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4.7 out of 5 stars93
4.7 out of 5 stars
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on 13 November 2002
This is one movie which I feel is probably Denzel Washington at his best.It starts with a family ( Denzel's) trying to keep it together in recession hit America. When his son collapses on the baseball field of a little league game and the problems it throws up over the American Health Insurance system. John.Q.(Denzel) finds out that his insurance policy will not pay out for his sons treatment. So he tries different ways to get the necessary money ( $250,000 ) i.e. medi-aid. He finds himself running against a clock that is ticking down for his son. Finally frustrated with total apathy from insurers to doctors and hospital admin and an equally upset wife,he decides to force the issue with the hospital and staff involved. This movie took me from disbelief, to frustration,then rage,then shock and tears that in this day and age a so called World Economy could turn its back on its citizens without a care in the world attitude (MONEY). I know this is only a movie but it makes you realise that for all its faults the U.K. has a good and free on demand health service.As a grown man I can really understand the emotions and fear that is shown in this movie. I hope that this helps you decide to add this movie to your collection. It did me.....
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on 21 March 2013
I loved this. Shows the lengths that people are willing to go to to save their children when they are left with very little option. A dad resorts to actions that are completely uncharacteristic and is willing to pay any price to save his young son.
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VINE VOICEon 26 November 2002
This film is enjoyable but lacks the depth that could have turned it into a real winner.
You are pulled along with the story as you follow the family's treatment at the hands of the US healthcare system. It details how a family can go from having no diffiulty obtaining treatment under their insurance to finding that, because of his employer's cutbacks, they are finally denied this very important benefit. You also ask how a family can be so badly off but still not enough to qualify to Medicare.
This film makes you want to do something about the injustice portrayed. It does make you cry, sympathetic and angry. How the American people can still allow this to happen beggers belief.
Washington's character is both appealing and exasperating. He makes the promise that his son WILL be treated and then we follow him as he hits brickwall after brickwall and can do nothing himself until he has to take drastic action.
What lets this film down slightly is that more could have been made of the hospital's stance and why it was wrong. We have one scene where we begin to get to the root of the problem facing the US healthcare system but it does not really build on this.
The support from Woods, Liotta and Duvall is great but you do feel that more could have been made of their characters. The same applies to Anne Heche as the hospital administrator. Not enough time is spent showing why she responds the way she does.
This is well worth watching.
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on 8 April 2012
An excellent film beautifully acted by Denzel Washington. The story asks profound questions about the value of life and can or should we put a price on it. It is a very emotive film for anyone with a deep level of empathy, and I think for parents especially this will be a heart rending film to watch. It is, however, very watchable, and has the necessary light moments to relieve the sadness that can make this type of film hard to watch. You go on a journey with the lead character and are convinced of his essential goodness, inspite of the fact that he is "the bad guy". In fact the whole good and bad dichotomy is turned on its head. As in life the respectable, decent sterotype is questionable in this tale. A film everyone should watch and think about. Buy this film!
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on 20 June 2014
I've become a BIG Denzel Washington fan over the last few years, but have been disappointed with a couple
Of films. Some DVD's have his name in big letters on the cover & you watch them, only to find Denzel is hardly
In the film. This is down to sneaky sellers re packaging a second rate film. NO such problems here.
This is a great film ( I can't say much at it would spoil it ) with a good cast. James Woods plays the typical
American you just want to punch. It doesn't show America in a good light & I certainly wouldn't want to live there.
But that's part of its appeal , it's a real slice of life. I loved this film & would definitely recommend .
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on 29 April 2012
Like all his films you end up liking Denzel Washington as he always seems to be the good guy what ever the out come. In this film there is no doubt as he fights for and eventually gets a heart transplant for his terminally ill little boy. Not in my opinion one of his best as the story is a bit weak and predictable but it does underline how corrupt the establishment is in dealing with the 'little man'. Frankly how many of us have been ripped off by Insurance companies promising all and delivering very little. It explains in no uncertain terms that to beat the system violence is the last resort to obtain justice. Well worth a viewing but not the best.
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on 10 February 2003
My husband and I both watched this DVD, knowing absolutely nothing about it....we were mesmerised, enthralled and sitting on the edge of our chairs. A brilliant far as we know it it is fiction, not based on reality as per Erin Brokavitch.
It is exciting, full of succulent suspense, some incredible humour under unbelievable conditions and a real tear jerker...guys you will need the box of tissues close by for both yourself and partner.
It has everything..a man down on his luck, a supportive but angry wife,a sick kid and American medical bureaucracy. He tries to resolve the problems within the law, but reaches breaking point when his son is on the point of death and so takes the law and his son's hospital into his own hands.
You will not be disappointed a great film
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on 16 August 2003
John Q is definitely a wonderful movie, full of a lot heart. Denzel Washington does an outstanding job as John Q. In my opinion, an even better job than in Training Day. He definitely should’ve gotten an Oscar for this one.
John Q is essentially about a man whose son encounters a life threatening medical situation. His job has changed medical plans and his hours have been cut, all more or less without him being aware of it. When told his son needs a heart transplant, he finds out that his insurance won't really be there help out. As a good father, he does every thing he can, within the system to get this surgery for his son, but to no avail. He's left with no options, so he chooses to basically kidnap the ER and his son's heart surgeon.
Overall, this is a very gut wrenching and, at times and extremely enlightening film. While not approving of his final solution, John Q is a very good movie that brings to the spotlight some facts about health care in the United States! {ssintrepid}
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on 20 September 2010
Another cracking Denzel Washington film. Well crafted, very moving. I thought that Denzel put in a great performance and so did the kid. A film that really makes you appreciate how luck to have national health. A film that highlights how much of a bastard insurance companies can be. Maybe there were a few moments that were a bit cheesy, that might mean it should just get a 4, but having just watched it i'm caught up in the emotion of it and am giving it a 5!
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on 2 March 2004
This film is brilliant. Denzel Washington deserved an award for the role of John. Q. Its brilliant. While watching it, I was choked up with emotion. This is certinately worth buying. Its one of the best films I have seen.
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