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4.5 out of 5 stars31
4.5 out of 5 stars
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on 3 May 2008
I know some people say this album isn't as good as their new stuff, but seriously this is classic. The first four tracks are amazing and then there are a selection of three others that are very good including the incredible "Fear". It doesnt matter that Draimans vocals aren't as good live because your not paing an more for thelive tracks. One reviewer said this CD doesn't work on MP3 players but don't worr, i put this on my ipod and it works fine.

This album has elements of Nu-Metal in it but any twit who lets that stop them listening to it should be shot. It's incredible and well worth the money. And it's also got the best song in the world on it.
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on 22 March 2006
I picked this album up today after hearing it regularly on the radio and cannot recommend it enough. I have a very varied taste in music which encompasses Creed to Queen and Beautiful South to Drowning Pool. I first heard of disturbed after buying their single 'remember' on a whim. After its still exhausting playing, I picked up this album after getting addicted to 'down with the Sickness' and later on the tones of 'The Game.' The quality of this CD relates to a harder tone possibly comparable to Rammstein yet the vocals are outstanding. Try it for something new and interesting rather than the family friendly pop-rock of Kerrang.
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on 9 April 2009
First off, what the hell is the amazon guy talking about when he's reviewing this album! Reggae sound in violence fetish?! Progressive in numb?! Please, listen to Dream Theater if u want progressive! Stop makin it out to be something it's not! Anyway, pretty good album overall although its appeal did wear off a very little bit quite soon, but its 2009 and this was released in 2000 at the peak of nu metal! Anyone who says that David Draiman raps at any point is a moron, bullet fast vocals does not automatically constitute rap. For me, this album does have a slightly nu metal vibe; its the keyboard sounds, the style of some of the riffs and the song structure (who says you have to have turntables to be nu metal? korn were once considered nu metal). Droppin' Plates is certainly Limp Bizkit-esque! David Draimans vocals are what packs the biggest punch in this album, which is slightly lacking in the next 2 albums i think (although i have only listened to them a couple of times so far). Some of the music sounds a bit samey for the 1st couple of listens but then most songs come into their own and grow on u, like the emotionally filled chorus of "numb". What's this about Down With the Sickness offending Muslims? What's offensive about it? If they're interpreting the animal like sounds as some kind of racist noise then what the hell are they basing that on? Pathetic and narrow minded i say. Draiman's family are Israelian so are probably Muslim themselves aren't they?! This seems more of a rant than a review lol right to sum up, good aggression fuelled heavy album, great vocals, cool riffs. On the downside its appeals wore off slightly because of the fact that its getting on for 10 years old now but in its day it would've been an even better album and a 4 or 5 star.
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on 9 December 2002
I've read other reviews on this album, and None of them give you any idea how superb this piece of music is. I've just recently seen Disturbed live and they opened with Voices- for that song alone this album should be snatched off the shelves. If you've ever been to a metal concert, and the whole place was pounding to the bass, then you know it's intense, if you haven't, see Disturbed. 'Beleive' Disturbed's latest album is tired, but 'The Sickness' is a classic piece of astoundingly good music. Buy it, Buy it now.
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on 12 September 2002
The album starts with the very good 'voices', a great start to a great album, the voals are unique and remain like this right the way through the album. The vocals are sang so quick in some songs they could be mistaken for rap but this is definitly metal, and at its best. Not too shouty, but the scratchy screams of draiman are great and uncopiable. The second song starts out different but goes back to the old style of Disturbed, if you like one song of theres you'll like this album as its all very similar but this does it no harm. 'Down with the sickness' the title song is good also I just love it, its great, the instruments, the vocals, shows the band at their very best. You can't help 'moshing' along. The best part of this album is the extra 'live' tracks, this band play absolutly great live although some of the songs have been made to sound more techno and this isn't good, although eventually they return to the original sound, i prefer the crisp metal sound that is unmistakably disturbed, they could sing nursery rhymes and you'd still know who they were. This is a must album for any metal fan, it doesn't sound anything like whats in the market and isn't too extreme like slipknot for example. Its a perfect balance of angst and calm with outstanding vocals and music, even if it is a little repetitive at times. I suppose I havn't said much bad about this album, but thats because it doesn't fault much. A truly is an alternative album because its unique, not like linkin park, papa roach and the rest of the newbie music.
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on 16 June 2008
Before this i had a few songs by disturbed so i decided to buy this because it had Down With The Sickness and the album was brilliant every track is raw and heavy and loud. In My opinion i dont consider Disturbed Nu-Metal because they are much more than that they have anger, power, aggressiveness and passion about the music they make. Their is something for every metalhead on this album, this album doesnt contain solos but its still raw and heavy. A must buy awesome debut by disturbed. DISTURBED ROCK!!!!!
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on 5 May 2006
Rap and rock in equal high doses get thrown into the pot and this is the result.

Good points are that the vocals and guitars complement each other extremely well, and they've written some really infectious tracks. It's done with enthusiasm and is a good, fun album. There's a cover of 80's Tears For Fears 'Shout' which really works, and the opener 'Voices' is great, especially at high volume.

On the downside it seems to be quite a narrow formula, and I felt they were short of ideas after a while. It wears thin fairly quickly.

If you're a big fan of the rock-rap crossover, you'll probably love it, if you're not, you'll have found a few favourite tracks and might get a bit bored by the rest.
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on 7 November 2014
Amazing album, Have loved Disturbed for years and going back and listening to their first really is epic, how they all got started. Best tracks: Stupify, Fear, Shout 2000, The Game and of course Down with the Sickness (to be honest though every track is brilliant) Legendary album...if you like Nu metal
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I admit to only liking a narrow range of bands, Metallica mainly and Creed/Alter Bridge. My musical taste has changed recently to want something heavier (possibly due to influence of St. Anger). I thought I would test the water with a band I had never heard of which is Disturbed.
This album is absolutely amazing, the power of the vocals is amazing but doesn't take over the music which is varied. All too often you listen to an album which is usually 70% same-sounding tracks. This is not the case, not of it is average.

The power and roar of both guitars and vocals in Stupify to the eerie sound of the introduction to Violence. Each song has a different underlying rhythm and keeps you rocking to the music. I am absolutely astounded at the talent of Disturbed. Between this album and Believe, this is the sure fire winner. Believe, although good, is less powerful and leaves you forgetting which songs are on it. The Sickness is such a joy to listen to and you'll never put it down.
I'm not kidding you when I say you'll be humming rhythms from this album. Buy it, you'll hear nothing like it, very fresh and I didn't use the term nu-metal once.....damn!
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on 7 April 2013
Not having been a fan when they first came out, my local pub holds a monthly Rock Night and to be honest, with the constant play of the tunes on the DJ's playlist/requests from the crowd, the band grew on me! Had to get this album when it came out :o)
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