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4.5 out of 5 stars
4.5 out of 5 stars
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on 14 January 2003
I asked for this for Christmas on the strength of the two singles, 'Rushes' and 'Colourblind', becuase they were upbeat and sounded good in the car.
When I listened to the rest of the album I could hardly believe my ears, the strength of Darius' voice is so impressive, I don't think he misses a single note on any track. To go through the merits of each track individually would be time consuming and pointless, know instead the weaknesses: None.
When I consider the fact that he's a Pop Idol refugee it just makes me laugh. I'd rather watch paint that's already dry than pay any attention at all to teeny bopping karaoke singers like Gareth and Will. Darius clearly has huge depth of talent and ten times the charisma of both of them put together.
This album is a masterpiece, nothing less.
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on 16 January 2003
Like many I didn't follow Popstars or Pop Idol, but couldn't fail to be impressed with Darius' tenancity, when seeing that familiar face and voice again on the telly. I bought this on a whim a couple of weeks ago (wondering what I was letting myself in for) and have been unable to prise it out of my cd player, or indeed the melodies from my head.
The guy's done good. No covers on this album (thank god!), just occaisionally cheesy, but solid lyrics, extremely catchy melodies, intelligent production, lovely voice; in short, an original, strong debut with a lot of heart. I don't like this album. I absolutely love it. :)
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on 3 December 2002
This album is pure quality. All the tracks are original Darius! a mix of upbeat rock/pop and classic ballards. There's something for everyone. All the tracks are favourites, on each listen you find a different one captures your imagination. Every one is worthy of being a chart topping single. The clever intros insure that you will recognise each song from the opening bars as already is the case with Colourblind and Rushes, which are on the album. On each listening you notice the complexity and care that went into producing each song. The electric guitar in Girl in the Moon, the Tube sound effects and rythmic beat in Sliding Doors to the water trickling effects in Dive-In, the title track. Every song exudes its own distinct feel and atmosphere. Darius' voice ranges from the lowest of the low to the highest notes with ease, and the heart felt emotions are real as he sings I Gotta Know and Simple like the truth with true vulnerability. His lyrics conjure up all the feelings and images that accompany these songs. All guitar led, with Darius playing acoustic guitar on all the tracks, these songs show that Darius was right to proclaim he is a singer/songwriter!
As a debut album from a 22 year old man, who has struggled to prove he is not the laughing stock the media painted him as two years ago, this is pure quality and will suprise all who listen to it with open minds.
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on 17 December 2002
ok, before i start, i'd like to say this album really is the best cd i've bought in ages, if not the best ever, it's really really great!
1. colourblind-if you havent heard this song, shame on you!!! darius's debut single, got to no.1, guitarry, sexy vid, you know the thing.........7/10 just cos i've heard it so many times
2. rushes-second single from big D. about a girl that he had a crush on, wrote it at 16. video is amazing!! great song though, colourblind was easier to sing along to, which is probably why it was chosen as the 1st single. 7/10, against other album tracks.
3. Incredible. one of the best tracks on the album, definite single potential! very sing alongish, a little similar to colourblind maybe, but amazing all the same. easy to identify with the lyrics-not saying what you really mean, not telling someone you love how you really feel about them. 10/10
4. girl in the moon. first ballad of the album. not the best ballad of album however, lyrics are slightly cheesy and clichés but is still quite a nice song. 6/10
5. I'm not buying. probably worst song of the album with weak verses but the chorus lifts it a little. great lyrics but i don't really think the melody of the verses are strong enough. 5/10
6. Dive in. title track of album. very very good, again, single potential?? nice summery song, the lyrics encourage you to believe in your dreams, so what if they don't come true-a great anthem for darius, we've all seen his 'failures'.8.5/10
7. Gotta Know tonight. another ballad, better than GIRL IN THE MOON, another version of this song is a hidden track (track 69). this song is about not knowing if a relationship is going to work out. very strong chorus. 7/10
8. Sliding doors. a song written about a girlfriend that darius met on the train! uplifting chorus, interesting lyrics......'there's no room on the dining table'!!!8/10
9. Simple Like the Truth. Best ballad of the album. amazing! darius sings this song so well, lyrics are so sweet!! i really love this song!!! 10/10
10. Better Than That. i first heard this song on the webcast of Darius's performance at Blackpool. really good song, sing along chorus, great lyrics. what more can i say!?!single ptential perhaps?8/10
11. Mockingbird. this song is really strong from the start, one of the highlights of the album. the song is about a girl who isn't being treated well by a guy, and how she should find the strength to tell him how she feels. 9/10
12. mercury rising. another great ballad. very very high voice in this song!! very sweet lyrics, great end to great album. 9/10.
if you buy just one album this xmas, i really reccommend this one because not only is it an amazing debut album but all of the songs were written by the man himself, not a cover version in sight, no trying to get sympathy with a stammer (ahem, gareth), darius has worked hard to get to where he is now and desreves every success in the world. long live king darius!!!
ps. dive in tour next may. can't wait!
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on 16 December 2002
Like most people, I only stood up and took notice of Darius once he had cleaned up his image and I then stopped treating him as a joke.
This album is no joke. In fact it is one of the freshest sounding albums from a new artist I have heard in a long time.
Darius as came a long way and matured during this journey and this has shown through his music.
Starting with the no. 1 hit, Colourblind, he takes you into Rushes, up beat and very sexy.
The further songs, such as I'm not buying and Simple like the truth, are for someone who is looking for relaxing, even romancing music with it not being too slushy.
There are cool tracks on this too and Sliding Doors is brillant and includes Darius talking at the end of the track, in his sexy voice.
The downside to this otherwise fantastic album is I Gonna Know Tonight (Songwriting demo), not because of the track but you need to wait a while at the end for it to play.
I loved this and anyone who likes Darius' music and style should get it.
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on 11 January 2003
I am very pleasantly surprised by the quality of songs on this, Darius' debut album. His voice sounds wonderful, going from growling baritone to falsetto with ease. I like both the summer sound of 'Colourblind' and sexy 'Rushes' and was delighted to see that just about every song on this Album is a potential single.
The one that hit me on a first play was 'Girl In the Moon'. A track Darius himself says was influenced by the Beatles. I think it is a cert top 5, if not no 1 hit single. Others that stand out are
The beautiful, heartfelt ballad 'Gotta Know Tonight'.
'Simple Like the Truth which has a soft and gentle melody
'Mockingbird' - a truly unusual song about an abusive relationship.
'Better Than That' an up tempo song that has you dancing.
'Incredible' - a very commercial track that again could be a big hit if released as a single.
This album has proved that Darius is, without doubt, the most original and talented to come out of pop idol/pop stars. If this is the quality of his debut album then we have many wonderful songs to come from him in the future.
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on 7 December 2002
Forget Will and Gareth, here is the pop idol who came from a proper musical background and posseses geniune musical ability.
Many of the songs on the album were written in his late teens, so the album does have a 90s feel to it, but it's very slick, incredibly well written and produced, and not containing the obligatory dodgy album filler up tracks that most album's seem to be subjected to.
Every song has received 100% effort and although all are very catchy at first, the album is definately a grower and the talented writing behind it is always appreciated, it's a very mature album for a first effort.
It's a good pop album which is appreciated by all age ranges, make sure you add it to your collection
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on 2 August 2013
Great appreciation for this guy's talent....much underrated, especially after his first go at a talent show.( GAWD I felt for a fellow Scot ...HIT ME Baby!!!!)....after that he re-invented and came one he came third...but sorry Will and aint in this guys class IMHO. I actually though he deserved to floor both of ye that final!
First release Colourblind was in my opinion ...excellent...Catchy, I'd play it all the time.
Nothing heavy, just good tunes and lyrics, which from a someone like me that rates most post 80's material just barely passable ( unless by an artist or band from the best era's of music 60, 70 and 80's) , but this is a nice listen..
I'd give it a go folks, and his second.....and a third is in the wings ( at this time mid 2013) might well be pleasantly surprised. Gaun yersel Campbell, big man!
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on 30 October 2003
Every time i hear this album i just want to listen to it again, it's a fresh sound to the repetitive pop world where little stands out.
I normally listen to punk music like greenday, and i didn't think his stuff would be up to much seeing as he got famous for his 'baby one more time' on 'popstars'. But i was wrong, his singles all impressed me so i brought his album.
Darius is one of few credible pop artists in the charts right now. He writes his songs himself, not just the lyrics, but most of the music, too. and he plays his instruments in them, too.
With Darius you feel at home, there is something really touching about watching him perform (i've seen him live) and he really connects with people when they they really listen. His album does that, too.
I'm looking forward to hearing more from him.
It's nice to finally see some real talent in the market, instead of manufactured junk that's thrown at us and cheated into success.
I give him full marks.
(He's also gorgeous, though it's not about looks when it comes down to it, but it does help)
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on 26 May 2003
From first listen, you may think it's the same as any other pop album from its upbeat pop tunes, but after that, you'll find Dive In lasts quite long and is painfully addictive. Living in Australia, I never really had the chance to watch Pop Stars or Pop Idol, and discovered Darius through the album sampler on The main strength in Darius the feeling and emotion he is able to put in his voice backed up by strong and well-written lyrics. To me, the best songs are in the ballads where perhaps there is more meaning in the lyrics, especially I'm Not Buying and Gotta Know Tonight. If you're looking for something a bit more mature and anything more than a simple pop tune, Darius is the man to pick!
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