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4.7 out of 5 stars97
4.7 out of 5 stars
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on 15 September 2006
This album drips with classic song after classic song. Even today they still play songs off of this album. The Opening track "Its A Long Way To The Top [ If `Ya Wanna Rock `n`Roll] is simply one of the Rock/Metals best most single minded tracks ever. A classic that has been wheeled out at every Heavy Metal disco around the world since it was released. And it`s got Bagpipes in it as well !!!
"Rock`n`Roll Singer" is one of those tongue in cheek moments that Bon Scott did so well. "The Jack" shows the bands & Bons sense of humour off perfectely a song about VD deliverd as a tune about playing cards. This song is still played in the bands set even today its simply a legend of a track "Live Wire" has one of the greatest intros to a Metal tune ever a pumping bass line leading to a light chord delivery before they turn it all up & go for it. This used to be the song the band started there live set of with for years & it still gets aired at gigs occasionally. "TNT" was one of the bands encore numbers for years & they wheel it out even now. "Can I Sit Next To You Girl" has Bon back on his Tongue in cheek form again, Great tune with a great Rock`n`Roll intro. "Little Lover" & "She`s Got Balls" the titles say it all really fun fun fun. before there anthem "High Voltage" ends the album. This is one of those simple tunes you wished you`d written & has been in the bands set for 30 years. This album is better than most of the modern Metal Stuff we`ve been getting for the last decade & it`s 30 years old !

In an era of overblown souless metal this takes you back to a time when Rock/Metal was fun. Simple as Hell but dripping a great sense of humour & loads of great stomping fist pumping air guitar playing fun. If you don`t have this in your Rock/Metal collection then your collection `aint worth anything'!!!Go buy
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on 25 September 2003
This is AC/DC's first album, and may be their best. The riff's, oh man, the riff's on this album are some of the best you'll ever hear. Stripped to the bone , they are the most catchy AC have ever writtin. And with all great albums, there is not a bad or weak track on the album. From the faster High Voltage and It's A Long Way To The Top to the sublime The Jack, the band push all the right buttons. And we have Bon Scott on vocals, one of the best rock singers in history. Do yourself a favour if you have yet to get into AC/DC, start here. The later albums just don't compare to their early work. Even Back In Black is a weak album in comparison. The song, T.N.T. was on the latest Tony Hawk game, and shows this album is as vital today as it ever was. Also check out Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap, Powerage, Let There Be Rock, If You Want Blood You Got It and Highway To Hell all of which capture AC/DC at their very best, before the tragic death of Boo Scott. They have made some good albums since he died, but nothing beats the Bon Scott era. And the Angus Young's solos and riffs are just dead on the money. Checccck them out. Your life will not be complete without them.
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This review refers to the Epic 2003 re-issue, with the picture of Angus Young being hit by a lightning bolt on the cover.

This is the first international release from Australian rockers extraordinaire AC/DC, but their third album release. Their first two albums (No 1 was confusingly also titled High Voltage but had a different cover with barbed wire on it, and the second was titled T.N.T) were released in Australia only. This album is an amalgam of the first two with two tracks from High Voltage Mk 1 (She's Got Balls, Little Lover), and the rest taken from T.N.T.

This is pretty much a manifesto for the band, setting out their stall as hard rockers with pounding drums, sweet guitar solos, heavy bass lines and screaming vocals. There is a real sense of fun to the tracks, a wide streak of schoolboy humour. It's an album of great Rock that always puts a smile on my face.

This edition has had a really good remastering and remixing, with the instruments and vocals coming through beautifully on my speakers with no muddiness. It's a great release of a great album.
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on 9 September 2009
I bought this on the back of delving further into AC/DC catalogue and was not disappointed with the result. Although 'Highway to Hell' and 'Back in Black' are classic albums in their own right, its very easy to stop there and overlook other rock n'roll gems that define AC/DC as the legendary band that they are today. 'High Voltage' contains all the traits that determine what makes a decent AC/DC album: straight-up riffing, tongue-in-cheek lyrics and just plain simple rock n'roll! The production is raw, offering a live feel to the point where you can almost visualise Bon Scott and his merry men performing in the same room as you. Although there are a few fillers such as 'She's Got Balls' and 'Little Lover' which just plod along, this is made up from several other great tracks such as the cracking opener 'Its a long way to the top (if you wanna rock n'roll)' and fist-pumping title track which brings the album to a close in spectacular style!
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VINE VOICEon 2 July 2014
How many bands nails their sound on their debut? And by that I mean bands that stuck around for a while. I think AC/DC must be unique in the sense that their debut album could easily be their most recent. This is what they sound like, then, now and ever more. Thankfully the noise they make is terrific!

This is a really, really good album - admittedly a Frankenstein's monster splice of their first two Aussie albums. It's shockingly good and was, naturally, dismissed by UK critics and lumped in with the burgeoning Punk scene! Madness! Let's take it track by track - with marks out of 10:

1. It's a long way to the top... (9) - oh, such a strong opener. Brilliant riffs and you can hear Bon's frustration at all those years wasted in bands that went nowhere. Best bagpipe solo ever.

2. Rock N' Roll Singer (6) - you may call this AC/DC formulaic but this is one of the songs that set the formula in motion. Bon's on great form.

3. The Jack (9) - So, so seedy. Best song about an STD ever I reckon. Catchy tune to boot.

4. Live Wire (7) - There are people out there who will say this is the best track on the album. They are wrong. :) You do have a decent riff with some well spat out lyrics though.

5. T.N.T (10) - AC/DC 101 basically. A little bit daft, a little bit sleazy, riffs the size of skyscrapers and no-nonsense attitude. Still awesome.

6. Can I Sit Next To You Girl? (7) - If there are people out there who question how good Bon Scott was, I urge them to try and find the original version of this fairly standard tune sung by their first vocalist and then compare. Lewd, sleazy and nasty.

7. Little Lover (4) - I'm in a big minority here. Don't especially like the riffs and tune, find the lyrics a bit eeeeewwwwww. Not a good thing.

8. She's Got Balls (8) - Bon's oddly heartfelt song to his estranged wife. Much better than the title suggests.

9. High Voltage (10) - let's end on another nailed on classic shall we? Oh yes. This will get you bouncing no end!

This is a great album. You should probably buy it.
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I bought this album about five years ago, after buying "Back In Black" and being so impressed that I decided to delve further into the Aussie rockers' back catalogue. "High Voltage", their international début album comprised of highlights from their first two 1975 Australian albums ("High Voltage" and "T.N.T."), lives up to its name, with the album being comprised mainly of high octane, hard-riffing rock classics. There are many AC/DC fans who consider this their finest moment and it's not difficult to understand why as there are more than a handful of excellent tracks. "It's A Long Way To The Top (If You Wanna Rock 'n' Roll)" is a fantastic album opener, resplendent with a great riff and one of the best uses of bagpipes in rock music. "The Jack" is an enjoyable chugging, bluesy number using a card game as a euphemism for VD, "Can I Sit Next To You Girl" reminds me of Status Quo at their seventies hard rock peak and "High Voltage" itself finishes the album with a catchy, up-tempo anthem.

As far as I'm concerned, although many people seem to focus on the raw, powerful vocals of the late Bon Scott, the star of the show is Angus Young. The main appeal of AC/DC, for me, lies with the scintillating solos and the tidy, economical riffs ("Little Lover" is a great example), all held together by the powerful, meaty chords of rhythm guitarist brother, Malcolm. They're a great musical unit altogether though, with Mark Evans' chunky bass-lines and Phil Rudd's relentless drumming providing the solid backbone of the band. If there is one criticism to be made, it's that this music is a little one dimensional, very straight forward "meat and potatoes" rock, but it's executed with such clumsy charm, wit and skill that it's difficult not to enjoy it for what it is, an uncomplicated, likeable, hard blues-rock album that captures the band sounding exactly like they would if you went to see them live. They didn't get much better than this.
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on 14 May 2004
This was AC/DC's first international release way back in 1976, but you can tell from the first riff of the opening track that they meant business and were in it for the long-term. The sheer blend of no-nonsense, high energy and volume rock n' roll, lyrics that would make a sailor blush, and stinging bluesy solos was a blend so intoxicating that it has lost none of it's power nearly 30 years on.
All subjects relating to rock n roll are here, the easy girls, the excessive drinking and the drug taking are all covered using Bon Scott's unique rsping yet cartoonish voice in songs that are so essential, that if you are not at least stamping your feet to it, there is something seriously wrong with you.
Malcom Young (Rhythm Guitar) slams the chords, creating the boogie feeling in the majority of AC/DC's songs, while Angus create's the most stinging solos you will ever hear. The rhythm section is as solid as ever and this only strengthens the stomping beat of the songs.
This is the sound of a band indulging in all of the pleasures and perils of rock'n'roll, careering towards self-destruction and enjoying every minute of it! This was definitely the start of something huge...........
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on 2 September 2012
AC/DC's first UK album and their best. It's got all the ingredients of a classic - a great singer who provides daft-as-a brush lyrics, fantastically fresh guitar riffs and instantly catchy rock tunes.

There isn't an ounce of filler here. Best of a brilliant bunch are 'Rock And Roll Singer', 'TNT', the laugh-out-loud 'She's Got Balls' and 'Live Wire'. The band gel from the first second and everything sounds rough, ready and PERFECT. It's a million miles better than the soulless 'Back In Black'. Buy this then get the next three studio albums and the live album. Dynamite indeed!
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on 31 May 2014
Classic rock isn't made any more so it's unlikely anyone's going to better the music produced by Bon Scott and AC/DC.
As a newcomer to AC/DC before the past two months I'd only heard the later AC/DC stuff and seen the music videos and I thought them one-dimensional. But I bought Back in Black and I think it's a brilliant rock album, every song a stadium-filling classic.
However, the early music before Scott's death is different gravy. While many (including fans) appear to mock the sleazy and sometimes seemingly one-dimensional lyrics, the use of metaphor is smart and funny and sharp. Here, for exapmple, 'The Jack' is very obvious but very exciting.
The music is just rock. Pure and simple, as it was meant to be. Riff and power-chord heavy, the music has a Marr-Morrissey relationship with the lyrics. But in this case, heavy, dirty, occasionally subtle and always energetic.
'Livewire' is about as energetic as a rock song can get, capturing Scott's outlook and matching it perfectly with the Young brothers' amazing skills.
The two opening tracks set the scene for an album of sheer brilliance. The songs, especially on the ever better Powerage, are as epic as anything a Led Zeppellin produced (if you like that sort of thing, not for me) and as well-crafted as the Stones of Sticky Fingers era.
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on 24 July 2008
Being a rock guitar freak of two decades' standing, it is with embarrassment that I confess to only having heard this record for the first time in my 39th year.

Clearly I went to the wrong school and hung out with the wrong, self conscious types, and stupidly we looked askance at this bogan rock. More fool us.

What a remarkable, single minded, self-assured, exuberant record this is, and what a master stroke for a bunch of scot-inflected teenaged aussies to have settled on such a perceptively observed formula and executed on it so flawlessly (and stuck with it for the thirty years since!). All of rock's evolved extravagant frippery is discarded or reduced down to its elements. The drums mark out a thumping 4/4 on-beat; stereo guitars crank out a primordial syncopated boogie. Bon Scott wails talentedly and indulgently - even cretinously, as the Amazon reviewer puts it - about rogering everything that moves and getting the clap. All of rock's anachronistic knowingness is jettisoned and in its place the sort of smutty wailings you'd expect from a bunch of teenage dirtbags. The result: a hilarious, ecstatic, and utterly irresistable rock record.

Olly Buxton
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