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5.0 out of 5 stars Do Not Under Estimate S Club, 6 Dec. 2003
By A Customer
This review is from: Seeing Double (Audio CD)
Although they broke up early this year S Club will always be part of music history! This album didn't do very well but that was probably because everyone thought S Club's old music was dated. In a way that is true but this album shows a great deal of maturity for the six. So here is my track by track review of SEEING DOUBLE:
Alive - I have no idea why everyone says this sounds like Don't Stop Movin', because it isn't. It has a completely different vibe to it. anyway the song is great and very pop/dance. This song got a chart position of #5 which was quite low for such a good song.
Whole Lotta Nothing: This is quite strange. It starts of kinda like a sort of spanish sound, but then changes into a slick R'N'B song. Anyway I really like this song and is a great uptempo song.
Love Ain't gonna wait for you: This song only charted at number #2 which should have been #1. Along with Say Goodbye this was the last ever S club single. It has a really 70's disco groove to it and is a great dance song. This song shows a slight maturity of S Club
Bittersweet: The first thing I thought when i heard this was WOW!
This is the furthest away from any other S Club song you have ever heard. It is a great song which sounds very R'N'B and is very haunting. One of the best on the album.
Straight from the heart: Very Christmassy. It has a really warm feel to it. Not one of my favourites but still a great ballard.
Gangsta Love: Along with Bittersweet this also shows a huge (but great) change for S Club. This starts out sounding like music from Lord of the rings then changes into a fast R'N'B song. This has to be another favourite on the album for me. The rap sounds a bit weird but you get used to it after a while.
Who do you think you are?: This song is so obviously the main song from the movie SEEING DOUBLE, with lines such as "when your a clone you know your never alone". This song used to be a favourite of mine but now I find the lyrics kinda stupid. The beat though is definately one of the best I have ever heard though.
Do it till we drop: This song to me sounds like it should have been on the previous album SUNSHINE. A great poppy uptempo song where Rachel's voice goes exteremly high.
Hey Kitty Kitty: This song sounds v. sexual with the way Hannah sings it. The song is a bit strange though. This is kind of a change for S club but not very much.
Dance: You either love it or hate it. Me I hate it. It sounds too much like a robot type of thing. But people that like it say it is S Club's greatest work.
Secret love: Continuing where Whole lotta nothing left off this also has a spanish vibe. But it is more sexy this time. The lyrics aren't anything special on this. Still a nice song though.
The Greatest: Aparrently this is a cover version of a band called Scene 23 who were created by the american version of popstars. I really like this song and this also shows S Club's change of direction.
In too deep: Jon leads on this song which is good and I used to listen to alot. This is quite a slowish song but v.good with a hint of R'N'B.
Let Me Sleep: Has to be my favourite song on the album. When I listen to this I feel really sad that they broke up :(. This also has the band hiting v.high notes. It sounds like a song that should be in a movie. This is one of the greatest songs they ever done.
Every Kinda People: This song is a cover version. It is o.k and has a Jamacian style to it. I don't really like it.
Alive (Almighty Mix): I love remixes. I think they are great but I just find usually they are to long. This one is no exception.
Songs like Bittersweet, Gangsta Love + Let Me Sleep make me feel sad knowing that if S Club had done a 5th album these would have probably be the types of songs they would have focused on. This song did not deserve to get to #17. But at least in Australia it made a suprise entry at #1. There should've been more publicity for this album and then people would have known how S Club had grown and maybe S Club wouldn't have Split. Anyway with Rachel fast becoming the U.Ks biggest female star, Tina close to launching her hip hop career, Jon being Maurius in Les Miserables, Hannah about to star in Agent Cody Banks 2, Bradley becoming a producer, Jo recording a country album and Paul in his rock band the reality of a re-formation look pretty far off. Oh yeah two last things
1) Even if you have not been an S Club fan ever buy this album anyway and I'm sure you will be pleasently suprised
2) Buy Funky dory by Rachel Stevens if you want a slightly more grown up album
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5.0 out of 5 stars The Best S-Club Album Yet!, 25 Nov. 2002
This review is from: Seeing Double (Audio CD)
Alive: The first single of "Seeing Double" a very upbeat different type of S Club song. Some compare it to "Don't Stop Movin.." but to me the two are completely different. This isn't one of my favorites but it will grow on me. Lead Vocals: Bradley
Whole Lotta Nothing: This has a romantic touch to the upbeat song. A love/dance song for the teenagers of the 21st century. A very original S-Club song they haven’t done a song like this before. Lead Vocals: Jo
Love Ain't Gonna Wait: This is a disco song reminds me of “Don’t Stop Movin,“ has the undertone of Alive in it with a mix of You in the chorus. Lead Vocals: Jo
Bitter Sweet: This songs sounds a lot alike Destiny's Child “Survivor” in an odd way. This also has a touch of Britney Spears “Stronger” in it. A little touch of Rap by S-Club in it too. Lead Vocals: Jo
Straight From the Heart: The first ballad off the album by far the best ballad of S-Club. Put it this way it’s a updated version of “Have You Ever,” just way better and much more grown-up. Lead Vocals: Jo
Gangsta Love: This is one of my favorite songs on the album! It’s got a R&B feel to it like “Boy Like You.” It’s very different; a movie-like themed song with different tones. Brilliant! Lead Vocals: Rachel
Who Do You Think You Are: It’s got a very dance-vibe in it. This song features the whole band singing pieces of it like “It’s Alright.” A really Great Chorus! Should definitely be a single!Lead Vocals: Everyone
Do It Till We Drop: This was my favorite song of the show Viva S-Club and its by far a favorite of mine! It’s very comical! Its a big-time S-Club song a long with Reach, You, Everybody Wants You/Boy Like You. Lead Vocals: Rachel
Hey Kitty Kitty: This song is a lot like Dance, Dance, Dance. I was kind of sad how this song turned out. Hannah needs to find songs that really fit her pretty voice! It’s just a little weak. But its just an Ok Song. Lead Vocals: Hannah
Dance: This song sounds like this could be a follow-up song to “Don’t Stop Movin.” It’s a much more advanced follow-up song. Definitely a club song! Lead Vocals: Bradley
Secret Love: This is another weak song like “Hey Kitty Kitty.” Tina also needs to find songs that fit her weaker voice. The storyline/lyrics of the song are great and its got a great tempo but I feel it should have been given to someone who could have sang it better. Lead Vocals: Tina
The Greatest (Greatest Love Story Ever Told): A R&B love song. It’s a very pretty song it’s a slow/upbeat song version of “Who Do You Think You Are.” Rachel and Jo make the best songs together. Lead Vocals: Rachel and Jo
In Too Deep: I never really cared for the song “Sunshine” but Jon has really changed between that song and this song. This song is a nice love song. It’s got great lyrics/chorus! Lead Vocals: Jon
Let Me Sleep: This is the one song on the album that tells you that S-CLUB have incredibly grown up since the last three albums. The song is the sexiest song on the album and I have to say probably S-CLUB’s best song to date. Lead Vocals: Jo
Every Kind of People: This song was done for the film “The Guru.” It’s an ok song, not in S-CLUB tradition. Lead Vocals: Jo (No S-Club)
Alive Almighty Remix: I have to say I like this version much more then the regular has a much more techno feel to it and more jazz! A Long track coming in a little over 7 minutes! Much Better then regular version! Lead Vocals: Bradley
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5.0 out of 5 stars The Best S Club album yet!, 12 Jan. 2003
By A Customer
This review is from: Seeing Double (Audio CD)
When i first heard alive i wasnt expecting "Seeing Double" to live up to the standards of the 3 previous sclub albums but is did!
1. Alive - lacks originality and shouldnt have been released as a single because its a copy of dont stop movin but it is catchy -7/10
2. Whole lotta nothin - Great song! loved it first time round - 9/10
3. Love aint gonna wait for you - rumoured to be the next song, it took me a while to like it but its a great pop and disco record - 9/10
4. Bittersweet - a great mature sound for sclub, once again sung by jo- 10/10
5. Straight from the heart - The first ballad on the album, once again sung by jo - 8/10
6. Gangsta Love - omg! my favourite song on the album, sung by rach and jo, definately worth a listen - 10/10
7. Who do you think you are - Goes too far away from sclubs usual song, a great song but not single material - 7/10
8. Do it till we drop - very fast and makes rach's voice high pitched and squeaky, but a great pop song - 10/10
9. Hey Kitty Kitty - Really catchy but hannah doesnt sound too great - 7/10
10. Dance - great song, sung by bradley really disco-y - 9/10
11. Secret Love - co-wrote by Tina and sung by tina, has a latin type feel - 8/10
12. The Greatest - great record, should be released as a single in america because it'd do great there! - 9/10
13. In too deep - co -wrote by Jon and sung by jon songs good - 7/10
14. Let Me sleep - One of the best songs on the album,has a great beat and jo sounds great, very mature - 10/10
15. Every Kind of people - was jo's first solo single, got scrapped so was shoved onto seeing double, its an ok song but doesnt live up too the rest of the album - 6/10
Overall id give the album 10/10 and even though im an sclub fan im not biased, I've recieved atomic kittens album, blues album, sugababes album, liberty x's album all the xmas and none of them compare to "Seeing Double" should have gotten higher in the charts, definately worth a listen!
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4.0 out of 5 stars One of the most perfect pop albums ever!, 25 Sept. 2006
This review is from: Seeing Double (Audio CD)
S Club have always been known for their perfect fun family pop. And after 3 albums, they were rightly known as the kings and queens of pop.

Over the space of 5(ish) years, S Club 7 produced some of the finest pop singles ever: Bring It All Back, S Club Party, Reach, Natural, Never Had A Dream Come True and the dancefloor-tastic, Don't Stop Movin'.

After 3 albums of pop-rnb-dance, S Club have grown up.

- Their first album, S Club, featured some great pop tunes and a subtle hint of rnb. Not a single filler track.

- Their second effort, 7, was more mature with a more rnb edge, whil still maintaining the pop style.

- Sunshine, the 3rd album, was a mixture of a range of styles that did not blend as well, but was still a fantastic album.

However Seeing Double is pure, mature, dance pop. It is such a shame they split before they got the chance to release more singles from it.

Here is my track-by-track review.

1. Alive - The first single. A funky disco romp with a great dance beat. More mature than Don't Stop Movin', and it does sound slightly similar. But that is no bad thing. Paul originally sang Bradley's part and if he had remained in the group, it wouldn't have drawn unneccssary comparisons with DSM. 10/10.

2. Whole Lotta Nothin - A fun, latin summer song. An obvious single choice. Very fun and fresh. 9/10.

3. Love Ain't Gonna Wait For You - The 2nd single from the album and final single from S Club (blub). A slightly by-the-book affair but with a definite mature pop edge. 9/10.

4. Bittersweet - A very dark, moody and angry song. Almost hip hop. A very big change of direction but a welcome one. 9/10.

5. Straight From The Heart - Quite a predictable ballad with nowhere near as much character as some of their other slow songs. Jo's voice is quite weak on this. But it is still a nice song. 8/10.

6. Gangsta Love - A garage song with a great summer vibe. Mainly Rachel singing. An album highlight. 10/10.

7. Who Do You Think You Are? - Another garage dance song and an obvious single choice. Every member sings on the song and it is a fantastic song. Another highlight. 10/10.

8. Do It Till We Drop - A summery, salsa song that moves along at great speed. Mainly Rachel with Bradley rapping. It is a great feel good song and definitely one of the best songs S Club have ever done. Should have been a single. 11/10.

9. Hey Kitty Kitty - Hannah's solo song. A funky disco song. Quite good but nowhere near as good as Dance Dance Dance from Sunshine. 8/10.

10. Dance - A minimal, sexy dance song. Was meant as a double a-side to Alive but it was forgotten about as it didn't have a video. One of the most unique, mature and original songs the group have ever done. Very reminiscent of Kylie's Body Language era. Fantastic. Should have been a single on its own. 11/10.

11. Secret Love - Tina's solo. A sexy latin song with a mediterrenean song. Similar to Madonna's La Isla Bonita. 8/10.

12. The Greatest - Odd and confusing yet brilliant. That's all I can say. Rnb/hip hop. 8/10.

13. In Too Deep - Jon's solo song and it is a very mature. An excellent ballad. 9/10.

14. Let Me Sleep - Would've hopefully been the albums signature ballad. Very mature and different. Quite orchestral and emotional. Really beautiful. I'm sure you hear Paul at the end adlibbing. 10/10.

---Bonus Tracks---

15. Every Kinda People - Jo's solo song recorded for some film. It is just a bonus track and it is uninteresting. I barely listen to it. 6/10.

16. Alive (Almighty Mix) - A pointless remix that is not a patch on the Jewels & Stone remix of DSM that was included on Sunshine. 5/10.

Overall, 10/10. You need to own this album. It is experimental, mature, different and ranks up there with other great pop albums such as:

Girls Aloud - Chemistry

Kylie - Fever

Spice Girls - Spiceworld

And the bands former member, Rachel Stevens - Come & Get It.

No music collection is complete without this album.
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5.0 out of 5 stars GET THIS UNDER THE XMAS TREE!! As they say, POPTASTIC!!!!, 13 Dec. 2002
R. Mc Master "popcrazy" (Sandton, South Africa) - See all my reviews
This review is from: Seeing Double (Audio CD)
People, do not be sceptical about the hype around this album because it really is a BRILLIANT pop album example. Definitely S Club’s best yet and my favourite of the year by far. I haven’t been this excited about an album in a long time (my tastes range from S Club to Britney and the Corrs.) The whole sound is almost entirely new and is mostly super-sexy, upbeat, edgy and mature pop that will appeal right across the age (and fan) spectrum. I knew about S Club 7 (as they were) from the very beginning but have only been 100% hooked since they released “Don’t Stop Movin” (now one of my favourite pieces of all time) and even though I am 20 years old.
Three tracks stand out for me in particular:
1) Gangsta Love: This song (lead vocals: Rachel) is an upbeat, fun and mature R&B piece with special vocal effects and is a fairly new sound for the group.
2) Who do You Think You Are: THE standout track on the album (should have been the first single, with everybody singing lead vocals.) A completely new sound for the band. Can only be described as a fast Artful-Dodgerish, pop garage dance epic!!
3) Let Me Sleep: As others have said, possibly the most mature song on the album (lead vocals: Jo.) Mid tempo love song, super sexy and very easy listening that you have to sing along to!
This album should be performing A LOT better than it currently is on the UK charts. Hopefully, with the tour and movie next year, it will sell at levels it deserves. S Club’s management always seem too keen to play it safe with single releases and are very cautious about releasing new sounds for the groups to the public. (“Alive”, although it fits perfectly in the album, was not a good choice for the first single in my opinion. A lot of people could have predicted the comparison to “Don’t Stop Movin”, however undeserved it may be. I also think that, for example, “Stronger” [off their previous album] would have made a good final single, as it was a innovative sound for the band but it was kept hidden from public ears.)
Finally, BUY THIS ALBUM. You WILL NOT be disappointed!!
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5.0 out of 5 stars Awesome listen!, 12 Oct. 2003
This review is from: Seeing Double (Audio CD)
Why this record came in low in the charts for a S Club release...I don't know! This has got to be one of S Club's best CDs to date! The range and variety of every song and each uniqueness each member brings is extraordinary. If more people would have listened this CD should have went down in music history. It's honestly genuis! Here is a brief overview of each song.
"Alive"-Sounds kinda like "Don't Stop Movin'". S Club didn't wanna just jump into something totally different without letting the audience adjust a little. This is a good song to start the CD off with Bradley singing lead. Definetly not the best song on the album but great start.
"Whole Lotta Nothin'"-Still taking it slow. S Club is slowly leading to the mindblowin' climax of the CD. "Whole Lotta Nothin'" lyrics are smart and sassy. Jo on lead.
"Love Ain't Gonna Wait For You"-Total dance track. Make ya wanna groove and press repeat. Jo sings lead.
"Bittersweet"-If anything this song shoulda been called "Gangsta Love" because it sounds v. hip hop. Jo sings lead.
"Straight From The Heart"-Beautiful ballad. A lot of ballads don't change but this one has such variety and a gorgeous string quartet in it it'll make ya wanna find someone! Jo's the main on this one too.
"Gangsta Love"-This song is so awesome. It begins as a Star Wars intro then takes you into the world of "Gangsta Love". S Club definetly put a pop beat to "Gangsta Love" and it sounds awesome. Kick-butt dance track. Rachel and Jo lead this one.
"Who Do You Think You Are?"-This song sounds haunting and sexy. Makes ya wanna drive your car fast and night and feel untouchable. Everyone takes a turn in this song.
"Do It 'Till We Drop"-You honestly can not sit down listening to this song. It will move you one way or another. Sounds mega different from any other song. S Club classic. Rachel and Bradley on this one.
"Hey Kitty Kitty"-Sexxxy with three xs! Hannah proves to everyone why she's on FHM in this song! Hehee.
"Dance"-Self-exclamatory. If you're not up already this song will make you "Dance". Bradley souls out this song.
"Secret Love"-Spanish song that breaks it down. Tina co-wrote this song and sings lead. This song will make ya wanna salsa!
"Greatest Love"-(gasp)I honestly don't like this song that much but I still like it. Maybe the fact that this is a cover from a Scene 23 song. (exactly.) But the chorus is repeated a bit too much in this song. Jo and Rachel take this one also.
"In Too Deep"-I love this song! Jon sings this one and it sounds great! It's a ballad that sounds awesome! You really feel this one, promise!
"Let Me Sleep"-Rhymes with "In Too Deep". Cool. This one's cool. Jo sings lead and this song sounds haunting. It's really awesome.
"Every Kinda People"-Jamaican me crazy! Because this CD has such variety! This song sounds like island music for real. Pass the brownie...? Good song...Jo leads this one...or "sings solo".
"Alive (Almighty Mix)"-It's good to any other remix...something that should only be played in a club...but still good.
If this review doesn't make ya wanna buy the it anyway. It has such a different variety of music...different voice on almost each song and even though released last year and the Club broke up...this type of music will be around for a while. This CD is very infectious and the changes in style will keep you interested or make a huge fan out of you. To me this was the best Club CD!
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4.0 out of 5 stars Good, but not brilliant, 16 Dec. 2002
By A Customer
This review is from: Seeing Double (Audio CD)
Uh oh. I think trouble's ahead. When bands change image it generally means they are trying to 'grow up.'
Gone are the poppish sounds of the last three albums. None of them have that 'big' ballad quality of Show Me Your Colours or some of the more laid back sounds of 'Summertime Feeling.' Instead it juts seems to be dance beats all the way through.
None of them really stand out (except Jo's voice!). They don't instantly grab at you, get under your skin and become instant favourites. It's just the usual, Jo, Rachel and Bradley taking lead vocals. The others are criminally underused. Hannah is finally given a track that does her justice with 'Hey Kitty, Kitty'. I'm not too sure about Jon with 'In Too Deep', it sounds like he's struggling through. The one good thing is that there the quality of decent tracks are consistent. Maybe it's a bit too long. I'd take out 'The Greatest' just because it doesn't suit and 'Who Do You Think You Are' simply because I keep confusing it with the one the Spice Girls released.

So, if you like dance music (with still that slight pop quality to it) and move away from pop then this is for you. If you want to remain with pop I'd go back and listen to the other three albums.
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5.0 out of 5 stars Feeling so alive. *applause*, 28 Jun. 2003
This review is from: Seeing Double (Audio CD)
They were a good pop band, pretty good i should say especially with this album. Sad that they had to disband. But it's alright, got lots ahead for 'em. Very talented young artists. The album's worth the money. If you're a big fan of dance-pop then this is your CD. Go on, get a copy!
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5.0 out of 5 stars brings back memories, 12 Jun. 2014
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
This review is from: Seeing Double (Audio CD)
being a huge fan as a young teenager i bought this as my copy was lost years ago so i thought for the great price it is id order a copy just for fun. cheesy pop album but bought back some great memories. quick delivery too!
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5.0 out of 5 stars S club best album!, 18 Jan. 2004
By A Customer
This review is from: Seeing Double (Audio CD)
Alive- This a really good start for the album, i wasn't much for it when i first heard it but after a while it was really good! 8/10
Whole lotta nothin- this is a really good song, jo sounds really good! 8/10
Love aint gonna wait for you- This is good single material, it is a really good pop tune, excellent! 9/10
Bittersweet- this song is a bit different for s club, but it works really well 8/10
Straight from the heart- you can't have an s club album without a good ballad, this is really good! 8/10
Gangsta love- Another differnet song for s club, Rachel and Jo sound really good together 9/10
Who do you think you are?- I think this is the first song that s club have done with all members singing on it,it works really well,a very good album track! 7/10
Do it till we drop- This excellent, rachel sounds great! 10/10
Hey kitty kitty- Hannah sings this quite well and this is a really good catchy song! 8/10
Dance- Another grower,good in the end 7/10
Secret love- the words in this song are really cleaver, tina sounds fantastic, this song is perfect for tina 10/10
The greatest- I think it is fair to say that jo and Rachel Are the two main singers in the band, they sound even better together! 10/10
In too deep- jon sounds great! 10/10
Let me sleep- Breath taking!the best song on the album 10/10
Every kinda people- good catchy tune! 8/10
Alive - almight mix- a good version of alive 8/10
This album i one of s club's best- buy it!
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