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4.1 out of 5 stars
4.1 out of 5 stars
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on 8 August 2002
Sly Stallone shows how much acting talent he really does have when he faces the thought of sending his own child to the same street school he was brought up in. Rocky's career as a boxer is over and this leaves a gap in his life, this is filled however when a young and rising star named tommy gun wants rocky to train him, however this alienates rocky's son and ends in an explosive battle between trainer and champ when tommy turns on rocky... the last in the current series of the rocky films, superb.
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on 12 July 2015
All movies have sequels which don't quite match the previous set of sequels, but Rocky V to me is one of my favourite movies of all time. I think the only thing that we don't see is Rocky versus Tommy Gunn in the ring, but the street fight they get into at the end was just as brutal and entertaining.
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on 4 March 2015
What happens:
After losing his fortune and suffering irreversible brain damage, Sylvester Stallone's iconic boxer moves back to the Philadelphia backstreets he prowled before winning the title. Re-opening Mickey's gym and climbing back into clothes he hasn't worn for nearly 15 years, he discovers a second chance at success in the form of Tommy 'The Machine' Gunn (Tommy Morrison). But when the relationship sours, Rocky is forced to accept his protégé's challenge, resulting in a teacher Vs pupil showdown that's far too explosive to be contained by mere ring ropes.

What I think:
If you think a one star review is harsh, just ask Sylvester Stallone whether he agrees. Challenged by Jonathan Ross to rate his (until then) five Rocky movies, he happily played along. His mark for this instalment? Zero. And when you consider the fact that he only moments earlier awarded the jingoistic insanity of Rocky IV a full eight points, you get some idea about how bad this is.

Interestingly, reading my brief synopsis at the top of this review, it's evident that it didn't have to be anywhere near the disaster it turned out to be. The idea of a once great boxer training a talented up-and-comer, only for the youngster to become enraged by sitting in his master's shadow, is actually an intriguing one.

The problem is that Stallone spends so much time and effort trying to recapture the magic of the original that we're never able to forget just how far away in terms of quality this one falls.

In an effort to send the hero full circle, we're expected to believe that not only would Rocky be unable to make money from endorsements, TV appearances or publishing rights to his autobiography (despite the fact that he's just single handedly brought down communism) but also that he'll choose to move back into brother-in-law Paulie's (Burt Young) old house, reopen Mickey's dilapidated gym and start wearing his moth-eaten clothes from the 70s - all while wife Adrian (Talia Shire) returns to her job at the pet store.

Stallone's performance of the Italian Stallion is all off, too. No doubt realising his beloved character enjoyed a sudden onset of intelligence and sophistication during the 1980s, Sly attempts to transform him back into the punchy mook of old by inflicting him with a severe case of brain trauma - a result of the beating he suffered at the steroid-powered fists of Ivan Drago. Trouble is, he replaces the subtle, nuanced performance that won him an Oscar nomination in 1976 with a parody of increasingly exaggerated shoulder twitches, facial ticks and vocal slurs. It's Stallone PLAYING Rocky, rather than BEING Rocky.

And this is all before the introduction of George Washington Duke (a lazy Don King knockoff who's played purely as a moustache-twirling villain) drives a wedge of thousand dollar bills between Rocky and his young apprentice.

Even the climactic fight (traditionally a series highlight) is undermined, not so much by the setting (a street brawl at least makes a nice change from the ever more ludicrous bouts in the squared circle), but by the ridiculous scale of it all. Not only is it broadcast live on TV but a crowd of seemingly hundreds is on hand to cheer Rocky on... all while the police stand idly by until it's over.
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on 7 December 2010
I have to start by saying this movie is really really underrated and people did not quite realise what they were seeing when it first came out.

By the time Rcoky 4 came out in 86, people had grown used to the formula, which was "Rocky trains, Rocky beats big bad opponent in the RING". Many had grown to love this franchise and I sure did do.
Rocky is my fav saga and it really is inspiring.

When part 5 came out, people were expecting the same formula and when they didnt get it, they instantly reacted negatively and labelled Rocky 5 a bad movie, worst of the lot. But that's where they made the mistake. You dont judge a movie by whether it follows the same formula as the previous ones.
You judge it solely by the story itself and whetehr the movie can stand alone, even without the previous ones.

In my opinion, Rocky 5 certainly can stand alone and is a terrific movie. One doesnt have to have watched the previous Rockys to enjoy Rocky 5. The story is solid.

I watched Rocky 5 when it came out on vhs in 92 and boy.....did I love this movie. I was really moved by the story of Rocky going broke and losing all he had achieved and how he fights his way back. The betrayal by Tommy made it all the more powerful.

The scene with Mickey in the gym certainly ranks alongside the greatest scenes in movie history. It was original, moving and very very inspiring. Bill contis musical score here made it really special too.
The final street fight in my opinion beats the the other Rocky fights. It was very well choreographed by a talented Stallone who also choreographed all the other fights.

Now come on, let's admit it, almost no other action movie can beat the Rocky 5 street fight. Even the people who hate part 5 admit its a classic street fight.

I told my friend who hated Rocky 5 when he saw it aged 12 to watch it recently and he will get a different view of it because now he's older and more mature. Sure enough, he did enjoy much more and told me he missed seeing the solid story the first time around because back then, like everyone else, he expected another formulaic "Rocky beats massive hulk in the ring" story.

So i urge the people who hate Rocky 5 and have never seen it since 92-94 to watch it again now that they are older. Im sure they will realise what a classic it really is.

I myself love this movie dearly and it's my second fav Rocky. My fav Rocky in order

Rocky 1, 5, 2, 4, 3, 6.

So remember, you dont judge a movie based on whether it follows the same formula or not. You judge it solely by the story, the directing and acting and whether it can stand "alone" without the need for the previous installments. If it can then it's a terrific movie and in my opinion, Rocky 5 certainly is one of them.

As a matter of fact, I'm also a huge collector of action figures and i just recently bought The Rocky 5 set from amazon. Rocky 5 is an unrecognised classic and I urge people to see it now and see what they missed the first time around.
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on 6 June 2016
Let me start by getting the bleeding obvious out of the way first that most people for reasons I can not understand, criticise Rocky V. I really don't know why! It's it because this is the first film we don't see Rocky in the ring? Well that was the case with the recent Creed movie and everyone I know loves that film. If you look at Rocky V, it is basically Creed. The only reason I can now think of why Rocky V is not as popular with the fans as the other films is because it was a bit ahead of it's time and people were not ready to see Rocky or Stallone for that matter in a different light. Perhaps Stallone was too young to take the charecter of Rocky Balboa to a different place or fans just wanted another round in the ring like the four previous films did so splendidly.

My personal opinion of Rocky V is that it holds up well and has got better with age, possibly helped by the previous two films in the saga, Rocky Balboa and now Creed. Depite this I have always rated Rocky V and think it is a very good film with the heart and emotion of the previous installments. With the story following straight on from Rocky IV from 1985, but actually made in 1990, it takes a dramatic turn with Balboa forced into retirement after the beating he took from Ivan Drago. Rocky has to move out of his mansion and sell all his toys, returning back to the streets of Philadelphia in his old neighbourhood. Taking Rocky back to his roots and that hat and leather jacket, he becomes a trainer in Micks old boxing gym. Rocky is then tracked down by an amataur named Tommy Gunn who he takes under his wing.

Balboa now has a new lease of life and is back doing what he wants but ends up neglecting his family and is eventually s**t on from a great height by Gunn. Now we don't see Rocky in the ring in this film but we are treated to a superb street fight between Balboa and Gunn which more than pays off after Gunn snots Paulie enraging Rocky to challenge him. It even has Rocky rising from the ashes with the Rocky theme to boot. And the end credits are excellent showing stills of all the Rocky films in a montage to the whole story. Clearly this was meant to be the final chapter but Sly did put on the gloves again for Rocky Balboa, and rightly so too as it would have been an injustice to leave the charecter like he did in V. Think of it this way.....without Rocky V there may have not been Balboa or Creed.

Just to show I'm not biased because I'm a huge life long fan of Sylvester Stallone (I even own Rhinestone and Stop Or My Mom Will Shoot) and the Rocky franchise I will point out the faults of Rocky V. First of all the guy playing Tommy Gunn, Tommy Morrison. He can't act and spends his time shouting, trying to sound like a black boxer and having a very silly mullet hair cut. Mind you for a bloke that can't act he has done very well with his supermarket chain. And Rocky's son played by Stallone's son Sage is terrible with a ridiculas chain earring dangling from his his lug hole. Another thing I can't quite grasp is that Rocky V follows straight on from IV but Rocky's son now played by Sage Stallone has aged significantly since Rocky left the USA to fight Drago in Russia. How long was he away for? About 4 years it would seem!

There is also a flsh back to Rocky and Mick in the ring that is supposed to be from the first film but Rocky looks nothing like he did back in 1976. In the first film Sly was not ripped and a bit tubby but in the flash back he is ripped as he is in III and IV.

Over all though the film is damn good and has me cheering at the TV with the fight scenes and having a lump in my throat when I hear the Bill Conti theme or seeing Rocky punch the bag while watching a championship fight. I love this film and in some ways I prefer it to IV but have just realised I have messed up by only giving Rocky V a three star rating on my Rocky box set review. This film is a very firm four star so you can take that to the bank!
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on 18 November 2012
Well, they finally made the Rocky 5 movie of STALLONE saying goodbye to his glory days. I guess he got punched too hard on the face by MR.T and DOLPH LUNDGREN, who weren't pretty bad boxers if I say so myself. ROCKY inspired everyone to be the best at what they're good at and never quit no matter what. He'll always be the best fighter with a heart of gold and nobody can take that away from him. KEEP UP THE WINNING SPIRIT ROCKO!!!
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on 18 October 2007
i dont see what all the fuss is about? I thought this rocky was as good as the rest, if not better. he is brought back to the streets where he was born and raised, which creates a 'knock down' effect, giving the family a chance to get up when down, which in all fairness is what rocky is all about. The street fight at the end was in my opinion, the best moment in all the rocky series. joint with rocky vs. mason, and rocky vs. appollo creed II. FANTASTIC DESERVES 6 STARS.
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on 4 January 2015
Due to a terrible beating Balboa has brain damage, loses all his wealth and must return to his humble beginnings with his real-life son Sage who gets picked on at school. Tommy Gunn shows up and asks Balboa to train him. He does briefly and Gunn wins the belt but he is not the fan's champion so the promoter suggests a street fight! Frightening and sad. RIP Tommy Morrison.
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on 16 October 2013
I have a lot of respect for Sylvester Stallone after reading a little bit of background history on him. Not bad for a man who is partially paralysed down one side of his face, yet repeatedly manages to produce hit movie after hit. Never as good as the first one but definitely a sterling effort from the big man himself. Question is will we see a Rocky 7 ?
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on 9 June 2007
Sly Stallone makes a big fuss of Rocky V nowadays and rightly so was desperate to get the financial backing for Rocky Balboa instead for the true completion of the series.

Rocky Balboa comes back to America and is quickly diagnosed with brain damage and from his wife's advice, quits boxing. Balboa even loses a lot of his wealth and has to learn to live the hard life in Philadelphia again. He begins to manage a young boxer Tommy Gunn, but ends up salvaging his own son.......

The fifth part is as predictable as it comes. Rocky starts to really suffer on screen and how i'm very surprised it even managed to get into cinemas in the first place, given the script. The story just shows how far it has dipped and this for certain, is a good indication of the fast decline which in my opinion, started to occur in Rocky III. What starts off when Rocky has finished his fight quickly becomes a domestic farce of family obession and as we expect letting the attention of his son's welfare as a father down deliberately. The editing really truly drags as Rocky faces his dismal future of hope with limited happiness but there's never any structure because it never gets anywhere remotely entertaining even with the 110 mins tag with what the boring mudance script offers, including the terrible and rather comedical Mickey flashback scenes which are meant to be serious. A good example of this being just a whole lot of substance and having no real depth not at all. There's no heart, no movitation or dream in this like what was presented in Rocky Balboa. Rocky V is incredibly shallow, very pale, very wearsome and very much evident of the time (gun crime, violence and unemployment triggering the late 80s/early 90s rap scene in USA) hence it's dated feel. The song "The Pleasure of a Man" bares manages to limp over the credits without a groan, after the hacked-on ending and you'll believe it was absolute drivel-because it is, if you ever get to the end!

No wonder this was a favourite with Razzie. AVOID. Forget about this embarrasement and skip to Rocky Balboa to see where Sly had gone wrong previously.
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