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3.2 out of 5 stars13
3.2 out of 5 stars
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on 14 December 2002
This game has everything you would expect from a James Bond first person shooter. The gadgets are quite neat, including a lock busting laser watch and x-ray sunglasses for looking through doors and anything else! There are lots of bad guys, some handy weapons to shoot them with, and a liberal smattering of Bond girls.
I counted 9 missions with environments ranging from a castle in Austria in winter, a Japanese pagoda, a tropical island hide-out, and an orbiting space station. The levels are quite diverse, each level has secrets to discover and you get extra points for using special 'Bond Moves'. Along with seeing off plenty of bad guys you have to solve various secret agent type problems. Some missions involve a bit of hostage rescue, others involve sneaking past security cameras 'Metal Gear Solid' style. The cut scenes and the games' sound track deserve a mention as they are particularly well done.
I thought the game was good but I can't honestly say it is the best Bond game ever or the best game of its type. I have played 'Golden Eye' on the N64 and 'The World is not enough' on the Playstation and I would have to say that I still think 'Golden Eye' has the edge. Nightfire is visually far better than any previous Bond game however there is just something about the game play in Golden Eye which is missing from this game. At several points in Nightfire I thought the missions were getting a bit predictable and you really got the impression that you were being led by the nose through the game.
The game installed and worked fine. It was interesting enough to enjoy playing but I think there are better games out there.
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on 17 December 2002
If EA were trying to make a Bond game look like a Bond movie then they've succeeded - on the consoles (PS2, X-Box, etc.) at least. However, the PC version does not feature the driving or ski-ing parts of the game and criminally omits the pre-title sequence level in Paris. As any Bond fan will tell you, a bit of action before the titles is a pre-requisite!
What we're left with, therefore, is a first-person shooter with little to distinguish it from the myriad others that are available. Yes, there's a typical Bond plot. Yes, there's the gadgets and yes, there's the girls. Apart from that, this FPS has little new to offer, when compared to the likes of Medal Of Honour: Allied Assault and Soldier of Fortune 1 & 2.
Another gripe is that while Bond certainly looks like Pierce Brosnan, he sounds more like veteran actor Edward Fox. Was it impossible to borrow Mr. Brosnan for a couple of days to voice his own character, especially if the release date was tied in with Die Another Day?
OK, so I've played worse and if this game were the same on all formats, I wouldn't be so annoyed. But it is galling to see a superb game on the consoles and to be given an average one for the PC. It's not as if a PC is technically incapable of handling the game in its full form.
Spearhead, the expansion pack for Medal Of Honour, was released on the same day as Nightfire. It deserves 5 stars. This doesn't.
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VINE VOICEon 15 January 2003
I played the demo. After installing the newest NVidia XP drivers I could find, it finally stopped the walls from flickering invisible. Not a good sign, I thought.
A few weeks later, I played the full game. In a day. Not a good sign at all.
A similar review for this product here states that Nightfire has a driving and skiing element on the consoles. I haven't had the opportunity to play on those, but I was expecting these options on PC as a standard Bond game, especially with the PC being home of the first person shooter.
The Quake 3 engine has been modified suitably; however the number of bugs and glitches with the enemy models clipping, and the way they lean round corners and point their gun one way while firing a totally different direction gets to me. While not one to solely judge a game by graphics, there are some limites; if you can't trust the direction of a character's facing, how can you sneak up on him? It removes the fun completely.
The gadgets are OK, not as good as they could have been. The standard gadgets are all there; the X-ray sunglasses (for looking at ladies underwear, if I remember rightly), and the laser watch for melting padlocks and suchlike. However, the same laser doesn't affect anything but the padlocks. Think about it. If someone shot a laser beam in your face powerful enough to melt metal, it would hurt, right? Not here, they don't even notice.
And so we're left with the final Bond ingredient, the girls. Bond tends to stick with one or two per film; here however, he has several, who all instantly fall for him then disappear. Its all very confusing stuff, I thought that women's dating habits were difficult to understand in real life...
So, with all the Bond elements removed, what are we left with? A medeocre first person shooter with an unimaginative storyline and many graphical bugs. I guess its OK to pass the time, like Sin was back in 1998, but not for someone looking for good quality. And make sure you have a high spec system with the LATEST drivers on; the new engine isn't very forgiving. I mean, you'll want to see those bugs and glitches for yourselves...
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on 4 December 2006
This game is in the category of First Person Shooter (FPS) games that follow an incredibly basic storyline, with two options for defeating each enemy: kill them, or sneak past. There is minimal creativity in terms of location, weaponry and storyline and even less in terms of action - the AI is either extremely easy to kill (hide, headshot) or extremely hard until you realise that there is a Method to be followed. By which time you've played the level through three times and you're sick of it.

The game tries to be diverse by including stealth, alternative methods of execution, and female co-agents: unfortunately it all adds up to the same thing - in the end you have to stay alive, kill everybody else, and get the hell out.

The game is slightly redeemed by its multiplayer, which is again basic but also damn good fun. A full range of weapons, a variety of levels and best of all: bots for when you can't fill up a server. If you want a cheap multiplayer FPS then this game is perfect for you.
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on 15 August 2013
I played this game many years ago on the PS2 and have been trying to get hold of it ever since - in good condition.

The game is your standard Bond Game, but with it's own unique characters and a storyline that is actually half decent. For it's age the graphics are as you would expect; great for the time, not so great these days. My only problem with the game is that there is no support for a controller (although I suspect that has everything to do with the age of the game) straight away. There are plenty of solutions to this problem available online though, if you go looking. Overall, I enjoy this game, and enjoy re-living the good times!
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on 14 February 2014
I first played 007 Nightfire in 2003. I remembered how great it was and decided to get it again. Imagine my amazement when it arrived and after installing it on my PC I discovered it can be played in HD! I am now enjoying all the fun of yesteryear, with sharp graphics and smooth gameplay :D
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on 20 December 2002
Fantastic!. At last members of the PC community can be Bond!.
Okay, so it's not the greatest FPS shooter out there - not up there with the Half-Life's and the Deus Ex's - but so what? - it's a Bond game and it follows the Bond formula. You get the Bond gadgets, you get the Bond girls (you even get to see them in their underwear!) and you get the Bond set-peices - i.e. you get to kill lots of goons in a sunken volcano/ spacestation
/ jungle/ military installation etc. type environmant. You also get the corny Bond one-liners in brilliantly scripted cut-scenes and to add that touch of authenticity, you even get a Bond like intro with nudie girls dancing in silhouette - what more do you want??. The gameplay can be a bit repetitive in places but is genuinely more challenging as the game progesses. The AI is great and the weapons pump out ammo with a more than satisfactory sound effects and damage; shoot a goon in the leg and see them drop his weapon and hop about - great stuff!.
Okay - it isn't going to revolutionise the gaming world - but is sure is a big heap of fun!. I'll sign off now as a new megalomaniac is trying to take over the world and duty calls: "Sho Mr. Drake, you're trying to blow up the world? - I'm afraid I'm going to have to try and shtop you...."
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on 18 December 2002
No! This is a pretty good game when taken solely as a First-Person Shooter. But, when you couple it with being Pierce Brosnan, this is fantastic. It is second only to Goldeneye for playability, but excels its predecessor in fluency of animation and range of weaponry, missions, graphics, etc.
My only downside though is the somewhat confusing nature of the missions. This is on account of the openness of the world you have access to. A bit more of M's voice or a few text messages would complete this game.
Oh, and there just AREN'T enough levels!
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on 28 November 2010
A fairly old game, the game play is a bit slow and feels dated. But it is a classic and well worth buying if you can get it cheap.
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on 20 December 2013
And you will - frequently.

I'm not sure how far into the game people got before reviewing the game but what is a defining factor is the extreme difficulty. I've played a fair number of FPSs - Battlefield 1942 which I can just about consistently ace against bots, Mass Effect 1 and 2, Doom 1 and 2, some chunks of Goldeneye on a friend's 64 but this game is devastatingly difficult. There's no map for a start which makes navigating the Japanese house at level 3 very tricky. Equally with the Japanese house it was counter intuitive to think that you couldn't get back into an ordinary house with doors and windows open without shooting down two lanterns and climbing in on an electricity cable. There are a number of ambushes which will kill you or so seriously take down your armour that you will reload rather than continue. It's one of those games where you have to learn the game rather than react to each new encounter.

For me the worst is a stealth mission where any wrong step sets off the alarms and brings your mission to an end. Since you don't have a map and don't know where you are going this becomes very frustrating.

So - once you've accessed the (one) walkthrough on the internet (slightly irritatingly written but invaluable) how good is the game ?

It's - okay. There's an awful lot of going down corridors or paths waiting to shoot someone or shooting someone and not a great deal else. Ironically the first mission is the best - few unpredictable ambushes and it's fairly clear what you have to do and how to do it. There are no dialogue options and in this version you never control any vehicle. The gadgets add some variety but few get significant use other than the padlock destroying laser, the grapple phone (whose uses occasionally defy gravity), and a code busting PDA.

I picked this up in a second hand shop for a couple of quid so can't complain. At £20.00 - £30.00 I'd have felt gutted. That said it did run smoothly and without a problem on my Windows 7 machine.

As I write this I have reached the penultimate challenge of the game - four separate double pixel perfect jumps to be completed in less than five minutes whilst being shot at. I'm sorry but - goodbye Mr Bond.

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