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4.1 out of 5 stars
4.1 out of 5 stars
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on 2 June 2013
* Audio Commentary with Kevin Smith and Scott Mosier
* Tracing Amy: The Chasing Amy Doc
* Was It Something I Said? - A Conversation with Kevin and Joey
* 10 Years Later Q&A with Kevin Smith and the Cast
* Deleted Scenes
* Outtakes
* Trailer

Languages (Main Feature): English (DTS 5.1 - HD), German (DTS 5.1), Spanish (2.0)
Subtitles (Main Feature): English, Thai, Chinese, Bahasa, Malaysian, Korean, Latin Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, German, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, Danish, Portuguese, Bulgarian, Turkish, Arabic, Romanian
Run Time: 113mins approx
Region: A/B/C
Video: 1.85:1
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on 3 March 2000
Of Kevin Smith's four films - Clerks, Mallrats, Chasing Amy and Dogma - this is arguably the best, though it should perhaps be pointed out that this isn't a truly great film: I suspect that his masterpiece is yet to come.If Clerks was a little too primitive, Mallrats was too predictable, and Dogma was overwrought, then Chasing Amy sees Kevin Smith playing to his strengths: a warm, funny and most importantly unconventional romantic comedy. The scatalogical humour sits a little uneasily with some of the film's more emotional content, and Joey Lauren Adams tends to overact slightly as Ben Affleck's target of affection; but don't let such minor flaws put you off a film that may well be one of the best romantic comedies since 'Annie Hall'.
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Director Kevin Smith does it again! This is another great film by this director-writer who has turned his sights on romantic comedy, scripting an intelligent, funny, and edgy film and deftly directing it.
The plot focuses on Holden Mc McNeil (Ben Affleck), a successful comic book artist who has yet to fall really and truly in love. While at a comic book show with his friend of twenty years and collaborator, Banky Edwards (Jason Lee), with whom he lives, Holden ends up meeting a struggling, spunky, independent, female comic book artist, the gorgeous and sexy Alyssa Jones (Joey Lauren Adams). The only problem is that she claims to like women. This self-styled lesbian and Holden begin a friendship, however, that eventually deepens into something else.
Unfortunately, a strange love triangle of sorts seems to develop among Alyssa, Holden, and Banky, as Banky takes a strong dislike to Alyssa when she and Holden manage to take their relationship to the next level. The seemingly jealous Banky does his best to try to erode the bonds between the two, but it is Holden himself who does the most to erode what he and Alyssa have, with a little inadvertent help from Alyssa. It seems that the concept of unconditional love is one with which Holden has a problem.
This is a gender bender sort of film, with wonderful performances by the entire cast. Ben Affleck is well cast as Holden, giving a winning performance. Jason Lee is terrific as the erstwhile best friend with issues. Joey Lauren Adams lights up the screen every time she is in a scene. She does a terrific job with the role of the conflicted Alyssa. Dwight Ewell is sensational as Hooper LaMont, the ostensibly racist comic book artist, who has his own issues and is quite funny. Look also for a cameo by Jay (Jason Mewes) and Silent Bob (Kevin Smith). It is Silent Bob who lets the viewer in on the meaning of the film's title.
All in all, this is a highly enjoyable, off-beat and edgy, romantic comedy that fans of Kevin Smith will enjoy, as will all those film lovers who simply enjoy a great film. Bravo!
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on 21 December 2014
Chasing Amy is the third movie written and directed by Kevin Smith (who also plays a supporting role within the movie) and is part of a six movie set of sorts. Jay and Silent Bob are the only recurring characters in this set of movies which started with "Clerks" and goes on to include "Mallrats", "Chasing Amy", "Dogma", "Jay and Silent Bob strike back" and finally "Clerks II". The story is set around a group of comic book writers and artists who are friends and live in New York. The movie challenges social stereotypes and shows some of the misconceptions that people have about socially diverse groups dealing with sexual, racial, cultural and gender differences. The movie is very well acted and the emotional scenes are completely believable. I find this movie to be profound and thought provoking in ways that are unexpected. "Chasing Amy" is one of my all time favourite films and is highly entertaining as well as informative. If you like to be challenged or informed by your entertainment then this movie is definitely for you.
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on 22 August 2001
Seldom do you see a movie that mixes humour and love in such a way that it both makes you wet yourself laughing and feel a strong connection with the plot.
The plot is pretty straight forward but the quality of the writing is the thing that sets it a part from the rest of the films of its ink.
Affleck and Adams pull off terrific performances as the lovers, Affleck in particular performs the best he ever has in this film. But Jason Lee steals the show once again (much like Jeff Anderson in Clerks) as the jealous best friend. He not only performs with hilarity but with a heart too. He plays the funny man perfectly and much of it is reminiscent of his past performance in 'Rats. A great part casted to perfection, hats off to him. Jay and Silent Bob make a welcome appearance in another memorable scene, but it isnt as comedic as their parts in 'Rats (nor should it be) but they are there and their presence is felt.
The script is incredible, Smith wrote an absolutely amazing declaration of Love acted beautifully by affleck and it really shows his sensitive side.
Overall a film that truely deserves all the praise Clerks had and more. It will make you laugh, cry and think hard about love and sexuality. The best of the New Jersey "trilogy".
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on 17 March 2015
Juvenile rom-com with a some good laughs. The funniest is Ben Afleck's clothes particularly those very funny American middle age man baggy jeans. Afleck's acting is hit and miss - particularly the key scene towards the end - you can see in his expression that he doesn't believe and you're half expecting him to laugh out loud.
Better ending than the normal guff from this director.
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on 21 April 2014
Smith wanted to handle a romantic type movie after mallrats as he said in an interview, so he went for chasing Amy and it works really well, not your conventional rom com though it has the Smith touch of course with an amazing cast, witty dialogue and a lesbian theme story, this is not his best movie but is still great fun and worth checking out, the Blu-ray version is great with new bonus features and a good picture!
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on 17 June 2000
Although Kevin Smith has yet to put a foot wrong (yes even with Mallrats) Chasing Amy is probably his finest achievement to date. With Clerks and Mallrats there was little sophistication along with the hilarity but this film also has depth and warmth to entice any type of person. Jay and Silent Bob make a late but great appearance and it really is worth the wait. Could these two be the greatest double act ever?
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on 16 April 2006
Chasing Amy was the third film to feature Jay and Silent Bob and is probably Smith's most emotionally weighty film so far. The story centres on Holden (Ben Affleck) and Banky (Jason Lee), two life-long friends who live and work together, producing a successful comic book. When a mutual friend introduces Holden to Alyssa, he thinks he is odds on to score - until it transpires that Alyssa is a lesbian. Nevertheless, Holden and Alyssa quickly become close friends, which causes tensions in Holden's friendship with Banky. The crucial moment comes when Holden confesses to Alyssa that he is in love with her... Despite its weightiness, this film is a comedy, full of Smith's brilliant and sparkling dialogue, and it manages to explore issues of love, friendship and sexuality in an honest and moving way.
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on 6 January 2014
First off. If you haven't seen Clerks and Mallrats, go back and buy those.
Again, this isn't a sequel, just a film set in the same universe as the last two films.
This is a movie about 2 guys, Holden McNiel and Banky Edwards (played by Ben Affleck and Jason Lee) who publish there own comic book, bluntman and Chronic (based on Jay and Silent Bob). But when Ben Affleck's character meets and falls in love with the girl of his dreams, he finds out she's actually *SPOILER* Gay! So it's a film about a forbidden love that not only tests the strength of love, but friendship as well. Also if you've seen the previous 2 movies I mentioned and you're a fan of Jay and Silent Bob, well you may be a tiny bit upset to learn that they only have one scene in this film, it's a long and important scene, but one scene none the less. When I first watched this film, I did think 'where's J and SB' but after seeing the whole film, forgot about those two and enjoyed it a lot. Also unlike most films where everyone is happy, this film takes a more realistic approach and I think that's what gives it it's charm and makes it a very smart film. Buy it now!
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