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3.9 out of 5 stars156
3.9 out of 5 stars
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on 24 February 2005
I don't get it... I really don't understand... I mean, there are so many people complaining that Halo doesn't work properly and that you need an amazing video card for it to just load the game in the first place.
For a start, I have never seen a video card in my life and after completing MOH: Allied Assault and wanting more, I decided to order Jedi outkast, Halo and Beyond Good and Evil for the PC from Jedi Outkast is just painful and I won't talk about it anymore... B G + E is alright... Bit of a Zelda copy but hey...
But then I put Halo in... I feared the worst... The computer warned me straigt away that I had no video memory and said the game wouldn't work. But, as it's Windows XP, I figured it was wrong so I carried on. I'd just like to thank everyone at Bungie for giving me so much fun over the last couple of months! I had played the XBOX version a bit and had never really got into it... But this just amazed me. It look beautiful, maybe better than the XBOX version and the gameplay was just pure bliss.
Then I got broadband.
I can safely say Halo online is one of the best gameplay experiences ever. Honestly, play 16 people, SideWinder, Team Capture the flag and you'll see what I mean!
Gameplay 9.5
Graphics 9
Controls 8
The way you can burn five hours and not notice 10
Just... Wow... Just buy it...!
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on 26 December 2004
A pretty good storyline: Bad-ass alien are trying to conquer all the worlds they can, and you have to stop them. However these alien have also discovered another alien race and are keeping them in check very wise, but the humans inadvertently let them out, big mistake...
The two races of alien within this game are the Covenant,
the obligatory technically-advanced race, which then have a hierarchy of [Beavis and Buthead] sounding grunts, Egyptian-like jackals, and very hard and large porcupine style hunters.

And then there's the Flood, who are parasitical aliens that turn their hosts into zombies. These are much more fun as you shoot them apart and they still keep moving, do very reckless things such as fire rocket launcher within confined spaces, but the best and most funny are the walking bombs, who simply swell up until they burst - Don't be near one when they do so.
Unlike games such as Far Cry where stealth was the key to survival, the combat in this game is definitely a question of up and at 'em, but with that it never gets boring. This is one of the most entertaining games I have played.
It's a hardware eater this game, no question about it, but with my Athlon 3.2GHz and [pretty mediocre] ATI Radeon 9500, I was able to conjure up a very acceptable frame rate.
Bottom line, BUY IT!
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on 16 November 2003
Having never played Halo before, I was coming to it with no idea how good, or not, it would be. While installing one of the first impressions I had was that it looked well put together, being fairly bug free and stable does tend to be a benefit of console conversions. After some time install completed with no problems.
Straight into the game, and a fairly length cut scene began. The story was set and some minutes later, you are given full control of your character. Pretty much all the story telling after this point is done as you go, with full control of your character remaining. This gave a better feeling of involvement then having to sit through helplessly as the CD churns the next scene out.
The story wasn't anything amazing, but the acting and pacing was pretty good, though the main character seemed a little lifeless at times, maybe to be expected of a 'semi-cyborg'.
The weapons look and sound reasonable, but the console conversion shows here, the aiming reticule is huge and it doesn't take a lot of effort to make contact with your target. The melee ability on weapons is a lot of fun, though not very useful unless your reloading.
The vehicles are wierd to drive/fly at first, with the steering being controlled with the mouse and not the cursor keys. After you get the hang of it they are easy to use and one of the best parts of the game, especially in multiplayer.
Music & sound is faultless throughout, with the music being exceptional, getting you in the mood for the chapter and providing a nice break from the silence, sometimes lengthy in the game.
Overall, Halo is a pretty mindless shooter, there are no puzzle elements and the AI while showing impressive intelligence is still basic fodder. Halo isn't meant to be a serious shooter and there is a comic feel to the game, especially with some of the 'lesser' creatures. If you want an old style, but very fun shooter there isn't much out there to rival it. In its basic form its average, but when you include the vehicles, story telling, comic elements and impressive soundtrack it becomes far above average, if not anything ground breaking.
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on 28 November 2003
I bought this with my new PC. 2400amd 512mb ram and geforce 5600. So I was sure this game would run fine. How wrong was I. This is a terrible conversion of an absolute classic x-box game. The game basically dosent run to any enjoyable speed. I had to whack all the settings to low and run it in 800x600 and it STILL jerked now and then.
Just as I was about to quit I thought i'd give the online game a try. The game loaded up fine with my broadband connection and the menu screens showing current online games were simple and easy to use. I was very suprised when I got into the game that it ran perfectly!! I whacked up all the specs and put it in 1280x1024 res and still, as smooth as silk!!
This is where the game gets its 4 stars. Online action is sooooooooooooo much fun. U get to use all kinda futuristic alien weaps, as well as rockets, guns and u can drive tanks, jeeps and fly alien craft. The best bits when three guys on your team get a jeep, 1 drives, 1 shoots in the passenger seat and one uses the chain gun on the back!! I played for about 12 hours the first night and every day for the next month. seriously reccomend it.
The downside is that u can only play on certain levels before it jerks up again. Outdoor levels r best. Level blood gulch (the best level) runs the best.
All in all only good if u have broadband or a t1 or somthing and only on outdoor levels. If u can find a level select cheat so u can skip 1 player indoor levels, all the better. :)
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on 4 January 2008
I am sure that you do not need me to go over why this is such a good game.
However, i shall have a go. i will be brief.

Halo is without a doubt one of the best games (top 5) i have ever played. For instance, even now, after getting the ps3 and completing resistance fall of man, I still think that halo is by no means outdated.

O, how i love playing through the levels on legendary in co-op mode, and the sensation you get when you see two hunters at the end of the corridor.
I love the frantic driving at the end of the maw and the satisfction you get when completing it with one second left of the clock. Also, when playing on the level halo, when you are faced with multiple dropships. Halo has provided me with some of my greatist gaming memories and i urge you, if you have not already, buy this game. You will not regret it.

In conclusion, i will give it a score.

Graphics: 9.5. Great visuals. getting slightly basic now, but some of the corridors set in the alien ships look outstanding.

Sound: 10. wow. This soundtrack has to be one of best in any game. ( nearly as good as deus ex and mgs.)

Gameplay: 10. In a word, fabulous. From driving frantically to shooting the crap out of everything that's not human. It is incredible

Lipespan: 9.5. This game will last you a fairly long time. The campaign will last about 12 hours and add to that a terrific online service...

In conclusion, i give the game 9.8 out of 10.
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on 2 April 2007
This is highly recommended, fighting the Covenant is good fun, 4 levels of difficulty make it more interesting, and half-way through you meet the real bad-guys, turn up your gamma if you're afraid of the dark. What I wanted to point out is that in the other reviews I find no mention of Halo online - this is what gives it its long-life, I've been online-ing for two or three years now, making friends and killing them all over the world. So highly recommended.
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on 1 February 2004
When Halo finally arrived on the PC, it had its work cut out. Firstly it had to soothe the hurt feelings of PC gamers slighted by its ‘treachery’. Secondly, first person shooter standards are far higher in PC gaming than they are in console land. Thirdly, a little spit and polish aside, the game was already three years old before it came to the PC – making it practically middle-aged by gaming standards. How would it cope?
This game – as the title suggests – is a genuine evolution of its genre.
Though this is not immediately obvious from the first few scenes. We start off on board the space ship Pillar of Autumn (such a nice name) which is attacked and boarded by an enemy known as the Covenant, who are intent on destroying it and everyone on board. Once the opening scenes explaining the plot and a thinly disguised tutorial level are out of the way, you will find yourself wandering through corridors (a first person shooter staple) encountering several local skirmishes between Covenant and human forces as you go. It’s solid enough but, as I have said, fairly straight forward.
The game really begins in earnest when you go down to the Halo itself. It is here, in Halo’s open spaces where the AI is free to do its stuff, that you realise you are not playing just another shooter.
One of the main features of Halo’s combat is its use of vehicles. Its selection of small and large, land and air, alien and human vehicles are a key factor in the dynamic, occasionally epic nature of the battles you must fight.
The Warthog is probably the most well known of the vehicles. This is the light reconnaissance vehicle used by your troops. Its three barrelled mounted machine gun cuts a swath through infantry, but its, shall we say, ‘enthusiastic’ suspension means that it is prone to rolling over when sharp manoeuvring is required.
But Halo is not simply an average shooter with a vehicle gimmick tacked on. Most of the time, you are have to negotiate the enemy on foot. Bungie have made sure that each element of this experience pulls its weight. Each weapon has its benefits and its drawbacks.
In addition to your standard issue weapons, you will be able to acquire many other types of weapons from the battlefields of Halo; both alien and human. Human weapons include assault rifles, sniper rifles, shotguns, rocket launchers and fragmentation grenades. Covenant weapons that can be procured include plasma grenades, plasma handguns and rifles, which over heat and temporarily lock up with sustained fire (a game play balancing trick to compensate for not having to reload them, I suspect).
If the player were able to acquire all these weapons, he/she would become an unstoppable cannonball of death about half way through the game. To prevent this, Bungie have limited the player to just two firearms and four of each type of grenade at any one time. This frequently left me agonising over which to take and which to leave behind. You need a rapid fire small arm for all the foot soldiers you meet, of course, but what should the second weapon be? Do you take the rocket launcher to deal swiftly with any big boys you might encounter? Or do you take the sniper rifle to thin out their numbers before you move in?
This is something you have to really think about before paying serious attention to your battle plan. One of the reasons for this is the game’s saving system. Unfortunately for those PC gamers whose index finger is always hovering around the F5 key, there is no quick save. Instead, the game awards you with a checkpoint; usually when you reach a certain point in the game but sometimes when you have cleared an area of the enemy. Some people might complain about this being a relic of its console origins, but it is more than that. The fact that you cannot simply fire off a couple of rounds, hide behind a rock, quick save and repeat means that you have to think more about what you are doing and the possible consequences of any tactical mistakes you make. Besides, Halo is generous with its checkpoints; you will never find yourself having to repeat more than just the last few minutes, and the organic nature of the combat means that no two battles are ever the same anyway – even if it is the ‘same’ battle as the one you just croaked in.
Another interesting tweak is the shields of your personal body armour. If left alone (i.e. you are not taking any damage) they will recharge themselves. The good thing about this is that you will never find yourself in a situation where you are half dead with no shields and progress is virtually impossible. The fact that you can always enter a field of combat with a full shield means that you always have a fighting chance.
Halo: Combat Evolved is a truly superb game, one by which others of its genre will be measured. It is a must for all fans of first person shooters and even worth a try for those who aren’t. Even my own brother, who had always despised shooters, was singing its praises in the end.
If there is one area in which Halo might disappoint, it’s the technical details. Whilst there are always some people who experience problems installing and running games, Halo seems to have caused more than its fair share of nervous breakdowns regarding sluggish performance and other miscellaneous technical issues; awakening painful memories of GTAIII. Even so, most people, providing they are realistic when it comes to scaling to game’s graphics options, should be able to run this game perfectly well and enjoy the elements that make Halo: Combat Evolved what it is.
Play Halo, you won’t be disappointed. I promise.
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on 3 December 2003
I've seen some pretty negative reviews about this product, so thought I'd put in my thoughts.
Most of the complaints about this game revolve around the fact that it plays slowly. Perhaps those reviewers need to update their equipment some more? I've got this running on a P4 2.66, 512RAM, nVidia GeForce 4 with broadband, and it runs like a dream at 800x600. The only slowdowns I've experienced is when I've also got too many Windows apps running in the background, and that's just my own dumb fault for trying that.
I'd agree with a reviewer on one point: The solo play does feel a little "doomish" at times, with around a million monsters gagging for your blood, all rushing at you at once. Having said that, Halo really gets you hooked from the start. It has a training mission to get you up and running - but a training mission with a twist that whips you straight into the game, seamlessly. I loved that. Plus you're not alone in the game - other human NPCs are there, too, controlled by AI and designed to work with you (kind of!). But hey - to hell with solo play, I say!
I bought this game for multiplayer - and there, this game rocks. Capture The Flag (CTF) mode on multiplayer is brilliant: Up to 16 players on 2 teams, with a fleet of 5 different vehicles, flamethrowers, sniper rifles, and hand-held rocket launchers make this PC multiplayer version a whole lot of chaotic fun! Weeks after playing this, I'm still hooked.
I'd challenge some of the reviewers below to perhaps re-think their system set-up. If they're expecting Half-Life 2 or Unreal 2004 to run better than Halo does now on their machine, they're perhaps due for a particular kind of upgrade themselves. My advice - if your machine is up to spec, this game will keep you busy for days to come. If only real life was this much fun!
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on 5 November 2003
I'm sorry to say that this game is highly overated even in its Xbox incarnation. Most of the game is based on long and tiresome indoor sections where bland coridoors and architecture are repeasted over and over again to the point where you begin to think to yourself "haven't i been here before??"
The story is a cliched 'you are humanities last hope for survival against an alien race hellbent on the destrucion' affair and many of the games idea's are stolen wholesale from other better games such has Half-Life such as the flood parasites which take thier cue from half-Life's headcrabs. The games flashlight also works in the exact same way as in Half-Life whereby the batteries run flat after prolonged use and you have to turn it off to recharge it. Many of the games sections are reduced to simple 'push this button to get to the next area' and become boring and repetitive after a while.
Its in the large outdoor landscapes that the game shows how good it can be with the introduction of several fun and innovative vehicles for you and your AI comrades to get to grips with. The ensueing battles between your AI soldier friends and the games enemy the covenant can be spectacular at times and its these sections that are the reason to play this game. Its just a shame that the indoor sections turn the whole game into such a hit and miss affair.
The PC port of this so called Xbox 'classic' adds another few minus points to the overall score. Gearbox have done such a shoddy job in porting the game from the Xbox that you begin to wonder wether they did anything at all to it. Practically everyone i've spoken to who has the game had trouble even getting the game to run to begin with! The game doesn't support Anti-Aliasing in any form which means you have to turn it off to play Halo and back on if you wish to play another game. The game also generates an exception error and crashes for me almost every 3-4 times its started up for no reason that i can fathom out yet. And when your in game some of the indoor sections run slower than a dead tortoise swimming in treacle which bemuses me as many of the larger more polygon intensive outdoor sections run silky smooth on my system?!
Ggearbox have also neglected to include in the PC version one of the must have reasons for having this game on the Xbox... The games co-op section has gone AWOL. This would have been an extremely welcome addition to the PC edition as I believe it would have made it the first commercial game on the PC to have a full campaign available for co-op play! Sadly we are reduced to merely hoping that gearbox release a patch to enable co-op play in the future.
The games saving grace is the online multiplayer. Gearbox seems to have spent most of thier conversion time tweaking this part of the game to its fullest. If you wanted a 16 player Halo fragfest on the Xbox you had to connect 4 Xbox's togethwer and play 4 people on each via a split screen. On the PC version however you get to play the game as it should be played. Gearbox have included the addition of 6 new maps and two new weapons to the PC multiplayer version. Whilst some of the new maps are rather bland others are okay and new multiplayer content is always welcome.
If you loved this game on the Xbox then you will love it even more on the PC. However dont believe the Xbox's zealot that this is the 'best game ever'! It isnt! Its merely an okay one...
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on 22 January 2004
I dont know what that other guy was on about, but after updating my graphics drivers on the internet halo ran fine on my pc (2400 athlon, 128mb geforce 4600).
Gearbox have done a reasonable job in porting it over to the pc. The game plays well in single player, and multplayer is great fun. There are only really 2 snags in my opinion, first up there is no co-operative mode as in the xbox version which was half the fun of the original. second, large multiplayer games can get quite laggy, but this is perhaps more due to the hardware of those hosting the games, than the game itself.
Aside from these points Halo for the pc is well worth getting. If u've never played the xbox version u will immensely enjoy single player. But even veterens of the xbox version will get a great deal out of the multiplayer mode (provided u have broadband).
Hope this helps.
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