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4.7 out of 5 stars85
4.7 out of 5 stars
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on 30 July 2003
Featuring a yellow cat (I think he's a lynx) with a bad attitude and his pompous metal side-kick, but it works.
The story follows Ratchet and Clank as they attempt to thwart Colonel Drex in his bid to destroy the galaxy in order to 'produce' one planet (Clank's got a tougher challenge though, to cure Ratchet of his apathy). The levels are huge and plentiful and competely gorgeous, I found myself watching ships flying around for ages, the attention to minor details is staggering and truly adds to a very enjoyable gaming experience.
The environments vary from grassy woodland to sci-fi to futuristic urban to beach resorts, the list goes on. The frame rate is invislble (and I've forgotten what a pixel is), the controls are flawless, basically Insomniac games are geniuses.
The weapons range from standard fire power to the bizarre, take the 'suck cannon' for instance which sucks up enemies and when full fires them out as ammo, or the 'morph-o-ray' which turns them into chickens, but my favourite is the 'wolloper', a metal boxing glove with which Ratchet dramatically plants one on a baddie and they hilariously fly about five feet in the air.
I've played this game 4 times now and still not bored, it has such good replay value its worth every penny, the only thing that bothers me is I'm sure I'm too old to be playing this, but I don't care its fun (and actually quite hard).
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on 11 December 2003
Ratchet and clank is one of the best games out there. It is the sort of game you play for hours on end. Just running around blowing stuff up. This game only has 4 bosses and the toughest enemies take about 10 hits and they are the tanks hits but that does'nt make any difference to how good the game is. The RYNO is the best weapon in the game by far, it fires 6 missiles and well blows stuff up. This was my first game and I found it hard. After about 10 hours I had got the RYNO. After many more 100's of hours (The time counter coudn't hold that much time)I completed the game. It was about a month until I completed it. So whether you're a begginner or expert gamer this is an ideal game.
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on 7 August 2006
This game, after trying it on a friend's system, was one of the only reasons I got a PS2. I haven't been disappointed!

Whether you're a newbie Playstation gamer like me or and out and out whizzo like my friend, this game is challenging and fun without being too over-the-top, and the control are nice and quick to learn.

I like the semi-platform style, it's a bit like Vice City though without *quite* so many extras - you have to do certain things to win the game, but you don't have to do them one after the other, you can have fun doing all the little things inbetween.
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on 14 April 2003
This game is NOT a small kid's game which is what you may think. Instead, its the most fast paced, challenging platformer on the ps2. With over 30 weapons and gadgets it is really fun just to run around blowing everything up! The levels have amazing visuals and highly detailed backgrounds, making the graphics top quality. With very imaginative weapons, levels and characters, this game is a must have. Not so sure about the 'funny' cut-scenes though. However, this game is worth every penny you pay for it and will keep you very busy collecting all those bolts for bigger and better weapons...
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERVINE VOICEon 23 November 2002
There AREN'T any similar but superior games to this. You know why? This is the gosh-darned best platformer I have ever played in over 20 years of gaming. The characters are charismatic, the humour genuinely funny rather than irritating, the graphics are really astonishingly good... but it's the individual touches that make this really stand out. The wealth of gadgets and weapons is one; they show an admirable inventiveness and an understanding of what makes a game 'fun'. There are simply too many to list, but the ability to turn your enemies into chickens and release mini-Clanks which attack with hilarious ferocity are my favourites. The cut-scenes are brilliant; a lot of time has clearly been spent on the script, and you won't be thinking 'oh just GET ON WITH IT' as is so often the case, but actually enjoying them. As well as being gorgeous to look at, the levels are so well-balanced and packed with details and secrets that you really could spend a lifetime exploring here. It's an amazingly well-put-together package tied up in a bow of the most incredible visuals the PS2 has yet played host to.
This is already a vintage season for games, and I really hope this absolute diamond of a title doesn't get overlooked. So remember: when you've finished having fun in Vice City, give Ratchet and Clank a try. Not only better than the already impressive Jak and Daxter, but also a massive improvement on the much-touted Mario Sunshine. Nintendo's claim to own all the greatest platformers is simply no longer valid.
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on 27 November 2006
Ratchet and clank has to be one of the best games ever! It has brilliant graphics,cool weapons and gadgets, loads of amazing worlds and challanges and much more! I can't see a bad side to this game. No really, I can't.

You can be both ratchet and clank, but clank is only playable when ratchet can't be used. This was my first ps2 game, and I've got all the other ratchet and clank games. If you love weapons and gadgets, flying spaceships and generally blowing stuff up, then you'll love this game, but I think this game is good for everyone!
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on 27 April 2003
I got this game for my 9th birthday along with my PS2 and I'm glad I did.With around 14 gagets including the Tresspasser, Grindboots, O2 mask and the Thruster Pack upgrade you can do almost anything. There's so many weapons I can't count them. I would recommend this to any kids around my age. After my friends played the game all three of them got it straight away. There's even a part where you get to be the little robot Clank. Each of the 18 levels are all different planets. Watch out for the R.Y.N.O.
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on 15 October 2003
ok forget sonic and his speed or mario and his stupid mostache coz there his a new platformer on the block and he has guns lots of them and there all very strange 2
I say that in a good way coz this game is brilliant and the guns are very cool i mean who woundt say no 2 a gun that can turn there enemies into chickens i know i wouldnt. The story is this you are a cat thing called ratchet and you have this robot called clank who is very posh and very cool as you can upgrade him to a helicopter and rocket pack and even a submarine, he also has his vey own playable levels whick are ok but the real story is as ive said the guns and gadjets. The gadjets include a Hol-guise which can fool your enemies into thinkin youre a robot and guns whise well lets just say that the R.Y.N.O is a brilliant gun thou is takes a long time 2 get. You do a wide range of missions most involve giving people bolts and piloting ur own ship and add that along with all the golden bolts 2 collect then youll b playing this all the way into well until r and c2 comes out
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VINE VOICEon 10 January 2003
Ratchet & Clank is a game that grabs you very early on thanks to its superb design. You are gently immersed into the game 'world', gradually assigned tasks so that you get to grips with the controls, weapons and items without being overwhelmed.
As you visit each planet in the game you are assigned missions, most of which require reaching a certain point on the map by a fairly linear route. You use your large variety of weaponry to take out the bad guys as you go, and accumulate bolts (the currency in this game) by breaking crates (how original), etc. You can also seek out Golden Bolts which earn you special weapons and the like at the end of the game.
Ratchet is a mechanic who looks vaguely cat-like, he carries a wrench that can be used to hit enemies and perform certain tasks (zip-lining, turning bolts) and also weapons which can be bought and won. These include a blaster, flamethrower, suck cannon (suck up enemies and shoot them out), mines, bombs, Glove of Doom (throw tiny little robots who chase enemies and explode), guided missiles...the list is endless!! The weapons are well-realised and add to the game, although you will sometimes find a good whack from the wrench negates the need for a fancy gun with some of the bad guys.
Ratchet's side-kick is a small robot called Clank. He is unarmed and largely acts as a backpack for Ratchet. You quickly purchase a helipack for Clank so you can fly about a bit, plus other cool gadgets later on in the game. You also get a couple of opportunities to control Clank on his own, which makes a nice change.
There are 'mini-games' such as hoverboarding and space fighter piloting that offer another good diversion. The hoverboarding is tricky at first but once you get the hang of it it's quite good fun.
The game's plot is daft but packed with humour and the cut-scenes (which use the in-game engine) are great. The animators produce good cartoon-quality stuff and the graphics overall are lovely, with lots of background detail and animation. All with no slowdown, technically it's a great achievement on the PS2. The whole game is extremely well put together and a joy to play.
There's a lot to do here, Ratchet & Clank will keep you playing for some time. My only criticism is that it largely just does what has come before, albeit in a highly-polished and entertaining way. It can get a bit samey as you plod around the levels but generally the worlds are tightly contained so you are usually doing something. These are minor quibbles and largely a matter of taste, I still love it and if you like this kind of thing, you'll love Ratchet & Clank.
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on 4 September 2003
Ratchet and Clank is by far the best platformer currently available on the PS2.It is great for all ages and less experienced gamers who want some fun. There is plenty to do in the many environments and loads of different things to explore. The graphics and frame rate are excellent and up there with the top games. With lots of weapons and gadgets, this is a game you cannot hate!
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