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4.2 out of 5 stars29
4.2 out of 5 stars
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VINE VOICEon 14 February 2009
I finally got to see the new cut of My Bloody Valentine as 3 mins of gore have been re-instated in the movie in the Lionsgate re-released DVD of this classic. If you are wondering where the rest of the 6 missing minutes are as there was 9 minutes of gore removed. Sadly it turns out the film was ruined and those scenes are unfortunately detorerated beyond repair so that the reason why they haven't included them on the new DVD but most of the gore is back and makes the forgotten classic a more remembered one. Don't go thinking that the remake follows the story of this one as the remake is based very loosely and different in many ways. However if you just want to see this for the classic it is then read on...

The inhabitants of Valentine Bluffs are planning their annual Valentine's Day dance but this year they are warned not to otherwise people will die. Naturally the young adults don't listen and the bodies start to pile up one after another in various gruesome and gory ways. I loved this film as it shows some innovativeness with the way the forewarned adults are killed, some deaths that had never been used and shown during the horrors of the 80's movies are shown and done well right here on the screen as the mystery of the miner slowly unfolds. This has the right to become a cult horror classic as this was one of the great horror movies to come out of Paramount studios at that time First Friday the 13th then My Bloody Valentine and since then the friday the 13th sequels and now Friday the 13th remake. The acting in this is good and makes you wonder whatever happened to the principal stars of this film as they seem to have disappeared into thin air. Shame I'd like to see Neil Affleck and Paul Kelman again in another movie. They drove the movie as friends/now rivals Axel and Tom (who was called TJ in this but you can tell he was Tom. There are the occasional plothole in this which the analiser of movies will probably post up on a site but me I don't care, it's a movie plain and simple. My philosophy is that if they didn't write it in the script the reason why a character did a certain thing then who gives a damn. My Bloody valentine has been released with all the gore and it's both a great horror to watch and also a classic by horror standards nowadays so get to see it as soon as you can or watch it over Valentine's day and scare your gf to death and plz "Be my bloody valentine"

One more word: If you see the DVD with the hand drawing a heart in blood on a window, be warned this is the heavily edited MPAA version and none of the gore will be seen. Get the version by Lionsgate with the miner on the front holding a bloody heart shaped chocolate box as this is the one that has the gore in all of it's reinstated glory, but you must choose the extended cut on the menu in order to see it.
"Sarah, be my bloody valentine."
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on 17 November 2014
REVIEWED VERSION: 2009 Lionsgate Special Edition US Blu-Ray (Extended version)

Director: George Mihalka

Cast: Paul Kelman, Lori Hallier, Neil Affleck, Keith Knight, Alf Humphreys, Cynthia Dale, Helene Udy, Peter Cowper


In a small Canadian mining community, a miner returns every Valentine's Day to kill those who celebrate on that day with a pickax. He cuts their hearts out and puts them in chocolate boxes.
The miner, Harry Warden, is the only survivor of a mining accident 20 years ago, which happened because the men in charge of security were at a party. Now the town is planning to have the first Valentine's Day celebration since the incident..


Now this is the treatment we all are waiting for for the FRIDAY THE 13TH series: When MY BLOODY VALENTINE was first released in theaters, the MPAA *BUTCHERED* the film, and I mean BUTCHERED. Most deaths scenes now were off screen or heavily cut. This R-rated "tame" version was the only version available until Lionsgate released this special edition in 2009.
The BBFC imposed no further cuts to the R rated version and the rating was downgraded in 2003 to a more appropriate 15. The unrated version, however is definitely not for children: the gore scenes are strong, even for today's standards.
Personally, I found this movie to be better than any of the FRIDAY THE 13TH movies (in its UNCUT form that is). The killer in the miner's suit - sorry Jason, your hockey mask just don't cut it! Inventive kills (the nail gun kill is particularly nasty and the pickax punching the eyeball out of the socket makes the eye-popping scene in FRIDAY THE 13TH Part III look like children did that effect) definitely are worth it. If you've just seen the theatrical cut, you need to reconsider. THIS is the definite version of the film, easily making the much better with the additional gore (hey it's a slasher!). A good scenery - especially the mine - add tremendously to the climax.
The acting is pretty decent for a slasher. I found the teens in MY BLOODY VALENTINE far less annoying than their FRIDAY counterparts. Of all the actors I found Lori Hallier to be the most convincing.
Mediocre directing job by George Mihalka (IT'S A SLASHER!). Don't expect anything extraordinary or revolutionary here. People line up to get killed. A chimp could direct this (OK that's an exaggeration, but you get the picture...).
MY BLOODY VALENTINE is not a *great* slasher film by all means, but it definitely is one of the better ones of that era. The 2009 remake is better, though.
A sidenote: the Blu-Ray is REGION FREE!!!


Feature running time: 90:34 mins.(Theatrical) / 93:00 mins. (Unrated)
Rating: R (MPAA) (Theatrical) Unrated (Extended) / 15 (BBFC) (Theatrical) (rerated 2003)
Aspect Ratio: 1.78:1 / 16:9
Audio: English DTS-HD 5.1, English 1.0 Mono
Subtitles: English, English SDH, Spanish
Extras: Restored Unrated & Uncut version of the film (93:00), My Bloody Valentine Featurette (20:36), Deleted Scenes: Opening Sequence (5:32), Mabel in the Dryer (2:03), Happy's Surprise (1:18), Dave Gets Dunked (0:41), Sylvia in the Showers (3:19), Nail Gun (1:38), Beheading (2:29), Pick Axe to the Torso (1:03), Axel's Flshback (1:24), End Sequence (1:25), 16 "Bloodlines: An Interactive Horror Film History (text only), Theatrical trailer (2:10), Bookmarks, Trailers to other movies
Region: Region Free

Picture quality: 4/5
Audio quality: 3/5
Extras: 4/5
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on 10 December 2010
Forget the re-make, this is the original and best.

It's a "Friday The 13th" style slasher movie set in a small mining town that many years ago suffered a tradgedy concerning miners trapped down below after an explosion on Valentines day.

The only survivor was rescued weeks later, completely insane after having to eat the bodies of his co workers to stay alive, and escapes from the looney bin to disappear for years but not before he puts a curse on the town warning them to never celebrate Valentines day again.

Present day and guess what?, the local youngsters decide it's time to forget old curses and have a Valentines dance, but get this, they hold it in the mine where all the trouble began.

The bodies soon start to litter the place and what you end up with is a great game of cat and mouse deep underground in the spooky tunnels and shafts of the abandoned areas but who is doing the killing?, a copycat killer or has the original fruit cake returned?.

This is an excellent horror movie with it's tongue firmly wedged in it's cheek, check out the really awful poems the killer sends his victims in Valentines cards before the big mine climax.
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on 6 August 2010
This is an extremely enjoyable horror. I remember seeing the cover of this on a video as a kid and being intruigued, and watching it all these years later, it's a fun and exciting slasher. The plot has a fun conceit - that a miner went nuts after an accident on Valentine's Day and caused a bloodbath, warning the town not to celebrate the holiday again. So naturally when the day gets revived, the corpses begin to mount up...
It's filled with great performances and features the usual 'is it the original killer or a new guy?' dilemma that's in every slasher of this design. This aspect is played very well. The gore is pretty good, and the tension and stalking scenes are very well executed as well. The killer is very distinctive and fun to look at, and it has a very exciting ending. Well worth watching.
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on 24 November 2011
In the small mining town of Valentine Bluffs, two foremen leave early to get to the town's Valentine's Day dance. Five workers remained in the mine when a methane gas explosion traps the five in a shaft, six weeks later a rescue team find there's only one survivor. Harry Warden has survived by eating his coworkers and appears to have lost his mind. After spending a year in a mental hospital, Harry returns to town and takes his revenge by brutally murdering the guilty foremen. He ripped out their hearts and put them in Valentine's candy boxes, along with a warning that if a Valentine's party is ever held in Valentine Bluffs again, the murders would continue.

Twenty years later and with Harry Warden being nothing but a distant memory, the town is getting ready for their first Valentine's Day party since the killings. It isn't long before a maniac dressed in mining gear is killing the townsfolk, in a similar brutal fashion to those twenty years earlier. Has Harry Warden kept his promise to return and kill anybody celebrating the 14th of February?

The mostly Canadian cast do a really good job, Paul Kelman, Lori Hallier and Neil Affleck are all believable enough as the main stars and the three involved in the film's love triangle. Keith Knight is the most likable of the group, he plays the slightly robust coworker with the bushy moustache. George Mihalka directs confidently and keeps the movie going at a great pace. The atmosphere is fantastic, they filmed it in a real town and in a real mine thousands of feet under ground. The special effects that were unseen until this 2009 release are excellent and really realistic, it's a shame that such excellent work was unseen for nearly thirty years. Quentin Tarantino stated this is his all time favourite slasher film.

Lionsgate's 2009 special edition on blu-ray looks fantastic, and best of all it's region free. From the opening scene down in the dark, grimy mine I was instantly impressed by how clean and detailed the picture was. I was impressed by how nice the Paramount region 2 bare bones dvd looked, but this blu-ray looks far better than I could ever have imagined a low budget Canadian slasher film from 1981 could look. Virtually all the speckles and dirt has been removed, there's very little grain even in the darkest scenes, the blacks are really dark and inky and the colours are vibrant and much more visually pleasing. If it wasn't for the fact it's so obviously the early '80s, the film could pass as a pretty recent film.

Despite how brilliant the film now looks, it wasn't the main reason I decided to get the region 1 special edition. I really wanted to see the added "gore" scenes that had previously been cut out, I wasn't disappointed. I'm not exaggerating when I say that every single death scene in the film had been cut, now all the death scenes are bloody and brutal and the film finally lives up to its name. There's pickaxes being pushed through torso's and one through the face with the pickaxe coming out through the eye socket. The launderette scene is extended and much more gruesome, the shower room scene is much longer and now a much more taut scene. Nail gun to the face, a body in a noose where the head gets ripped off from its shoulders leaving the decapitated head swinging in the noose, and an important scene with an arm being hacked off with a knife. The two rumours for the film being so heavily cut are that Paramount came in for a lot of criticism the year earlier for Friday The 13th and decided to tone it down, the second being that John Lennon was killed shortly before the films release and according to Mihalka, there was a major backlash against movie violence in the wake of his death. Either way, there's no doubting that the film is much better with the gore back in.

There's not as many extras as I had hoped for, but that was secondary to the improved picture quality and reinstated gore anyway. There's a twenty minute documentary about slasher films leading up to My Bloody Valentine, for some reason half way through it becomes all about the recent remake and the last ten minutes seems like it should have been an extra on the remake. All of the cut scenes are here as extras with optional introductions by a member of the cast or crew before each scene is shown. Bloodlines is an interactive horror film history with notes about all the different sub genres of horror films, and a trailer. Decent extras but i'd have personally loved a commentary.

My Bloody Valentine is just about the best of all the Halloween and Friday The 13th "Knock offs" from the early to mid '80s. If you're a fan of My Bloody Valentine and have always liked it like I did, but thought it was rather tame compared to most of the other slasher films of the time, this version shows it was just as gruesome as the others and is an absolute must own. A big upgrade from the Paramount region 2 release, and the front cover is a million times better. The cover with the hand and the blood heart is horrendous, the new version has the killer in his mining gear holding a heart shaped candy box and looks brilliant.
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on 15 April 2015
Excellent slasher movie from the genres most important year- 1981. A miner in a small town is unhappy that the old Valentines dance is to be resurrected 20 years on, so he goes on a killing spree. But is the miner the old man that is supposedly locked away in an asylum or someone else that we know?

My Bloody Valentine is one of the better slasher movies from the hundreds that were released in the 80s- and this comes down to the character building. Yes it is here. And the movie doesn't follow the lazy slasher rules, so the fat guy with the moustache gets respect from other characters and even has a gorgeous girlfriend, now that's refreshing.

The gore and killings are here but it isn't like Friday the 13th, these massacres are paced pretty well. Having said that there is a clear nod to the infamous slasher that came out a year before this one. For Crazy Ralph see the bar man- and at one point the date of Friday the 13th even appears on screen.

This has been reported to be Quentin Tarantino's favourite slasher movie, and for good reason.

Finally onto the various releases. AVOID ALL except for the Lionsgate Region 1 Special Edition. This is the only edition that has the movie uncut. And it is extremely gory and certainly worth paying out extra for. We're not talking about small snippets, we're talking mintues having been cut out. So for the real deal you need to get this version. There are also some very good extras, and a doc about slasher movies.
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on 27 December 2009
Wow, this is a really great looking BD. For those who don't know: After many years this movie can now be seen in it's original unrated Version, sure you will notice that the new integrated scenes are not of the same quality, but what the hell, now they are here and this moves My Bloody Valentine from a sleeping pill to a really good slasher movie. Important for us here in Europe: The BD is codefree, so come and get some of this great 80's feeling again.
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on 16 April 2013
Yet again the 80s do not fail to please horror fans with so many slasher movies and so many classics especially the original my bloody valentine, great movie with a good story and well paced out with all the traditional cliché characters and twists, and lashings of bloody gore! All great fun and made very well, this Lionsgate version is the absolute must get version as you get to watch it totally uncut with some very awesome death scenes, also the import bluray is region free ABC and has some cool extras.
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VINE VOICEon 24 September 2006
I'm not sure that a four-star rating does this movie justice: the killer, the storyline, the ending and the inventive death scenes were all worth the full five - but the gore in this movie is very eddited. The way in which the killer murders the victims is gruesome and cleaver...but the scene of murder ends before any of the real gore starts. If the movie had not been so cut, it would have been fantastic instead of just very good; this is why I have only given it four stars.

However, dont let that put you off, this movie is creepy and suspenceful and it actually features a pretty cool killer. It is still a very good movie and does feature moderate amounts of gore - as long as you aren't expecting buckets of blood this movie will not dissappoint.

On Valentines Day 1960, the men in charge of running the mines left early to attend a valentines party, leaving the workers down in the mines without checking the levels of methane gas in the air. The gas levels rose too high causing a minor explosion and the mines partially collapsed, leaving only one survivor, Harry Warden, who then went crazy and murdered the three people who had left without checking the methane levels. He was then admitted into a mental institution.

Valentines Day went uncelebrated by the residents of the town for twenty years but "now", on Valentines Day of 1980, decorations are set up all over the town and a Valentines Day dance is planned by the local teenagers. When people start dieing the sheriff gets worried and calls of the celebrations. Rebelliously, the kids decide have a secret party in the mines benieth the town, where the killer turns up to make sure that this valentines is a night to dismember...
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on 24 August 2015
My Bloody Valentine, R1 special edition DVD. 1981.
The picture quality's great, 16:9 no black bars, the unrated
footage which you can watch as part of the film?, that's not
so great, but it's still perfectly watchable. Manic miner starts
offing the townsfolk just in time for the big valentines day/night dance.
Naturally after a few drinks you're going to want a crafty after
hours tour of the mine!. Way above average horror high jinx,
excellent & bloody fx that make some horror films look tame.
A massive thank you for the reviewer(s) for this next bit of info-
get the Lionsgate special edition, it's the one with the miner
holding the heart shaped chocolate/candy box, the other version,
the one with the red thin hand drawn heart on the cover is apparently
cut. Run time 90min (not sure if that's with the extra footage).
Extras:Bloodlust-My Bloody Valentine & the rise of the slasher film-
-Bloodlines, an interactive horror film history- deleted footage
with introductions.
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