan of the guy and think he's a legend, just wish he'd tone down the act. Go buy !
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on 22 June 2011
I have always liked the beatles and pauls later band wings so when I saw this dvd on amazon for the price I snapped it up, this is a three hour dvd including concert footage of his concert in the usa in 2002, it includes concert performances of paul and his current band with 30 songs and some footage of his sound checks before the concert, dressing rooms and after show parties with roadies on the tour bus in his limo and on his chartered jet. All your favourites featured and including some of the beatles and wings material. For those of you who have 5.1 dolby surround sound this dvd caters for you. A must see for all paul maccartney fans. Well worth the money and taking the time to watch.
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