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4.1 out of 5 stars
4.1 out of 5 stars
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on 13 August 2002
After listening to the album about 10 times now, I think the Leps were wrong to go with the single Now. It's not as radio friendly as some others.
You've got to admit, the fan base want the overlayered harmonized hard rock that was introduced by 3 time producer (and 1 co-produced) Mutt Lange, but you've got to give the band credit for trying something different. It's not as different as Slang was from their unique sound, but it is slightly more mellow.
The following songs are to me, the standout tracks
and possible single contenders
- You're So Beautiful - a mid rocker with nice harmonies and vocal
- Long Long Way To Go - a ballad that is lyrically brilliant and musically chilling. The chorus has the traditional harmonies
- Four Letter Word - A grooving rocker - almost a rap but not quite! Traditional harmonied vocals for the chorus
- Love Don't Lie - another mid rocker with great distorted guitar effects
- Cry - a rocker of sort! You have to hear this to appreciate it's strangeness
- Let Me Be The One - another ballad acoustic and strings
- Scar - This has the wild guitars that I like - a good rock track that would not be out of place on Pyromania or Euphoria
This is a good album with a couple of duff tracks. I'm not sure if it will do comercially well, but it is artistically different and yet somehow the same. Harder next time please,.
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on 19 August 2002
It's about time that someone gave this album the full justice that it deserves. The tracks just keep on getting better and better. You'll be singing along to them the very first time that you listen to this. If you're a Leppard or Jovi fan, just buy it. You won't be dissapointed because the Leppard most definitely not lost its spots.
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on 10 October 2002
I really expected this album to be rubbish. So much so, it was the first Def Leppard release since Hysteria that I didn't buy on the release date. I have to admit to being totally wrong because it's a fantastic album which I loved after only one listen. OK, so the Def Leppard sound has changed over the years and is vastly different from their hard rock days. However, that is the sign of a band accepting the challenge of a new era without heading up the loss of credibility street. The fact that these guys are now in their 40s doesn't make them irrelevant. Moreover, it makes them old enough to know their own limitations and what their fans expect of them. Quite simply, this is pop rock music that has no strings attached and just gets on with the job of entertaining the listener without requiring too much in the way of interpretation. If you want deep, meaningful words go elsewhere but if you want a happy sound with a few of the expected quota of ballads then look no further. Music snobs need not apply.
Back on form after a decade of searching.
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on 13 August 2002
I was initially slightly disappointed by the more mellow sound of the album, compared to its predecessors. I was also disappointed by the lack of a stand-out single. However, after listening to it a couple more times, I think this album definitely grows on you. 'Unbelievable' and 'Long Long Way To Go' are definitely beginning to stand out now. Well, the album definitely sounds like classic Hyteria type Def Leppard, and Lep fans would certainly enjoy it. I think it would also appeal to any pop/rock fans.
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on 23 July 2002
After hearing the new single from this CD, titled 'NOW' I was not expecting too much, but again like 1999's Euphoria this is another excellent Def Leppard Album, not as good as Hysteria, but these days if you like rock then you have to take what you can get and this is real good. The Album starts with 'Now' a typical Def Lep type track, unfortunately Id does not go anywhere for me and think that the second track 'Unbelievable' would be the best choice for a single release, it is definately the stand out track on this CD,this is typical Def Lep at their very best, with great lead vocals and trademark Def lep background vocals, other good tracks include Torn to Shreds,the excellent Four Letter Word and Love Dont Die, other tracks are good but mainly fillers, the official release copy includes two extra tracks too, If your a Def leppard fan you will not be disapointed with this... buy it now!
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VINE VOICEon 29 August 2002
If you know what classic Leppard is like, let me say that this is probably the closest to that feel since Hysteria.
In fact, this probably should have been the follow-on album.
This time around the lads have gone for the "pop" angle again. The songs are concise, 3-4 minutes only per track. Good choruses, with the classic Leppard harmonies abound. And two tracks from outside the band, one from some of Britney's writers (Unbelievable), dunno who the others are but it's a good track(Long Long Way To Go, which is perhaps their best ballad since Love Bites!), and input from one of Aerosmith's collaborators, which still fits nicely onto the album. And there's the odd sample and loop, but well done and not too prominent. There are mid-tempo rockers, moody tunes, a couple of up-tempo numbers (4 Letter Word is my favourite, hints of Armageddon It), and to close, "Scar", written on the anniversary of Steve Clark's death, and it shows. This song is also the only one with a decent guitar solo, otherwise the boys are a bit too restrained for my liking (me guitarist, me like solos), which is partly why I only gave 4 stars. Having said that, Scar has perhaps the most interesting solo for years, certainly since White Lightning (Adrenalize) IMHO. The other thing missing is a mid-tempo "apache" beat song, last heard on Euphoria (Paper Sun, which is fantastic, although I think the solo could have been better - they made up for it live), and something nobody else does as well (Billy's Got A Gun, White Lightning, etc.).
The UK version has 2 extra tracks, Kiss The Day, which is an excellent mid-tempo song that goes nuts at the end (best guitarwork on the CD from both Phil and Viv), and an acoustic version of Long Long Way To Go, which is nice.
So all you guitarists, get the UK version! And hopefully Def Leppard will be back at the top of the charts (apparently "X" is in at #11 on the Billboard 100 in the USA).
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on 3 December 2002
I was really excited and waiting with anticipation for the new album. The band have had a rocky time over the past few years. The music too, has had its good and bad moments. Slang was not so good and Euphoria was a good attempt. With X they seem to have cemented themselves within a new genre at which they only hinted previously. Unlike other bands of the era such as Bon Jovi, the Leps have not changed their sound, just the songs they play. From Hysteria and Adrenalize, ballads and medium rockers began to take more of a hold on their writing and they now have the method down to a fine art. Although not really a hard rock album, X is a quality piece of melodic rock, still featuring the swathes of overdubbed guitars and harmonies as well as a few rockier moments with Phils screeching guitar. Def Leppard have grown up and matured but so have the fans. Definitely a milestone. Fans will look back to Hysteria with a slight taer in the eye, but can look forward with satisfaction that one of Britains greatest are still producing quality rock for the masses.
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VINE VOICEon 19 September 2013
I'm a bit late in purchasing "X" given that I only bought it last week, based on the strength of watching a documentary on Def Leppard - had forgotten how much I enjoy their music.

Haven't stopped playing it ever since its arrival - love all the tracks but, for me, "Long Long Way to Go" is the stand out track and can't stop singing it. Even now, as I type this review during my lunch hour, it's running through my mind.
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on 5 November 2004
I hadn't listened to much "Lep" for a while - After all how do you improve on Hysteria? The band have released 9 albums and sold enough for everyone in the UK to own at least one (which of course they don't!) but Hysteria accounts for 1/3 of all the sales because it is quite simply a brilliant album... However, as a result of a recommendation I bought, a bit reluctantly, "X" (and have consequently gone on to buy other albums from the DL back catalogue).
With "X" the band has produced an awesome album. Pyromania and Hysteria maybe seminal but the band has evolved since then. The writing is joined up now and this is grown up rock from a (slightly) more mellow and mature set of musicians. It's such a good album that it is hard to imagine where the band can go from here. Perhaps that is why there is no sign of a follow up? Although I am sure there will be but as perfectionists it will have to be very good and might take a while. It'll be worth the wait.
"X" includes a mix of loud and heavy with slow and easy. In the latter category are three of the best rock ballads I have ever heard - "Let me be the One," "Long, Long way to go" and the best track (in my opinion) "Torn to Shreds."
It's hard to understand why more Brit's don't appreciate Def Leppard who are MASSIVE in the USA but almost anonymous in the UK. Too much emphasis on Manchester misery and not enough Sheffield Steel if you ask me!
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on 15 September 2010
As another reviewer stated, this is not for the music mafia. It's not going to rattle cages or change the way we view music. This isn't musical evolution, it's more music sitting on a nice safe porch chair, sipping a beer. X is unabashed AOR cheese, unapologetic and stubbornly snubbing its far cooler peers. This may be staid, tried and tested and VERY American (which is strange, but not unheard of, for an English band) but it probably outsold its snotty-nosed successors by double. If you're not embarassed by cliched music, this is a very worthy album.

The first half is where the real songs are. The first 7 tracks are pure precious metal, varying in quality from bronze to gold however. The best tracks are 'Now', 'You're So Beautiful', 'Long, Long Way To Go'and 'Torn To Shreds'. 'Unbelievable', 'Everyday' and 'Four Letter Word' are all very good but are just that little bit less memorable.

The last 7 tracks are not as impressive. 'Love don't Lie' is a very boring, hookless vaccuum of a song, that really defies critique on the account of it being so vapid. The same can be said for 'Girl Like you' and 'Let Me Be The One' - the album would have been better without them. On the plus side of side B, 'Gravity', 'Cry' and 'Scar' are all pretty hummable and each have their own particular merits: rocky, weepy and moody successively. The bonus, 'Kiss the Day' is very uplifting and ends the album very well; it's almost anthemic. The acoustic version of 'Long, Long Way To Go' is not very exciting, it's far better with a few guitars and drums, especially as it is still quite a slow number with them.

Def Leppard fans will have this whether it's awful or not. If you like edgy music, you'll probably already know not to touch it. But if you are partial to bands like Journey and even more recent acts like Daughtry and the ilk, it stands up pretty well.
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