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4.7 out of 5 stars38
4.7 out of 5 stars
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on 27 June 2001
This has got to be my favourite out of all the Carry On films. The casting is superb with Kenneth Williams as Dr Tinkle, and Hattie Jacques as Matron. Willams is at his best with flaring nostrils and shrill voice, striking fear into the male patients on Fosdick Ward! There are laughs galore throughout and none of the jokes fall flat! Charles Hawtrey shines as Mr Barren, who is suffering from a phantom pregnancy! The smile is soon wiped off his face when Dr Tinkle sends him to ante-natal classes with the women! A hilarious send up of the NHS, and a must for any Carry On fans. If you haven't seen this film, I highly recommend it, especially if you are a Kenneth Williams fan! Definitely worth the money.
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on 12 May 2004
I grew up watching Carry Ons - but I never really thought about buying the DVD's until I happened to pick up one in a shop and read about the audio commentary by Jim Dale. Now Sid James, Kenneth Williams, Charles Hawtrey, Hattie Jacques, Joan Sims and Burnard Bresslaw are no longer with us he's the last (in my humble opinion) of what I class as my REAL Carry On gang and it was great listening to Jim talk his way through what he remembers of making the films (the most clear memories seem to be the pain involved in some of the stunts!!) It was also lovely hearing him talk about his co-stars - the real, personal memories of people he worked with for many years, people that were far more than the human caricatures they seem to have become. He was friends with who he says was the real Kenneth Williams and he'll tell you what Sid James was really like to work with - a true gentleman. These films are a British institution and stars are some of the most intriguing actors in British comedy. Having these commentaries gives you a real personal insight into their making...from a very funny man!
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HALL OF FAMEon 5 January 2008
The patient is Francis Bigger, played by Frankie Howerd, and the line is a sly reference to the funniest scene in Carry On Nurse. It's probably the cleverest line in Carry On Doctor. Like Carry On Nurse, Carry On Doctor takes place in hospital and, as the movie says, is a bedpanorama of hospital life.

The long-running Carry On movies were bawdy, low-comedy, good-natured madhouses that featured a repertory company of comics we came to recognize instantly. Here, the company is made up of Kenneth Williams, Jim Dale, Hattie Jacques, Sid James, Joan Sims, Charles Hawtrey, Barbara Windsor and Bernard Bresslaw, among others. They play the patients, the doctors and the nurses at Finisham Hospital. If you relish jokes about bedpans and hernias, where any possible activity below the waist will wind up as corny, corny jokes or wheezing double entendres, Finisham is the place to be. Says Dr. Kilmore (Jim Dale) to Francis Bigger, "Just as I thought. You fell on your coccyx." "I did not," says Bigger, "I fell on my back." "Your coccyx is at the base of the spine," points out Dr. Kilmore. Says Bigger, "Well I've never heard it called that before."

A Carry On hospital movie always has lots of nubile nurses assisting the longing denizens of the male ward. "Nurse, I dreamt about you last night," says a hobbled Ken Biddle (Bernard Bresslaw) to the stacked Nurse Clarke (Anita Harris). "Did you?" she asks? "No," Biddle says, "you wouldn't let me." And of course we have to deal with the Matron, a large woman more indomitable than a battleship, who knows how to keep any male quivering at the thought of one of her enemas or her ice baths. Has a matron ever been played as perfectly as Hattie Jacques? Her matrons always know what they want, and in this movie, Matron wants Dr. Kenneth Tinkle (Kenneth Williams), the hospital's chief physician. "Matron," Dr. Tinkle says, "you may not realize it but I was once a weak man!" "Doctor," says Matron, "once a week is enough for any man!"

Who cares what the plot is when we have lines like these? We even have Charles Hawtrey who, in film as well as in life, raised mincing about to an art form, playing a father-to-be suffering from false pregnancy symptoms. It's a small, unlikely and vivid bit. The whole movie is a funny, gently off-color and totally innocent experience...such as the small boy who swallowed half a crown and was taken to hospital. Two days later the boy's mum asks the doctor, "How's he doing?" "Sorry, missus," the doctor says, "there's still no change."

The Carlton Region Two DVD of Carry On Doctor has a fine picture and several extras. The best is the film's commentary by Jim Dale. He comes across as a nice guy, talking about people he enjoyed working with. For the last few years, as well as having great success on Broadway, Dale has been doing the acclaimed audio books for the U. S. version Harry Potter books.
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on 31 March 2013
I still love the Carry On movies, with their nudge-nudge double entendres. Yes, they were low budget movie versions of those tacky old seaside postcards, but they featured some of the greatest comedic actors known to cinema: Kenneth Williams, Hattie Jacques, Sid James, Charles Hawtrey, Joan Sims, Bernard Bresslaw, Babs Windsor...
And, of course, none of that dreary political correctness that has brought modern-day UK to its knees.

For all that Britain was a kinder, nicer place in the 60s and 70s. This one is as many are set in a hospital with a group of bumbling doctors, nurses and irrepressible patients. A sample of the humour: Biddle: Nurse I dreamt about you last night.
Nurse Clarke: Did you?
Biddle: No, you wouldn't let me.

Dr James Kilmore: Just as I thought. You fell on your coccyx.
Francis Bigger: I did not. I fell on my back.
Dr James Kilmore: Your coccyx is at the base of the spine.
Francis Bigger: Well I've never heard it called that before.

Highlights include the rooftop bathing scene with the quirky and cute Babs Windsor and the patients rebellion at the end seeing Matron (Hatti Jaques) and the hated Dr Tinkle (Kenneth Williams)
get their commupance for their plot against the well liked Dr Kilmore (Jim Dale).
Once you see this one you will keep coming up for more
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on 3 January 2011
I live in province of Québec (Canada) and I saw three of them (Doctor, Camping and Lose your head) in mid 70's DUBBED IN FRENCH! I laughed a lot at that time and I still consider that this kind of humour is not as dumb as some people think. This time, I viewed the movie assisted with subtitles "for the hearing impaired", essential for me! It looks like some characters do their best to keep up their charming (!?) funny accent! Obviously, we don't catch on 100% : that doesn't matter, with the face which they make us...some jokes seems to be a little oldish but that doesn't garble the interest...we really appreciated much that we ordered five more CARRY ON DVD... I can't better say : You love it or not! To get it over, sorry for my approximate english.
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VINE VOICEon 20 March 2007
this is one of the most famous carry ons and indeed the one that people most love,and if you asked people who dont like carry on to name one i can almost bet that they will say this and rightly so,the carry on series is legendary and within that their exploration of the hospital is famous,ranging from carry on nurse to carry on again doctor and to a lesser extent in carry on matron.

Sid james takes a back seat to frankie howard in this,sid being ill at the time in real life but still appearing and kenny williams as an over pompous doctor,charles hawtrey,hattie jacques as the fearful matron and bernie bresslaw all appear here and babs windsor as a nurse who send the male patients temperatures soaring,who can forget her immortal words 'oh,saucy',by now the carry on team was established and the quality was on the rise,the crew here just know they are working with a great bawdy script laced with prime laughs,this is a classic carry on in every respect.
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When the hugely popular Dr Kilmore {Jim Dale} is fired unjustly by devious superiors, the patients do something about it.

If only British hospitals were like this. The nurses look like Anita Harris and Barbara Windsor, the doctors are bonkers and the patients are having the time of their life. Yes this is a "Carry On" movie in all it's jovial glory. Thinly plotted it may be, but it's an excellent script from Talbot Rothwell that lets the true comedians in the piece showcase their worth.

Hattie Jacques as a battle-axe Matron, Kenneth Williams as snobby unscrupulous head Doctor Tinkle, Charles Hawtrey suffering a phantom pregnancy, Frankie Howerd as Francis Bigger {a man in hospital after making a living out of saying you don't need Doctor's! And then believing he only has a week to live} and the likes of Bernard Bresslaw and Sid James as rogue patients playing up. It's a marvellous set up that works a treat for visual comedy. Witness Howerd's incredulity when he is woken at 06.00, or Hawtrey's reaction when the stocking laden minx that is Barbara Windsor arrives on the ward. Great comedy moments in a great comedy film. 7.5/10
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on 9 January 2011
It's an added bonus when the usual cast of Carry-On regulars have someone like Frankie Howerd join them as in this film as Francis Bigger a less than honest faith healer who falls of his rostrum at one of his meetings and is taken to the local hospital in a hurry. In time he, he ends-up marrying his long-suffering secretary (Joan Sims)but that's the price he pays for listening in to other peoples conversations? Then there's Sid James who's simply workshy and Senior Registrar Kenneth Williams can't find ANYTHING wrong with him after he's in the hospital for more weeks than either of them can remember.Charles Hawtreys wife is having a baby but it's Hawtry who is having a "phantom pregnancy" and ALL the symptoms that go with it!Add to this a romance featuring Bernie Bresslaw, another between Williams and Matron-Hattie Jaques and of course numerous innuendos with Barbara Windsor and Jim Dale and Anita Harris as another special guest star and your assured of laughs in this 90 minute Carry On.
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on 8 March 2009
i have always been a great fan of carruy on films, and i always felt the early ones were the best and the funniest, this is as good as any of them, i worked in an hospital so i really can see these king of things going on
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 28 January 2013
'Carry On Doctor' has to be one of the best of the Carry On films. With many memorable jokes, Jim Dale's priceless slapstick comedy and the addition of Frankie Howerd as the hilarious 'Francis Bigger' the film keeps you laughing all the way through. The great thing about the film though is the way in which Howerd fits in so well with the established stars of the series. The on screen chemistry between him and especially Kenneth Williams is amazingly good considering the fact that he was essentially an 'outsider' and a bigger star than most of the regulars. Jim Dale mentions this during the 'audio commentary' version of the film and talks of how regulars in the Carry On's were used to 'giving' to each other as actors on screen for the films themselves were essentially repertory theatre.

Barbara Windsor creates the usual 'male mayhem' in the film and Bernard Bresslaw's character plays a large part in linking the plot of the film together. We don't get to see a lot of Peter Butterworth or Charles Hawtrey this time around but the scenes in which they do appear are typical of the funny moments both are renowned for. Sid James (who had not long had a heart attack when filming began) spends most of his on screen time in bed here but is no less funny. Add to all this brilliant performances by Hattie Jacques as the amourous Matron with a thing for Kenneth Williams as 'Dr Tinkle' and Joan Sims as the hard of hearing sidekick to Frankie's character and you have a British comedy classic.

That this DVD also includes a plethora of extra material to delight the Carry On collector in the shape of a collectible colour booklet, 'The Baron Outlook' episode from the spin-off 'Carry On Laughing' ITV television series, a stills gallery and the aforementioned audio commentary version featuring Jim Dale and you would be a fool not to buy this.

Great value and plenty of laughs.
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