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4.7 out of 5 stars
4.7 out of 5 stars
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on 4 January 2015
I have always quite enjoyed this film. It is, in my opinion, one of the better Carry On films that were made in the 70s. Most of the regulars are here too. However, I do have several reservations. The film looks as though it was made very cheaply and the sets look especially cheap. I think that all of the Carry Ons were made on a shoestring budget, but this is one of the more noticeable. Also, not a lot happens in the film and the gags are spread very thinly and there are a fair few misfires of jokes that were meant to be funny and are just cringeworthy. The film is reasonably entertaining, though, so I can forgive these problems. This was also Charles Hawtrey's last Carry On film and June Whitfield makes a return to the series, after Carry On Nurse, which was made thirteen years before. Carry On Abroad isn't quite as memorable as some of the earlier entries in the series, but it still has its moments. I give it three stars, because it is still worth a watch for fans of the series, but just don't expect too much from it.
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on 30 May 2003
This would have to be one of my favourite Carry On films. Its about a group of tourists going on a trip of a lifetime, to find themselves stuck in a hotel under construction. The movie is filled with great gags and chaos. Staring, all the carry on greats, Sid James, Kenneth Williams, Charles Hawtrey, Kenneth Connor, Barbara Windsor, ect. Special features on this DVD include; Audio commentary by Sally Geeson, Carol Hawkins, John Clive and David Kernan, Theatrical Trailer, Stills Gallery and more. I would give this movie 5 stars if it wasnt for the poor ending, that carry on films are famous for having.
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on 12 March 2004
Carry on Abroad is simply the best in the carry on series and possibly the best British comedy ever made. Why The Full Monty even bothered to copy the toilet humour made famous in the 60s by the carry on team is beyond me. I didn't even snigger at the Full Monty, but this still has me in stitches. 'Abroad' is firstly, very very clever. Ideoologically, a stinging indictment of the British working class and their tacky holidays on the Costas, which the Royal Family and the Office could only dream of emulating decades later. The representations are stinging and faultless- the scottish music as (can't remember his name) gets onto the bus, the exclamtion from Williams to the chief of police that 'firstly, I would like to point out that we are all BRITISH SUBJECTS', is hilarious. Listen to Williams' analysis of the wine for dinner and the razor-sharp responses from Sid James- amazing. I love the play on names that many less sophisticated viewers will miss entirely- Monsieur Pepe for example- brilliant. It all flows so easily for the carry on team in this, their best ever. There are too many gems to write about- essential if you want to compile any kind of history of British comedy in your collection.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 10 August 2015
The 24th film in the Carry On series finds the cast partaking in a package holiday to Els Bels. Once arriving they find their hotel still under construction and nobody much likes the company they are in!

This is actually one film that boasted the most regular Carry On cast members, which carries the pic up above and through some choppy waters. Leaning heavily towards the more bawdy side of the franchise, it obviously couldn't appeal to everyone. The 1970s in Britain was becoming a place of decadent sexuality and the makers are earnest in their attempts to capture the zeitgeist of the time, whilst of course being aware of the more openly sexual nature of some other comedy films of the era.

This is great fun, an absolute ramshackle holiday experience, the very definition of a cheap deal that WAS too good to be true. The makers indulge us purposely with stereotypes, the Brits abroad crassness, the bad food and excessive drinking, the undersexed and the oversexed clientèle, bad weather, nudity, a raucous set-to at a red light establishment, sexual stimulants and on it goes.

Cast are great, reliable sorts with such cheeky material to work from, with Peter Buterworth taking the leading honours as the hotel manager trying to convince everyone this hotel from hell is a paradise! The double entendre's flow, the chaotic scenes stack up, the corn is well and truly laid on a plate, suffice to say this is not about pathos or intelligent meanings.

The finale is two-fold and great for fans, the drunken party on the last night at the hotel literally is crash bang and wallop, while the collective character closure at Sid and Joan's English bar has a warmness to it that fans can relate to. Charles Hawtrey, the skeleton on legs, left the series here, playing an alcoholic rogue, the makers accepting his real life issues and incorporating it into his farewell performance. 7/10
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on 17 November 2002
Carry On Abroad stands as one of the best Carry On films. All of the team's favourite regulars are here, as well as some welcome guest stars, making for one of the largest casts put together in a 70s Carry On film. The usual batch of players that are present, and clearly on good form, are Sid James, Joan Sims, Kenneth Williams, Peter Butterworth, Charles Hawtrey, Barbara Windsor, Hattie Jacques, Kenneth Connor and Bernard Bresslaw. They are joined by Scottish comedian Jimmy Logan and a whole host of other familiar TV stars of the day, such as June Whitfield, Ray Brooks, Carol Hawkins, Derek Francis, Patsy Rolands, Sally Geeson and John Clive.

Vic (Sid James) and Cora Flange (Joan Sims) join a pack of tourists on a package holiday deal to the Island of Elsbells. Vic's plans had already been scuppered as the holiday was originally intended to be a dirty weekend with his mistress, Sadie Tomkins (Babara Windsor), but all plans were thwarted after Cora (Joan Sims) decided she'd like to go on the holiday as well to keep a firm eye on her straying husband. Once all the tourists arrive at their destination, they are astounded to discover that the hotel is only half built and there are no more than three staff members (Peter Buterworth, Hattie Jacques and Ray Brooks). From there follows several comic mishaps that are all as predictable as ever yet remains a thoroughly entertaining watch. There's great fun to be had especially when the gang get arrested and end up spending a night in jail, following a fight that occurred outside a brothel. But it's the classic ending where the film really scores best as the hotel slowly begins collapsing around their ears. Only problem is, everyone is too drunk and feeling too amorous to even care. Peter Butterworth manically runs around trying to get everyone to vacate the building but his efforts fall on deaf ears. The film has a happy ending and the fun sequence where the gang are all reunited and decide to have a lock-in at Vic and Cora's pub is one of the best endings in a Carry On film, firmly holding onto that fine, feel-good spirit which would slowly dissolve from here on.

The cast are all on usual form, though Peter Butterworth and Hattie Jacques are, perhaps, the best players here. They make a Laurel and Hardy-like duo and Jacques in particular is in an unusual role, playing a Spanish, downtrodden and utterly demented, cook. The rest of the cast certainly get their moments including Joan Sims in the hilarious umbrella sequence where she and Sid James are suddenly soaked from the roof collapsing during the storm of the last night just when they were planning a bit of "nookie". Priceless stuff! Kenneth Williams and Charles Hawtrey hilariously mince around during the majority of the film, putting in their more familiar characterisations, while Jimmy Logan is a welcome addition to the cast who provides sparkle in every scene he's in.

All in all, Carry On Abroad was one of the last true great Carry On's. The series was on a slippery slope now and this would also be the last to feature Charles Hawtrey - a much loved regular in the series. Carry On Abroad was one of the greatest of all the 1970's Carry On's and proved to be another big smash hit at the Box Office. Great fun! Recommended.

Ian Phillips
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on 31 May 2014
I am munching my way through the Carry Ons and the age (or era) of production does not seem to affect the enjoyment of seeing the crew at work...though the quality varies throughout the series and then goes into decline round about now with Carry on Abroad. I found it mildly amusing at times but it has not held up well - even the dated Carry on Regardless look better. I do feel a tad guilty as the Carry Ons are greater than any any one film and the humour still appeals to me. But Carry on Abroad is one of those ones that even years ago did not quite reach all of my funny bone. Kenneth Williams is sadly reduced to running around with his trousers round his ankles, Hattie Jacques is intermittently seen doing the same angry cook scene (again and again) and Charles Hawtrey was woefully wasted in what was to be, sadly, his final Carry On. Only Peter Butterworth, Kenneth Connor and June Whitfield seemed to have any decent roles. Jimmy Logan seemed quite at home too. It's still a Carry on but a sign of things to come.
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on 25 November 2003
This is one of the best carry ons ever made. The carry on team go on holiday to Elsbels. When they get there they find out the hotel is not finished but the manager says its ok, theres only 4 or 5 floors left to go. The carry on team get into loads of trouble. This film will keep you laughing all night. So I highly recommended this film its a great buy.
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on 6 March 2004
This is the best Carry On film in the world !!!!! Fantastic and portrays the best of english humour in a reality situation...a must have for your Caary On collection..
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on 15 March 2007
released in 1972,some would state that this is the last great carry on,maybe it is,maybe it isnt as i like at least 28 of the 30 carry on films,carry on england and carry on columbus were a bit too messy for my liking but with carry on abroad you get possibly the best film and thats largely because this film has the best cast of them all.This film contains the three carry on female legends in hattie jacques,joan sims and babs windsor and the majority of male stars from sid james,kenneth williams,peter butterworth,kenneth connor,bernie bresslaw and charles hawtrey,what a cast and the film is all the better for it.

The film tells the story and indeed mocks the british invasion of spain which started big time in the 60s and 70s and the crew all live it up brilliantly,from the shocking hotel,getting arrested and having both great and bad holiday experiences,carry on abroad is a film which we can all relate too if we have had a package holiday,the film is laced with great quotes and naughty references and its charm hasnt weakened in 35 years since,when compared to modern comedies like harold and kumar,one thing is clear,carry on is an institution that knew how to make people laugh without resorting to crass and whimpish humour.
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on 3 August 2008
This is definately my favourite of all of the Carry On Films. It is laughter from the moment it starts.
Kenneth Williams as Stuart Farquhar is fantastic especially when Peter Butterworth as the Spanish Hotel owner says 'Stupid What? when he first introduces his name.
Joan Sims and Sid James as husband and wife are hysterical and the scene where Sid smashes through the patio window when he thinks it hasnt got any glass in it, is superb........Joan Sims laughter really makes that scene and its so contageous.
The whole supporting cast are brilliant and there really is not just one star of this film they are all great. (Lovely Bernard Breslaw as Brother Bernard and the beautiful Carol Hawkins as the girl he takes a shine many others to mention, of course Barbara Windsor being chased by Sid James, how could you have a Carry On without that!!).
Hattie Jacques has a smaller part as Floella the spanish wife of Pepe but the amount of time she is on screen had me in stitches.
June Whitfield is fab as the snooty Mrs Blunt and the scene at the dinner table with her, Sid, Joan and Kenneth Connor (who plays her husband) is one of the funniest where he offers her a cigarette and she says 'I tried it once and didnt like it'...then offers her wine 'I tried it once and didnt like it'...Sid says its strange and she says 'Not at all my daughter is just the same'....Sid then says 'Your only child I take it!!!'....fantastic!!
If you havent seen this film you must watch it, you really will laugh all the way through it.
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