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4.4 out of 5 stars54
4.4 out of 5 stars
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on 10 June 2008
Peter Appleton is a Hollywood screenwriter at the time of the "reds under the bed" period when America came down heavily on Communisim within it's boundaries....As Peter (played by a straight Jim Carey brilliantly) is getting the finger pointed at him he goes out in the car on a rainy stormy night only to crash with a subsequent loss of memory and a new life in a different town with a mistaken identity...There Peter falls in love and re-incarnates an old cinema hall aptly named The Majestic and so the story is poised for a great encounter.....I have never seen Jim Carey play such a fantastic straight role as we all associate him as the goof-ball comedian up to ludicrous tricks and mischief, here he truely shines....From Frank Darabont's Direction (The Shawshank Redemption and The Green Mile) this is the third film in this masterful trio that captures the period with a sense of realism and empathy.... The Majestic is just that and you will never want to miss a second once you start watching it ...a truely remarkable film from a truely gifted Director......
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Director Frank Darabont is already assured of a place in cinematic history with his classics The Shawshank Redemption [DVD] [1995] and The Green Mile [DVD] [1999].

Follow that! Well he's made a spirited attempt with this little work,though in my view nothing could get close to his earlier masterpieces.

Its well worth watching,carefully composed and well acted by Carrey who is surprisingly good playing a straight role.
The plot too is well handled and despite its improbability remains believable as worked by Darabont: he has the knack of giving his characters great credibility whether they are criminals or cops,and presents us with a compelling,touching story which is entertaining and keeps the viewer interested right to the conclusion.
Excellent drama.
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on 11 January 2003
After seeing this film on DVD I am sorry I did not make the time to see it in the theatre. Frank Darabont has created a wonderful and nostalgic film with echos of Frank Capra everywhere. The lush cinematography with it's colorful hues help create and enhance a very special movie that will leave you wodering why films like this don't get made anymore.

Jim Carrey completely loses himself in a quiet and underplayed role which could easily have garnered him an Oscar if anyone had been watching. This is an old style film and Carrey gives an old style performance as Peter Appleton. After an horrific car accident, he loses his memory and is mistaken, and embraced, by an entire town as Luke. Luke is a long missing and beloved son of both the town and Martin Landau, who gives a wonderful performance as always.
Adele Stanton is amazing as Laurie Holden, Luke's girlfriend and touchstone for all that is good about smalltown America in the 50's. James Whitmore and David Ogden Stiers are just two of the many faces you will recognize in this magnificent film. The entire town comes together to help restore it's once great movie theatre, "The Majestic", where magic use to be seen.
Like any Capra film, Darabont's movie takes it's time to unfold. The basic story is surrounded by small insights into ourselves and how we live. Does what people expect of us make us better? If we become better than who we were, where do we belong then? Peter will have to answer these questions when he remembers who he is. He has come to love Laurie and his 'father' Landau, and may no longer be Peter, at least not the old Peter.
The town who feels betrayed by their favorite son is not the only problem Peter/Luke must deal with. The communist witch hunts of the fifties are in full force and he must go back and face the committee. But who he is now may change how he answers the questions. Once he figures out where he belongs, he must find out if he can live the life he chooses.
This long and beautiful film is truly special. The last ten minutes of this old style masterpiece reminds us of all that is good about the movies. If you are lucky enough to be seeing this for the first time, I envy you. If you didn't give this film a chance the first time around, give it another try.

"There Magic is Right Here, The Trick is to See It"--Martin Landau
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on 12 January 2013
Great, great movie. Apparently released the same week as Lord of the Rings, so got missed by most of the cinema going public. Not seen a film in many years, in which the lead character, both versions of him (watch the film and you'll understand), was so easy to invest in, emotionally.
Jim Carrey's character is about as far removed from what you may expect from him, as possible.
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on 14 May 2013
A good film with a terribly American ending which many outside of the US will find hard to stomach. Centres around the McCarthyite era and the end rather rewrites what actually happened, which is, in the end, a falsity - what Americans would like to think happened, what perhaps should have happened . . . but didn't.
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on 31 May 2004
I caught this film by accident and i have to say it is a true suprise. Jim Carrey shocks with a truly great performance in a role that is serious and very unlike most of his other roles.
The film is set in the 1950's where Carrey plays a man accused of abeing a communist - he suffers a car accident and loses his memory. He ends up in a town called Lawson, who lost a lot of men in the war. Carrey is mistaken for Luke Trimble, the son of a local man who owns the towns cinema - the majestic.
the relationship between carrey and harry trimble is played to perfection, and the film culminates with some of the best scenes i have ever seen. a suprisingly strong feel good movie.
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on 12 November 2013
I wasn't much of a Jim Carrey fan before watching this. I thought he played slapstick/comedy/jokey style roles but this film has changed my opinion of him completely. He's wonderful in it & helped the film capture my heart.
The story's quite simple & similar to many before; Peter (Carrey) is in a car accident & washes up in a small town having completely lost his memory. He bears a liking to local boy Luke, who was lost in WWII, & starts to take on his identity, helping to run the local cinema with his dad.
Everything just comes together. The cast are all amazing as we watch this small town come alive again as they welcome who they think is one of their own. We all know he isn't actually Luke but everytime I watch this film I find myself willing him to be Luke, just to get that happy ending & not break everyone's hearts. That's how magical this film is. It deserves to be far more known than it is.
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on 19 February 2005
Fan of Shawshank?
Loved the Green Mile?
Well this next darabont movie shows he has a style and genre all of his own in this truly heart warming story of a writer who has an accident, and is then adopted by the people of the town where he ends up.
This movie proves Jim Carrey CAN act as we all know him for his humerous roles. And if you want to watch an innocent, good family film like all of Frank Darabonts other movies than this is one of those films which will leave a tear in your eye and smile on your face, wonderfully filmed acted and has a beautiful soundtrack. Buy this movie, you'll watch it again and again.
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on 30 April 2011
When i bought the film i noticed it was very long (152 mins) so i hopped it would be Very Good and oh yes it was!!! The film shows that Carrey can do more that your average Comedy and in my view is better than his other more well known Drama - The Truman Show - Special Collector's Edition [DVD] which is still a brilliant film. But this one has it all. And even better it is a PG - so is suitable for the whole family to watch. It is also super value for money, go my copy for £2 in Asda!!!
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on 26 January 2016
I really loved this film and Jim Carrey is so good in it. No weird faces ... he is an excellent actor!
Martin Landau of course always great as the father. The story not quite plausible but it is beautiful and part of it reminds us of a very dark period in the recent American history which is almost unbelievable now. But it is a warning how even a democratic country can become an authoritarian nightmare over night.
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