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4.6 out of 5 stars
4.6 out of 5 stars
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on 14 June 2006
Vastly under rated album.

This album is just as good as Breakfast in America and Crime Of The Century. So easy to listen to and lovingly created it's hard not to be impressed. Even more catchty choruses than ever before and all the famous Supertramp trademarks well in place.


The first track gets off to a great start. Wonderful chorus with some great catchy piano and a irresistable plodding beat. Great harmonies.

Put on your Old Brown Shoes:

Nice playful song with clapping and gospel style vocals. Very sing-a-long. Great stuff.

It's Raining Again:

One of Supertramp's biggest singles, and it's obvious why. The piano chords drill into your mind and your certain to be whistling it all day. Despite it's subject matter, it's a very jolly, Summery song.


A great epic track. Full of conflicting emotions in the lyrics and the tune. Nice vocal performance from Rick Davis. Wonderful piano work, as usual.

Know Who You Are:

Very relaxing and one of my personal favorites. This song needs to be listened to rather than just heard. Peaceful acoustic work. Very nicely done.

My Kind Of Lady:

Can't help but raise a smile when I hear this song. Jolly, fun-loving with an enlightening subject matter. One of Supertramp's best songs. Roger Hodgeson is a great sport for putting on woman's vocals like he does. Wonderfully crafted. Yet another fantastic song.

C'est le Bon:

Acoustic track much like 'Know who you are' but slightly more upbeat with an inspiring chorus. It's full effect doesn't hit you until you find yourself singing it later on in the day. Just try and get it out of your head!

Waiting So Long:

A great song with great texture. Wonderful plinky plonky piano work. I'd say it goes on a little too long but it's down to opinion really. Nice to hear Supertramp doing something a little more dark and different.

Don't Leave Me Now:

Superb calming intro suddenly kicks into on of the greatest piano riffs of all time, which then in turn bursts into great horns and vocals. Sounds so emotional and desperate. An epic track, up there with the likes of Fools Overture [although not as classy].

Simply superb album. If you're a fan of Supertramp and don't have this album, I strongly suggest you get it. May take 2 or 3 listens before you grow to love it as much as I do.
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on 22 July 2000
When this album was released after the success of "Breakfast in America", there was doubt about the cover - was Supertramps's career at an end? The cover shows a clown en route across a tight rope, while his mortality hangs in the balance - will the scissors cut the rope or not? This was a time that rumours of Hogdson's departure from the band were abundant - Did the cover symbolise Hogdson's pursuit of a solo career - who knows?
On to the music:
This album was quite unlike the rest in that the lyrics to the song were not as heavy or complex as the previous albums were. A more electric based album.
"Crazy" is quite loud and electric sounding - but effective.
"Put on your old brown shoes" sounds as if it were recorded in some smoke-filled club at the end of a band's night of songs.
"It's raining Again" a lively song, much like "Dreamer" of '74.
"Bonnie" again, a hard rock song.
"Know who you are" a very emotional and depressing song - very poetic and romantic.
"My Kind Of Lady" a fun song - shown by their fun music video.
"C'est le Bon" an emotional song, very lively, with good acoustic guitar by Hogdson.
"Waiting So Long" Again, like so many on this album, a rock song, that amalgamates guitars and keyboards.
"Don't leave me now" a sad love song, with excellent saxaphone at the start.
Another landmark album - one that marked Roger Hogdson's departure from the band, which he had been with for 13 years.
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on 21 February 2008
i have just rediscovered this album after 26 years and what a very pleasant surprise (ok a massive understatement). How i overlooked it at the time, in the title of a Beach Boys classic, 'God only knows'. Ok one moderately duffer track but four or five great tracks, and a few in-between. Some absolutely great melodies, superb playing, and Roger definitely in form with his singing. I also thought Rick is very strong vocally on Bonnie, what a great track, in fact another one of more than a few on this album? My conclusion, i now include it with the other four great supertramp albums, as their only slightly flawed peer, and you know what, it just might actually be their best with the classic line-up. What a treasure to find after all those years. Brother i am bound forward!
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on 7 August 2005
This album doesn't have the hit singles that featured on the previous 'Breakfast In America', but I prefer it. I find the music more melodic and rememberable. Less of a rock album, more easy on the ear, and so obviously less appreciated by the music press. Don't believe the negative hype. Recommended
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In my opinion this is actually better than its predecessor Breakfast in America and contains some classic tunes, not least the opening tune "Crazy"

Very easy to listen to and very Supertramp.

Probably an underated album but well worth a listen.
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on 8 September 2014
Not one of their great works but still very listenable, If you don't have any Supertramp then this is probably not the best place to start; 'Crime of the Century' is the one. But if you like melodic rock done well then this will fit the bill even if it may leave you a little unfazed.
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on 16 December 2013
Although much criticised, I have a quiet affection for this 1982 release. There are, as ever, 1 or 2 below-par tracks but, overall, this is not a bad album. 'Crazy' and 'Bonnie' are both superb whilst 'Know Who You Are' sees Roger Hodgson at his peak form. Sadly, this is the last Supertramp album to feature Hodgson before he left to pursue a solo career and the group suffered without his creative genius.
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on 2 June 2010
This album is very nice wrap-up of the era when Supertramp were led by two men - Rick and Roger. Some people like Roger more, some Rick, I don't care - but what I'm sure of: I like Supertramp with both of them more. Album may be more "popie" (It's Raining Again), but really all these songs are strong. Maybe the funny Put On Your Old Brown Shoes is forgettable the most - but hey, what would it be - album without fun? I like Ricks piano work, their sax, Roger's moody songs, and their long winding endings - Bonnie with repetitive "piano riff", Waiting So Long, Don't Leave Me Now. These all have really great endings that just must catch you - unless you're totally Supertramp-indifferent. Supertramp's music is often different from the classic verse-refrain-verse-refrain-bridge-solo-refrain... it often has parts where you can't tell if it's bridge or what, solos placed often way too soon, but it all just fits! And for that I like them and this album delivers just as any of their previous - even if songs seem to be built more traditionally. It's still Supertramp in their best.

The only trouble I have with my particular CD is that Bonnie's first second (intro piano attack) is repeated over second second and it's extremely annoying as you can imagine. Especially when you know it should not be there. Don't know if it can be one-piece glitch (can it?!), but it's funny that when you buy your own CD after knowing it for years, you get it with error like this. And I bet every interested listener can confirm that every second counts. :-) I'm sure it's not on every CD or every release, because all MP3s I listened so far were without this flaw. But even so I can enjoy this CD and it is highly recommended.
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on 27 October 2013
this is a lp I bought for nostalgic reasons I liked it then so many years ago and I still like it now .really though I would only recommend it to people who also liked the group ages ago as it is not their best
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 3 September 2014
By now the relationship between Hodgson and Davies was becoming very strained and this would be the last Supertramp album to feature Hodgson.

It was always going to be difficult to follow Breakfast in America, but here the band have overthrown any pretensions towards prog rock and tried to become a real pop band. Sadly this at times seriously detracts from the feel of the album and saw them follow up the classic Supertramp sound of "Breakfast" with a series of strictly average songs. "It's Raining Again" provided them with another hit single and I have always liked the bouncy sound of C'est Le Bon. Sadly Famous Last Words is an apt title for a band that seemed at this point to be in decline with little new to offer and it is difficult to see where the unique sound of "Breakfast in America" had gone to them. I wouldn't quite say that they were going through the motions at this point, but some fresh injection was certainly needed.
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