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Customer Reviews

4.5 out of 5 stars
4.5 out of 5 stars
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on 28 February 2003
I heard this album at a friends the other night,and could not believe that this was produced by the apparently less talented half of the defunct All Saints.I bought the album and haven't looked back. I never was much of an All Saints fan, I found them much too inconsistent to be really good, and their albums were largely poor quality padding for their singles.
This is a different cup of tea.The two opening tracks, granted, do give a hint of past influences, but they rapidly leave this behind as the album progresses.It is difficult to know what the influences on this record are. There are hints of hip hop but with deep memorable melody lavishly embellished here and there with big sounding orchestral backing sneaking in and out.It is almost entirely instantly accessible but in a clever quality way, not the type of accessibility that you get bored with after a couple of listenings. Surprisingly there really isn't a low point to this album.Teenage All Saints fans may enjoy elements of this record, but it really is a surprisingly grown up album with a confident mature sound at ease with itself.
Stand out tracks if there are any are Fantasy, Ring A Ding Ding (daft title, excellent music), and Don't Worry.
I still can't beleive this is the Appleton sisters!
Swallow your pride and buy this album.When you get over the shock and disbelief,I am sure you will agree with me that this is by far and away the finest main stream release of the last twelve months.
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on 3 March 2003
Who would have thought that the Appleton sisters would ever reconsider coming back to the music scene after all the stress and arguing they went through with Shazney Lewis and Melanie Blatt. I was convinced Melanie Blatt would be the one that continues her career once she released "24/7" with Artful Dodger.
But the release of "Fantasy" brought Appleton back to business when it got to number 2. Rumours said that Appleton were dropped by the record company before they had a chance to release the album, that would have been believable in the past six months where we didn't hear anything from the girls. But after six months they have returned with another top five single "Don't Worry" and the fantastic album "Everythings Eventual". How can I describe the album when the title says it all, it is an amazing album which is nothing like any other artists out there in the music industry. The album has a variarty of music catergories such as, rock (Fantasy, blow my mind) Indie (Don't Worry, Anyone) and songs that have the All Saints feeling (Ring A Ding Ding, W.M.A.)
It is hard for a big fan of Appleton such as me to give the album fives stars without being Biased, but I have listened to so many times, and I have found that the songs are addictive, and incredible. "Everythings Eventual" is full of mixed emotions, and has proven that Appleton have pure talent.
It was worth the wait, and is worth the time, so if your a fan of Appleton then I strongly recommend this album.
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on 4 March 2003
The first, of what will hopefully be many albums from Appleton - formerly one half of All Saints. Expect the unexpected!

The debut album is a real mix of classic and innovative pop music and gives an insight to the music these girls must have been listening to growing up. Influences/references include; The Beatles (especially the George Martin productions), The Carpenters, The B-52's and a host of others. But only the best is borrowed - they come not to copy but to build upon a great foundation. After just a few plays this CD will definitely find a place in your soul. Some of the vocals are absolute heaven and will melt even the hardest of hearts, particularly "Anyone", "Waiting 4 Your Love" and "Ring A Ding Ding". Other stand out tracks are "M.W.A." and "Blow My Mind". If you have only heard the two singles, "Fantasy" and "Don't Worry", the latter is probably most indicative of what to expect.

There are some similarities to All Saints material, but mostly this is a bold new direction and should be welcomed. Forget the tabloid headlines, the famous partners and all the extraneous baggage. This is an album you will enjoy.

Two minor flaws to an otherwise perfect album: the lack of lyrics on the CD insert is a disappointment, and in my opinion, the order of the tracks could have been bettered ("Blow My Mind" should have been earlier in the album, leaving the moving "Anyone" as the conclusion).

More soon, Please!

Update: 10 years on this CD still sounds wonderful and shows no signs of ageing. What would be great now is a re-release with the three additional tracks (Sugarman, Open to Suggestion & I'm Your Angel) that were available as b-sides to the singles. Plus, a DVD with all the videos. I already have two copies of the CD, and would buy a third!
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on 23 March 2015
I don't do modern "pop" music but I was Impressed with this album as it seemed to have a rocky sound to it. Yet I have always loved the single- Don't Worry, a beautiful sentimental song in my opinion. I bought this as a random gift for somebody who refused it! So I listened to it once or twice and have had no regrets in adding it to my ever growing extensive collection. Was never an All Saints fan though! My musical roots are bedded in rock but it's nice to take a break from the norm occasionally.
Give it an audition, you may be presently surprised!
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on 25 February 2003
This is the best album I have bought in a while, with a wide variety of songs that grow on you as you listen to them. All the songs have unique sounds and a mixture of instruments that make each song different. Songs such as 'Fantasy', 'Hallelujah', 'Everything Eventually' and 'Supernaturally' have a rock feel to them with a great bass line. '5am', 'Anyone' and 'All Grown Up' are slow, gentle pieces with the piano as the more dominant instrument rather than the guitar in the others.
All in all a fabulous album that caters for all tastes in music, I highly recommend it!
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on 28 July 2003
Having been a fan of Shaznay and Melanie in All Saints, I thought the Appleton sisters were freeloaders; brought in to give the boys something to look at while the others got on with the serious tasks of singing and songwriting.
However, when Fantasy was released I begrudgingly had to admit that I rather liked it. Assuming they'd be a one hit wonder, I thought no more of them until the release of Don't Worry. Sweet & sentimental - it still didn't persuade me to part with my hard-earned cash. It was only when I overheard someone playing "Everything Eventually" that I stopped in my tracks and thought "Wow!" It's such a perfectly chilled summer record and their voices sounded sublime.
That was it for me... I went and bought the album and I can honestly say when there hasn't been a day in the last 3/4 weeks that I haven't listened to at least 3 tracks from it.
My outstanding favourites have to be "Fantasy", "Everything Eventually", "M.W.A" (one of the Appletons summed this up perfectly by saying it's hip hop meets the Andrews Sisters! I love the tight harmonies on this one), "Ring a Ding Ding" (dark and brooding without resorting to bunny boiling) and the superb "Waiting for your Love" - surely this has got to be their next single release?!
And boy! Can those girls sing! No wonder Shaznay kept them in the background!
In short - this is an album that will appeal to fans of good, strong music, tight harmonies and lyrics that span both ends of the emotional spectrum. All this from two damned fine singers who don't take themselves too seriously.
Go and buy it. It's the perfect partner for summer 2003.
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on 26 February 2003
I thought Saints and Sinnners was good but this is even better...probably because Shaznay's awful rapping doesn't feature - but there is an interesting rap on one of the songs.
All the songs are really good especially Hallelujah and Supernaturally. The only song thats fails to impress is the slow 5am.
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on 11 October 2003
This lp is one of the...nah, this is my all-time favourite album among every album in music history (i've listened to a LOT of artists).I know some people will be like:"pff what's he sayin'?!" but that's the simple truth:i just love this record.Let me tell you why:
1.Fantasy: A cool rocky tune.Definitely not the most interesting cut.A good start though.
2.Don't worry: How many times have i cried listening to it...This song is breezy and the vocal harmonies relaxing.Moreover,i really love the lyrics.A classic.
3.Hallelujah: Very interesting.The music has that mystic feel we've known with madonna's "ray of light".The chorus lifts me up every time.A powerful song.
4.Everything eventually: At first,this tune might seem poor musically but if you look closer,you'll realise it's in fact rather interesting.Same mystic feel.The lyrics can be thought dumb,but think it over:it's not.
5.M.W.A.: Stands for "mystic wisdom of the ancients" and yes,it has a mystic feel.An upbeat track which could have been featured on all saints "saints and sinners".It's a kind of rap with a good chorus.Original and a little underground.(i said a little and i mean it)
6.Ring-a-ding-ding: Do you know what a pop masterpiece is? If you don't just listen to this song and you'll learn in no time.Well you'll learn in a little more than 6 min.Strong vocals, Marvellous strings, Cool lyrics, An exquisite darker feel and yeah yeah a mystic feel.Just listen.
7.Supernaturally: Hmm...this song could have been a b-side on some madonna's singles from "music".A song of average quality, but it's addictive enough to make it worth being on the album.
8.All grown up: A song which could be sung walking down the streets of London on a rainy night: that should give you an idea of the atmosphere of this cut.There's a mystic,dark and rocky feel about it.
9.Waiting for your love: same as supernaturally,though a little more addictive and interesting.
10.5 am: Guitar-led,strong vocals only by Natalie,cool lyrics(nothing extraordinary though):it becomes a little grandiose in the end,and i love it.
11.Long long road: This song is kinda strange.It doesn't convince entirely:the music,the ideas and the cool vocals are all there,but it's like an unfinished track(yes,a filler).But even with undeveloped ideas, i still like it.
12.Anyone: Aaaah... How i love this song.It's piano-led,with that same old mystic feel,those same old beautiful vocals.It's great chillin',refined music featuring very personal lyrics:it's the only time on the album that we get to know more about the sisters.That's rather cool.
13.Blow my mind: Cool lyrics, a rocky sound,great vocals as always,a mystic feel...Pure Appleton.
As you can see,the album is not perfect.(not at all!!).But what this makes my all-time favourite album is the girls' voices.These are the voices that touch me the most in the whole music industry.Why? I don't know,but maybe that's what we call magic.
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on 29 May 2003
Let me set the scene, I was never a fan of All Saints and had very little time for the Appletons. Boy how things have changed since I bought this CD on the strength of their second single "Don't Worry". This CD is a real gem of a pop album. Forget their first single "Fantasy" an average song that just doesn't fit in with the rest of this CD. Move onto track two "Don't Worry" this track sets a precident for whats to come, a fantastic emotional anthem on par with Robbies "Angels". But things don't stop there, the tracks get better! Appleton have created a style all of their own, "Hallelujah is perfect adult pop. Personal favourite has to be "Everything Eventually" a real summery feelgood track perfect for driving to on sunny days, as the song says it makes you "glad to be alive". "M.W.A" is the closest they get to recreating the All Saints sound (only its better this time)"Ring A Ding Ding" may sound like a eurovision entry, but this is a beautifully crafted slice of moody sophisticated pop. They actually sound like Andrea Corr singing cool tunes. "Supernaturally" showcases how perfectly these girls voices blend together. Where most albums start to wane at the 3/4 point this one goes from strength to stregth "All Grown Up", "Waiting For Your Love","Long Long Road" and "Anyone" are all wonderful tunes. When listening to the track "5am" you are listening to the simplest, clearest ,purest vocals heard in pop for a long time."Blow My Mind" is the perfect end to a great album. This is a Cd for all occasions but have found it the perfect CD for a "back to mine" night. Play it, all your mates will fall in love with it, and then they won't beleive you when you tell then its "Appleton". Already a classic in my collection and destined to be one in yours. You won't be disappointed.
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on 27 February 2003
I bought this album with some skepticism, eventhough I had heard and read good things about it. The Appleton sisters always seemed to be the ones in All Saints whose sole job was to look pretty on tour, and do backing vocals. However, being the first to release an album from the ex All Saints, I thought I should give a try.
It starts with first single, Fantasy. I wasnt a huge fan of this song, and I am not now. The attempt at rock from these girls just didnt seem to mix well for me, and although it quite possibly the catchiest song here, it is also the song with the least depth. However, from Don't Worry onwards, the Appletons impress. Each song, although pop, has depth, which in these days of manufactured pop, is quite an achievement. Sometimes its the key changes, sometimes its the amount of harmonising of vocals, but each song has merit.
While some songs start poorly in my view, the more often than not become hugely entertaining, and often stick in the memory. This is adult pop, but not in a boring way, like eurthmics did a few years ago. Do not expect to be blown away immediately by this album, because you wont. It will grow on you within a few listens, and it has been awhile since you could say that about a pop record by anyone.
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