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4.2 out of 5 stars47
4.2 out of 5 stars
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on 23 July 2007
I am such a massive fan of Lonesome Dove that I couldn't wait to watch RtLD, only to be hugely disappointed. To me it didn't capture the same magic or passion from the original - everything that shone in LD, was dull in RtLD. Yet again the story attracted an all-star cast but LD had set too high a standard that RtLD was never going to be able to reach. Having said that, if you watch RtLD as a stand-alone, the story is very strong with excellent acting. Maybe I had too high an expectation but sadly for me, this was yet one more example of why America needs to lose it's love of sequels...
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on 9 February 2003
Having seen the original Lonesome Dove film with Tommy Lee Jones playing one of the main central characters, I was somewhat daunted at the idea that Jon Voight would be able to fill his shoes. WRONG! within a few minutes of the film starting it is easy to forget that he did'nt feature in the first film.
I loved Lonesome Dove, the trials and tribulations of the cattle drive from Texas to Montana, I found it both exhilarating and heart wrenching. Return to Lonesome Dove follows on perfectly from where the first film left off, another tale of loyalties, hardships and lives entwined.
It is so very easy to lose yourself in this film, once started I had to sit through from start to finish, like a good novel I could'nt put it down, or should I say push the pause button.
A highly recommended sequel to a classic first film.
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The original Lonesome Dove was a milestone in cinema - a big budget epic, which was driven by developments in characters rather than events. So how to follow such an evocative drama? Well, surprisingly well as it happens - by continuing the coming of age of Newt, Captain Calls unacknowledged son. Events this time are more event driven, with a faster pace than Lonesome Dove. Following the death and burial of Gus in the first series, the Captain gathers a new crew to take a herd of horses North to his new ranch. Meantime, the ranch is having its own difficulties, and Newt falls in with a rancher played by Oliver Reed, not least due to the allure of his wife, played by a surprisingly young looking Reese Witherspoon. Events move on at a fair lick, smoothing over the occasional plot holes and helping disguise the fact that Jon Voight struggles to keep up a Tommy Lee Jones impersonation throughout. Rick Schroeder (Newt) is the star performer here, given the bulk of the character growth in the story. Apart from his role, the women in the story are well served, driving events as well as being victim to them.
If this series distinguishes itself, it is in portraying a fascinating period of history as the ranches and ranchers that formed them grew in a land struggling to find an identity and sense of order.
There is a big hole however in the absence of that delicate first hand understanding that Simon West the director and Larry McMurty the author brought to Lonesome Dove.. its feeling of realism is much diluted here. Notwithstanding this deficiency, this is still much superior to other mini series of the same ilk, and well worth a watch.
As for extras, when the DVD advertises chapter indexing as a DVD extra you know there is a problem - a short few pages of filmography for each of the principals, and a `Western Trivia quiz' which acts as a spoiler of the ending if you watch it before completing the show, and is hardly worth the effort.
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on 15 February 2013
Though not as good as original series, this is still a worthy sequel well worth viewing.
However, considering that this is a blu-ray release and is supposed to be in high-definition,
this is in my opinion, a very shoddy release and provides a picture quality that is no better
than the DVD release. When watched side by side I observed no difference whatsoever in the
quality of the definition between the two.

This was a big disappointment, especially after the American blu-ray release of the original series,
which though slightly spoilt by the aspect ratio being formatted as 1:1.85 ratio from the original
1.1.33, provided a far better quality picture than the DVD release and was worth the cost of the
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on 30 November 2005
If you've seen Lonesome dove, then this follow-on is a must-see!
Full of panoramic country, and heartwarming characters, this is a classic in it's own right, and one that you'll want to watch time and time again.
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If only the people who made this series had not insisted that Oliver Reed spoke "Scottish".

The decision to make him use such an abominable accent absolutely spoils the film from the very first moment he appears and I do not understand it, for, were there not many English gentlemen involved in many of the openings of The West? Apart from this absolute mess of a player's part, the rest of the film is almost ... well, almost - nearly almost, more than quite good.

I did not bother going after this film for quite some time because of the naysayers on various sites/forums who seemed to be universally condemning it. Then one night, when bored (again) after just having finished watching the original "Lonesome Dove" series for the umpteenth times, and *desperate* for more LD tales I came to Amazon and spreed myself all of £0.68 (+ p&p!) for a used copy.

By-Gad-Woodrow, It's one hell of a copy! And "copy" really is the operative word! Almost every single scene from the first-to-last simply plagiarises the original series. Even the background music seemed to back scenes which were very, very similar to the original.

Then we see the Plains burial, just like that poor old Irish boy.

And yet, ... and yet, ...
I like it, because whilst it is most certainly a definitive rip-off of the original "Lonesome Dove", it really does try to stay true to the original. For that it does deserve recognition.

However, the cringes constantly created by Oliver Reed's "Scottish accent" keep recurring and it really does spoil the film. What should have been a possible four-and-possibly another-half Star rating gets immediately bumped down to a generous 3***, and all because of Oliver's elocution tutor.

I wonder if he had any decision in his "Och Aye the Noo!" persona?
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on 17 March 2013
Brilliant series, would recommend to anyone who likes cowboys. Makes you feel like you are really out riding with them. Also has love element to it. Great follow up to Lonesome Dove. You get really attached to the characters. Great storyline and will certainly watch it again.
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on 23 February 2007
this film continues on directly from the end of Lonesome Dove.we see many of the characters from the original - clara allen,july johnston, newt, woodrow call, etc - plus numerous new bad guys. throughout the film, Newt matures and towards the end there are changes even in Call. although played by a different actor, Call's distinctive personality remains visible. this is a compulsively watchable film, a brilliant sequel and not to be missed!
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on 19 July 2010
This is a decent follow up to the original 'Lonesome Dove' mini-series, though it's sadly missing the near on all the original series cast with only Ricky Schroder and a few supporting actors returning to the sequel. Jon Voight is re-cast as Woodrow Call, though he's a poor replacement for Tommy Lee Jones, and while the story is fairly enjoyable it lacks the epic quality of the original.
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on 26 January 2012
I was interested to see that there was a lot of critiscim to this follow up and while the story
is not as good as "Lonesome Dove", i still found it to be a worthy addition to the Series and it
held my interest with once again superb cinematography, good acting and for the most part believable characters.

In fact, i found John Voight's performance as Woodrow Call superior to Tommy Lee Jones of "Lonesome Dove" in every respect but i did miss the other characters from the original, i have to admit with the exception of Ricky Schroeder, who was from the original. Barbara Hershey was not a patch on Angelica Huston for instance as Woodrow Call's big dislike.

Also, this series does not have English subtitles and i missed some dialogue as i did in "Lonesome Dove", but i will definately keep this in my collection.
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