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4.6 out of 5 stars67
4.6 out of 5 stars
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VINE VOICEon 21 July 2002
An underrated gem of an action adventure movie, INNERSPACE is director Joe 'Gremlins' Dante's spin on 60's classic FANTASTIC VOYAGE, which saw a team of scientists shrunk to microscopic proportions and injected into a human body.
This time it's Dennis Quaid's turn to get miniaturised and injected (into a bunny this time round) for experimental purposes, except he doesn't quite get there...
Quaid, as test pilot Tuck Pendelton, is a great old-fashioned movie hero here, a cross between a young Jack Nicholson and Harrison Ford, and at this stage in his career it looked like that's where he was headed.
The real hero of the piece, however, is the inestimable Martin Short, who plays meek supermarket clerk Jack Putter, an absolute dweeb whose life is turned upside down by the accidental addition of Tuck into his bloodstream.
Short is physically and verbally hilarious as he goes through panic, confusion and eventually sheer heroism, spurred on by this 'alien' presence inside him. Plus there's Meg Ryan in a typically goofy 80's role for added fun.
The action never lets up and the effects are spectacular (and hey, no CGI in sight!) building to the (literally) breathless climax in Short's oesophagus (er, that didn't come out right), as Tuck does battle with another miniaturised craft set to destroy him.
As it's a Joe Dante film, it has all the director's trademarks; actors Robert Picardo (as the hysterical Cowboy; "Women love me"), Dick Miller (as a grumpy taxi driver), cartoonist Chuck Jones, Henry Gibson, plus the usual quota of film references, in-jokery and repeat-viewing-worthy gags (check out how many references there are to rabbits or Alice in Wonderland). Not to mention a cracking, heart-thumping score by Jerry Goldsmith, the John Williams to Dante's Spielberg.
What more could anyone ask? It's silly, it's fun, it really is a fantastic voyage. And on DVD, that picture and sound is going to be jugular-poundingly good. Relive the fun!!
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on 9 January 2006
This was one of my favourite films when i was younger, the whole story was brilliant from Dennis Quaid and Meg Ryan's love story to the actual miniturisation project going awry. For me though the standout part has to be Martin Short's brilliant portrayal as the hypochondriac Jack Putter, who in my eyes is the films best character. The way he goes through the film is hilarious especially the scene in the doctor's office (I'm posessed!) But i think Quiad's charismatic role as Tuck Pendleton is good as well. The relationship that builds between Quaid and Short is central to the films hilarity and spot on timing. I dont think there is a boring moment in it to be honest. I didnt buy this film for the extras so it doesnt matter that there isnt that many. I just love the film.
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on 11 February 2016
Joe Dante's 1987 sci-fi comedy, Innerspace, is the story of a shrunken astronaut who gets injected into the backside of a hypochondriac assistant manager of Safeway.
Now that synopsis may not sound promising, but trust me: it's a great film.

Dennis Quaid is Tuck Pendleton (fantastic name), a gobby, arrogant, alcoholic astronaut. At the start of the film, he and his spacecraft are to be miniaturized by the US government, and injected into a rabbit.
I'm not sure why; something to do with the Cold War, and Reds under the Bed, or something.
Things don't go to plan for Tuck; shortly after he's been miniaturized and sucked up into a syringe, terrorists break into the science laboratory and steal the microchip needed to restore him to full size.
The plan to shove him up a rabbit's hole has to be aborted.
Lead scientist Ozzy manages to escape from the lab with the syringe, and runs to the nearby shopping mall, where before getting shot dead by a man with a robot arm he inject Tucks into the bottom of Jack Putter (Martin Short), the hypochondriac assistant manager of Safeway.

The plot thereafter: Jack has to collect the missing microchip, and get Tuck back to the lab to be un-miniaturized within 48 hours or he will die.
Oh, and he has to get Tuck back together with Lydia (played by Meg Ryan, back in the days before she looked like one of the cat people. She's certainly putting out Tuck's fires with gasoline in this film. No? It's a David Bowie reference; look it up).

Full of laughs, energy, excitement, ridiculous Cold War era villains, that creepy looking guy off The 'Burbs, and great music, Innerspace is brilliant entertainment.

A couple of quibbles:
1) Why did they ask Rod Stewart to record a horrible 80s version of Twistin the Night Away? What was wrong with the original?
2) The poster for the theatrical release was great, and was used as the cover art for the original VHS video. Quite why they replaced it with the ghastly nonsense defacing the DVD box is beyond me.
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on 8 October 2000
Damn I love this film, everything is so right about it, from the casting, right down to Jerry Goldsmith's spot on soundtrack, which complements every frame of the film. When I saw this movie as a kid, I loved it, probably for different reasons that I do now, but I still love it.The special effects haven't really aged a day since 1987, amd the science involved in the movie, now that I think about it, is sort of believeable.Joe Dante's direction is awesome, and I prefer this to his other well known films, such as Gremlins.Shame that this movie didn't do so well box office wise, because it is a gem.Seek it out and enjoy.I await the DVD with anticipation!
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on 23 December 2007
What a funny thrill ride this movie is! A man (Dennis Quaid) volunteers to be shrunk down to the size of a cell and injected into a rabbit. But terrorists are after this scientific breakthrough and by various hijinks he winds up being injected into the butt of a nervous grocery clerk, played by Martin Short. And that's just the beginning.

Innerspace shows Dennis Quaid at his most winning, and Short at his funniest. And of course, there's a very young Meg Ryan as their love interest. The jokes resonate with both kids and adults, and unlike most action-adventure films, the plot here is never short of ideas. And the effects are pretty neat too: as we see Quaid's character wander within the human body, we feel as much amazement and wonder as he does. LOTS of movies attempt to put you in outer space and worlds far away, but I can't think of one that has made the creative attempt of exploring our inner space.
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TOP 50 REVIEWERon 23 February 2015
The concept of a pilot and his ship being shrunk down and injected into a person is such a creative and original idea that this alone would have made a good movie, but coupled with likeable characters who are each grow throughout the journey of the film, and coupled with some action to add tension, this makes for an amazing combination to make a brilliant film!

(Side note for anyone who is familiar with Star Trek Voyager: This movie has a young Robert Picardo - The Doctor from Voyager. It was fun seeing him in one of his earlier roles complete with afro hairdo, an exotic accent and a cowboy costume! :D)

I hope in future filmmakers will make more films that are as entertaining as this one!
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on 14 February 2013
It's a remaking of the Fantastic Voyage for the modern day, which in and of itself would not be rivetting, but this film goes one step beyond the original by crossing the Genre's and making this an Action-Comedy. As with many stories of the 80's, this charts the story of two men bound together by fate (and the fact that one of them is inside the other), and how they are both changed by each other. Both exhilarating and emotional without descending into pastiche, it's a film that is just as good now as when it came out.
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on 1 January 2014
I bought this having not seen it for quite a few years. It was suggested to me by a student because of the link to the body (our current topic in science) and so I purchased it to watch. I was surprised by how well it had kept up, although it does have a strong 80's vibe (especially the outfits). The effects aren't too shabby and it can hold its own against current films. Worth a watch if you haven't seen it.
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`Innerspace' is a great eighties comedy adventure that although looking dated by modern film offerings, still has plenty of action to keep you watching. Following Tuck Pendleton who is miniaturised and inadvertently injected into the body of Jack Putter, who is then chased by the `baddies' who want to steal the technology, this film is set up for lots of exciting chases and twist and turns. This also features Meg Ryan as the love interest. It is worth watching the film for Martin Short's (Jack) performance alone, he is a hilarious physical comedian and it is a shame we never saw him in more films of that era (other than in `The Father of the Bride' and a few other low key movies). The effects were great for the time and still stand up to repeated viewing even now. You get lots of cheesy eighties dress style, music and script ideas but this is still fun viewing for a lazy afternoon and has lost none of it's charm. Well worth a watch.

Feel free to check out my blog which can be found on my profile page.
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on 13 September 2011
This has not been remastered, and there are no extras, however if you just want the film at reasonable quality, and think that £[] is a fair price, then it's good value.

The film itself is a classic easy going 80s action/comedy romp, although you can read film reviews all over the web so i won't say more than that.
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