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3.9 out of 5 stars14
3.9 out of 5 stars
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10 of 11 people found the following review helpful
on 11 June 2003
A reunion after seven years, this concert, filmed in London in 2002, finds the Banshees as if the past years were only a second in their lifetime. Full of energy, supreme musicmanship and Siouxsie as always at her very best (she thrives onstage), they deliver an unlikely set of songs (not many major hits) but manage to stir the audience into a frenzy. Having been to three Siouxsie live appearances myself, I must say this DVD felt like I was at my fourth one. Only negative: not many extras -there could have been a discography and even a small bio-documentary.
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Filmed live at the Shepperds Bush Empire, this reunion gig was part of a world tour so Siouxsie's voice is not in top form after having extensively toured the States. Add to that no vocal training ever, smoking and 46 years of age and the result is a flatter register than she used to have in the 80's. Not off key as many claim, and some echo and her voice buried in the mixed conceals these drawbacks good enough ( worked for me).
The gig goes on for 90'; it's superbly shot and edited at an agile but never MTV-like frantic pace, the stage is only softly lit most of the time so it's a dark gig with strobo lights, which gives it a very accomplished atmosphere. Only non-original member is ex Psychodelic Furs guitarrist who performs competently and at times excrutiatingly loud. No keyboardist so they play mostly the heavier songs on their repertoire. Siouxie looks dazzling in a pin-striped suit but ends up in a glittering bra revealing a fit body. They avoid the classic play-greatest-hits-only reunion cliché by playing several unusual b-sides as they did when they were a their height. The only downside was the rendition of ¨Cities In Dust ¨ that one just didn't work without keyboards.
The picture is razor-sharp, widescreen; the sound is 5.1 and DTS and although the first 3 songs sound muddy, by the 4th one this is corrected and if not stricly tonally correct, the sound is good but not excellent. I really expected a better sound from this one. The guitar is panned but noticeably louder on the right channel.
This DVD is an indispensable companion to the classic ¨Nocturne¨; don't let anybody tell you to get Nocturne instead, own both because they're very different affairs.
Hope this helped.
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on 26 August 2003
I waited with keen anticipation for it to arrive and I was not dissapointed on watching it!It felt like the band were giving you a very personal account of this live gig, The only thing that would have superceeded it would have been to have actually been there. For the unlucky ones who were not honoured enough, this makes a satisfying second best. A bit sad for loyal Banshee fans probably being their last ever performance. Siouxsie looking quite happy to perform for the camera (for a change), this is probably the friendliest I've ever seen her in 25 years!With three bonus songs more than the CD,for any fan, this DVD is an absolute must.
Johanna Cladingboel
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on 10 September 2014
After watching the Nocturne concert, this one is just painful. The Banshees will always be my favorite band but this release never should have happened. Siouxsie's voice has changed considerably over the years (what is a vocalist doing being a smoker!!), and she's lost her entire upper register. One of the biggest mistakes here was including so much material from the band's first few albums, back when Siouxsie had a considerably higher pitch. She struggles to hit notes that are now well out of her reach, and it sounds like someone gasping for air. A little care should have been taken to select songs to suit Siouxsie's more modern voice because hearing the amazing `Lullaby' struggled through in such a way is tragic. There are also some lyrical mistakes in `Monitor' and `I Could Be Again', so these songs should not have been included. The only real highpoint for me is `Icon'. Though the singing is still struggled and painful, the drumming and overall music is just so amazing. I've kept the DVD over the years only for this. I'm sorry but I cannot be one of those all-worshipping Siouxsie fans (of which there are entirely too many) that heap loads of praise on any release with the Sioux name, despite the flaws.

As much as it would be a dream come true to have Siouxsie and the Banshees get their act together and start making music again (I mean, what else have they been doing aside from occasional bit parts, if even that), they would need to restructure a lot of their older material to suit Siouxsie's more... mature voice. Hearing Siouxsie perform at the Meltdown gig in 2013 reiterates that the older material is no longer within her reach as it was. If they wrote new music taking into account the current vocal range, I have no doubt it would be as amazing as anything the band had released previously.
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4 of 5 people found the following review helpful
on 25 August 2004
I have been a fan of Siouxsie and the Banshees for several years, but this dvd was my first oppotunity to see them perform a live set. The band sounds very solid. Knox Chandler of the Psychadelic Furs plays guitar (a role once filled by Robert Smith of the Cure in a far away past) and does a stellar performance. Perhaps most surprising about this show is the selection of tracks: the band refused to play their better known songs and opted for lesser heard gems such as 'Lands End', 'Metal Postcard' and others. Still, a few of their best tracks made it. 'Peekaboo' and 'Spellbound' were absolutely explosive of stage, the former featuring a frog-suit clad backup chorus from Japan (exGirl).
The extras on this disk are lacking, but 'backstage Budgie' is a real riot, revealing the gloomy percussionist of the Banshees and the Creatures as a gitty and cheerful ordinary guy who gets lost in the venue: "We're always getting lost back here. Spinal Tap really was the truth." He introduces himself to stagehands and paramedics in a frantic search for something entertaining to capture on camera.
If you're new to Siouxsie and the Banshees, you aren't missing much if you decide to opt for something else. But any fan and anyone like myself who has yet to see this group perform live will find this rare opportunity to see them on stage rewarding.
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4 of 5 people found the following review helpful
on 28 June 2003
Bought this DVD and really expected Siouxsie to hit the high notes with it being filmed and all - basically she can't and really it doesn't matter. She has the voice of Yvonne from Bad Girls and a vicious stare to match. However, she's matured now and adopts a sweet smile. Bonus footage of Budgie confirms that he is a nice guy from St Helens and a very talented drummer to boot. Soundcheck bonus footage clarifies that Siouxsie doesn't care if you see her without warpaint and still looks gorgeous. I spent ages watching all the footage and felt as if Siouxsie et al had given permission to view private situations ... the ice queen has melted somewhat and this DVD goes someway to making you feel 'involved'. She is, undoubtedly the most beautiful and stylish woman in the universe. Deny yourself the pleasure of this live DVD and consider giving up. The camera work is superb and the closest I have ever been to 'being there' (without actually....etc). Finale featuring Japanese support Ex-Girls backing to Pee-A-Boo amidst Siouxsie's "It's crazy, I know, but what the hell...." expression is worth every penny of your surrealistic hunger. Buy it or rot !
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2 of 3 people found the following review helpful
on 11 February 2005
If, like me, you've been fan of the Banshees since the early days, you'll appreciate their decision to return to the voice/guitar/bass/drums format for this tour. Sadly, Siouxsie's vocal chords are not in good shape, but the scything guitar and thunderous percussion evoke memories of the classic line up that produced such wonderful albums as THE SCREAM and JOIN HANDS. Pleasingly, they virtually ignore their post-1987 output, but ruin everything at the end by encoring with the awful "Peek-A-Boo". This seems like an excuse to get X Girl, the irritating support band, back onstage in stupid frog costumes. Steven Severin is guilty of some VERY EMBARRASSING hand jiving on this one too. That said, it's wonderful to hear the Banshees charge through fantastic early songs like "Pure", "Jigsaw Feeling", "Metal Postcard" and "Icon". It's a shame they saw fit to give the dreary "Voodoo Dolly" another airing, but "Red Light" and "Cities in Dust" sound great in savage, stripped down-form. The camera work and editing is suitably frenetic, combining effectively with the tastefully designed light show to sometimes dizzying effect.
EXTRAS: It's a pleasure to seen the JOIN HANDS soldiers on the menu, but I - like many others - have still not managed to access the audience vox pops. Maybe they'll be easier to find on the re-released version. "Getting Ready to Scratch" is interesting but too short and scrappy, while the less said about Budgie's backstage tour the better.
Still, Siouxsie looks fabulous - a welcome return to her androgynous, glam hangover style of 78/79 - and the band attack their back catalogue with an energy that makes their contempories and many younger bands look positively mediocre...
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2 of 3 people found the following review helpful
on 9 December 2004
I think you will only want to buy this if you are already a strong Banshees fan... but then if you are then you have bought it already months ago...
Seven years after breaking up (officially) the Banshees were back on the road and claim, afterwards, that the experience reminded them why they had split. Nostalgia dictates that this is a shame however in the meantime here is a fantastic DVD of a live set of a group of people who set the mood and tone of more than one generation and gave us attitude and a strong identity as mixed up kids in the eighties. Really? Yes of course we were. We still are mixed up but now that's part of who we are right?!
Siouxsie has lost some of her (stage) anger but the attitude and confidence remains, and oh how sexy has she become?!
To be watched in a darkened room loudly with a bottle(s) of Blue Nun. You will be jumping around from the beginning, if not... by Spellbound you will be. Just like you always did.
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2 of 3 people found the following review helpful
on 13 August 2004
I have to say that I have mixed feelings about this DVD. As a long-standing Banshees fan, I was very happy to see them performing again and overall the performance is excellent, with an interesting set list and excellent playing by the band, particularly Knox Chandler and Budgie. A few things mean I have dropped a star, though;
1, The awful version of The Beatles' 'Blue Jay Way' which is a shame bearing in mind how good they are at covers generally.
2, The 'Peek-a-boo' encore with X-girl is excruciating!
3,The camerawork is poor as well, featuring too much of the front three rows filling the screen.
I'd still recommend it overall, but be prepared to hit the 'skip' button every so often!
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on 4 March 2013
Well, if you buy this you are most probably buying it because you are a Siouxsie fan - so you will enjoy the show for sure! It's probably not her best performance, but hey grab the pop corn, sit back and enjoy!
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