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4.7 out of 5 stars23
4.7 out of 5 stars
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on 13 March 2005
Ok, despite knowing and being a casual fan of the Used for quite a while I only really got into them with their "In love and death" album, which is all well, but going back and buying this prooves they've started to parody themselves.
This album has much more raw aggression (Bulimic, Maybe memories, The full box of sharp objects) than their latter material, whilst somber songs like "Blue and Yellow" don't feel out of place at all.
Basically they're the best at their game, everybody knows about all this "Emo post hardcore" jibber jabber, this band just do it better than the rest.
My advice is if you've only heard more recent material this album is what it's all about. Do it!
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on 6 February 2006
I make a point of borrowing the first CD of a band i think i'll like so i'll hear their less polished, older stuff before the newer, much more stuff, but it was completely different with the Used, unlike with other bands like My Chemical Romance. At first, my friend sent me to a site with the music video of All That I've Got and i liked it, i even remembered the tune completely the next day (which never happens). I planned to buy their first album, but a friend gave me her In Love and Death CD and i instantly fell in love with it, it was exactly what i like in music! The tunes were catchy, the lyrics powerful and the overall effect was mind-blowing. With that as the second album, i was even more curious to the first album, even more so when i saw a video of Buried Myself Alive and thought how good it was for a first album song. Upon getting it, i was completely shcoked hwo good the songs were for their first album and i loved it! Taste of Ink and Blue and Yellow are my faves, but the whole CD was just so inspiring and fantastic, i haven't been able to stop listening to it for two weeks! This is a fantastically rewarding CD, particularly if you loved their second album. Just like IN Love and Death, the tunes are catchy and the lyrics are beautiful. It's well worth it!!
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on 15 March 2004
The Used has the best mixture of songs going. This album contains hard songs and soft songs and ones in between.
All 12 songs are brilliant what more is there to say? A Box Full Of Sharp Objects is one of the best songs ever and all the others are so close to its greatness. The used havn't been over played here in the UK so not many people know them but we call these people unlucky. This album contains passion and hard rock and blends them into one mother of an album. I was fortunate enough to see them live at the astoria and they were also amazing there. A band that plays well live and has a great album deserves to go far. SO BUY THIS!!!
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on 10 December 2004
One of the greatest albums I have ever had the pleasure to listen to. Bert and co want to tell you guys a story and this album not only leaves you with your hairs standing up on the back of your neck but, you can't help but think that the emotions in this albums are of biblical proportions ! These guys are up there.
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on 18 December 2007
This album is one of my favorites. The Used have been one of my favorite bands for a while now and the first album I heard from them was In Love and Death (another amazing record). This album is raw and aggresive yet it has beautiful songs like Blue and Yellow and On My Own. Seen them live and they give an amazing performance and Bert's voice has got to be one of my favorites. all the songs sound different. my favorites have to be Say Days Ago (about bert taking meth, a lot of it's screaming but i thinks it's an amazing song.), Poetic Tragedy (took me a while to like the song. the lyrics are genius and overall great song), On My Own (a song Quinn wrote about feeling alone etc. i didn't like the screaming near the end of the song initially but i love it now) and of course Blue and Yellow (about Bert and Quinn's relationship. the colors representing the two of them and "it's all in how you mix the two". i love the bridge and chorus of the song. overall, beautiful song. completely different from the screaming and aggression but it fit's right in.)

this album is def. worth it.
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on 27 March 2006
I heard about The Used from my friend, and she told me to check out a few of their songs. I instantly fell in love with them, especially Blue and Yellow, which is my favourite song in the world. Its much less polished than In Love and Death and much more aggressive. In turn, they're both going to stay two of my favourite albums for a very long time to come!
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Orem, Utah seems to be a highly unlikely place for a punk screamo band to emerge from, especially seeing as the town has a strict Mormon basis. Despite the unlikelihood of a band emerging from there it’s happened and they are in the shape of The Used, a four piece consisting of Bert McCracken, Quinn Allman, Jeph Howard and Branden Steineckert, Vocals, Guitar, Bass and Drums respectively, are a breath of fresh air to the alternative music scene, although they haven’t pioneered any new musical ideas, there is a definite sense of life, enthusiasm and pain in their songs.
This raw emotion is laid bare for all to feel and hear and feel it you do through McCracken’s soaring and varied vocals, clever lyrics and Allman’s beautifully constructed guitar pieces.
‘The Taste of Ink’ is a fantastic example of the skills that this band holds, opening with a simple guitar riff and McCracken’s declaration of ‘is it worth it can you even hear me?’ the song quickly blends to thumping drums and heart felt lyrics building into a crescendo of pure emotional outlet. The album continues to gain strength from other songs such as ‘buried myself alive’ which blends melodic verses with a chorus of ‘if you want me back you’re gonna have to ask nicer than that’. ‘Poetic tragedy’ is a raw song about loneliness and the temptation to return to drug abuse, something which plagued McCracken before the formation of The Used. Every one of the songs is set perfectly to their instruments and it is this combination that makes the Used such an exhilarating band.
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on 13 December 2002
The Used have an amazing sound. The whole Emo/Post-Hardcore sound ahs become very popular recently, but that doesnt make them just another run of the mill wannabe band. Bert's (the lead singer) vocals are amazing, he has an incredible voice and the guitar riff's are top notch. Wheras this might be a little too soft for the old skool hardcore fan, don't rule out this album, which spams from piercing screams to melodic singing.
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on 31 October 2009
Their best album. Their newer stuff doesn't beat this classic album even though the newer albums were awesome too.

Starts with the amazing opener 'Maybe Memories', then the nostalgicness of 'The Taste Of Ink', the greatness of 'Bulimic'... to 'A Box Full Of Sharp Objects', a standout track. 'Blue and Yellow', my personal fave. The "weaker" tracks come afterwards, but they're pretty great tracks too especially 'On My Own', a very beautiful track. The album closer 'Pieces Mended' is quite great too. There's a hidden track at the end which is really not needed a listen unless you're a big The Used fan like me. XD
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on 24 March 2004
Great CD from the Used, can listen to it all the way through without skipping any of their tracks.
It's one of those albums you can never get bored with.
Enhancements include video for "a box full of sharp objects" and studio footage
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