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4.6 out of 5 stars216
4.6 out of 5 stars
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on 2 January 2003
Being not exactly a Miss Aguilera fan, I bought this album on a whim and on the strength of the single Dirrty.
And was not disappointed - there are so many different styles featured on this CD and for each one Christina manages to blow you away with her amazing voice which makes Mariah Carey sound ordinary.
Every track is brilliant but the standouts for me are 'Beautiful'- one of the best and most heartfelt ballads you are likely to hear,'Get mine, Get yours' - a sexy, urban tune which is incredibly catchy and the gospel-tinged end to the CD 'Keep singingmy song'- which is impossible not to sing along to (although you do realise how bad you sound in comparison!!)
This album is simply the best you will hear all year and although impressive on the first listen by the tenth, you will not want to play anything else as it just gets better and better.
Perfect for blasting out of your car stereoas you drive along the motorway it is a guaranteed mood improver and soundtrack to your life, I cant recommend it highly enough.
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on 4 June 2004
This album is fantastic I completely recommend it! Best album I've ever bought & I own a lot of albums! If you are a fan of Dirrty, Beautiful, Fighter, Can't Hold Us Down or The Voice Within (her singles) then you are going to love this! Christina has showed not only the talent of being able to sing, which we all know she's very good at, but also her ability to use emotion in her tracks, the tracks on here all mean something to Christina's life, for example 'Make Over' is a track the Christina is basically saying she is fed up over being catogorised as something she's not (ex. pop princess) 'Lovin' Me 4 Me' is a track where she is basically a song that she wrote sedcibing a man, who loves her for her and not who she is, I've quoted a bit of the lyrics that point this out "People ask why I'm in love with you... well let me start by saying you've got my heart by just being who you are. What we do is between me and you, doesn't matter about the money I make or what I do or that I'm a!". Another track that is close to Christina's heart is 'I'm OK' where she talks about her rough child hood, (when singing it you can hear her choke back the tears) she actually sung this song lying down, and yet still it sound good! She also said to MTV TRL that if she sung that song at a concert or whatever that it would be a one off, as it is very emotional for her to sing... as the owners of this album have heard!
BRITNEY SPEARS HAS SAID SHE BOUGHT THIS STRIPPED ALBUM AND ENJOYED IT VERY MUCH!!!! So there you go if Christina's supposed rival is saying it's good it must be... trust me!
And it is one of the most successful albums in the UK album chart at the moment! ... I hope I have been of some help!
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on 24 June 2004
this is certainly one of the best albums I ever bought. Usually it happens that two or three songs are pleasant and the rest is all the songs are pleasant, and many of them are really great! christina exploits the natural strength of her voice without caring much about the's just feelings shouted out in full power. Miss Aguilera is certainly one of the best young talents come out in the last ten years or so.
the songs per se are not the best songs ever written-the lyrics too..but christina's voice is able to give shivers down the spine anyway. Personally I think "I'm Ok" is really the best song. Paradoxically it is a song where the voice is quite bare, no virtuosisms, no lyricisms. but this is exactly the key. it's totally spontaneous. the voice is almost broken by the pain. all the feelings come out raw and clear, on the delicate melody of the guitar.
other beautiful songs: fighter, keep on singing my song, soar, infatuation..and many others!
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on 30 October 2002
I bought "Stripped" on the quality of her sleazy-pop single 'Dirrty'. Boy I was surprised ... It's nothing like it. It's actually a surprisingly mature, beautifully crafted masterpiece. This is all about Christina Aguilera and that’s where we will begin…
[Ratings out of 5]
1. Stripped Intro - An interesting start, with Christina delivering a personal statement to lovely piano beats. Shame it's so short. [4/5]
2. Can't Hold Us Down (feat. Lil' Kim) - a slinky 'woman power’ song riddled with thought-provoking lyrics. Lil' Kim contributes an average rap to the proceedings. Feminists will love it. [4/5]
3. Walk Away - A bluesy piano number. A real indication of Christina's new direction. Striking, but it goes on for far too long without offering anything to keep interest. [3/5]
4. Fighter - Linda Perry's first contribution is a Pink-esque rock-pop piece that is full of aggression and is catchy in all the right places. [4/5]
5. Primer Amor Interlude - Spanish guitar interlude spoken by Christina in Spanish. Pretty pointless in general. [2/5]
6. Infatuation - Lively, funky Latin-pop song. It flows along nicely and has single potential. Above J-Lo quality thankfully. [4/5]
7. Loves Embrace Interlude - Sickly sweet dreamy interlude with high pitched singing. No more please. [1/5]
8. Loving Me 4 Me - Another piano breeze. Lyrically average, and plainly middle of the road. The low point of the album, which is still better than many other's best offerings. [2/5]
9. Impossible - Alicia Keys works her charms on this smoky ballad. A film noir feel to a song that oozes quality. [4/5]
10. Underappreciated - A mix of mo-town charm and Anastacia comes into play on this upbeat number. Good... but just wait until you see what's next... [3/5]
11. Beautiful - The best song on the album. Beautifully crafted, and the very first time we get to hear Christina's "stripped" voice without any over-dramatic warbling. Lyrically simple yet effective. A true classic. [5/5]
12. Make Over - Sounds strangely like Sugababes' "Overload". Very experimental and unique for this album. Another Linda Perry classic. Electric pop meets scratchy guitar ... and Christina's stripped voice returns. Excellent. [5/5]
13. Cruz - Another excellent song, another Linda Perry effort. A toned down "Beautiful", a lovely song in general. Who needs plastic pop when we can have this instead? [5/5]
14. Soar - Christina continues her streak of 'feel good' music with this uplifting gospel offering. Christina really does this well ... and I'm certainly not complaining. [4/5]
15. Get Mine, Get Yours - Christina gets her groove back on for this upbeat track which is basically an average entry into an already epic music catalogue. Pales in significance to upcoming tracks. [3/5]
16. Dirrty (feat. Redman) - Totally out of place on this album. The first single produced by RockWilder. Dirrty. Filthy. Sleazy... Wonderful. Clunky, heavy beats coupled with in-your-face lyrics. Redman adds a good rap that fits perfectly. [5/5]
17. Stripped Pt.2 - Picks up where the intro left off. Not as long as its predecessor but surprisingly good for what it is. [3/5]
18. The Voice Within - Reminiscent of Christina's debut album. Reminds me of Mariah Carey at her very best. Wonderful trademark ballad from Christina. [4/5]
19. I'm OK - The most personal song from Christina and my runner-up for best song on the album. Guess what? ... it's another Linda Perry collaboration that is lyrically affecting and moving. An emotional masterpiece ... but why so late on?
20. Keep On Singin' My Song - The closing number is a preachy gospel statement. Surprisingly forgettable, but as the lyrics are saying, keep on singing Christina no matter what people say.
Overall I’m giving this album 5 stars of five. Christina really has excelled expectations by delivering an album with such depth, variety and class that breaks Ms. Aguilera out of the ‘teeny pop’ league once and for all. Britney Spears take note. This is how to do it.
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on 2 November 2002
My opinions on Christina's first album where quite low, this album however has shocked me, it is absolutely brilliant. A masterpiece, she is no longer a pop teenager making chessy music, but a very talented, mature artist.
One of the best songs on the album is 'I'm OK'. This is a real heart felt song and Christina is talking about her parents arguing when she was younger. The duet with Alicia Keys is also brilliant, with a great blues feel to it. My only word of advice to people who haven't listened to this album is go and buy it now...
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on 9 August 2004
I wandered into a record store in New York and saw this album for just $10. This was before it's release in the UK and I hadn't heard any of the tracks, but I thought it was well worth the risk. Boy, was I right! Every track (and there's 20!) was superb. Every word sung and every note played has so much feeling and passion that it involves you in a way one might only expect from a live performance.
When I finally tire of this album, it will be the day I die.
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on 24 December 2003
With "Stripped," Christina Aguilera has created a media frenzy and has made people raving for more!!!...But I'm here to discuss the album (or more likely, praise it), so I shall do just that. The album certainly cements Christina's reputation as a credible artist, whether people like it or not. It may have not struck a chord with the most cynical of critics, but they can all shove it because they're all haters. Disregard all the scandal that's surrounded the whole album and you've got one massive piece of pop schizophrenia (and I love it!). Christina Aguilera shows her restlessness in approaching total diversity with her music, whether it's from the street-sounding "Can't Hold Us Down" to the surprisingly exciting drum-and-bass closer of "Keep On Singin' My Song," a large spectrum of pop music is definitely covered here. Just look at the singles she's released: "Dirrty," "Beautiful," "Fighter," "Can't Hold Us Down," and "The Voice Within." Now tell me which female pop vocalist in the 21st century has released a collection of singles that expansive and experimental? Not many. Christina Aguilera's ability to jump from hard, brash hip-hop to rock to power ballads with her amazing instrument (her voice) makes her extremely versatile and also more appealing. Her talent shines here. Screw the damn derogatory statements the critics are saying about panning her for her excess of vocal gymnastics: it all works well in the album because she's the only person in pop music right now that can execute that with such power and grace. Yeah, some of the tracks can be cut off from the album, but for the most part, each track's representation of another genre (or hybrid) of pop music makes this extremely wholesome and well-worth the buy. My favorites off the album are "Walk Away," "Fighter," "Infatuation," "Impossible," "Beautiful," "Make Over," "Cruz," "Soar," "The Voice Within," and "Keep On Singin' My Song." Sure, the album may be a bit long, but it's a package with a multitude of confections that's more worth the money that you probably bought (or more worth the time you probably downloaded) the album for, so more is better! "Stripped" is extremely "underappreciated" and unintended, but it's definitely a hidden treasure and one of the best of the year! Too bad the album itself was snubbed at the Grammy's this year. Oh well, get it anyway! It's amazing!!!
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on 21 September 2003
here's what i have to say about Miss Chrisitna or xtina Aguilera, i have been a fan since the beginning for her voice, now she brings us controversy, voice and amazing music video's and songs, i have every album and single thus far in her career, 34 singles and 6 albums,
the thing which amazes me about chrisitna is that in music the most famous female artists include the likes of madonna, whitney and mariah, and chrisitna is like a combined madonna, Mariah and whitney, she brings the controversy and the voice, and she has an answer to back it up, i feel sorry for her because critics always bring her down when its not deserved, she is 22, only 22 living her dream, and she's going with what madonna went through, you think they'd get it, that she's expressing something, anyway what will make me laugh is when the critics and haters, will be blanked face because she will have a very long career, and will one day ahve that respect where her name will be announced to recieve a standing ovation.
stripped intro- 5/5 introducing the real her to everyone with snippets of other artitsts, critizising her
can hold us down- 5/5 very catchy song, probably the most commercial song on the album, her 4th single, peaked at number 6 in the UK and currently at 12 in the US
walk away 5/5 STANDOUT TRACK this is the best song she's ever recorded the emotion and pain in this song is felt and this will always annoy me that it will not be a single, a favourite of her fans. and non fans
Fighter 5/5 STANDOUT TRACK another amazing song, im glad this song got released, dave narravo on guitar, and her performance of this was amazing at the vma's 03, 3rd single, peaked at 20 in the US and number 3 in the UK
primor amore/ infatutation, 1/5 the worst song on the album, takes her back to her bubblegum pop era which she tried her best to avoid.
love's embrace/ loving me 4 me 5/5 ok, who is this angie stone/mariah carey, this song is amazing and full of soul, another potential single, amazing lyrics
Impossible 3/5 Her collabaration with alicia keys, though her voice is good its too repetitve and bland, this may be her 5th single, currently in talks with RCA.
Underappreciated, 2/5 i don't understand this song its not that its bad or boaring im just not feeling it.
Beautiful 5/5 STANDOUT TRACK, her signiture song, an amazing song of self belief, means alot, and is a classic, it better win a grammy, the song peaked at number 1 in the UK and number 2 in the US.
make over 0/5 the worst song on the album, sounds like sugabaes alot of shouting, her rock approach, though good lyrics.
Cruz 5/5 an amazing rock ballad, of leaving the past to look foraward to the future.
Soar 3/5 inspiring ballad, though it doesnt standout.
get mine get yours 5/5 an amazing dance type song, if she released this it would be funny becuase it deals with casual sex and would put her in the hotseat.
Dirrty 5/5 STANDOUT TRACK oh yes, everyone knows this, the controversial video, and singing about " sweating till her clothes come off" this song is a great song, and got everyone to notice she's back,. probably the best comeback track ever. " ita about time for her arrival"
Stripped paer 2- 5/5 flows from dirrty
the voice within 5/5 an amazing mariah type ballad, her 5th UK single, inspiring for people that have been through bullying.
im ok 5/5 STANDOUT TRACK- this song is a masterpeice, especially for those who have had a difficult childhood, about her mother being abused by her father, her and a guitar.
Keep on singing my song 5/5 i don't understnad why people don't like this, its very gospel and inpsirng, and the note at the end is amazing, very well written " i woke up this morning with a smile on my face, and nobody's going to bring me down today'
christina is an amazing artist, i can't wait for her next offical album, if you liked Stripped, try my kind of christmas, they are quite similar.
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on 19 December 2004
'Stripped' is a rare CD in that every single track is amazing, some more so than others, but they are all so much more than just pop songs purely because of the quality of the vocals. Christina turns an average ballad into an amazing, soulful, R&B-style song. I was originally expecting all the tracks to be as explicit as 'Dirrty', but they all show a different side to Christina, in terms of both her personality and her voice. 'Infatuation' is my personal favourite, a catchy, but not irritatingly so, song about love and lust. 'Im OK' is another which is amazing but for completely different reasons as it tells the story of the domestic violence she grew up with. A truly amazing album, this is definately worth buying!
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on 25 August 2003
If you're like me - if you despise the number of moronic "artists" who churn out the blandest of music but nevertheless rocket to the top of the charts - then "Stripped" is a must-have.
I have been a fan of Christina Aguilera's voice for some time, but I was more than a little disappointed with her self-titled debut; I knew she could do better. And now she has. Jettisoning the catchy-but-empty pop of her early days, Aguilera has brought forth the real person behind the image, and real music back into the pop scene. Besides the fact that every single song on this album is worthy of Christina's incredible voice, you would be hard pushed to find a more raw, emotional album than "Stripped". Just listen to "I'm OK", the creepy account of a childhood plagued by an abusive father, and try not to be moved. It's impossible.
It must be said that there is a dark undertone running throughout "Stripped", which may turn a lot of younger people off; most of the songs are about as bright and happy as a funeral, but that's what makes this album so great. Christina is one of those long-lost divas; she sings the blues because she's had them... frequently. But that's not to say she wallows in self-pity; "Keep On Singing My Song" sees her deciding to ignore the critics, get through the pain of the past and move on with life, while the raunchy "Get Mine, Get Yours" and club anthem "Dirrty" complete the dance numbers but still retain a level of quality not seen in the rest of today's so-called R&B tracks.
If you are still unconvinced, then just listen to "Walk Away" - a sexy, melancholy song about the pain of breaking away from a harmful relationship. This is true blues, and it puts the numerous R&B pretenders (e.g. Justin Timberlake, Beyonce Knowles) to shame.
Congratulations, then, to Christina Aguilera, Scott Storch, Matt Morris and Linda Perry for creating a heartfelt CD that hasn't left my player since October. Even though she has already shown a maturity beyond her years with "Stripped", I'm sure Christina will continue to grow... and I'll be first in line for the next album.
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