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4.5 out of 5 stars180
4.5 out of 5 stars
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on 11 August 2002
When you are listening to this album it's hard to fathom that Miss Lavigne is only 17 years old. Like Michelle Branch and Vanessa Carlton, Lavigne's songwriting and musical talent are far beyond her teenage years and although largely unknown in the UK, the release of her debut single 'Complicated' should go someway in helping her emulate her success in America.
So how would I define Avril Lavigne? Not unlike Michelle Branch, but slightly more angsty and with a little more to say. In some songs there is definitely an Alanis influence, both lyrically and vocally. That's not to say Lavigne is a copycat or mimic, far from it....the songs on 'Let Go' showcase a diverse talent with a varied range of songs.
The single 'Complicated' is an obvious choice, lyrically sound, with a chorus that will invade everyones head! But it is far from being the best track here. The opener 'Losing Grip' kicks things off in aggresive style, with the tale of a girl who's been pushed to the edge and is finally saying 'enough is enough'. Throughout the album, Lavigne's vocals adapt fantastically, from rock, to pop, to punk, a tinge of country and even a flirt with rap. Despite the different styles, no song ever feels out of place. Even 'Sk8ter Boi', which on first hearing may have you reaching for the skip button, slowly but surely wins you over.
Lyrically the album is strong, but as an artist Lavigne has a lot of time to mature and sometimes certain lyrics remind you that she is only 17. For me, the standout tracks on the album are 'I'm With You', a romantic, heartfelt and powerful balad, 'Tomorrow', a fantastic song about how our feelings can change from day to day, and 'The Thing's I'll Never Say', an outrageously catchy pop/rock song about the nervousness of telling someone how you feel. No, this isn't rocket science, it's simple emotion to which we can all relate in someway. Lavigne certainly doesn't possess the lyrical depth of someone like Alanis Morissette yet, but she has time on her side, and besides, I often feel Morissette is a little too clever for her own good.
So, should you buy it? Well, quite simply, if you are a fan of emotionally charged, well written songs, sung by a vocalist who can really 'own' the song, the answer is a resounding, 'yes!' It is one of those albums that is best suited to driving...just be prepared for all your friends to be saying 'this is good...who is it?'
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on 6 September 2005
Avril Lavigne sings with the realness that comes straight out beautifully from her songs on her first debut album, "Let Go", featuring the single, "Complicated", which hit the radio stations in 2002. Other songs such as, "Sk8er Boi", "I'm With You", & "Losing Grip", are just the type of songs that set her apart from all the other female artists of the POP/ROCK music genre, and not to mention, her style that goes perfectly well, along with the type of music that she sings! Avril puts all that she's got into each song on, "Let Go", and ranging from the first track to the last, there's no doubt that this female artist's got it made with her own individuality of music that lets the world know that she's definitely going to be in the music business for quite a long time for many years to come!
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on 18 November 2002
I bought this on the strength of the number one hit Complicated and I suspect that this was the albums nod to commercialism as it is without doubt the most polished and catchy track. While the album generally is not my taste in music there are some tracks that do stand out but for me what makes it so good is that it is real music. No manufactured pop here. This is someone who writes about things that are real and it is such a refreshing change to be able to actually want to listen to the lyrics of a song to find out what is being said. Hopefully she will remain faithful to this as her career progresses.
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on 5 November 2006
Avril made a name for herself when she released `Complicated' an energetic song about life and its complications, a beautiful chill out song.

It's the type of album which many would argue as conventional punk/pop but if you like it then I definitely recommend it, if you don't then I say have a listen to it anyway because it is enjoyable music, brilliance from such a young woman.

In particular I found the very passionate energetic song `Losing Grip' the best on the album with a great guitar playing from Avril.

There is some diversity on the album. The slow Tomorrow and I'm with you are worth the time to listen to and the poppy up beat My World and Naked are also great fun.
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on 16 September 2005
When I was a student Jagged Little Pill was playing every time we went into the Student Union bar, and for very good reason. There will have been many more eloquent comparisons between Alanis and Avril than this one; it's only natural, but where Avril excels is making her voice a vehicle for the song not the other way around. Let Go is an example that musical tastes are getting better after years out in the cold. I bought it ad hoc hoping it would be good and it was. I'm not sure it qualifies as punk as it's so melodic! If you like Alanis Morisette or Suzanne Vega, you will love this despite the slightly immature subject matter of the lyrics.
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on 3 February 2007
I got this album thinking it would be an OK album. I liked the songs that had been released and just thought I might as well give this album a try and if I didn't like it I could sell it.

Well lets just say I didn't sell it because it was wonderful and still is wonderful.

The songs are great, she wrote them herself. This girl can really rock and knows how to make an amazing album full of great songs. Even the songs that didn't get released are amazing and this is an album that can be played from start to finish without any need to skip any of the tracks.
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on 20 November 2003
this my favourate album of all time, and i own albums by michael jackson, the beach boys, alice cooper, nirvana, robbie williams and maddona.
every song you can relate to your own life, and its great to sing along to, and really emotional, but very rock-chick.
avril has an incredible writing talent, the lyrics are fantastic and this is such an easy listen album that for the first time ever i have actually worn out and had to buy a second copy.
i still quite happily put the album on and listen to it without being bored in the slightest though i must have heard it close to a million times by now.
and who really cares if avril is pop or rock or whatever. i call her pop rock. but she sounds flippin brilliant, so who cares what category she fits into.
heres a round up on each track:
Losing grip- slightly heavy, great lyrics, a really good song.
Complicated- really catchy, such a good tune and great lyrics typical of teen relationships.
Sk8er Boi- one of my favourate avril songs, this has such good lyrics, she rhymes really well. i love this song.
I'm With You- another of my favourates, i really connect with this song, when you feel alone this is the song to connect to, its about reaching out, taking a risk, for me it is anyway, thats the message it seems to send out.
Mobile- well what a gr8 song! what more can i say- infectious
Unwanted- starts off heavy, is a really great song. the song to listen to when youve been snubbed.
Tommorrow- i really connect with this song, great guitar in this, a sultry sound with a hint of chirpyness that only avril can bring to a song.
Anything But Ordinary- well thats avril and her music all over. a brilliant song, great for those kids who are desperate to be different and individual. rally inspiring and feel-good song.
Things I'll Never Say- a chirpy sounding song, great music to back up great singing.
My World- i love this song, its so upbeat and avril-ish. one of the best songs on the album.
Nobody's Fool- this song sticks out and when you hear it you'll know why, slightly different sound to it. a more, sort of, strong-willed teenager sound to this one.
Too Much To Ask- a song about idiot boyfriends. she's got it in one with this song.
Naked- my favouate avil song, really easy to connect to, and showing a slightyl more gorwn-up side to avril, hinting just how far avril has the ability to go with her career.for me it's an introduction to what we can expect next time she brings out an album, and i hope that happens really soon.
You have to hear this album. even if your no big avril fan, this album demands to be listened to. dont listen to what people might say about her being a fake- she is not. she is a brilliant idol for teenagers and young kids, she delivers the support they need to pull them through a rough day.
My only critisism about this album is it's missed off two great avril songs that were bonus tracks to the complicated single. 'why' and 'i don't give' which are fantastic songs and should have been on the album. youll just have to buy that single, too, wont you!
i cant rcommend this album enough, but my review has to end somewhere so i'll finish by saying BUY THIS ALBUM- DONT BOTHER JUST BURROWING IT FROM A MATE COS YOU'LL END UP BUYING IT ANYWAY- SO SAVE YOURSELF TIME. avril is fresh, new, individual and everything you could want.
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on 23 February 2003
Avril Lavigne, the self claimed "sk8er chick" released her debut album in the U.K. in June last year, and I have to admit, I love her music. Stand out tracks on this CD are the frustrated rock ballad that is "Unwanted" and the humourous loser anthem "Sk8er Boi", but then a problem sets in... whereas initially all of the tracks sound different, the more you listen, the more you start to realise that a lot of the songs contain almost exactly the same tunes and guitar riffs. "Naked" for example, seems to be some sort of remix of "Tomorrow". Despite this, though, tracks like "Sk8er Boi", "Unwanted" and "Anything But Ordinary" make the album worth getting. The question on everyone's lips, however, is whether Avril's a big phoney... well, who cares when (some of) the music sounds this good?
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on 31 January 2003
The great debate about Avril is, real or fake? One thing is for sure, she can sing. I have heard her miss notes live, but most of the time she is consistent and hits them. I love this album, it's got a lot of catchy tunes, from the singles-Complicated, Skater Boi and I'm with you-to others such as Losing my Grip and Mobile. It has several good songs, but her lyrics do sometimes let her down. Personally, I feel her best song is not on the album it is on the single complicated and is called Why. Having said all that, there are some poor songs on there, especially Too much to ask. I think that she feels that she wrote the songs herself, even if she didn't and that the record company have just guided her, without her seeing it. She would have to be very naive I know, but not impossible. I feel this is one of the better albums of 2002, and she will really show how talented she is with her next album, then a fairer judgement can be passed.
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I've had this album for a few years now, and turned back to it upon hearing that Avril was releasing her third album. Having not listened to LET GO for probably a year or so, I was amazed at how accomplished it was as her debut. It is hard to imagine that she was only the tender age of 17 at the release of this offering.

The album opens with 3 very good tracks - "Losing Grip" shows the angsty emotion, lyrically sung in an intelligent, understated way. The lyrics are very good, showing depth beyond her years. "Complicated" is one of the most well known tracks from the album. Again, it shows great potnetial for her as a new and emerging young star. And of course there's "Sk8er Boi" - I think everyone pretty much has heard this single.

The comes a great surprise - "I'm With You". A truly beautiful ballad that takes the pace and tone of the album down a few notches. The chorus to this song is just brilliant:-

"It's a damn cold night / trying to figure out this life / won't you take me by the hand / take me somewhere new / I don't know who you are but I / I'm with you."

This song - which is easily the best on the whole CD - shows Avril's potential, not just for great music, but also for great lyrics and profound songs.

"Things I'll Never Say" is a good feeling song, about not having the courage to be honest about how you feel towards someone. Although, in some ways, the song sounds quite naive, I think that adds to the charm. There is also the wordplay in the chorus, adding some humour. It is one of the tracks I find myself singing along to.

"Naked" describes the vulnerabilities that every young girl could easily identify with. From feeling as though she has to 'put a face on' to get her through the day, to caring for someone romantically and feeling as though they are naked in front of this person.

As a debut, and for such a young girl, this was an outstanding album. Her follow-up release, UNDER MY SKIN, lived upto some of the anticipation, although I don't feel that there was the equivalent of "I'm With You" on that particular offering. And now she has her third album, THE BEST DAMN THING. Although I have not heard the whole album, the first single to be taken from it was a huge disappointment. From all the potential created by LET GO, Avril seems to ahve actually gone backwards. I feel that this debut album is her best and most accomplished one to date. The promise this shows has not been delivered upon - the maturity beyond her years has vanished.

If you are new to her music, I suggest you buy LET GO and then wait to see what her fourth album may bring.
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