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4.3 out of 5 stars
4.3 out of 5 stars
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on 15 March 2003
... I believe that this could be R.Kelly's finest album to date. Personally I'm not a fan of Kelly's R&B/Hip-Hop crossover songs which appeared en masse on the album "R." and I think his best music comes when he stops talking so much about being a thug and makes some classic soulful R&B music.
If this is an opinion which you also hold then undoubtedly "Chocolate Factory" will be for you. Almost every song is a well constructed piece of R&B and makes little use of the commercial blueprint by which every modern R&B CD seems to be made. Of course there's the token Ja Rule appearance to ensure that at least some 13 year olds buy this album but still "Been around the world" proves to be a decent track.
The only track I wasn't too fond of was "Showdown" which clearly relates to the track "Contagious" which Kelly did with the Isley Brothers but it does feature too much talking and does little for the album.
With a bonus CD featuring much of "Loveland" - the album Kelly had made which became leaked and consequently bootlegged forcing him to make "Chocolate Factory" - the value of this CD is incredible. Definitely worth a listen.
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on 17 June 2004
With new album "Happy People" due for release in a few months I thought i'd look back at R Kelly's last studio album - Chocolate Factory.
If you think you like RnB/Soul but only listen to the likes of Justin and Beyonce then maybe this isn't for you as its more of a grown up album.
I love R Kelly's music. For over 10 years he has been making music which is nothing short of amazing.
This set along the same lines. Its mellow yes, but the tracks are of such high quality.
Obviously everyone knows "Ignition (remix)" which was the first single which went straight to number one both in the UK and US charts. But the killer track is "Step in the name of love" both the orginal and the remix. Voted 2003 best song in Blues & Soul magazine, its not hard to see why. Its a beautifully written feel good track with amazing vocals from the man who put the R in RnB.
My personal Favourite track is "Forever More" which is one of the best love songs i've heard in many a year. With his voice that sounds like its been through a lot, it makes me stop what i'm doing every time.
Other notable tracks are, "Dream Girl" & "Forever" which again gives us some of the best lyrical stuff R Kelly has done for quite a while.
There are a few collabarations as usual with R Kelly.
Ja Rule appears on "Been Around the world", a personal track but nothing really special, and due to the fact that I cannot see any appeal in Ja Rule it doesn't make great listening for me.
Big Tigger is on the second single "Snake" which I would identify as the weakest track on the album. There are also inclusions for Fat Joe and long time collabarator the fantastic Ronald Isley, with "Showdown".
If you can't get enough of the "Chocolate Factory" don't worry as the cd comes with a bonus one. The "Loveland" album is a 7 part extra cd, which has some more absolute quality R Kelly tracks.
The one which most people will look at is "Heaven I need a Hug" which really is his answer to everything that is going on in his much maligned personal life.
The title track on there "Loveland" is another stormer, and real smooth R Kelly stuff.
Overall, you are getting your money's worth here as you do with every R Kelly purchase. Its RnB at the top end of the scale.
Its just music of pure excellence.
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on 24 May 2003
when i first bought the album- the chocolate factory- i was fairly confident that it would b worth my money, full knowing kelly's undoubtable vocal talent.The album itself is clearly a dedication to those fans who have supported him in strenuous times...and because of this kelly shows an enfactuation for the love of these fans which is a point he perhaps overstates. Expecting more of - the best of both worlds(an album i highly recommend, fusing kelly's distinguished voice with jay-z)i was a little dissapointed when i descovered the less up- beat tempo of the majority of tracks on the album. the missing link being that of the producer TONE...yet there were some suggestions of the BOBW album in that of the song Snake and Ignition(remix)..... other noticeable tracks include ignition...YOU knock me out....and IMAGINE THAT which shows kelly still instigating new techniques into his songs with the use of an electric guitar. The loveland album that comes with it, is actually worth listening to and has some powerful songs on it rather than just being a Tag along piece. The fact of the matter is... for as many tracks you are given for the small price you pay, it is worth it because r.kelly is an unquestionable talent and if you appreciate this(from 12 play, or R) this is an album worth buying.
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on 1 August 2005
Listening to this album reminds me of when R Kelly just broke out with "Vibes", "Your body's calling" and "Bump and Grind." How times have passed since then but he still seems to churn out hit after hits, time after time. This album is a classic and one thing I admire about his style is that he is very innovative. You never know what kind of album he is going to come out with next. He keeps up the tempo with classic club songs such as Chocolate factory, Step in the name of Love & Ignition. Then moves it up a step with good listening songs such as You knock me out & Imagine that. He finishes with the most sweetest exquisite "turn down the lights" songs such as Heart of a Woman, I'll never leave, You made me love you, Dream Girl and my all time favourite song on the whole album - FOREVER. Kel's put his heart and soul into that song and it can send you off into dreamworld just imagining getting the proposal of your life.
In spite of everything that is going on in his private life the guy is an absolute genius. There is no disputing that this guy is going to be around for a very long time. I have fallen in love with him again after hearing this album. R Kelly, I salute you. Keep up the excellent work
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on 6 July 2003
R Kelly - The Chocolate Factory
This album can be considered to be a very solid album in terms of todays R'n'B. Everybody loves 'Ignition' The Remix. But there are over songs like 'Snake' and the duet with Ronald Isley aka Mr Biggs. Along with the Chocolate Factory is included a bonus CD which contains songs from the scrapped 'Loveland' album. As far I am concerned this puts R.Kelly back to the top of the R'n'B even if his career is being overshadowed by personal issues. If you can put your feelings aside regarding his personal life this is a brilliant album.
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on 23 September 2004
R.Kelly has been through so much and yet still seems to shine thru Happy People/U Saved Me is a great record but i thought i'd rate "Chocolate Factory".
Somewhat ignored thru hes legal troubles but its one of the best "Slept-On" releases of '03 and probably one of my favourites of last year, He did get back on form with the "Ignition Remix" scoring a worldwide #1 single but again the album was still pretty much collectin dust in cd shops so i'm gonna do a track-by-track detail on how good this album is (even though its old now still get it)
1.Chocolate Factory/The title track of the album somewhat poppy but its very good its classic Kelly heart warming lyrics to women great start 10/10
2.Step In The Name of Love/I prefer the lyrics and vocals to this than the remix this is more soulful which makes it obviously better and is actually kinda sexy too! 10/10
3.Heart Of A Woman/Its sorta like "When A Womans Fed Up Part II" i really enjoyed this song its again a classic kelly track what hes famous for making women feel like women than objects 10/10
4.I'll Never Leave/I heard that in Chicago they edited out the spoken word part at the start for sum reason how stupid is that but this song is very nice the piano loop is nice and calmin' Kel's jus sayin to hes gurl he'll never leave her awww! 10/10
5.Been Around The World (Featuring Ja Rule)/Haha! this would p*ss tha haterz off Ja Rule n R.kelly on the same track well let dem hate this song is one of my favourites on the album its good a good message Ja does a good job with hes rap i still gots love 4 him 2 definate anthem 10/10
6.You Made Me Love You/"The Power Of Love" i dunno why but it reminds me of "Half On A Baby" this is so heavy nice n soulful hes vocals are great 9/10
7.Forever/Hes long time collaborator Donnie Lyle on the bass is very great the chorus is a bit boring but the verses are great they save this song its not as good as the previous 8/10
8.Dream Girl/This is one of my favourites also the lyrics are so sweet its so cute this should be the one of many baby maker songs love this 10/10
9.Ignition/The better version of the 2 the remix is ok but it was so overplayed and i liked it before everyone else did as i had it on a mixtape but the lyrics and vocals are better and MUCH more soulful as the remix is a bit more clubby 10/10
10.Ignition - Remix/Goes str8 into this i think thats a good touch this again is a great song but a bit overplayed 7/10
11.Forever More/Another slow jam its very nice is kinda like "Forever Part II" the lyrics are really good reminds me of a bit like "More & More" by Joe (which originally was an R.Kelly song from Loveland but Joe got it lol) 10/10
12.You Knock Me Out/Its upbeat sorta Isleys/Marvin Gaye track u just cant help but get up an shake yo ass in the mirror great song surprised is wasnt released 10/10
13.Step In The Name Of Love - Remix/Total running time is 7:12 is long but it dont seem it this is like a lovers song like havin a romantic nite out away frm they kids great song Kelly knows hes stuff 10/10
14.Image That/Now this is probably my least favourite song on the album i dont really listen to it though when i let the CD jus play thru i do sing along its an average song 8/10
15.Showdown (Featuring Ronald Isley)/Nearly 8mins long with the phone call rite in the middle of the song i could have been a classic song if released but its still a great track 10/10
16.Snake (Featuring Big Tigger)/This was my favourite song for a long while the beat is so heavy the video was great Big Tig was great everything bout this is perfect 10/10
17.Who's That (Featuring Fat Joe)/Hmm maybe my least favourite songs on the album yea the beat is bangin but the lyrics r boring 6/10
**Bonus Loveland Disc**
1.Loveland/Sorta like Chocolate Factory intro song its kinda sexy i like it 10/10
2.What Do I Do/Yeah its not terrible but its not great kinda boring actually my least favourite out of the 7 tracks 5/10
3.Heaven I Need A Hug [Radio Edit]/This was like a retaliation song its a great song good message i love it 10/10
4.The World's Greatest/This is probably one of the most inspirational songs ever made its all about self respect,self-love and you can do anything u wanna do just this to the lyrics you'll feel so enlightened 10000/10
5.Far More/I dont listen to this much its hardly worth it 4/10
6.Raindrops/Probably my 2nd favourite on the Loveland CD its very sexy love it 10/10
7.Apologies Of A Thug/This song is a great song as well a confession to hes gurl sayin hes sorry puttin her thru all hes rubbish great message 10/10
Top 5 Chocolate Factory Tunes
1.Step In The Name Of Love
3.Been Around The World
4.Step In The Name Of Love (Remix)
5.Dream Girl
Top 5 Loveland Tunes
1.The World's Greatest
3.Heaven I Need A Hug
4.Apologies Of A Thug
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on 6 March 2003
This album seems quite good, although not as solid as i would have liked. The one thing that stood out to me after buying this album is that from the bonus disc, it seems that the unreleased "Loveland" album would have been a far better album.
Some tracks are quite good though, my personal favourites are "Ignition", "Showdown" and "Heart of a Woman". Although I think the best songs in this package are "Heaven I Need A Hug", "World's Greatest" and "Raindrops", all found on the bonus Loveland disc.
I do agree that this will probably grow on me, although i still feel quite disappointed.
Chocolate Factory: 7/10
Loveland: 9/10
It's not often that you find the bonus disc of an album actually better than the album itself, but i think that this is the case here.
PS. On a final note- why are so many rap and r&b releases being released with all swearing edited recently? (See Gza-legend of a liquid sword, LL Cool J-10 and this) It certainly brings the listening quality down for me when an artist is editing what he wants to say.
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on 24 February 2003
...If you're after some hard-hitting, attitude with a heavy beat, then this is not for you (50 Cent much more recommended). But if you appreciate your soulful, mellow R&B, then R. Kelly delivers. The main tracks on this album are the tracks, Ignition, and Ignition (Remix) which are fun, light-hearted with a catchy melody. 'Step in the Name of Love', and 'Heart of a Woman' are 2 of my favourites on this album, where Kelly gives us heart-wrenching performances. 'Been Around the World' featuring JaRule is nice, but a little too reminiscient of Mary J Blige and Ja Rule in 'Rainy Dayz'. The album features Fat Joe as well, in a strange track, and the final 'Showdown' with Ron Isley.
The Bonus CD contains some useful tracks, 'Heaven I need a Hug' is particularly poignant, as is the title song from the Ali soundtrack, 'The World's Greatest'.
All in all, a very chilled-out album, which is nice to listen to. But, in my opinion, it's certainly not R. Kelly's best work.
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on 4 August 2014
Ive had this album sooooooooo many times,its the best in the world;I believe and I know exactly what Robert is trying to say to you all,why doesn't anyone ever really LISTEN to whats being said????!!! I get so mad!! I well,Im gonna snap,and be happy,and spread love,just like the man says, people baby..... Lorna xx
I would like to add,that I first got this album,must have been 2002/2003 my little Abby died 2002,so was around then,the words have meant so much to me over the years,kept me strong,helped me believe in myself..powerful,loving,strong,AMAZING!!.I think "been round the world" ft Ja rule,says what ive noticed and learned about people,even 'family' and the words are so true..fake faces,fake people fake friends,you still go back to your roots and don't do what they tell you you should do;we all have choices in life,whta happens to your life? you can decide... its your choice. now im cryin,what a woos!! happy peoples !!
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on 2 May 2003
With Kelly, every time he drops an album its so good that it becomes a matter of opinion to which one of his albums is the best. Chocolate factory comes with a new style of R n B, a mild romantic and smooth style of singing and it takes a bit of time to appreciate how excellent the album is, after having digested the lyrics. lyrically I think this album is exceptionally good and R Kelly is living up to expectations as Marvin Gaye's heir. Featured tracks e.g. imagine that, a woman's heart, apologies of a thug etc... all deserve to be singles which I think would do well in the U.S charts, since R n B is not that appreciated in the UK.I recommend this album without hesitation to anyone as it has the power to change your perception on R kelly and R n B,
Peace and love!
Ratings: 9/10
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