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4.0 out of 5 stars7
4.0 out of 5 stars
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on 20 May 2003
I've played and completed just about every Bomberman game ever created. Without a doubt this is the best one I've played. Please don't think this game is anything like the horrible Bomberman 64 or Bomberman Hero on the N64, we try to forget that those releases even exist! If you even remotely liked bomberman 64, you'll love this!
Story mode is huge, you can come back to the older levels later and re-explore when you have uncovered new items. New challanges and puzzles through out the game.
You also get a mini boss on the 3rd stage and a main boss on the 6th stage of every world. All challanging and fun.
Multiplayer is what bomberman is known for. So many cool new modes just like Super Bomberman. You can play with 4 mates or against the computers. The computers play like real players do.
This title was also unusually cheap, I snapped it up incase it disappeared off the market. Bomberman games are hard to get hold of second hand, I'm still looking for Bomberman world for playstation.
This is a game that is definately up there at the top spot for favorite gamecube games with Zelda!
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on 18 March 2003
This game is fantastic, not only does it give you various battle games (to which i love the coin battle) it has a brilliant main game. Many games are over far too quickly and when you're bored with the main game the battle games are a bit of light relieve. I would recommend this game to anyone and say to give it a chance, took me a while to get into it but once i did, i'm still getting lots of fun out've it..
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on 11 February 2013
Bomberman Generations for the Nintendo GameCube is more or less quite like Bomberman 64. But I'm not going to compare them, I'm going to take a fresh and quick look on Generations.

Generations has 2 modes; Normal Mode and Battle Mode. Normal Mode is the story mode in which Bomberman must collect all the Bomb Elements that scattered across the 6 world by the devilish Mujoe and his bandits. All the worlds has it's own theme such as jungle, underwater etc. and mixed with it's cell shaded graphics, makes it very cute and nice to look at despite it's age (going 11 years old). It's not challenging just to get all the elements but there is always your best time to beat and collect the collectibles hidden within the stages. During the story you have puzzles to overcome that require a mixture of bombs to get through. But to get the bombs you must complete mini-game portals, get the bomb, find a bomb mix portal and then mix them. It's not as tedious as it sounds. And finally another bonus thrown in there for the Pokémon fans is the Charaboms. Cute little animals you can level up and fight other Charaboms with. Nothing special but always there.

Finally Battle Mode. Like in every Bomberman game there's the 4 player battle to the death in which you must blow up your 3 opponents in the grid-like area. But if that bores you there is team mode (2v2), Reversi Mode (Blow up pannels to your colour), Coin Mode (Blow up barrels for coins), Dodge Battle (You can only kick bombs, not place them) and Revenge Bomber (One player is already dead and must blow up the others on the side line). So once you've beat the story and have 3 friends over you can always pop Bomberman Generations back into your GameCube.

Great for kids, collectors and people seeking their childhood. Highly reccomended.
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Purchased for my wife (who is a long term 2D Bomberman fan). This game is actually a bit different, in that it is completely 3D and that rather than having tight maze environments, it is much more free-roaming. You still have to blow up enemies to progress, and the bosses are largely similar, There is the odd simplistic puzzle too (which adds a great twist to the old Bomberman gameplay). In short, much of the same but quite different! This is a great version of Bomberman.
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on 13 April 2003
When i bought it i was expecting loads of differnet modes of play including the amazing original multiplayer and the mega drive version where you got to ride kangeroos would've been quite nice. But instead we get a 3D world which gets a bit samey after a while. The whole idea of 'Charabombs', little pokemon like things that you collect might keep people entertained if they've just met the minimum age for the game. And the different bomb types such as wind, ice and water enable you to put out fires or freeze rivers to solve puzzles which are on occasions mildly challenging, but on the whole the game feels like it's impossible to lose as you waltz your way past the moronic bad guys who seem to have little AI and just run around in circles or bob up and down. The end of level bosses are slightly more challenging and can sometimes take a couple of attempts to beat.
The multiplayer mode saves this game somewhat. The various multiplayer modes are great fun to play with four mates but if you try playing against the computer you'll either beat them instantly (if they don't kill themselves first) or never be able to beat them, depending on what skill level you put them on. Unfortunately if you're playing against a skilled opponent you'll find that many games end in a draw as the ability to kick and throw bombs can get you out of any situation where you might get trapped. The different battle types make for fun games where you have conveyor belts that carry bombs towards your opponents or holes in the floor you can go down and come up the other side of the battle, however this often creates many draws as your opponent when trapped can usually just go down into the floor and reappear elsewhere. The superblast game type is great fun as you're tooled up to the max right from the start and there are no soft blocks so lasting the full two minutes most of the time doesn't happen and the game rarely ends in a draw. The new items that you can pick up in multiplayer mode can make it even more fast paced and confusing, the remote control bombs are pretty good fun to spread all over the place. A fairly comprehensive options menu allows you to add whatever itmes you want, or turn off the stupid PK Bomber where you take a penalty kick if you win a game and if you score you start the next game with an item. The revenge mode allows the slightly less competent players who die early in a battle the chance to move around the outside shooting bombs at the remaining players or you can give them a decent chance by giving them extra lives with the handicap system. The dodge battle mode is quite good fun if a little short as bombs rain from the sky and you have to kick them away from you. Still would've liked to see some kangaroos hatching out of eggs though
If you're an old bomberman fan probably best if you just dig the Mega Drive or SNES out of the loft, dust it off and play the original and best.
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on 17 September 2014
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on 29 December 2002
As a kid I remember playing Bomberman on the SNES. That was a classic game that you couldn't turn off for hours on end.
When I saw the tricky little character had been born again to appear on the Gamecube, I was more than pleased. Off I went to buy it, then off I went home to play it. I turned it on and it was off again in about 10 minutes. They've managed to destroy a great game.
Shame on you Nintendo!!
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