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3.1 out of 5 stars30
3.1 out of 5 stars
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on 27 March 2004
It was excellent, I enjoyed using the Ring as Frodo, fighting armies as Aragorn and casting spells as Gandalf. The parts that were hard were the Black Riders in the Shire, defeating the troll at Weathertop Hill, defeating the Nazgul in Knife in the Dark, fighting the Balrog in the Abyss Fight and defeating the Nazgul and it's Fell Beast. I can't wait to get Two Towers or Return of the King.
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on 26 November 2003
I'm not quite sure why previous reviewers have made this game out to be boring and a complete waste of time any money. Its great! Ok, in place it strays abit from the book but so what, no game that is based on a book or film is ever going to be exactly the same, and to be honest, its quite a refreshing change.
The graphics are absolutly class, and although the general gameplay was slightly easy it was fun and entertaining all the same. Its also great how you get to play as different characters from the film like Gandalf and Aragorn.
Ok, so its not the all time best game, so what, its fun and entertaining and really thats all that a good game needs to be. If you like Lord of the Rings or just want a fun game to play on then i would recommend this game to you.
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VINE VOICEon 11 January 2005
Take control of Frodo, Gandalf and Aragorn as they embark upon their quest to destroy the One Ring.
This game has a certain quaintness about it that resonates with Tolkien's presentation of his Hobbits. The chance to do a bit of exploring around the shire is a bit of fun too. You can tell playing this game that the makers have at least tried to bring to life Middle-Earth as Tolkien describes it. Personally, I liked the little touch of Gandalf stabbing his staff's butt into downed foes and then giving it a little twist.
This game attempts to capitalise on the success of the film trilogy, but because it's not licenced by New Line Cinema, we get none of the visual style, hectic action or atmospheric design seen in the movies. Whilst, as I say, the Hobbit scenes are quaint, they're also very boring. When you encounter Tom Bombadil and discover you can't skip all of his waffling nonsense, you'll finally understand why he was so readily dropped from the films. Aragorn's combat is slow and unwieldy too. Worst of all is the reduction of the Ringwraiths and the Balrog to amusing kiddies' cartoon style monsters. Want a Lord of the Rings RPG? Buy 'The Third Age' instead.
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on 30 August 2003
This is a platform game which at the beginning follows the J.R.R Tolkein classic very closely. The attention to detail even using the languages of middle earth is very good.
However, I don't know if the games' producers ran out of inspiration or just got plain bored torwards the end but when Sam was taken by the Nazgul I should have known something was going amiss.
The story and game play generally goes downhill from this point onwards. Some very strange plot twists follow and when fighting the Nazgul this section was really far too easy for it to be the ending to the game. I had expected some ending to follow even though, but just to be shown the end credits was just plain lazy in my opinion.
For a die-hard Tolkein fan it is good to see someone trying to follow the script as it were but if they are going to do this they should be consistant.
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on 21 February 2004
Only buy this if you're a die-hard fan, it's not that great. The three characters that you can play as (Aragorn, Gandalf, Frodo) offer plenty of variety. Although Gandalf's character is probably the most entertaining. Frodo doesn't offer much in the way of excitment, his section is more puzzle and stealth oriented, requiring you to dodge the Nazgul at one point in the game. Gandalf relies more heavily on his ranged attacks more than anything else, so it is often all too easy to take down foes.
There is rarely any variation in the enemies on a level and you quickly learn what the enemies are going to do and when, so it gets all too easy to avoid the enemies and take them down. On the other hand it often jumps from easy difficulty to hard too steeply when you're playing the game.
The graphics are probably the best aspect of the game, there is detail on every surface and lighting effects are superb. The voice acting is also good but the absence of any in game cutscenes to explain the story is rather dissapointing. Instead it relies heavily on scenes with the map and a voice over of the character that you were just playing as to explain what happens.
All in all, if you are a rings fan go for LOTR: Return of the King. But it's not that bad really. If you simply must have anything associated with LOTR, buy this.
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on 26 May 2003
The lord of the rings was an excellent game to play! It was just like the film and it had fantastic graphics. Gandalf the grey`s spell-casting was excellent. This is why i enjoyed this game so much! I liked how you used Gandalf`s staff to cast:
Staff Strike(Wave of force and the spell,that Saruman and Gandalf were fighting with their staffs)
Fiery blast(Fire missile cast from Gandalf`s staff)
Lightning(Use a lightning spell on enemies to kill them)
Heal(Heal Gandalf with heal spell)
Attract(Attract other creatures to fight the enemy which you are fighting with.)
In the darkness, Gandalf uses a light to see with(on top of staff).
For the other parts,characters and places in the game, the game was fantastic! I would rate it a five star! You should buy this game, especially if you enjoy the lord of the rings. The Lord of the rings:The fellowship of the ring is a fantastic game and i hope black label game studios, will release the two towers on PC game!
By Mark James Fisher
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VINE VOICEon 17 July 2003
The Fellowship of the Ring is an action adventure game lined with RPG elements. The game is based on Tolkien's tome as opposed to the films and faithfully recreates a fair amount of Tolkien's tale. The game is supported by voice acted dialogue that is nice to have, but it is a shame that some of the voice acting is a bit cheesy. The game also has some well refined cutscenes that help compliment the story such as Frodo being stabbed by the Nazgul King. You get to utilise Frodo, Aragorn or Gandalf at different stages of the quest. Some of the early episodes are well executed and Bree, Hobbiton, Tom Bombadil and the Barrow Downs sections are believably brought to life . I also enjoyed Frodo's sneak function used to evade the Black Riders and the finishing blows that you get to inflict on a downed opponent.
However, there are a number of negatives such as the fact this game is very short, has no game secrets once you complete it thus ensuring limited replay value, the camera angles are sometimes really irritating and the graphics are hardly groundbreaking. The Amon Hen section deviates in massive manner from Tolkien's story and is in effect pure fabrication. On the whole though this game has some nice touches and is worth playing through at least once, especially so for someone with an interest in Tolkien. I would rate this game with 3.5 stars.
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on 5 January 2003
looking at its current ps2 and pc reviews i think its players were expecting a game that would somehow do the book justice. i think this is an unrealistic thought. fellowship of the ring is a good game that sketchily takes you through the first book. in the first part which involves escaping from black riders, call me stupid, but i was actually finding myself fearing for the little hobbit's life. i thought the game successfully built tension, contained simple but involving puzzles, and was graphically pleasing. i was hoping for a more final fantasy like rpg, but instead you go through the characters like chapters. otherwise i enjoyed it. it was nice to see old man willow, tom bombadil, the barrowdowns, and the steeded nazgul at the end, and also sensitive use of tolkein's vocabulary. it kept me smiling rather than drooling.
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on 29 December 2009
this game is difficult but not in the sense that the levels are hard but rather the fact that everything is one giant maze with no real purpose. You run around forever trying to figure out which way to go and eventually end up dying by falling off of something. I get what they were trying to do, but seriously i gave up on this game pretty quick.
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on 13 December 2002
I ripped open the box as soon as I got this game, I have a mild form of obsession about Lord of the Rings, I'm not one for commercialism but I found the books incredible, and the film half as good as the book at least. So, now the most expensive form of the story is released, but its not just telling the story, no, you actually get to make it!
That's what I thought anyway. However on playing the game for the SIX hours before I completed it [...] I found that the graphical representations were only just post-playstation one, the game play was "Harry-Potter" meets "Hexen" meets "Roland on the Ropes," which, whilst being high sellers of their time, a combination of the three is, un-surprisingly, well... lame, for want of a worse word.
The story I hear you ask, they can't have messed up the story? Well, yes, actually they can; in fact they might as well have not bothered, I'll admit they kind of half-heartedly followed the book, with the appearance of Tom Bombadil and the Barrow-Downs affair but they actually made the game the wrong way round, adapting huge sections of the story just to allow for a few more monotonous, dull and laughable fight scenes whilst skipping over the actual story-line with brief, stilted and very poorly "acted" scripts, jumping around from one conversational piece to another. In fact, most of what the characters said was irrelevant, poorly timed, poorly implemented, and poorly emphasised.
I find it unlikely that anyone who had not read the book would have the slightest clue as to what was going, and those that had read the book would be disappointed with every skipped-narrative, and pathetically tied-in snippet of story-line.
Easy: easy to play, easy to win, and easy to get bored of, the only times I died was due to poor almost tomb raider-esque choreography causing me to miss the irritating cliffs and annoying pit-falls (Roland on the Ropes). Maybe I'm being unfair but surely a dynamic camera is supposed to be used to give the player a better point of view? Not here though oh-no it seems the emphasis was to turn the camera away from enemies, falls, doors or anything else that might be considered useful to notice: I seemed to spend as much time turning the camera around manually as I did actually moving the character around the game.
Good points? Few, but here's a list: The use of shadow and light to produce an eerie ambiance in the "mines of Moria" episode was... adequate.
Um, that's it; in fact disappointingly this game is one of the worst I've played this year I could talk all day about poor Z-Buffering, minor glitches, the fiddly and hard to co-ordinate controls, but I wont, in fact my guess is that after reading this you may think twice about buying this game at its full-price. My advice: If you really really want it, wait until the price drops, if you don't you may well end up kicking yourself very severely in the shins.
I will however give the game 1 star for its Sunday-Afternoon feel. There: who says the British public is withdrawn.
Thanks for reading (If you got this far), Sam.
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