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Customer Reviews

4.8 out of 5 stars
4.8 out of 5 stars
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on 31 December 2001
WOW! This album is brilliant!
Freak Of Nature- this sassy and funky song is definately a future single.
Paid My Dues- First single, and my goodness- what a single! Anastacia uses her mighty lungs to the full here!
Overdue Goodbye-Beautifully relaxing. I love the soft country sound of this one.
You'll Never Be Alone-Lovely. The type of song that Anastacia does best, yep it's a powerful ballad.Definately has single potential
One Day In Your Life- Same production as I'm Outta Love, but I've got no problem with that! It will be a hit when it is released.
How Come The World Won't Stop- My personal favourite- its tear-jerking, heartfelt lyrics get the eyes watering. Purely placid.
Why'd You Lie To Me- Lyrics,"good for nothing type o' brother" reminiscent of Destiny's Child's "Bills, Bills, Bills." Fantastic!
Dont'cha Wanna- Groovetastic! I love the chorus.
Secrets-A wondeful, cooled down song, which includes lots of feeling and emotion.
Don't Stop-Another magnificent disco-tastic stomper.
I Dreamed You- Astounding piano ballad, which fits Anastacias amazing vocals perfectly.
Overdue Goodbye (Reprise)- Another reminder of the celestially chilled feel of the third track, polishing off another amplut album.
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on 30 March 2002
A while ago I bought anastacias first album, "Not that kind". It was absolutely amazing, and when I heard about her doing a new album, I thought there would be no way that she could equal the quality of the last one- however, she proved me wrong. Girlfriends voice is 100% fantastic on every track, using her husky large range to deliver powerballads, and funky songs, and keeping the vocals tantalising. Here is my review for each song:
1) Freak Of Nature: 5/5, An exciting opening, with a really funky bass line.
2) Paid My dues 4/5, going back to the old pop delivery such as with the 1st album on I'm outta love. A good 1st single.
3)Overdue Goodbye 4/5, and interesting mix of country and pop, handled with expertise and vocally amazing.
4) You'll never be alone 5/5, amazing song, with fantastic lyrics, melody, and especially vocals. The best vocal on the album
5) One day in your life 5/5, a catchy follow up single, has potential.
6) How come the world dont stop 5/5, a really nice chilled ballad, showing anastacias more controlled side.
7) Why'd you lie to me 2/5, this song sounds like album filler, I generally skip over this one, however, her vocals shine through 1nce again.
8) Dontcha wanna 5/5, a sexy funky pop tune that is fantastic and catchy.
9) Secrets 5/5, a fantastic slower pop song, with a really catchy tune and lovely beginning.
10) Dont stop 5/5, this song grows on you with time, it will have you singing it by the end, along with anastacias fantastic vocals.
11) I dreamed you 5/5, a perfect ending, with mostly pianoaccapella. Without the beat throughout, sounds fantastic, and builds into a very aretha franklin style ending.
12) Overdue goodbye (reprise), 3/5, I think this was just a filler to bulk up the album, nothing different to the 1st version.
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on 9 November 2001
Anastacia is back with another outstanding album, equally as good as her first. As usual there is the mix of funky pop and R & B, with Anastacia excercising her powerful and unmistakable voice on tracks 'Paid My Dues' and 'Freak Of Nature'. 'Why'd You Lie To Me' could be compared to the style of Jennifer Lopez. The difference with this album is that there are more slow ballads this time around. The track standing out the most (and I feel the best track on the album) has to be 'You'll Never Be Alone', followed closely by 'I Dreamed You', proving that whatever the style Anastacia really can pull it off. The lyrics conjure up various emotions and allow everyone to find a part of themselves within them. You won't be disappointed with this follow up album.
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on 12 June 2002
This album is so amazing. Her voice is strong and blows your mind away! Anastacia has definatley shown her talent well by producing this fantastic not-to-missed album! Here's what i think personnally of the sound tracks on 'Freak Of Nature':
Freak of Nature: Superb! What a great song 4 a n intro, funky bass, cool lyrics, catchy tune, it just wants 2 get u dancin man!
Paid my dues: Her all-ready hit! Wicked lyrics and anouther catchy tune-it just wants 2 get u dancin along 2 it!
Overdue goodbye: A nice song with good lyrics about an 'overdue goodbye' to a boyfriend. A nice use of acoostics!
You'll never be alone: I think this song is the best slowest song on the album. Anastacia shows that her voice is just as good at fast and slow songs, beautifully sung!
One day in your life: A typical up-beat tune with a great use of voice, absolutley fab!!
How come the world won't stop: A pretty good song. I love the lyrics about a a girl who wishes to see the boy she fancies but it doesn't turn out. Boo hoo! Nice song girl!
Why'd u lie 2 me: A great song! The beat immediantly catches your attention, and believe me, once u've heard it, u won't be able 2 stop listening 2 it!!
Don't cha: One of the best on the album! A cool loud beat with good lyrics about a girl who wants 2 make a boy fall in luv with her as he is too scared 2, umm, pretty sly.....
Secrets: I think this song is ok. It isn't that good, but worth a listen. It calms u down afta a long hard day.
Don't stop (Doin it): Anouther good song by the queen of soul. A great catchy tune, nice lyrics that wanna make u sing ure heart out!!
I dreamed u: Anouther superb song. A nice beat with great voice and talent. This is a relaxing song, so sit back, relax and listen 2 the great voice.
Overdue goodbye (Reprise): This is ok. I prefer the normal one, but a nice experiment with music, instruments and voice. How good is she?
If u r thinking of purchasing this album, get it!! Anastacia is one of the best singers i have EVER heard! Her voice is different, new and original. She DEFINITELY has some talent! If u wanna achieve anything, do it. Anastacia inspires me so much, if u want somethin go for it! A great voice, great talents, great inspiration, a great album!
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on 3 February 2002
Well what can I say that no-one else has already said about this fantastic album. Basically the whole album is pop-tastic, she has put together an album which outshines her previous one 'Not that kind' because the tracks are so upbeat a few are tracks that you can just chill out to after a hard day at work, and the rest just get you in the mood to get up and dance.
Here is a few tracks which I think are the Bees Knees: 'Freak of Nature' a very upbeat track which gets the adrenalin going, 'Paid my dues' classy number, 'One day in your Life' this one is a favourite of mine because it reminds me of certain events in my life.
So all in all a excellent album which is a must buy, so if you don't go out & buy it you have lost out big style.
All the best Cat
Anastacia fan from Northern Ireland
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on 5 February 2002
Whenever I hear some of the songs on her album, my feet start moving all by themselves, especially the hit single 'Paid my dues' has that effect on me. Even when I enter the training room bone-tired, if they put that song on, I'm a new woman, filled with energy and in a good mood. It works as well when I'm just lazing around and listen to that CD, my moods always goes up a few notches.
Great CD! Worthy music and damn, has she got a smoky powerful voice!
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on 16 December 2002
After buying this album, I can't believe that i actually used to dislike Anastacia! But a couple of her songs had grown on me, namely One Day in Your Life, and I'm Outta Love, so I decided to take a huge risk and buy her second album to see if these songs too would grow on me... So what happened? Basically I fell in love with it, because her voice is so strong and powerful, and she knows exactly what kind of music compliments it. There are a couple of weaker tracks here, but because they are surrounded by brilliant ones, they take their place too with the best tracks. My personal favourites are Why'd You Lie to Me and You'll Never be Alone.
If you liked the released singles, of which there are many, then this album will be exactly what you expect, no surprises, just good music that you can sing along to. Roll on her next album!
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on 2 December 2001
Since I did not know when "Freak of Nature" would be released in the United States, I opted to spend the extra $ for a copy of "Freak of Nature". Thankfully the extra money I spent to get this cd shipped to me was worth the money. I loved "Not That Kind" but even that was a import copy I had purchased. I have been a huge fan of Anastacia since I saw her on MTV a couple of years ago. Her powerful vocals blew my me away. Anastacia reminded me a lot like Taylor Dayne.
"Freak of Nature" takes Anastacia to the next level in her career. On this album, there is a more rock influence in her music. Acoustic guitars are incorporated on several of the tracks. While "Not That Kind" has more of a polished sound, "Freak of Nature" does not sound as polished as its predecessor. The standout tracks for me is "Paid My Dues", "You'll Never Be Alone" (my personal favorite track on the cd), the title track, and "Goodbye". Anastacia sounds better than ever on her follow-up and it was well worth the extra money for me to acquire "Freak of Nature".
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on 19 February 2002
When I first listened to this album I was totally blown away by the sheer talent of Anastacia. I liked 'Not that Kind' but this one is in my mind better than its predecessor. There is a real mixture here - something to suit everyone. Scorching ballads, r & b, up-tempo dance; a real classy album. My particular favourites are 'Paid my Dues', 'Why'd you Lie to me?' and 'You'll never be Alone'(When I first heard this track the hairs on the back of my neck stood up - this girl has got an incredible voice). A real must buy.
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on 10 September 2002
I have had this album since Christmas 2001 and I never grow tired of it. It is perfect for the car, the gym or just partying. Anastacia has this quality about her voice that is very unusual and that you would really associate with soul or R&B. However, she combines this with rock and ballads that is highly entertaining and long lived. I would definitely recommend this to rock fans and all the single thirty something girls out there who have had enough of S Club and Blue.
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