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4.3 out of 5 stars29
4.3 out of 5 stars
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 5 November 2012
Having read a few nagative reviews around the internet about this film, I just had to publish a review of my own.

How can anyone dislike or not find Men at Work funny? It is by far Mr Sheen and Estevez's finest movie. It's fast and pacy, full of slapstick and hilarious one liners, that will surely stay with you forever.

The plot is simple, 2 binmen find the body of a politician, some nasties responsible for killing the politician, realise that they need his body back to find an incriminating tape. Meanwhile the binmen, who think they are responsible for the politicians death, due to a silly prank the night before involving a pellet gun, decide to try and pass off the dead politician as still being alive, until they can decide what to do to cover thier own tracks. Chased by 2 dopey police offciers, the nasties who want the tape back and followed by a nutball ex vietnam vet who hates police, security guards and anything else with an ounce of power, a kidknapped pizza delivery man and a sexy siren, and you have a completely screwball 90 minutes of hilarity.

It has a great soundtrack and is definitely one of the best comedy films of the past 30 years.

There's a great comic performance from 80's oddball goof, Dean Cameron, as the dopey, kidknapped, pizza man and then ultimately the glue that binds the whole thing together is the comic talents of Keith David.
This is his finest performance by far, his turn as the paranoid ex military vet, is simply a laugh a minute and the line about the fries in the diner is priceless. I must have rewound it a dozen times and still found it funny.

The film is quite similar in some ways to "Weekend at Bernies" so if you liked that film, chances are, you'll love this one as well.

See this film for yourself and make up your own minds, but if there isn't something in here that makes you laugh, you're a very scary individual indeed.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 11 September 2011
Men at Work is written and directed by Emilio Estevez, who also co-stars with brother Charlie Sheen, Keith David, Leslie Hope, Dean Cameron and John Getz. Music is by Stewart Copeland and photography out on locations that include beaches at Redondo and Hermosa, is by Tim Suhrstedt. Plot finds Estevez (James) and Sheen (Carl) as two carefree garbage collectors who find a dead body in a barrel during their rounds. Trouble is, is that the dead guy is the man Sheen shot with his pellet gun the previous evening. Thinking they might be responsible for his death, and prompted by their newly acquired chaperone, cop hating Louis Fedders (David), they unwisely decide not to call in the cops. So with an unhinged Vietnam War vet and a dead body on their hands, Carl and James are in big trouble.

Undemanding picture that's more enjoyable if you happen to be a fan of either Sheen or Estevez, Men at Work is often struggling for laughs but lit up by the odd humorous moment with dashes of cool. There's a little drama in the mix, and even a delicate hint of social commentary via the illegal toxic waste dumping core that the frivolity is wrapped around. But really this is all about the two Brat Packers running free and Keith David superbly stealing the movie from the both of them.When the "we got a dead body to keep from the cops" comedy runs out of steam, and it does a little too early in the piece, it's left to David to bring the laughs with his cop hating rants and coiled spring like intensity ready to unleash on anyone who gets in the way or dares to eat his fries. Hope is amiable and pretty, though she only serves as a love interest for Sheen, while Getz isn't in it much and the two hitmen on the boys' tail don't bring anything new to that well trodden comedy table.

It's often funny (golf clap, the nasty, human waste exploding balloons, Keith David), but these moments only serve to highlight the scripts shortcomings elsewhere. 6/10
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on 22 January 2014
Carl and James are two unambitious garbage men. Carl has a telescope with which he observes his neighbours. One evening he sees a man giving his girlfriend a hard time.

As she leaves he shoots the man with a pellet gun. Hiding, he and James miss two men strangling the man and leaving with the body.

When he appears in a can on their route they are afraid and hide the body, fearing that they may be implicated in the death.

Trying to crack the case, they spy on the woman, join up with a crazed Vietnam vet, kidnap a pizza man and help to protect the environment. After all, it's the nineties.

When global warming was rife, and the world was going to end, or we would have to have an atmosphere like Highlander 2, Estevez decided to make a comedy, with a hint of global awareness.

It's one of those random weird comedies that were released around this time, Weekend At Bernies springs to mind, and you know that you shouldn't enjoy it, but you do, because the film makers brainwash you.

The two leads have great chemistry, well they should after all. The music in the film is popular music of that time or very recent, so this gives you a comfort zone.

And then it's sunny all the time, Women are beautiful, and garbage men can afford to stay in nice apartments and drink in the afternoon, all in the world is good.

Add all theses ingredients with some bad guys you know are going to lose, and the film is a safe bet to entertain, not amaze, but entertain.

And it does, it never out stays its welcome,a nd the humour never gets too immature.

It won't be on anyones favourite list, but when it crops up on TV, I bet a few people will be transmitted back to the early nineties, with fond memories.
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on 29 July 2004
Why no one has wrote about this film until now is beyond me.
The brothers sheen & estevez are yet to be credited for this comedy duo master piece.
They are dustbin men, find a body, get into a scrape. It will never win an oscar, but relax and enjoy dry wit from sheen that was 15 years before the office
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on 3 November 2012
For those of you a little younger, you may know Charlie Sheen for the sitcoms and NOT Emilio Estevez unless you know your older films. Charlie and Emilio, real life brothers used to work together quite a lot and in their prime they made this admirable comedy which is something of an original Pineapple Express.

Charlie and Emilio, teamed up with classic comedy, action and dramatic actor Keith David, bring you this raucous comedy about two havoc wreaking binmen and their new supervisor dragged into a murder plot when a politician embroiled in illegal toxic waste dumping is killed off by the corporate slime that bribes him to look the other way.

Without saying too much, this is one of the greater unsung eighties comedies to have been made and is great for a weekend late night action comedy. As for the seller, I was pleased with the cheap price and the quality of the dvd which was simply best standard
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on 19 January 2005
this is one of those simple but very entertaining 80s movies about two normal guys that just have to mess about at any chance.
dustmen, dustvan, dustbins and a heap load of toxic crap bein dumbed by an evil company, oh what could go wrong.
Charlie Sheen and Emilio are fantastic with some very funny one liners and some hilarious scenes, an easy great fun movie.
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on 25 April 2013
I love this movie and its early 90s vibe. It brought loads of memories from my teenage days. I had a good laugh back then and surprisingly, over two decades later this movie made me laugh too. Of course some parts are tacky but it is a funny, feel good movie. So if you loved Weekend at Bernie’s or original Police Academy you will love this movie too
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on 21 April 2008
Watched this movie for the first time last night (I know, I know!). Thoroughly enjoyable and tickled me in the right places, provoking many-a-guffaw.

It was great to see both Sheen and Estevez on camera together, particularly as the characters are brothers also. We had a conversation that we didn't really think they looked that alike until we saw this movie, as there are many scenes when you really see the resemblances between them. You could also immediately see how comfortable they are together and that really shone through to give a 'warm' performance.

Keith David is in it also, and I immediately was trying to figure out where I had seen him before; just checked on imdb and he's been in loads of stuff so no wonder! His character is fantastic, providing many a decent laugh.

Leslie Hope's in it too, sporting a huge 80s-style perm, I immediately recognised her having seen 24 (she plays Teri Bauer).

Anyway, some great moments in this movie, I will leave it to you to discover them but rest-assured it's well worth a watch. :)

I was just thinking how horrible it would be to get trapped inside a barrel...
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on 11 May 2014
This is an absolute hoot. A retro cult classic movie from the 80's which I remember from my youth. Watching it again brought back good childish juvenile memories. Worth a watch on a Sunday afternoon!!
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on 22 May 2013
Men At Work is a great slapstick comedy movie! I saw this movie at the Cinema when it first came out & have always wanted the DVD! So pleased I have got it at last! :-)
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