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4.6 out of 5 stars165
4.6 out of 5 stars
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on 21 October 2005
The craziest film that will have you in tears of laughter. A film that was meant only to be a bet, spurred into a blockbuster of a movie starring the most unlikeliest of actors that are Wesley Snipes, (yes, him that plays BLADE) and the Dirty Dancer of Patrick Swayze. Playing Drag Queens, Snipes and Swayze give an outstanding performance with a supporting cast from John Leguizamo, (the other Drag Queen). This brings the worlds society of homophobia to a complete new level that will make you understand why men dress up as women.
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on 12 July 2000
With two huge names in the hollywood action movie genre headlining this comedy,I was doubtful that Swayze and Snipes could ever make me see them as anything less than action men in dresses. The remarkable thing about this undoubted feel-good movie is the willingness of these guys to take such a big gamble with a script that deviates so severly from the mainstream. With a brilliant role for the delectable Stockard Channing thrown in for good measure this is one of the most entertaining pieces of cinema since 'Grease'.
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VINE VOICEon 3 December 2004
In this hugely flamboyant and very funny drag-queen comedy, Patrick Swayze, Wesley Snipes and John Leguiszmo head for L.A to complete in the "drag-queens'" version of 'Miss World' but on the way, they get lost and end up in a sleepy town filled with a whole motherload of extraordinary characters for our 'queens' to interact with.
Patrick Swayze and Wesley Snipes are both seriously hilarious and, sometimes, sadly annoying but it's John Leguiszmo's outrageously daring performance as Chi-Chi Rodriguez that makes this picture worth watching, even though Swayze and Snipes are pretty good themselves. The supporting cast ranging from Robin Williams, Stockard Channing to RuPaul and Alias's Michael Vartan all help the film flow smoothly while some of the locales look gorgeous and all the gags in this flick comes thick and fast.

Although this isn't 'The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert', this IS its exact equal but with a nicer feel to the genre that's filled with lots of fun, laughter and glamour that should be featured in these types of films.
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on 4 May 2003
This film is alittle far fetched but brings out people's attitudes towards transvestites. 3 guys who spend their days and nights as women go for a wild trip to win the ultimate prize for being a drag artist. They find themselves stuck somewhere and are taken in by the local's. The town is full of varied people who are so used to their lives and anything new is like a sin. The women in the town bring themselves up to the 3 girls and change themselves, take notes from the girls and become a new person. The ending has an amazing climax and just brings a smile on your face! I would recommend this film if you have an open mind and like a laugh!
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on 5 May 2001
How can you bypass a film that boasts Patrick Swayze and Wesley Snipes complete with excessive amounts of satin and mascara, its a classic! Gone are Swayze's Dirty Dancing-famed bum-hugging jeans and jaw-dropping muscles, to be replaced by a super-camp girly voice and stillettos! Even Leguzamo (or some similar spelling!) pulls off a classic ugly duckling transormation from Boy-in-a-dress to Drag-Queen, making it very hard to view his as the angry little prince of cats Tybalt in the recent Romeo and Juliet remake! The film is a clever conbination of reality issues and wigs&wardrobes, it's a feel-good film yet with depth, it'll make you want to hang a picture of Julie Newmar on your dashboard and razz off through America in your clapped-out yellow convertible! "Style or Substance?"...hmmm...this film has both! Watch it-oh and watch out for Rizzo from Grease!
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This film is about 'drag queens' - also better known as hunks - Patrick Swayze and Wesley Snipes. After palying so many tough guy roles, Swayze and Snipes obviously had a field day making this. Their enjoyment and 'camping it up' is so infectious. There are some hilarious scenes when the girls are mistaken for 'real girls'. One of the funniest is when Snipes and Swayze decide to show some 'gentleman' how to treat a real lady. It is just hilarious! Pure enjoyement
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on 31 May 2010
I first watched this film at a friend's home, and enjoyed it so much I had to buy it. Now I watch it about once a week, just for the smile it still puts on my face.

The story, about three drag queens crossing America in a car to take part in a beauty pageant, is clearly similar to Priscilla, Queen of The Desert, but in my opinion, is more "fun". It is a fairytale that shows lives and relationships from a different angle. There is comedy, but it does not take over as the ethos of the film, and the film can sometimes squeeze a tear, too. It also tackles domestic violence in a different, and strangely gratifying, way.

All three of the main actors put in incredibly good performances. Wesley Snipes really abandoned himself in the spirit of his part as Noxeema - he makes a great drag queen, and looked awesome. Patrick Swayze seemed a little more uncomfortable as Vida, but gave his character warmth, and showed her as deeply human and vulnerable. But it was John Leguizamo as Chi Chi who was the biggest hit for me; Chi-Chi lived, she had depth, a sassy latin girl with a soft centre - I loved her.
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on 28 June 2001
This is one movie you definately wont regret watching. It combines the comedy that only men dressed as women can provide with an out cry to all of those 'wannabe' independant women out there. I came across this movie by accident , but I'm glad I did, and I've reccomended it to everyone I know!
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What a fun-filled experience it is to glide through this film with the girls - their Cadillac is certainly big enough ... it has many hilarious scenes, and is very lively and camp, as you would expect. Part of the pleasure is seeing Patrick Swayze and Wesley Snipes performing so against type, and carrying it off with aplomb. It is amazing that an all-action hero like Snipes can throw himself into a part like this - and it is worth every second. John Leguizamo ia also amazing - he may also be playing against type, although as it happens the only other role I've seen him in is also in drag (the brilliant short Doing Time, sadly unavailable on DVD). Chris Penn and Stockard Channing confirm the brilliance of the whole thing, both being very memorable, one very funny and the other lending a note of seriousness to the film's sexual politics, which her expression is able to bring to the film in a few glances without derailing the comic framework. It is perfectly judged, really, and she also provides a touching foil as a real woman who develops a real solidarity with the larger-than-life trio. Seeing this film again now it strikes me that it was rather overlooked when it was released - perhaps the fact that it followed hot on the heels of Priscilla, Queen Of The Desert worked against it, and also that it has an over-long, somewhat meaningless title unless you've seen the film, or know who Julie Newmar is ... The soundtrack is filled with disco fun, and and the Leguizamo character gets some sense of romance which has a very sweet resonance. It also has a note of sadness in that both Patrick Swayze and Chris Penn are no longer with us, and it is a marvellous reminder of their gifts that they took on these roles and gave us so much enjoyment.
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on 21 March 2003
This film had me in stitches. This film even topped Priscilla Queen of the Desert. The lead roles by Snipes, Swayze & Leguiziamo really portray their charachters well. To see Wesley Snipes take on the role of Miss Noxima Jackson is an amazing barrel of laughs from start to finnish. This film is a must and well worthy of 5 stars!!
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